Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Book Report: The Help

So, life has been crazy.  Crazy in the sense, that I haven’t even read a book since last December.  Crazy, in that I haven’t posted to this blog in WAY too long.  Crazy, in that my house is never clean.

But summer is here and school is out, and I had the “opportunity” to travel to Ohio for nine days of necessary down time.  I had wanted to read The Help for a while, but it was never available at the library and because of where we live… requesting a hold isn’t as easy as it should be any more.

But on a last minute library trip before we traveled, it was sitting right there on the shelf waiting for me.  I picked it up and barely put it back down. 

Oh so good!  So believable.  The characters are lovable and relatable and hate-able.  The points of  view are enlightening, humorous, and cringe-worthy. I stayed up way to too late trying to finish it and then was sad the next night when I didn’t have it to read.

For a debut novel, Ms. Stockett wrote a book I highly recommend!

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