Monday, May 30, 2005

Click, Click, Click...

There's no place like home...
There's no place like home...
There's no place like home...
Click, Click, Click... (many will not get it, some will)

We are HOME and I feel like I've been gone FOREVER!!! Since a week ago last Wednesday to be exact. That's over 11 days...almost two weeks. We slept a lot today since we got in this morning at 7:30 am and it was SO nice to be in our OWN bed...

I'm not going to write long now, but maybe I'll update more tomorrow.
Happy Memorial Day.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I wanna give a Shout Out...

To all the Guide One ladies (and Sam) who I met today. It was lovely meeting you. Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

And we're off...

Hello from a couch in Des Moines, IA. Little man is taking an early nap since he got up and SIX O'CLOCK again (darn time zone change) and Grandma and Grandpa are off to work. So I am enjoying checking my e-mail and blogs and boards and everything else I've missed since I left for Mackinaw Island (what seems like now) forever ago.

Ok, this blog may not be too exciting, but I'll try to recap what's been going on that past days.

Wednesday, my mom came up and watched Andrew just shortly before my friend, Jen, came and picked me up and we headed to Jill's in Traverse City (Kingsley) and spend the night.

Thursday morning, we got up and out early-squirrally and headed to the Island. The weather was cool and was just lounged around the hotel and our room, but it was really nice. I had a lot of fun. Of course, we got to get all dressed up that night for a super nice 5 course meal. Fancy!! We then headed down to a little pub in town that had a DJ and did a little dancing. We weren't impressed with the DJ, but it was still fun.

Friday was beautiful and we spent some time outside on their awesome grounds. We stayed on the Island until after lunch (another fabulous multicourse meal only hours after a fabulous multicourse breakfast). Then we ferried back to the mainland. The trip back was long...we were pretty tired and I think kinda antsy to get home. I knew I had a long trip ahead of me once I got home, so really wanted the drive to go fast. I got in around 8:45pm and got to see my little boy whom I missed!! He was all in his PJ's looking so cute. I'm guessing he got a good dose of spoiling while I was gone, so therefore was very happy. We packed up, ate, etc... and finally hit the road again around 10:30 pm for MN. AUGH! What were we thinking?

Saturday - We made it as far as 6:00 am (EST) before we just had to pull over the sleep. Thankfully Andrew did wonderfully in the car, as we were wiped out. About an hour later, we hit the road again and got in to Kristin and Josh's around 9:00 am. Of course, Little man is now up for the day. But thankfully, he takes an early nap, so we all slept then until noon. We got ourselved ready and headed over to Kelly & Eric's. It was kinda crazy there since both sides of Kelly's family was there. And they were getting ready for Holland's dance recital (which I heard she did GREAT in), so we took off once Andrew was ready for nap #2. We hung out at Kristin and Josh's that night and watch Napolean Dynamite (not sure why all the hype).

Sunday, we got up and went to church where both Eric and Kelly taught a GREAT lesson on women. They really did a good job. We went back to their place and got the guys ready to leave on their fishing trip and lunch made and little ones down for a nap. Later in the evening, after we got Marc sent off, Andrew and I went and watched Kristin & Josh play softball. We had hamburgers and fries for dinner and watched Meet the Fockers after Andrew went to bed.

Monday, Andrew got up again at SIX! So we packed up and then hung out until after he took a little morning nap (very short). We then headed to IKEA (VERY COOL) and the Mall of America until about three. We just walked and looked at things, and checked out Camp Snoopy and ate lunch and had DQ and pretty much had a fun day there. We left and headed to Sheffield (Andrew fell asleep before we even got out of the parking garage and slept the whole way) to see Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Boehlje. We had a nice dinner and visit with them before heading furthur down to Des Moines. We finally got in last night around 8:30. And it was good to be here. Quiet, relaxing, peaceful.

So, this morning, I'm not doing much. I plan on watching the season finale of the Apprentice sometime today. Since I was gone last Thurs., I had mom tape it. I can't beleive I am IN the city of one of the final contestants and haven't heard who won yet. I thought for sure I was know by now.

Ok, not sure when I'll update for now...take care.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

You're SAFE!

I really have a lot to do today, but I've been busy all morning and Andrew is down for his first nap, so I officially took a time out with a cup of coffee for a few minutes. I think I have almost everything packed for both Mackinaw Island and MN, save the few things that we are still using or will be using. I still need to get the house together, but it is coming along. Mostly vacuuming and me knowing that it will not be perfect (or anywhere near) when I leave and that's....ok.

Well, I had an interview yesterday to be part time copy girl. Yes, you read that right. It went fine and we'll see how it goes. I won't be heart broken if it doesn't work out but probably won't turn it down either. It will depend on the pay and what childcare we can find. Keep that whole situation in your prayers, please.

Well, Andrew has learned 'please' and is learning 'thank you'. 'Please' is supposed to be a small circle over the chest with one hand....his is a full tummy rub with both hands. It's cute. 'Thank you' is still in progress, but he's catching on. He also learned to 'jump' Andrew style. And it's laugh-out-loud funny. He goes through all the motions of jumping...squatting, arms swinging , jerking up....but he doesn't leave the ground. Just goes on tippy toes. But he doesn't just do it once at a time. He does over and over until it looks like he convulsing....but he's laughing the whole time. Then he runs and 'jumps' and it's hilearous! Often this results in a fall comparable to a baseball player sliding home.

Well, I leave tonight and will be away from my boy for the longest time ever... two days and two nights. I've never been gone from him overnight before. I will miss him and actually rocked him a bit last night because I knew I'd be gone the next two night. Those mom's out there who have been there/done that are probably snorting at me... but oh well. I will miss him. But he'll be in good hands with Daddy and Grandma. In fact, he'll probably get so spoiled, he won't even mind that I am gone. I guess that would be a good thing. Since I won't be around tonight,

(sung to "Goodnight My Someone" from the Music Man)
"Goodnight my Andrew, goodnight to you
Goodnight my Andrew, sleep the night through
I wish I may and I wish I might,
Goodnight my Andrew, Goodnight."

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Isn't it Grand?

I'm staying here Thursday night!!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

I challenge you to a drool

So, little man is a drool-ing machine right now! He is literally soaking his shirts and constantly has a line running down his chin. It's lovely. He has two of his first year molars in and two more coming in. (actually I am not sure if that is what they are called - "first year molars", but I've heard that term thrown I am throwing it, too). Although, thankfully, these teeth haven't given him his usual teething symptoms of high fever, loss of appetite and lethargy. Just drool.

Well, what have we been up to? Friday night we had Kari and Andy over for pizza and cards (girls won!). Saturday, we just stayed around home and got some stuff done and relaxed mostly. I had a product testing and we all hit Meijer and Blockbuster (After the Sunset) in the evening. This morning we had church, then Andrew and Marc took naps and I read the paper and got some stuff done. We took a walk this evening, had piggies in a blanket for dinner, chocolate chip cookies for dessert, and after Andrew's bedtime - we folded clothes. Fun times. Marc is currently organizing his tackle boxes (yes, boxes - he can NEVER criticize me for my scrapbooking stuff). I think I am done for the night. I'm just going to chill out a bit then go to bed. (Unless I decide to debone a chicken that's in the fridge - one less thing to do tomorrow). We'll see.

Have a great week.

Great or not

Written Saturday afternoon; typed out Sunday afternoon.

I am sitting here waiting for my next sample. Today I will make $20 by trying 12 different samples of "Electrolyte Solution"...aka Pedialyte. We've tried these before and they were bad. But today, though they wouldn't be my drink of choice, they aren't too terrible. But the questioning is difficult to respond to. We have to answer only one question per sample. "Does this product taste great or not. Yes or No."


That is totally an extreme question. these products have come a LONG way just since we tried them last time..but "great"? Pepsi tastes great, rootbeer floats tastes great, smoothies take great, tall skinny half caf hazelnut lattes taste great. But not these samples. On the other hand, they don't stink, either. I think my son would drink them and that's why I'm here, right? So, I am conflicted.

I hate to burst the manufacturer's bubble by replying "no" to every sample when they really are improving. And I'm not saying I would never buy thier products because I have before and I'm sure I will again.

Oh well, these are just a musings of a bored product tester who has too much time between samples and forgot to bring something to read. Well, six samples down and six to go....

Friday, May 13, 2005


It's Friday the 13th and it's been rainy. We stayed in all day and didn't go anywhere.

I really don't feel as if I got much done. Although I did a lot of planning which helps me not stress (just my personality). You see, we have the opportunity to get to see Marc's family. But we will be leaving a week from today. I will be going to Mackinaw Island a week from last Wednesday. So in essense I will be gone for over a week and a half starting next Wednesday. And so the lists began. What to pack for Machinaw, what to pack for our MN/IA trip, what items will needed to be moved from Mackinaw bags to MN/IA bags (since we are leaving for MN/IA as soon as I get back), what I need to get done before then, what I need to tell mom when she comes and watches Andrew, what I need to get from the grocery....can you tell I have a touch of type A in me. Or as my good friends who I am going to Mackinaw with would call it....being anal. :) But it makes me feel better and more in control and more managed.

Well, we are waiting for Kari and Andy to come over and eat pizza and little man is sleeping.

...oh they are here, I need to go.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Stale bread is for the birds....or Andrew

Today, I tried to teach Andrew the fine art of feeding the birds. A complex skill consisting of tearing a peice of bread and throwing it into the grass. Well, much more bread fed Andrew than the birds. In his high chair, I try and try to NOT have him throw his food.... but I could not get him throw a single peice of yucky stale bread to the birds.

Today, he also learned to wink. Both eyes go at the same time. I say, "WINK!" and he squeezes both tight for just a second and bobs his little head's so cute! Very "I dream of Jeanie". AND....he has successfully pointed on command to his nose, eyes and ears a handful of times the last couple days, too.

Ok, I have to say God is Good. Our sound machine broke and is a MUST for traveling with a baby. Well, I had been checking online and around and the cheapest I could find would be around $15-$20 (although I only bought my for $6 forever ago). Well, we hit some garage sales in the Ueland's neighborhood. And I found one for $2! Woo Hoo! Then earlier this week, we got a bag of little boy clothes from our previous small group leaders and then we got another bag today from Kelly. Between the two we got TONS O'Clothes! Andrew is set for the summer and then some!! Real nice!

Well, I have a lot to do and we've been busy today and haven't got much done.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I dream of Andrew

AUGH, I am sitting in front of the weather channel this morning, and it's calling for rain until Sunday. It's Wednesday! That's like 5 days of rain. Good thing it got a lot of laundry done and hung to dry yesterday. It's raining already. Pbbtthh!

Well, yesterday, we went to a MOPS playgroup. It was really nice and Andrew did really good considering it fell during nap time. I met a couple other moms and am even going over to one mom's house this afternoon for lunch. She has 3 little girls and seems real sweet. She's also a Dykstra. (Although there are a LOT of us around here).

So the plan for today is work on deboning and shredding chicken (I put a whole one in the crockpot overnight), pick up the house, clean out/organize fridge and pantry, make dinner tonight (right now the plan is, enchalata soup, beer bread and corn on the cob), clean bathrooms, dust/vacuum, possibly hit a dollar store. (I'm looking for a slim 1/2 gal pitcher). Well, see how much of this actually gets done. Of course, I also need to do things like shower, get little boy dressed etc... Fortunately, most of these things are not absolutely necessary for me to get done today.

Thank you to all of you who, from this Blog, sent condolences for my Gram. I really appreciate it.
So last night, Marc gets home from basketball really late and I am already in bed nodding off and on. But we get talking when he comes to bed and decides he is going to get Andrew and bring him in bed with us for a little while. Well, Andrew was totally sleeping, but all of a sudden he slaps his own leg and smiles HUGE! So then, Marc and I begin chuckling quietly and Andrew starts kicking his leg and laughing out loud. Totally asleep! It was HILARIOUS! At this point, Marc and I have to cover our mouth we are laughing so hard. Then mean Daddy started lightly tickling him, so he would keep laughing. Poor little man. :) Finally we all went to sleep, and shortly afterward, due to extreme wiggling, Marc took Andrew back to his own bed.

Well, I have to get going, I have a lot to do.

EDITED TO ADD: I forgot that I had put a roast in yesterday, then due to crazy schedules, we just decided to fend for dinner and eat the roast today. No enchalata soup.

Monday, May 9, 2005

Who's Who of the Family Tree

Last night I made copies of pictures of a whole bunch of people in our lives. Mostly family, and some close friends. And I placed these pictures on a tack board so Andrew could work on "Who's Who of Andrew's World". I ask "Where is __________?" and he points to that person. So we've been playing with it this morning and he's got Daddy and Mommy and Gideon down. Then, he walks over to Daddy's picture and starts saying "Daddy" over and over. And I am all proud of him and getting ready to call Marc and share the joy when he leaves the board, walks over to a video game controller and starts pressing buttons saying, "Daddy" over and over. Not sure if he is associating or just likes to say "Daddy".

Well, we are home from our weekend in Ohio. It was a nice weekend, scattered with some sadness, but overall good. Old Mrs. Crazberry helped. Of course, now my house is littered with bags that have been half unpacked and dirty dishes and all kinds of other things that need cleaned up and put away. So, now that Andrew is down for a nap, I am going to sneak a quick shower and get to work. At least I already got the bills paid, trash and recycling out, and got Andrew in the tub this morning.

This afternoon, we are running a few errands. We need diapers in a BAD way. (like, I don't think we'd make it to tomorrow). Tonight we are meeting some people from our original small group at Ada at Chili's for Fahita Monday. (Is it sad that I think I am looking forward more to the food than the company? No offense to the people, because they are totally top notch, but I just LOVE Chili's fahitas so much and it is such a RARE treat for me anymore).

I don't think this week is looking to be too busy. Tomorrow I am heading to MOPs with a neighbor and her son in the morning and we have a vet appt in the PM. Marc will play B-ball in evening. (and I plan on watching Apprentice and ER from LAST Thursday). Other than that...I think the week is pretty quiet. Unfortunatly, we have NO product tests yet scheduled for this week. Bummer.

Ok, I hope you all have a great week. Ba-bye.

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Learning is a good thing....right?

So many things cause my son to light up each day with a look of pride on his face that says, "I DID IT". He is learning so much each day and each time he figures something out, there's that look, that grin, those "do you see, Mom?" eyes. Just today he learned that to throw something away on command. (Something that is SUPPOSED to be thrown away). Today, he learned that, even though for many months mommy and daddy have cornered the coffee table into the couch so there is a small area he cannot reach, he can army crawl UNDER the table into the forbidden area and access everything. Today he learned, somehow - not quite sure yet how and hoping it was a fluke, that he could take his diaper off and throw it out of the crib. Yes, he was grinning ear to ear on that one! And here is the kicker, today he learned ,and repeated consistently, that when Daddy scolds him, usually for touching something he shouldn't, that he should immediately go and lay his head on Daddy's leg and Daddy forgets all about it. It's almost scary how much he learns each day.

I will not be writing for a few days as I will be heading to OH tomorrow for my Gram's funeral. She was the Matriarch of the Steiner family of (rough count) 44 and therefore will still be celebrate this Mother's day.

So to all those Mothers, Mothers-to-be, and Mothers-some-day....

Happy Mother's Day.

Monday, May 2, 2005

I'm helpless

I've created a monster and he's out of control.

You see, I read up on the wonders of teaching a baby sign language and how it can greatly help you and your child communicate long before he or she is able to form the correct words, thus making life less frustrating for both the child and parent. Well, I jumped on this bandwagon and started working on basic words with Andrew around 6 months. Words such as "No", "More", "All done", "Drink", "Thank You", etc... Well, he really wasn't all that into it even though I worked and worked and worked on it.

Well, this past week, he has learned the sign for MORE and uses it ALL THE TIME for EVERYTHING!!! I mean EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME! The thing is, is that I am so proud of him and he is so cute when he does it, that I totally give in. I just can't help myself. More peanut butter crackers, mom. More drink, mom. More of this cheerio I found under the couch, mom. More, more, more. For instance, as I write, he is in the high chair scarfing down his third (and last - unless I give in again)peanut butter cracker. Oh no, I didn't even finish that last sentence and he is already "more-ing" me. Must.have.strength.

I must confess, as challanging as this is, I am very proud of my child and as far as other signs go...I want him to learn more.

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