Friday, February 25, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

These are the Smiles we Know.

image We chose not to buy school pictures this year.  We didn’t love them and the school prices were a little steep for something we didn’t love. 

However, over Christmas break, my mom “snuck” the boys to Wal-Mart for pictures, then surprised us last month with these.  I think they are so much fun and capture them and their true grins perfectly.

image image



Sunday, February 20, 2011

Missing Something?

Edited to Add: Do not fear, the Tooth Fairy did, in fact, make her way through the storm and to our house last night!


Today we got a boatload of snow. He is a little concerned that the Tooth Fairy may not make it to our home in the Snow Storm.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentines are Not enough anymore


We had a nice Valentine’s Day.  I made heart shaped cookies.  I tried to make them look super cute like What Megan’s Making, but this is the best we got. 

I’m not a huge sugar cooking lover, but I was told they were imagegood.  Thanks Better Homes and Garden Cookbook!  

Both boys had parties at school and you would think it was Halloween!  Man, the loot in their bags was almost obscene. Especially since I only sent them to school with little paper valentines we picked out last year after Valentine’s Day when they were 50% off.   Apparently, the thing to do is give candy with your valentine.  News to us.  The boys are not complaining.


AJ even asked if I could make him a heart peanut butter sandwich for lunch. Sure, I can handle that.  I love when he is so easy to please. 

Marc and I celebrated the day with class.  Qdoba was having a BOGO sale if you smooched in line.  Yummy food that I didn’t cook?  Great gift if you ask me.  Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

By the way – we already went and got next year’s Valentines to pass out….at 50% off.  Woot!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Day Two


Well, we weren’t really expecting two in a row, but last week that’s what we got.  Since I was home those two days anyway, it was nice to have the boys home.

Because the city wasn’t completely snowed in by the second day, we even had our friends over to play with.

Part of the day was spent shoveling.  Even Andrew and AJ helped out Daddy in between trips down our little hill on their sleds.  There was a LOT of snow to move. 

image image

We also needed to build a bigger and better fort than the day before.  See… there are times when full baskets of unfolded laundry come in handy. 

image image image


And each boy then got to make their very own lunch.  They each got a chunk of homemade pizza dough to shape into whatever they wanted.  Snowmen, teddy bears, swirls, a sunshine, and even initials were created.

We sprinkled them with cheese before baking them.  Then we dipped our designs in pizza sauce along with a side of baby carrots and apple slices. 



Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sentimental Sunday: Oh Sooo Guilty…

I’ve been blogging for over 6 years. That’s a lot of great and not so great moments documented. I main reason I blog is to remember these times… good and bad. “Sentimental Sunday”, is when I link back and remember posts I’ve written in the last several years. 

Originally Posted January 22, 2009.  …I took one phone call for about 8 minutes and left someone alone with something just too tempting….

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day One

imageThe morning started out with us opening the door and WOWing how much snow we had! We heard our final snow count was 17.2 inches!

Then, since we were pretty sure the snow day was coming, I was able to plan ahead the night before.  We had monkey bread for breakfast.


While I cleaned up a bit and worked from home, I let the boys play a little Wii in their robes.  C’mon, it’s a snow day!  Snow Day = Vacation Day.

imageThen issued a snow day fort-building challenge that we needed to take part in. 







The fort was complete with G.I.Joe protection.




image Then I booted the boys outside for some fresh air and exercise…while I got hot cocoa w/ “mushrooms” ready inside.  (AJ gets marshmallows and mushrooms mixed up.)

image image

Throw in couple short DVD’s from the library along with homemade mac and cheese for dinner and we have Snow Day success!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Are you Ready for some football??


This was taken last fall right before the boys football season started. They play flag not tackle football.  Daddy just had them try on the pads for the fun of it.

Ahhh, to being wearing shorts and gearing up for football instead of hibernating in the freezing weather.  It’s almost spring right?

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