Thursday, May 25, 2006

And we're off...

Aaahh.  It’s 10ish and both boys are down.  It’s been a hot and exhausting night.  We did the daycare thing this morning, then packed/laundry/cleaned the rest of the day.   Marc hit the road soon after he got home from work heading to MN for a nice long fishing trip.  It was sad when he left and Andrew was a bit whiny for a while.    

But I popped in Blues Clues while I made meatloaf from the freezer and mashed potatoes for dinner.  We ate dinner and went for a nice long walk (for Andrew it was a constant run).  The weather was close to 80 today and because we had a bit of rain off and on, it was very humid.  Sooo…we came back in a while and made some Magic Milkshakes before bath time for the boys.  And yes, I remembered to plug the drain this time.  Andrew went to bed just fine and believe it or not, AJ’s been sleeping for about an hour.  Much earlier than his usual midnight bedtime… not that I am complaining.  I am loving this.  I finished picking up the house, watched the Office, finalized some packing and now, I am actually typing WITH TWO HANDS!!   Although, I am half expecting him to be up again before being truly down for the night.

Tomorrow, after we get ready I am hoping to finish packing (the stuff we can’t pack until we use it) before we head out.  We will hit the coffee shop for my free liquid energy, and head to the zoo.  We are meeting his daycare class there for a field trip.  We do the zoo thing, and then the whole class is getting Happy Meals for lunch.   Happy Meal = Happy Andrew.  

We’ll come home just long enough (in theory) to change diapers, unload the stroller, pack up the car, and probably feed AJ (if he’s made it that long).  Pray for me, as I am trying to pack all the necessities of the three of us for a week in an Escort.    Then we will hit the road and head to O.H.I.O!   So, if you don’t hear from me for a while, that is why.  I am planning on taking our laptop, but my folks don’t have wireless and their dial-up makes normal dial-up seem like broadband.

Ok, I need to wrap this up and actually head to bed before midnight now that I have the opportunity.  Please pray for Marc during his travels and of course myself with the boys that we all come home safe and sound next week.  Have a fabulous and safe Memorial Day Weekend.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Honest Truth

I know every parent says this and truly believes it….but MY kids are the most beautiful, cutest, most handsome kids there ever were!  Man!  They are good lookin’! a baby

AJ usually sleeps off and on most of the day, with his “awake time” in the evening.  He really doesn’t go to sleep then until about midnight for the night.  However, last night we feel asleep around 10 and slept until FOUR O’CLOCK AM!   That’s SIX hours!  I woke up once during that time with that instant concern and made sure he was still breathing.  Sure enough.  Just sleeping like a… well, a baby.  

This morning we got up and out and ran a few errands grabbing the last few items for our trips.  And of course, stopping for my free Beaner’s coffee.  Man, I could totally get used to a daily grande sugared-up espresso drink.  (I am sure that’s the plan…get you addicted for free, then rake it in later).  Of course, it takes me until lunch just to drink most of it, warming it up a few times in the microwave.  We got home, I made some rice crispy treats for Marc’s trip with Andrew’s assistance, and unloaded/reloaded the dishwasher.

The rest of the day will me starting to pack.  I need to be completely packed by tomorrow night.  So I am thinking I should start today (if you’ve packed for two kids…. you know it can be a whole day affair when also watching those two kids).  Plus, then I will know what still needs washed, still needs done, etc…

Well, it’s noon already, I need to get lunch going right after this game of imaginary baseball.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


… you should check to make sure the drain is plugged before you fill the baby bathtub on the bathroom floor.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Forgot to Mention

That while at the mall this morning, Andrew went potty on the BIG potty.  Not a separate little kid potty or even a big potty with a small seat put on it.  But a big potty.   However, after he went and I threw away his old diaper…I realized that I didn’t have anymore more of Andrew’s diapers with me.  I even thought I checked before we left, but instead had two of AJ’s diaper.  So, I tried the best I could to get this teeny tiny diaper into place on Andrew so that it would last long enough to make it to Wal-Mart, where we bought a new package of diapers.  (I figure they are going to get used anyway).   I open the package, take the boys into the restroom and Andrew went potty AGAIN on the big potty.  However, this had one of those automatic flushers that flush with such force as if it is sucking down a beach towel.  This totally freaked him out and he quickly hopped off and looked back at it utterly rendered speechless.  He then said he wasn’t scared and every time another toilet flushed he loudly announced that he wasn’t scared.  My not ‘cared. (Although he moved back pretty quickly again, when it flushed after me).

Also another thing I forgot the mention and want to make sure I do, or I will completely forget about it.   AJ smiled yesterday.  A really true, not-gas, eye-contact smile.  It was beautiful!!  I will have to try to catch it on my camera and post it.

Nothing like free caffeine

This morning we got out early.  There is a new Beaners Coffee Shop in town and its Grand Opening is today.  And the first 100 people there will get free coffee for a month.   I love Beaners.   It’s a rare treat for me.  So, as soon as we could we got up and out.  We really didn’t leave the house until 8:15, so I figured the first 100 were long gone since they had a big sign out front advertising and they opened at 6:00.  But we went anyway.  I was number 98!!  Woo Hoo!  I got 30 free beverage passes!!  AND, get this…  I asked if the took a debit card, they said yes, but when I went to pay their card machine wasn’t working, so they just asked for 1 of the cards back.  I got my initial coffee free, too.  As much as I would love to, there is no way I’ll be able to use all the cards.  Especially being gone next week.  Marc is going to MN for his annual fishing trip.  Since I am not working, I am taking the boys to my folks for the week.

We then hit the small mall for a bit for Andrew to play before heading to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things for our trips.  On he way out of Wal-Mart, we could see airplane after airplane fly overhead, so guess where we stopped next.   Yep, the airport observation park.  We tried to sit at a picnic table to watch, but it was just too chilly, so back in the car went.   We finally came home for a quick lunch of Mac & cheese before Andrew’s naptime.  

Now I need to clean desperately.  Three days of no real cleaning due to the bug and it shows. Plus a pile of laundry needs done.  So I am off.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

He loves the sound of his voice.

Andrew woke up at 7:30 this morning and except for an hour and a half nap, has not stopped talking the entire day.

The Perfect Storm

Well, the bug that Andrew had has been passed along to me.  In fact, that’s not all.   Last night could be labeled as miserable.

  1. My allergies all of sudden kicked up to the point I was carrying around a box of Puffs Plus and breathing through my mouth

  2. I got a plugged milk duct, which was very tender, causing me to have a fever and thus the chills.

  3. Due to the bug Andrew gave me, I was making frequent runs to the restroom all night.

All of these came on after dinner last night and kept up through this morning.  Needless to say, we didn’t make it to church.  Marc was up with the boys last night and this morning (while I slept in), so he is napping now.  We were supposed to have lunch with some friends this afternoon, but we backed out of that one, too.  

I am actually feeling better now.  My allergy attack subsided, my duct seems better and my trips to the restroom have waned.   I’m just tired now.   And since all my boys are napping, that’s where I am heading, too.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Brothers don't shake hands....

We broke out Andrew's Christmas present "Elefun" tonight. He loved it. Andrew feeling better
My Scrapbook Page. Journaling taken from this post

Friday, May 19, 2006

WARNING: Sick Child Post Ahead

Well, it’s been quite the 24 hours.   In the past 24 hours, between the boys, I’ve cleaned up 5 blowouts, 3 pee-outs and 1 puke.  The last one happened in the Target changing room.  Yes, a portion of that was from my infant where blowouts and pee-outs are par for the course.   But the majority was from Andrew, who seemed to have caught a bug or something.  Poor kid, just was not feeling well last night and today.   So, I currently have a nice load of laundry to do along with a fair share of clothes soaking in my sink right now.  

Well, today didn’t feel real productive.  It started out with good intentions.  We were going to hit Target and Meijer quick, before picking up cheesy breadsticks and heading to the airport observation area for lunch.  Andrew had been asking to go for a while, so since this was the first decent day we’ve had, I told him we would go.   During Sesame Street and Blue Clues, I did get laundry and some other work around the house done before heading out.  Our first stop was Target.  And though our list wasn’t long, our stay was much longer than planned.  I was trying on a couple shirts to fit my new just-had-my-second-baby figure, when Andrew gets really fussy all of a sudden (He was a little cranky but fine up until this point) and starts crying to go home and BLAUGH….he pukes everywhere.   Um…now what.  Wet wipes to the rescue.  I get him and the floor all cleaned up, tell the Target folk about it (who surprisingly seemed un-phased about the whole thing), and check out.   By now, Andrew reeks, but not from the puke.  The kid seriously needs a diaper change.  But this was a grosser than gross diaper.  He had an immediately-take-a-bath diaper last night, but I praying it was a fluke.    I get him changed and decide that Meijer will have to wait.  

Once we got in the car, Andrew was happy as ever.  It was like he got it out of his system and felt a world better.  And of course, is asking all about the airport.  So, I have a dilemma.   Do I just go home, writing off the airport since I have a sick child.  Or, do I do the one thing my sick child wants to do, and risk it.  He is feeling better.  We go the airport, which fortunately isn’t too far from our house and thankfully Andrew did just fine.  It wasn’t until we are about ready to leave did I realize he had another potential diaper issue.  We go home (with him sitting on a changing pad) and get him changed, and his clothes soaking and in the bath (yes, it was THAT bad) and sent him to bed.  

By that time, I was tired (up with both boys last night), so AJ and I climbed in bed and we all took nice long naps.  I slept so hard that 2 hours later when Andrew woke me up, I thought it was morning again for a few minutes.   After his nap, Andrew seemed to be feeling much better.

The Dressler’s came over tonight with their little guy (we gave them fair warning) to grill out, so it was nice catching up with them.  And we even got some peanut butter crackers in Andrew before bed (still wasn’t interested in eating at dinnertime).  So here’s hoping that it’s all over.  Of course, we watched the Pistons barely pull through to keep their season alive.  

So, once again, I am going to try to finish my scrapbook page and possibly get it posted tonight since I didn’t get it done last night.  Oops, baby is awake.  We can probably write off that scrapbook page tonight. Have a great weekend.  

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Just me

As a fellow commenter suggested, I had a night off last night.    Once Marc got home and we had dinner, I headed out sans kiddos.  Now mind you, it wasn’t anything exciting that I did, but it was just me time.  I started at the scrapbook store for a little shopping.   I needed to get a few things to finish a page along with some more paper.   If I finish my page tonight, I will try to post it later tonight.  We’ll see.  Then I headed off to a coffee shop.    So, with my hazelnut latte and my laptop, I did what all free moms do…. I paid bills, and made a grocery list.   But, I did it uninterrupted.   And I did do a little surfing and e-mailing as well.   Regardless, it was nice.  

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

More Pics

My Terrific Two Year Old

My Wrap with the tyke face out.
(He really does like it)

My Camera is back, baby!

Calgon, take me away!

Last night, Ryan was in town and crashing at our place. So Marc and him went out in the evening for a bit. No problem, right? I took the boys for a long wagon ride before dinner. Then I fed myself and Andrew leftover meatballs with sauce and rice. Well, Andrew’s bowl with his second serving of rice ended up face down on the carpet. No big deal. I’ll deal with it later, because it was bath time.

I get Andrew playing in the tub and wash AJ in the baby tub on the bathroom floor. Usually AJ does really well with his tubs, but not this time. He screamed the entire time! I finish him up and lay him wrapped up on the bed in order to quick wash Andrew while AJ continued crying. After washing Andrew, I decide to nurse AJ a bit to calm him down while Andrew finishes playing in the tub. I just get AJ latched on and Andrew stands up to say he is done. If you’ve read these posts before you know that Andrew does not volunteer to get out of the tub unless…. That’s right… He POOPED in the tub. However, this time he is old enough to get in trouble for it.

I pull him out with one arm; make him sit a towel on the bathroom floor with another towel wrapped around him while I finish with AJ. Fortunately, since AJ was so worked up before, he fell asleep on my lap and I was able to put him down. Then I got to work scooping poop, sanitizing the tub, running his tub toys through the dishwasher, etc… AUGH! I come downstairs from cleaning up and find out that it has been raining outside. Our wagon, blankets, and shoes were still out there. AUGH again. Finally I had to pull out the vacuum to pick up all the sticky rice off the floor. I was so thankful when bedtime came.

I sat down with the TV remote to veg a bit with AJ in my lap, when he decide to have a complete and utterly explosive poop up the back, through the clothes and onto me. It was lovely.

Marc got home, I handed him the now very awake baby, and took a nice hot shower.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Baffling Bubble Song

On the way home from Ohio Sunday night, out of nowhere, Andrew started asking me to sing the Bubble Song. “Sing Bubble Song, Mama!”

Um…I don’t know a bubble song.

So I asked him about it and he just kept asking me to sing the Bubble Song. So I thought and started singing Tiny Bubbles knowing full well that can’t be what song he is referring to. “No! No! No! Sing the Bubble Song”. I kept asking him what song he was talking about. Marc got into it too asking him to sing it first since we didn’t know that song thinking it might be something he learned at daycare. But he wouldn’t he just kept insisting we sing the Bubble Song. I started singing Taking Home My Baby Bumble Bee thinking maybe bubble meant bumble. I even sang the Rubber Duck song from Sesame Street thinking maybe bubble was a bath song. Nothing would satisfy him. He wanted the Bubble Song and we didn’t know what it was. We then tried to distract him by offering to sing the ABC’s and the Itsy Bitsy Spider. After a long stretch of this guessing, he finally gave up on us.

Yesterday, on the way to daycare, I was singing Jesus Loves Me to the boys. As soon as I finished “…the Bible tells me so”, Andrew started up again about the Bubble Song. So, I start the think maybe bubble is Bible and I start to sing Jesus Loves Me again. “No, no, no! The Bubble Song!”

Finally I start singing The B.I.B.L.E and lo and behold… THAT, my friends, is the Bubble song! Even got a “Yeah!” out of him. He likes me to sing it, and then he says, “Bible!” at the end.

Mystery solved.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Is it Tuesday yet?

Well, it’s late, but Happy Mother’s Day.  I hope all you Mothers and Mother’s-Someday had a wonderful day.   Mine was nice.  We went to Ohio this weekend to see family.  So Friday night I spent all day packing up for the weekend.  Now that I have two children, it literally took me all day to pack for two nights.   We will be gone for a whole week later this month.  At that rate, maybe I should start packing for that trip now.  

The weather was a bummer this weekend, as it rained the entire time.  We were stuck inside all weekend.  The guys did make a go at fishing, but were freezing and soaked when they returned early.  

Today was a busy one.  I took Andrew to daycare this morning, came home with AJ to shower and get ready, feed him, eat lunch, etc…  Then I headed back to daycare to volunteer at a teacher appreciation lunch.   I had AJ with me and he did so well considering I was there for a couple hours.   I popped him into the sling and he slept happy as can be.  (Sometimes when he is sleeping in the sling, I wonder if in his little mind he thinks, “Aahh!  It was all a bad dream”) Anyway, after the lunch, since I was at work already and Andrew was napping in his classroom, I went over and got my mandatory TB test.  I then stopped in to see my co-workers for a bit.   Then I picked up my Andrew and we finally headed home.     By that time, AJ needed fed again, Andrew and I needed a snack and I was tired.  So we popped in a Veggie Tales and vegged for a bit.   (Andrew tries the sing the Veggie Tales theme song… it’s really cute).  Soon it was time to pull dinner together (meatballs and sauce over rice and broccoli with cheese – and yes, both Marc and Andrew had the try one bite of the broccoli and cheese….little do they know that there was also a little broccoli in the meatball sauce.  Ssshhhhh….please don’t tell.)   After dinner, we all headed to the mall so Marc could look at fish finders and Andrew could run a bit in the play area.  Back at home, I got Andrew in bed, Marc mowed the front lawn and we watched the Pistons LOSE to the Cavs.  Arg!  

Finally I just finished watching a late Apprentice and now I am heading to bed, since this just might be the most boring post I have ever written.  I’m tired.  Blame it on NBC’s program line-up.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

We missed the "It's too quiet" cue.

It has been raining non-stop all day and looks like it will continue pretty much well into next week.  So other than running to and from daycare, we pretty much stayed inside all day.  (Didn’t even get the mail.)

My friend Jill did come for a visit with her sweet 8 year old daughter, Morgan.  Andrew loved having Morgan here.  She played choo-choos with him.  She read stories to him.  She was a partner in crime with him.

Yes, Jill and I were talking on the main floor and the kids were off somewhere playing.  Well, it wasn’t for a while that we realized it was too quiet.   Morgan soon appeared and Andrew was calling after her to “Come back!”  When he appeared to get her, we realized that his hands were ice cold, his socks were off and his pant legs were soaked.  

We came to find out, that between the two of them (I’m am 100% positive my son was the instigator) they took the stick out of the slider door to our back yard, unlocked it, and took all of Andrew’s outdoor toys outside.   In the cold pouring rain!  And get this…they even took his heavy basketball hoop out there.

It was one of those things that we really didn’t get mad about and was more surprising than anything.    It was actually even funny.  Of course, all Andrew was upset that we didn’t let him continue playing out there.  All he wanted to do the next couple hours was put on his shoes and socks and go play outside.  He didn’t care if it was raining and cold.

Jill, thanks for the visit, it was great seeing you!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My did it!

Andrew’s vocabulary astounds me.  The things he says each day blows me away…it’s especially cute when he tells me something with all the seriousness of brain surgeon delivering sober news.  “Be wight back, Mom.” … with a total straight face as if he is going off to solve all the world’s problems before Sesame Street starts.

Right now we are working on “I” and “I’m”, because he refers to them as “My” and “Mine” respectively.  “My did it!”  or “Mine ready!”  Or I especially love, “Mine hunry”.  (I’m hungry).

It reminds me of my cousin’s kid, Russell, who had similar pronoun issues when he was small.   His favorite movie at the time was Lion King, where Simba fights Scar.  He would watch it daily and each day during that scene he would yell out, “Him bite him uncle!”  Ok, it’s not as funny in writing.  But it was really cute if you heard it in person.  Marc and I still joke about it and bring it us occasionally 8 years later.

And now for my achievement of the day:  I gave both boys a tub at the same time!  Marc went out tonight for a deserving guys night with a buddy, so I had the boys on my own.  With the weather being hot like it’s been, they both needed tubs badly.   So I got everything together and stuck Andrew in the big tub, while I gave AJ a bath in the baby tub on the bathroom floor.  It worked out swimmingly and I wasn’t completely soaked when finished, either.  Then, I treated Andrew to the movie “Toy Story” and popcorn, both of which he thoroughly enjoyed.

And now a difference between a boy and a girl:  A girl would see all the dandelions in our backyard and proceed to pick them one by one to make a lovely little bouquet.  A boy (a.k.a. Andrew) will grab the heads from the top and pull them right off, lay them on the concrete and run over them with his dump truck.  Or pick up his baseball bat and swing at them.  When they pop back up, decide that swinging is too humane and all out pound them into the ground.  

Now both boys are in bed (not sure if either are sleeping).  I am getting ready to work on the house a bit.  Marc should be home soon to finish helping me (it was part the deal to let him go tonight).  Tomorrow we have daycare in the a.m., then my friend Jill is coming down for lunch.  Nice!  Maybe I’ll give her my lovely dandelion bouquet I picked today.

     …you think I am joking, don’t you.

Ramblings about the value of blogging.

As those of you who actually read this blog have probably already come to realize,  my posting has taken a back seat ever since I became the mother of two.  It seems that I have limited time to do things other than take care of my boys.  And when I do find time, I have other “higher priority” things to do than blogging.  In fact, I usually feel like I am “wasting” my time when I am posting rather than doing the dishes, or working on laundry, etc…  

However, after going back and reading past posts and recalling clear memories of simple things that I would have long forgotten…  I realize that blogging should really be a high priority.   I love being able to read about the silly things my Andrew does, or about our family activities, or about major events like giving away our Rocky or the birth of our AJ (April was a busy month).    

How else will I remember that my Andrew’s favorite phrase this age is “Whad you doing?” with an emphasis on the “-ing”.  And that he will repeatedly ask it HUNDREDS of times a day and several times back to back regardless of whether you answer him or not.  

How else will I remember how my feelings change about things?  For example: Before I became a mom, I would have probably wanted to see the movie, Poseidon.  And now, just the previews upset me when I think of parents trying to save their children on a sinking boat.

How else will I remember how hard my hubby has been working on keeping up our newly landscaped yard?  Yet, how at almost thirty he still will come in from working and play racecar video games.  Which by the way, Andrew LOVES to watch.  “More racing, dada.”  “Auw! Dada weck (wreck)!”

How else will I remember how sweet and snuggly my AJ is and what a good little guy he is.   He just woke up from sleeping in his bouncy seat where he put himself to sleep about 45 minutes ago.   HE PUT HIMSELF TO SLEEP!  Do any of you understand the magnitude of that?  

Anyway, just because I’ve realized the value of blogging, I don’t want to feel like I now must create posts of great significance in order to justify typing over of vacuuming.  But I want to remind myself that I am recording snippets of our lives and to me, that is a high priority.  

Saturday, May 6, 2006


Andrew (l) & AJ (r) at around 1 week old

Did someone slip the flux capacitor into our lives?

Is it possible? Can it be? Is my baby one month old today? What?! He is still so new, so tiny, so unbelievable. I just went into labor. I was just at the hospital. I just brought him home. And yet my calendar tells me it’s been a month already. I find it hard to believe. Like someone setting all your clocks forward 10 minutes without telling you.

Friday, May 5, 2006

I never really got it until I became a mom.

Andrew woke up early from his nap, so I put in the new (to us) movie, “Prince of Egypt”.  Now, I know the story.  I’ve read, heard, and watched the story over and over and over.  I know how it goes.  I know how it ends.  


While watching the beginning with Andrew, I caught myself practically sobbing watching Moses mama put him in the basket and send him down the river.  I was holding my hands over my face to keep Andrew from noticing how upset I was.  But I think he picked up on it, because then he started asking over and over, “Where’s baby going?”  So I had to make my voice sound as normal as possible (and not squeaky and sniffly) and reply, “he’s going in the basket”.     Augh.   It was awful.  I mean, I know Moses mom gets to take care of him after all and everything…but man, she did not know that when she put him in the water.   RIP MY HEART OUT!

Don't you feel crunchy too?

I should know not to state that we “don’t have much planned for this week”.   That seems to backfire.  It’s been a busy one, but not a bad one.   Yesterday, I took it easy during the day.  I even napped when Andrew & AJ napped.  Yes, you read that right…they napped at the SAME TIME!  And believe it or not, they are both napping now as I type this.  (again, I should be finding something more productive to do while I have the opportunity).  But yesterday, I was exhausted.   I had had 3 nights of not much sleep and it caught up with me.  Fortunately, I was able to nap yesterday and AJ was great last night, so I am feeling just fine now.

Then last night we went over to friend’s house for pizza and haircuts.   Now that Andrew and Marc are all buzzed, my three boys really look alike.   Have I mentioned I wish I had my camera?!

This morning, I dropped Andrew off at daycare, then took advantage of having only 1 kid on a Friday morning and did some garage sale-ing.  I got a pair of Bada Bi-yah (Bob the Builder) sandals for Andrew (his toes hang WAY off his sandals from last year).  I also got 2 loaf pans and the Price of Egypt VHS tape.  All for $3.  Not too shabby, I thought.  I even took my new wrap (which I did get hemmed yesterday) and wore it with AJ when there was a cluster of garage sales in a row.  (my sling is still wet from washing since it can’t be dried in the dryer).   And I wore pigtails today.  So, yes, I totally looked like a granola mommy.   That’s ok, I was feeling crunchy.

Tonight we desperately need to hit Sam’s Club. We are low on all things diaper related.   And out of trail mix (the true tragedy).  I think Marc might do some lawn work and we are grilling for dinner.  Which reminds me, I need to pull chicken out of the freezer.  Ok, gotta go!

Thursday, May 4, 2006


This morning on the way to daycare, Andrew was in the back seat playing pe-TA-boo (peek-a-boo) with AJ. It was too cute.

After dropping him off, I hit Joann Fabrics for a quick stop. I wanted to pick up an inexpensive piece (plus 40% off coupon) of material to make a wrap. This would be an additional way to carry AJ. Check out this site…it is cool. I am currently using my new material to carry AJ in the front cross-position. He is totally asleep, it is completely secure with no knots and I am totally hands-free typing this. And all of this with just one long piece of unfinished cloth 5 yards by 24 inches long (although I do need hem it before it unravels on me). Carrying AJ like this, I kind of feel like I should be on National Geographic fetching water into my clay pots to carry on my head…except I am wearing a shirt.

This is kind of what it looks like except, my cloth is a nice neutral khaki, and my baby is cuter.

I also have my sling. Which I love as well and have already used it enough to make the cost worth it. But for $4, I now have another option and this wrap is so versatile. There are tons of different ways to carry AJ as you probably saw if you checked out the site.

Well, I wish I had my camera, I would show you how I have him all bundled up against me and how adorable he is snoozing right now…but alas, I do not. Ok, since I do have my hands free, I should go do something more productive than blogging… like laundry. AJ is wearing his last clean sleeper. (And it’s even not that clean…ssshhhh).

Kelly, if you are reading this, I am thinking of you and your babies! This whole baby-carrying thing might totally being something for you. Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Stupid Meatloaf

Well, so much for not having much going on this week.   Monday night, I took meatloaf out of the freezer for dinner.   When it still was frozen at dinnertime and we had errands to run, I stuck it in the fridge and we hit Wendy’s.   Then we picked up some gifts at Babies R Us for some friends of ours who just had twins and we hit Home Depot to get more items for our yard.  (We got more bricks, more dirt, and more flowers.)  Marc then worked in the yard while I juggled the kids.

Tuesday, Andrew was supposed to go to daycare, but the car wouldn’t start.  So we switched days to Friday and stayed home.  It rained all day, so there wasn’t much we could do to burn off his energy.  However, in the afternoon, I had two girlfriends come over (one of them brought us a really great dinner) with their babies.  So it was really nice to chat for a while and Andrew loved up on their kiddos.  When Marc got home we headed off to the hospital to visit the new twins.  Get this…twins, right?  One baby was 8lbs 6oz and the other was 6lbs 4oz.   Talk about a superwomen of a mom they have.

This morning we all got up early and dropped the car off at the shop before Marc went to work.  (Um…new alternator and battery needed….expensive day).  Then, I tried to cook the meatloaf from Monday for lunch today since I didn’t want it to go bad.  But after an hour (and past lunch time) it was still RED in the middle.  So it was peanut butter sandwiches for lunch.  The day turned out beautiful, so after Andrew’s nap time (yea, AJ has taken nothing but short little cat naps today, it’s been lovely).  We went out in the backyard for a while.  I potted the container plants, while Andrew played in his elephant pool, with his mower and with his dump truck, all which were soaked by the time he was finished.   Finally, this evening, the Dressler’s came over for dinner.

Now, Andrew is in bed and our AJ is being cranky, so I am trying to write this fast.  Marc is currently rocking him, but wants to go for a jog.   So I will wrap this up.   Have a great night.

Monday, May 1, 2006


…have one of those dreams that stay with you all day?  I had one last night and unfortunately, it was a nightmare.  The kind where you wake up sobbing.  And even when I woke up and realized that it wasn’t real, I couldn’t stop the tears and I couldn’t stop my brain from thinking about the dream.  Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep the rest of the night.  I had to get up and snuggle all three of my boys for a while, while giving thanks that they were all safe and sound in their beds.  
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