Tuesday, November 29, 2005

We're Baaaaack...

So - a lot has happened since I updated this thing last time.   We loaded up our car and headed west on the busiest travel day of the year right through Chicago at rush hour.  HUGE mistake.  Our only saving grace is that we were fortunate enough to have stopped right before we hit the traffic for food, potty break, diaper change, etc...   That and our laptop which plays DVD's and the movie "Monster's Inc".   Yes, 26 miles in 2.5 hours.   That is almost but not quite 10.5 mph.  It's was lovely.  :)  However, our child was mesmerized by Scully and Mike Wazowski (he watched it twice) and therefore, we survived.  Needless to say, we bought a new movie while there, lest we endure the Monster's yet another time (and granted, I love the movie....but 5 times in 3 days....yea, too much).   So, Nemo has entered his little world.   And, I must say....this was another good movie, I thought, until I watched it through a toddler's eyes.  It can be downright scary!  And it's non-stop, too.   One bad thing after another happens and they all involve tense music with sharks, whales or other fish with large scary teeth.  We truly didn't think Andrew understood or knew the story line, but there are definitely parts where he gets sad or scared and wants to 'hide' but 'peak' in one of our arms.  We may not be watching it too often until he is a little older.  Or until we really need him to sit mesmerized by the TV for a little while.   (like maybe tonight while we try to rearrange furniture in order to find room for our Christmas Tree).
Anyway, we made it to Iowa safe and sound.   And Andrew got a long great with Grandma and Papa as if he sees them everyday.  And Grandma introduced him to the piano.   He would walk over to her, grab her hand, pull her to the piano while saying "deep and wide?" over and over (the only song he knows).  She would sit and play and he would sit next to her hitting keys, just swaying and shrugging his shoulders as if the sound was purely coming from his own little fingers.
Iowa was nice.  We ate a lot, hung out, did a little shopping, ate some more, play UNO Attacks, took naps and just had a good relaxing time.
Of course Andrew got spoiled, too.  Between Aunt Kristin's M&M's and a truck from Papa and McDonald's, etc....  The boy was in heaven.    And he did really well, too, considering that we screwed up his schedule royally.  I mean, we couldn't have knocked it further out of whack if Casey were at bat.   When we finally got home Sunday morning, he took a 3+ hour nap in the afternoon, then slept 12+ hours that night.  I think we have him back on track now.
Last night, we met up with the Dressler's for dinner at Chili's for fajitas.  I had a couple gift cards that I had been dying to use.  (I love Chili's fajitas).  Then they came back and we played a little cards before calling it a night.  Tonight, as I mentioned above, is rearrange furniture night in order to make room for Christmas decorations.  I need pay bills and do some laundry, too.  It'll be a good night for some homemade mac and cheese that is all ready and just needs cooked in the oven.  Marc may even have it in before I get home (I am working all day downtown today). 
Well, I will try to do a better job posting, as I have been slacking here lately.  Hope all is well and that all who read (and even those who don't) had a great Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I'm Thankful....

Well, this past weekend was a nice one. Friday we made homemade pizza when we got home and just hung out. Marc had the guys over in the evening to watch the Pistons game. Andrew did manage to take a tumble down our stairs that evening. Wahich is surprising since he manuevers those stairs like he invented them. The tumble wasn't so bad, but his truck at the bottom of the stairs did him a number. He woke up the next morning with a nice shiner on his right eye.

Saturday was a busy one. I got up and about and out early in order to get to a friends house by 9:00 to set up for a 10:00 baby shower brunch. It was for friend Kari, and all of us ex-roommates put in on for her. It was so nice to see them all again and hang out, but by the time I left at 2pm, I was exhausted. Tired, achey, felt like I overdid it a bit. I came home and napped until 4:30. Andrew got to spend the day with daddy. They hit a couple sporting good stored in the morning, then Burger King for lunch. We met up with the Uelands for dinner at Panera, then called it a night. Both Kelly (who was also at the shower this morning and is also pregnant) and I were exhausted.

By the way, on Saturday, my parents arrived in Myrtle Beach to spend the week. J.E.A.L.O.U.S.

Sunday morning was church, then we just hung out the rest of the day and did some cleaning, baking, read the paper, etc...

Last night, we had ham for dinner. Good ham! Once a year, when they go on sale, I buy one of those spiral hams. Marc cuts it all up, we fill the crock pot, pour the glaze over it all and let it simmer for a while. After we eat dinner, we package up the leftovers and get about 3+ more dinners out of it. (+ = leftovers the next day). Oh, it is so good!! So we had that last night with noodles and oranges. Andy was over for dinner too. Then later in the evening, Marc had the guys over for Monday Night Football. Vikings vs.. Packers. VIKINGS WON! But one of the guys windows wouldn't go up on his car when he got here, so the first half of the game was spent in the cold dark driveway with flashlights, tools, and coat hangers practically taking apart door to get the window up.

Well, we are getting ready to leave for Iowa tomorrow for Thanksgiving. And I must say I am looking forward to it. Not the drive, but just being there. Of couse, I feel like I have a trillion billion things that I have to do before I can go that doesn't even include work. Tomorrow is super busy because we have an appt in the morning, then work, then an errand, finish packing the car and hit the road. So that means we have to pretty much have EVERYTHING ready to go and do tonight. 'Twill be a crazy one.

But overall things are going good. Andrew is doing well and is as silly as ever. He talks not stop and has become a little parrot repeating whatever comes out of our mouths. Yes, we must be careful. You can actually somewhat carry a conversation with him now. Usually about airplanes up in the sky, or how "Jiffy" the squirrel is sleeping or went bye bye or something like that - that is important in his little world.

Well, not sure if I will get a chance to update again until we get back from our trip (not that I've been great about updating lately anyway). So until the next time...Have a GREAT THANKSGIVING!!

Friday, November 18, 2005


No more Spanish.   We haven't received our grades yet to find out how we did.   I am actually considering taking Spanish II in January.  Not set on it, but considering it.   Marc will pass on that one.  :)  Although I am proud of him for sticking this class out.
We are fine.  Andrew is 100% pure silliness from the moment he wakes up until he goes to sleep.  There is no other word to describe it, but just plain silly.  It's so funny, that we laugh at/with him all the time (which is what he wants). 
It's snowing here.   Pretty good snowfall, too.  Which is good and bad.   Good because it's pretty and get me the Holiday Spirit.  Bad, because it's cold and messy.  Like for instance, when I went to get Andrew bundled up in the car.   First, we can't find his hat anywhere.  ANYWHERE.  Still can't find it and I know we had it when he came home the night before.  Then as I open the door the dog about runs us over to get outside after telling him "no" multiple times.   Then Andrew can't possibly walk in the sidewalk but right into the snow so that snow is halfway up his pants (the whole while I am yelling at Rocky to get back inside).   Which means I have to follow him into the snow to remove him (his listening ears were not in an obeying mood when there is fresh snow on the ground).  Did I mention it's freezing outside, and Andrew is not wearing gloves and is now unhappy because his hands have snow on them.  Then I finally get Andrew shaken off and in the carseat but hit my head on the way out which knocked off my own hat and pulled out my bobby pins....of course, it hurt as well and now my hair has to be redone.   I actually swore.   And loud enough that my son heard.  Which then made me feel horrible even more.   I had allowed myself to go from a happy mommy to a downright angery women in a matter of minutes.  I run back inside, grab a blanket to put over Andrew until the car warms up and we head on our way.   By the time I actually got to my desk, after all that plus unloading him from the shuttle (which he slipped by the way and got his pants soaked), got him all undressed and set in daycare and got up to my office....I was exhausted!
Marc got his very first commission check this week (which you know burns a hole in his pocket), so we got to go out for dinner.  We have a new restaurant "UNO's".  It's an itialian pizzaria type place.  It was very good.  Plus plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day.
The snow is coming down again pretty good.  Andrew LOVES it.  He would run from window to window yelling, "Look, Noing!"  or  "What is noing?"   That's is his new favorite phrase... "What is....?"  Sometimes he finishes the sentence and it makes sense and sometime not.  :)
Did you know that the Jelly Belly plant is in Kenosha (where we are spending the Christmas holiday) and they have FACTORY TOURS!   Forget the tours, but bring on the Jelly Belly's!!  Mmmmmm!!!
Well, we got all our grocery shopping done last night (3 stores) and I even came home and made 4 mini loaves of orange/cranberry bread.  Then proceeded to eat half of one.  (Purely for testing sake, I assure you.)   MMmm.....it was SO good, I ate the other half this morning for breakfast.  I am going to have to be careful or this whole bread baking thing might turn into "Three for gifts, one for me".   That would be bad news.    Then again, I could count it at a fruit, protien, & grain serving for the baby and blame it on pregnancy.  :)  This morning, I went ahead and pulled together the dry ingredients for three more batches and put them in ziplock sandwich bags.   I figured...I know I am going to make more, I might as well measure all at once and get everything out and dirty fewer times.   So I should be able to whip up more batches fairly quickly.   (But I am already craving more - I LOVE THAT BREAD!).  :)
I am starting to feel the baby kick.   Not too often, more like when I am still...watching TV or trying to sleep.  Yesterday I even felt it on the outside against my hand.  Baby must have liked the cranberry/orange bread!
Ok, it's Friday and I took the easy way out of a post.   Tonight I think we are having the guys over for the Pistons game.  So just cleaning and getting things ready for a baby shower for my friend tomorrow.   Have a great weekend! 

Monday, November 14, 2005

Beep Beep

Well, we had a really nice weekend in Ohio.  Andrew got more attention than he could even have hoped for from his Grandma & Papa and cousin Gideon.  He didn’t sleep the greatest, but all things considered, he did really well.  His cousins went to see Sesame Street Live and brought him back a giant Elmo balloon and a souvenir cup, which Andrew thought was very cool.

Of course, he stayed up later, got up earlier, napped less and played hard.  So when we left for MI last night, he was zonked within 15 minutes (a full hour and half before bedtime) and didn’t even flinch the rest of the night.

So today, was back to usual and it was a super busy day.  Busy before we even got to daycare/work and then super busy at work today.   As we were leaving daycare, there was a semi truck parked in the lot that Andrew got very excited about.  “Dig Druck!  Dig Druck!”  So as we passed it, this big burly ‘truck driver’ of a man, opened the door and asked if Andrew wanted to honk the truck’s horn.   I lifted Andrew and walked over and had to stare straight up to see the guy (who seemed really nice, but reeked like smoke).   I held Andrew in one arm and stepped up with the other (by the way, we are in the hospital lot with security and people all around before you start gasping that I crawled into a truck cab with my baby) so that I am standing outside the cab.   Andrew gets a little spooked by the guy so he doesn’t want to pull the horn anymore.   So I did it for him.  And HOLY COW it was SO loud, that all three of us jumped!  And we knew it was coming.  So, now I can say that I’ve honked a semi’s horn.   But Andrew enjoyed it overall and even thanked “Gus” the truck driver.   And we were on our way.

Tonight, we haven’t done much despite how much needs to be done.  And I am getting ready to head to bed.

Friday, November 11, 2005

His Future's So Bright...

It's Friday and it's a big day.  I finally made the leap and put on maternity pants this morning.  But that is only after trying on about 5 other pairs of pants and deciding that they just weren't going to cut it anymore.  I am glad I made the decision.  I am not wearing a maternity top, but a nice comfy sweater, so really, I don't look TOO preggo yet, but I can breathe without a rubber band pulling across my tummy.  It's nice. 
Tonight we are heading to Ohio to visit the family.  We hoping to leave early, as I am hoping to get out early today (I came in early to better my chances).  I even cleaned and packed (for the most part) last night.  I did this while sending the boys to go buy a gift for Andrew's cousin who will be turning 2 this month since we are celebrating his birthday this Sunday.  And well, the lesson I learned (and should have known) is that I can not send my hubby and my son to the toy dept of a store without supervision.  Yes, they did fulfill their duty and find a nice gift for Andrew's cousin.  However, they also found yet another truck for Andrew.  And man, I must admit, if I were with Marc and saw how excited Andrew got when he saw this truck, I don't know if I could have said, "no" either.   He just stood there with big eyes, waiting, dancing his feet back and forth the entire time it took Marc to free the truck from the 100 point security packaging that took 2 different screwdrivers to tackle.  Again...Spoiled!!  Maybe it's a good thing this new kiddo will be coming along and stealing a little of the spotlight from the golden child.
Well, I am getting a little nervous.  Friday's are my super busy days and I came in early hoping to get a jump on the work and maybe, just maybe, leave early.   The whole team knows this and they have been requested to get their work into my early today.   The thing is, I have like hardly any work to do.  Being a Friday, this just doesn't make sense.   So either, it will be a really light day and I will get out nice and early, OR everyone will hit me with their requests at 3 and I will be swamped.  Could go either way, I guess. Here's hoping.
Ok, have a great weekend and Happy Veteran's Day, Dad!

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

What kind of mother am I?

For the last month, I swear I’ve been telling people that my son is 20 months old.  And today I told the entire Internet world that he turned 21 months today.  I even told another daycare dad that he was 21 months old today.    He is only 20 months old today!  Sheesh….   Since I would never consider myself as sometime who would try to make her son grow up faster than he is, I will simply blame this on pregnancy brain, and repost my 21 month old entry again in December.   Now, there’s something to look forward to.

Aw Betta

OK, I just got good news and I am hoping my mother-in-law doesn't log on to this blog, before she writes me back, because I am dying to tell her that..... I GOT THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING OFF and we can now go spend it with family in Iowa instead of staying at home eating Captian Crunch and cheese sandwiches.     This, I am very excited about.   It's weird.  Never has taking time off before been an issue.   So now that I work at a hospital that DOESN'T close, it became a huge wait and see game to see if I would have to stay.   And...not only that, but I also got my other holiday day off, Dec. 27th.   Woo Hoo!  
Ok, I'll calm down a bit.   Last night we had our Spanish final, which I must say, wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.   She could have taken the same material and made a test that would have been one hum-dinger.   But it really wasn't too terrible.  I know I didn't Ace it, but I didn't fail it either.   We then had a little feista afterward where I brought in taco dip and got to try some really yummy authentic mexican food (not sure how 'authentic' my taco dip was.)
What else is new.  Andrew turned 21 months today.   ACK!  I keep thinking that my baby is still a baby and yet I am having another baby....but then I think 21 months is not a baby at all.  He is big boy and shows and tells us each day how he is growing so fast.  He is talking up a storm more than I could even try to list and mimicks just about everything you say.   His thing the last couple days has been to get something (a toy, his arm, some food) under something so he can say, "Stuck!  Stuck!"  (whcih sound more like "duck") Then when you get it out for him (or convince him that he can get it out himself), he'll say, "aw betta".  (All better).  It's cute.  And there is tons of other stuff like that all day.  Of course, he still has his little Andrew languange that he starts rambling in...sentence after sentence, each getting more animated and detailed and yet, I have no idea what he's saying.  Some day.
This morning, there were construction crews working on our road on the manholes right in front of our house.  So there were big trucks and bobcats and jackhammers and cones and well, it was just too exciting.  My kid and dog were glued to the front window all morning.
I also had my regular baby checkup yesterday and everything seems A-Ok so far.  Heard the heartbeat, gained the "appropriate" weight.  We even scheduled our official ultrasound for later this morning, to find out whether Andrew will have a little brother or sister.  Either way, my heartburn is already starting, so it will be a hairy little critter.  I'll just have to stock up on the tums and then I will feel "Aw Betta".

Sunday, November 6, 2005

Happy Blog-iversary!!

Can you believe that I’ve been at this for one whole year now? I had no idea when I posted my very first entry that I would still be going strong one year from now. Man, what a nice way to have a nice little chronicle of the last year. So, Happy Blog-iversary to me!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

It’s Sunday afternoon and so far it’s been a really nice weekend. I went away Friday night to spend some time with my friends Jen & Jill. We had a lovely time, laughing and eating and shopping and catching up. Shopping was a little hard, since most of the stores were clothing stores and well, it doesn’t make much sense for me to be shopping for clothes right now. However, I did get a maternity swimsuit, some socks, a pair of sunglasses, a pair of jeans for Andrew and a fun hat for winter for myself. We also ate dinner at this incredible Italian restaurant, Bravo. The food and desserts were amazing and we stuffed ourselves silly and laughed throughout most of the meal.

I got home Saturday evening, just in time to see Andrew before bedtime. However, I wouldn’t be surprise if Andrew wanted Mama to leave more often, now. You see, Andrew got spoiled with a capital S with Dada. Let’s see – where do I begin? They when out to dinner Friday night at a McDonalds playland. Then (since Marc was having some friends over for the Pistons game later that night) they stopped at the store for a GeDunk run (grocery trip purely for the sake of buying junk food), where Oreos, Reese Cups, powdered sugar doughnuts, and Pepsi were all purchased. But not before they found, once again, the toy aisle. Yes, that is right. Andrew has another new truck. This one’s a tow truck that talks when it’s pushed and I must say, Andrew loves it. So of course, he got his share of junk food that night before bed and then got to sleep in our bed all night. The next morning, after a breakfast of cereal and doughnuts, he got to snuggle next to Dada while watching “Monster’s Inc”. Yes, say it with me... S.P.O.I.L.E.D.

Today was nice lazy day. Not much to report. Read the paper, took naps, worked around the house, etc…

Well, I need to get ready for tomorrow and get to bed. Here’s to another great year.

Friday, November 4, 2005

When the mom's away, the boys will play.

Well, it's official.  I finally told my boss (yesterday) and the rest of my-coworkers (today) that I am pregnant.  I brought in a huge platter of taco dip that was a huge hit.    I am still not ready to wear maternity clothes yet, but at least I feel like I can when I need to.  Because I know for sure that today is the last day for the pants I am currently wearing.  Everyone has been very sweet and excited for me.  I also found out that one of my co-workers whose daughter is in Andrew's daycare class is due three days before me.   So we joked about how we will be in the hospital together and the kiddos will be playing the halls.
Speaking of kiddo.  The kiddo did not sleep last night.  I don't what his deal was, but he was up all night crying.  We (ok, I) am trying to get out of the recent habit of just pulling him into bed with us (Marc sees no problem with this, and even wants him there quiet often).  So last night he cried and cried and I let it go hoping he would go back to sleep.  He did not.   So I got up, got him (which he was instantly fine) and "rock-rock"-ed for a while, got him a drink and put him back down.  This lasted a mere 80 seconds and the crying was back.  So again, I let it go and quiet a while.  Needless to say, I don't sleep when he's crying.  Finally, I make Marc get up with him.  Now before you jump saying..well, he's crying because he'll know you'll get up.  A good while went by of him crying pretty darn hard.  So, Marc gets up...offers to bring him into bed, I encourage him to try to put him back down in his own bed and it is finally quiet for a short time.   Ahhh, just enough time to start to nod off.  When....Marc crawls back into bed and Andrew starts the crying again.  AUGH!  It's like he's a newborn again.  Does he sense there is a baby on the way and feels he has to get in every opportunity to be the baby while he can or what?!  
So, this morning, he was super tired (as were myself and Marc) and SUPER CRANKY.  Wowsers.   I even warned his daycare teacher when I dropped him off to beware....he's got his grumpy pants on.  (Of course, for them, he will be all smiles and cuteness and angelic, I bet).
I hope he does better tonight, because Marc is on his own.  I am heading to Lansing to spend a nice girls nights out with my friends, then do a little outlet mall shopping tomorrow.  At least, I should get a decent night's sleep.  (I am sure Andrew will just end up in our bed tonight...I would almost put money on it).  Anyway, I am so looking forward to tonight and tomorrow.  Hoping to find a pair of sunglasses as well a maternity swim suit and of course any Christmas shopping I can get done...all for reasonable prices, I hope.
So tonight is boys night out.  Marc was already asking Andrew this morning what he wanted for dinner, McDonalds, Burger King or Taco Bell.  Hmm....  At one point Marc thought about taking Andrew to see "Chicken Little", but I think he's come to his senses with that idea.  So, I am not sure what they have planned for tonight.  As for me and the girls, we're just gunna have fu-un!

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Tippin' Back

Caught!  Yes, my son is a sneaky little sneak.   I had the fridge door open and was practically waist deep inside trying to rearrange items in order to fit a rather large platter.  I turned around and saw that Andrew found the bottle of chocolate syrup that was in the door.  The top was popped and he was tippin’ back on the sweet stuff.   Straight chocolate…pure joy.   I can’t say I blame him or wouldn’t have done so myself had I thought of it, first.   Hmmm…not sure where he got his sweet tooth from.  

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Some pictures of my Superman!


Apperantly, my little man's internal thermostat is very touchy.   Change up one little thing in his body and watch out.  This being said....another hard fast rule that I should have already known but was pounded home last night (in the middle of the night) was Never Ever run out of Children's Tylenol...especaially before bedtime.
Here's the deal.   Yesterday, Andrew got his flu shot.   I gave him a dose of tylenol beforehand, because I know how I felt after my flu shot.  The shot location was nice and sore and I felt just not quite up to par the next day.  So I have his a dose, he got his shot, then I gave the tylenol to daycare and told them to use if needed.   They felt it was needed and he got his second dose that afternoon.    When I picked him up, he was a little fussy, but nothing too out of the ordinary.  So the sitter came and we were off to Spanish class. 
By the time we got home, you could tell he wasn't well.   He was pale and cranky and burning up.  He wouldn't eat dinner for the sitter and she even tried to lay him down for a while.  He had his "B" and his paci and wanted held only.   I went to give him his final dose of Tylenol before bed only to realize that even if I add a little water to the bottle and shook it up, I would only get a half  to three quarter of a dose.  So I gave him what we had, we "rock rock"-ed and he went to bed.  Now, I know that we are out of tylenol.  But I am thinking to myself.   It's only from the flu shot, he is not really sick.   He'll be fine once he sleeps a bit.  I checked on him later that evening, he was sound asleep, nice and cool and even a little sweaty and I thought "perfect, the fever broke".   And I really didn't give it another thought.
That is....  until I find him in my bed in the middle of night (Marc said he had been crying and brought him in - I must have been out of it).  He is again burning up.   Now, he's been aroudn for 20+ months, so fevers are not new and I feel that I am getting pretty good at knowing which ones I should be concerned about and which ones to let slide without whipping out the thermometer each time.   This was not a low grade fever, yet not a "wake-the-doctor" fever either.  But it definately was a "needs tylenol asap" fever before it becomes a "wake-the-doctor" fever.   So, in the middle of the night, I am searching the house for any little bit of tylenol we may have.  I knew our main bottle was empty, but often times we get samples through his pediatrician that get shoved into a diaper bag here or there.  Last thing I want to do is hit the drugstore at 2 in the morning.  Finally, I can't find anything, so I grab Andrew's prescription Tylenol with Codeine that he got last month from his surgury and decide at that point that Tylenol is Tylenol and little extra codeine couldn't hurt, right?   He got a dose, got to snuggle in our bed a little longer before I took him back to his own bed (after a little "rock rock").   And the kid slept until 9:30 this morning!!
Nice!  I was able to be up and showered, so stuff done and almost ready before he got up.  And the fever was gone.   He was still pretty pale and his eyes still looked, well, I am not sure how to describe it, but not 100% healthy.  But he was acting better and wanted breakfast, so I took that as a good sign.  I did got him in the tub this morning and I still stopped at the drugstore and got another dose of tylenol in him before daycare, but over all...I am hoping the flu shot effects are gone.

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super Andwew!

Ok, I am starting to get yelled at when I do a poor job of updating this blog. I'm not a big fan of neglecting it for a while either, as A) I feel as I do one big boring 'catch-up' post and B) by doing one big boring 'catch-up' post I miss a lot of the little stuff that really is worth blogging about and instead hit on general stuff that no one really cares about.

That being said, it's time for a big boring 'catch-up' post:

Friday evening wasn't anything exciting. After three days of working downtown in the madness, I was exhausted and frankly, not feeling all that well. So I came home, Marc put Andrew down and we all took a nap. One of Marc's friends called him and asked if they could go grab dinner. His wife is preggo and stuck with morning sickness every evening and he HAD to get out of the house after many nights/weeks of staying home with her. I wasn't up for much, so it was good night for him to call and get Marc out of the house as well. Andrew and I hung out in the evening. We had a nice dinner of instant mashed potatoes and turned in early.

Saturday, some sort of miracle happened and Andrew didn't make us come get him out of his crib until 10. It was heavenly! We mostly just hung around the house that day, ran a few errands in the afternoon, then met some friends for dinner at Olive Garden. It was great both for dinner and lunch the next day. When we got home, Marc put a final coat of paint on our room downstairs and did the touchup work.

Sunday, was another relaxing day. We worked around the house and again, ran some errands. I worked on Andrew's Superman costume (the pants were too long) until I was about in tears. That's before AND after an emergency trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics for some more supplies and help. But I got it done. It wouldn't pass as quality workmanship on any level, but it's done and it worked at least for yesterday. Even after stitching the pants up, we still had to roll them once as well. He'll be wearing these pants for a while.

Of course, yesterday was Halloween. I was again, downtown in the madness and couldn't make it to Andrew's fall party or his costume parade around the hospital. I was so disappointed, but a co-worker of mine actually video taped a bit of the parade for me, which was sweet. Then last night, Superman and I passed out candy to all the trick or treaters. Andrew would get SO excited when the doorbell would ring that he jump up and run to the door. BUT, he had to be held before the door opened. I don't blame him. Some of the costumes were a bit scary. Hands down, Spiderman was costume of the year in our neighborhood. I will try to post of pictures of Superman later this evening.

Well, that brings us to today. This morning, Andrew got me up nice and early due to the time chance not taking effect in his little body. So we had breakfast, did laundry and dishes and got ready during Elmo. We left early today because I am working a little early today, plus I wanted to stop by on the way and get Andrew's flu shot. After driving to the pediatricians office, I realized I didn't have my wallet (no insurance card, no money, no drivers license, etc...) So I drive back home, thinking that we will have to get the flu shot some other day, but at least I will have my license. Well, the pediatrician's office is on the way to work, so even though I am now much later than I expected I still had a little time and decided to stop back in anyway to see how long it might take and if we could still get the shot in. After all, I had already given him a dose of Tylenol. So we stop in and low and behold, they took him right back. We were there less than 10 minutes AND there was no co-pay. I didn't even need my wallet after all. And we still made it to work/daycare on time.

Tonight is Spanish class. We only have our test and party after this class, so tonight will be all review. Then I get to pay bills this evening. Fun Fun. On a good note, Andrew officially knows how to say his name. If you point to him in a picture or a mirror and ask who it is, he will tell you, "Andwew". It's adorable.
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