Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I'm (*sniff*) So (*sniff*) Proud

Andrew's been doing well when I drop him off at daycare. He usually wants me to hold him, but eventually we can coax him to going to a teacher with no tears. Well, today, he walked in the door all by himself and never looked back. I didn't know whether to cheer or cry. I signed in like usual, and then just stood there, like I didn't know what to do with myself. So, I told the teachers, "well, I guess I'm going to go, then". And I did. I really am glad...I really am. (But I didn't get my hug goodbye!)

Monday, August 29, 2005

If everything tasted like cheese - life would be good.

It’s Monday again…. And the weekend is over. But it was a good weekend. We went to church yesterday morning and had a little excitement when someone totally passed out. Well, at the time it was pretty scary. But we had multiple nurses and doctors in the congregation and the “faintee” eventually was ok. We came home from church, had a snack and took naps. Then a little later in the afternoon, we met up with the Uelands and went to Grand Haven. It was really nice and we had perfect weather. We weren’t there really long enough to let the kiddo get out and run or play in the sand, but we did eat at Kirby’s and walked down the pier and lighthouse. It was busy, but we got to see lots of boats, dogs and birds. Things Andrew loves. Of course, we got a shaved ice, too…he didn’t mind that too much either. We got home a little later than his bedtime, but he did well and was asleep only 3 minutes after I sat down to rock him.

Today was back to work and it was a busy one. I worked a full day today so I was covering the phones and got 20 chart copies called in. SUPER BUSY. Andrew must have had a busy one too, because he was super tired (he only napped an hour today at daycare). So we hit Aldi’s quick for a few things, then I put him down for a nap while I made dinner of Chicken Alfredo over pasta. Mmmm. We had a little bit of sherbet for dessert. Which technically, Andrew should not have gotten any of, since he didn’t eat a good dinner (He was still tired and cranky and I think he might have been teething a bit – he’s had rosy cheeks, felt warm, was chewing on fingers and drooling…although I thought he had all the teeth he is supposed to have for a while, but what do I know?) He refused everything we offered except cheese. Anyway, who can resist a little boy who comes up face to face all smiles wanting a bite of your sherbet? Both daddy and I gave in.

Then he just got silly. We let him watch a little bit of Sesame Street after dinner while I vegged a bit and Marc worked. Andrew was dancing to the music. Then he was spinning until he fell, over and over again. It was so funny. He had too many close calls of totally nailing himself on the table or entertainment center or something…that we had to discourage him from continuing… but it was really funny. Then he found our squirt bottle we keep to spray winkles out of clothes. (It’s just water). He brought it down to daddy and daddy would squirt him and he would run and laugh. Then run right back to daddy to do it again. It was pretty funny. Then we started squirting Rocky and Rocky would bite at the spray and well, Andrew just thought that was hilarious. We were all laughing.

But now little man is in bed, I just finished paying bills (blah!), Marc is making popcorn, and Monday Night Football is on. I still need to clean up the kitchen from dinner, put a load of clothes in the dryer and pull things together for tomorrow. So…that being said…. adieu.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Airplanes are L.O.U.D.

J’ever have one of those days where…the more you sleep the more tired you are? That is today. I think the last three days caught up with Andrew and I because he let us sleep in today until 10! Ten o’clock! I know Marc got up twice just to check on him. Then finally we woke him up. We didn’t want him to get too far off his schedule.

Then I set up him with waffles, Sesame Street and daddy, and I went garage sale shopping. I didn’t find much of anything. Got a few jeans for Andrew that I think might be too small for him now that I bring him home. Darn it…there went that buck. When I got home around 12:30, Andrew was back down for a nap and slept for a solid two more hours! Wowzers. We had one tired boy on our hands. Meanwhile, Marc and I just lounged around, ignored the mountain of housework that needed to be done and packed up a few things so that when Andrew did finally wake up we could go on a PICNIC!

Yep, after deciding that we didn’t have much food in the house that is pack-able (i.e.: lunchmeat), we hit Taco Bell (I know, shame on us) and took our tacos to the airport observation park. It’s just a parking lot off a hill off to the side of the airport runway. It’s got picnic tables, trash bins and port-a-potties. Andrew loves airplanes so we thought this would be perfect. We set all up and got our food out just as a big plane is getting ready to take off. And boy, I forgot how loud they are when you are that close. I look over and our son has this terrified look on his face that lasts about 1 second before tears and sobs come. It scared the poor kiddo so badly. Marc and I couldn’t help but giggle a bit as we consoled him. For each plane after that, we made sure of us was holding him, and he would watch up until the plane got really loud, then just hug us really tight and bury his face against us. Once the loudness was gone, he was fine and would wave at the plane and say “bye bye”. The last few times, Marc would just sit him on his lap and cover Andrew’s ears and he seems ok. Funny. But we took our football and Andrew’s basketball and played in the grass between planes. It was a little windy, (yes, I was chasing taco wrappers everywhere) but really enjoyable.

We got home, and I was ready for a nap. I went up and laid down for an hour or so, when I came back down, Andrew was sleeping again, hard. We finally woke him around 7 since bedtime was in less than 2 hours. So got him some dinner, played for a bit (we put pillows on the ground and Andrew jumped off the first step onto them) and now…. at 9:05 he is back in bed.

Tomorrow is church in the AM, then after lunch and naps we are going to trying to head to Grand Haven again with the Uelands. Hopefully it will be nice and we can walk the beach and pier with the kiddos. Ok…have a nice night.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Beware of Domestic Leaks

Today, work lasted forever. I was SO ready for the weekend. I may have to reconsider saying yes to working 3 full days in a row again. It took a toll on us. Oh, and the extra money I earned, was gone because I was no mood to cook dinner and gave in to Burger King. Plus it made Andrew extra fussing and clingy and I caught myself trying rush around and rush him, which just makes him frustrated and frazzled. Boy am I glad it's the weekend. (Did I mention I work all day on Monday, too?)

On a good note, Marc had his first sale today since he started this new job. And it was a pretty good one, too. So he was just beaming all night and talking my ear off and making me listen to his congrats voicemails, etc... So we did go out and celebrate by hitting Applebee’s for dinner. Andrew was a little less than an angel since he hardly ate at daycare except for “lots of milk” his teacher said. And he refused his early evening 'rest'. (I don't call it a nap, because we like him to lie down for about 1/2 hour when we get home. Often he doesn't sleep, just talks or plays in his crib, but it helps him get through 'till bedtime without being so cranky. Well, he just cried tonight.) So by the time we got to Applebee’s he was very hungry and very tired. Thankfully they give out balloons… this helped for a while. Once his food did come, he just played with it. Little stinker.

After dinner, we went to the small mall to play a bit in the play area.... but due to a "domestic leak" (no kidding - that's what they called it...when we asked what that was we were told a diaper exploded), the play area was closed and being cleaned. So we walked for a while, Andrew played on a little ice cream truck that you put quarters in, but we didn't put quarters in, and we watched the skateboarders at the indoor skate park. Then all the milk that Andrew drank that day made it's appearance and we had the closest thing to our own 'domestic leak' that we've had since I think he was breastfed. Wowzers. It was awful and I had to use all my travel wipes. It was a doozy.... took all I had to keep from gagging. I am thinking maybe it was a good thing the play area was closed, or it could have been MY KID that 'caused it to be closed.

So, on the way home, Andrew is happily playing with his balloon, when all of a sudden the air goes out of it. It didn’t pop, so I am not sure if he bit it or poked his fingernail through it or what…. but it deflated quickly. And the tears came even quicker. It was the end of the world for our little man. If it hadn’t been late enough that it was bedtime as soon as we got home, I might have considered hitting Meijer on the way home and picking up another one. It was quiet sad. Especially since I have a memory of being at the fair when I was little and accidentally letting go of my balloon and remembering how devastated I was. Fortunately, he recovered eventually and I bet he’s not even thinking about it now. Oh yea…he’s sleeping.

Well, I am going to head to bed here shortly. I am planning on going garage sailing tomorrow. Marc said he would keep Andrew at home for me. Waffle maker here I come…

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


It helps when you decide to keep your trail mix in a cup so you can munch while working that you don't keep your water in the exact SAME kind of cup, then not look which one you grab when tipping back for a bite.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

No Shorts. No Shoes. No Diaper.

It's Wednesday evening, Marc is out for his walk and Andrew is in bed. Get this... I just went up there to check on him and he is totally zonked with his diaper OFF! Little stinker. We keep saying that we are going to stop putting him to bed without his shorts, but it's just so easy to plop him in bed and forgot. Since I had just changed it before bed, the diaper (and everything else) was dry so I just re-fastened it and he never even budged.

Tonight while Andrew went down for his quick nap after daycare, I made dinner (apple pork chops and noodles). Then Marc took Andrew to Geoff's because they got two new puppies. I stayed home and cleaned up the kitchen then just chilled a bit in my quiet house. Kinda nice.

Tomorrow and the next two days I work full days downtown. I am really not looking forward to it. It just makes for long days and crazy evenings. Right after work tomorrow, once I pick up Andrew, we are heading straight over for haircuts. Much needed haircuts.

Well, I need to get to bed since I need to get up extra early tomorrow. Blah. Sorry this post is anything but intresting.

Monday, August 22, 2005

My Sleepy Bear

This morning my little man woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  He was cranky and clingy all morning.  I almost wonder if his teeth were bothering him.  He woke up about a 1/2 hour early and by the time I drove him to daycare, and hour earlier than usual, he was falling asleep in the car.  I had to keep waking him up when he'd nod off before he totally crashed.   Although he did really well and went to his teacher ok today with no tears.   It helped that it was playground time (since we were earlier than usual).
And the whole reason I had to be at work early today was because I had a meeting downtown from 1:30 to 2:30 which would have only given me from 3-4 to do my job, so I came in early.  Well, I cover phones from 12-1, but the ladies I cover for didn't come back until 1:30 so I didn't make my meeting anyway.  Oh well, it ended up being a busy day and being here the extra time helped out. 
Well, not much to update on...tonight is an exciting night of paying bills, doing laundry, eating burgers, and searching desperately for my work ID.  (I can't find it...and it's how I clock in and out.   So - not a good thing to lose).  Have a good evening.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Mini Get Away

Well, Marc and I decided kinda last minute to blow off our big exciting evening plans and head down with Rocky and Andrew to Uncle Art's cabin. (Sounds like a book). Marc goes down there quite a bit and I've talked about going with him, but it's never been a big draw for me. I've been there a couple times before but for some reason I didn't really remember it right. I was pleasantly surprised when it was REALLY nice! I don't know what I was picturing, but this was nicer. We really had a fun time.

We got down there around 7 and Marc started fishing from shore while Andrew and I just played outside. Andrew and Rocky L.O.V.E.D. it there!! Andrew drove his truck around the entire site. Rocky felt sweet freedom as he was free to roam and smell all new smells. While Marc was fishing he caught two little fish, so we put them in a bowl of lake water for Andrew to watch. The cabin is near a small airport so planes were constantly taking off over the water and Andrew would point and wave and say “by by” every time. So cute.

Then Marc worked hard at starting a fire, which was very difficult since it had rained that morning. After burning our entire bag of recycle paper and an hour later we got a fire going and got the hot dogs a’cookin. No sooner as I was just finished with my first dog and Marc was working on his first, the rain just up and came and drenches us and put out our hard earned fired. We had to make mad dashes in and out of the cabin gathering all our stuff before it got soaked. It was rather funny.

So we finished our hot dogs in the microwave, ate dinner on their porch and got Andrew to bed. It stopped raining so Marc went back to fishing and I read my book (which I forgot there – darn it).

This morning we got up and had waffles and sausage for breakfast then went back outside for more playing and fishing. After giving the cabin a good cleaning and wipe down we were back home around 1:00. We were only gone about 18 hours, but it was a really nice get-away.

I took a nap when I got home and Marc had his fantasy football draft. (Hard to believe it is that time already). Well, we have plenty we need to do tonight, so I will get going.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Sticky Waffles

Apparently waffles NEED oil to turn out just right. I thought I would healthify them by substituting applesauce for the oil. Um.... not a great idea. They'll work and they're edible...but they are not nice and firm and but flimsy and sticking to the waffle maker something fierce. I have to spray non-stick spray between each batch which is probably adding all my oil right back in. Oh well. This waffle making has become a bimonthly thing around here. Andrew and I love waffles with peanut butter and syrup. Still looking for my garage sale steal of a 4-waffle maker for $4. Not sure where I would put it in my kitchen, but then I could whip out my couple dozen+ waffles in no time.

This morning, Andrew blessed me by sleeping in (or at least not making enough of a fuss) until 9:00. It was nice! However, when Marc brought him in and told me it was 9, I realized that we were supposed to be at a product testing at 9. Shoot! So I call quick and we were able to get into the 10:00 testing. So we have our oatmeal, get ourselves ready and head out. It was veggie crackers and they weren’t bad, but they weren’t great. Definitely had a grown up taste to them. I didn’t mind them but Andrew did not like them. At least he tasted them. Yesterday we went to a testing of puddings with fruit and I couldn’t even get him to try them. Granted they were pretty bad.

After the crackers this morning, I hit a few garage sales (looking for my garage sale steal). It had rained and was still threatening, so there weren’t many out…and I didn’t find anything worthwhile.

Right now, I am posting & finishing up the waffles, and Marc and Andrew are napping upstairs in our bed. I think today is a work around the house day. I have a lot I want to get done today, especially since I am working practically a full-time week next week. 3 full days, one regular day and one day with a couple extra hours. I think they are actually considering hiring another ‘float’ person…someone to just pick up hours when needed, such as when people call in sick, take time off etc, since I am the only back up for 6 positions, but then my position needs backed up, since it’s becoming really busy.

Yesterday was my busiest day E.V.E.R. at work. (this was coming off the slowest day at work). An average day is around 7-10 transfer requests. A busy day is around 13-16. My busiest ever day before yesterday was 19…. yesterday was 26!! AUGH! I was practically running and truthfully was a little stressed out. I had to call daycare and tell them I would be late. I knew the day was going to be busy…but I had no clue that it was going to be THAT busy. Holy Cow.

Last night, we had homemade pizza and the Dressler’s came over. The girls beat the boys in Euchre and we had Oreo Shakes that the boys had to make since they lost. I think tonight Kari and I (and maybe Kelly) are going to scrapbook. I haven’t scrapped much of anything in what seems like forever… I have a lot of catch up on.

Ok, this post turned into a novel. Can you tell I am procrastinating actually working? Have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Blame it on the Rain

Well, I can't say much has happened since I posted last.   Work, play, cook, clean, that's about it.   Oh, Andrew did totally wipe out yesterday on our driveway and he scraped his chin up pretty good.  He got a nice bloody lip and now looks like he has a little goatee.  It wasn't that a freeze-pop wouldn't fix.
Tonight we are planning on heading to the Lakeshore with the Uelands and their kiddo to have dinner and walk the pier, play in the sand, etc.. (which reminds me, I should pack a change of clothes for jr.).  But we've been watching the weather and it's been saying scattered thunderstorms with 40% chance of rain.  So we are still on the fence whether we are going to try and go for it.  I mean, that's 60% chance that it won't right?
Other than that, I'm just at work and it's a super light day (which means it will creep by).   Andrew is doing well at daycare.  We've had two tear-free days.  He's still not thrilled when I leave, but he doesn't cry and goes to his teacher pretty well.  When I pick him up, he just as happy as a clam.  (Not because I'm there...but just because).   He's even got an "Andrew's had a Happy Day" on his note home.   So, it's going well.  Yesterday they had little play horses and then had sand and oatmeal that they 'fed' to the horses at the sensory table.   How cute.
Well, I just got word that tonight's little field trip is rained out.  Bummer.   Well, not sure what we are going to do tonight.  Oh well, Maybe we'll get there this weekend. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Well, we got all our errands ran last night and boy, did it take awhile.  Andrew did so good with me poppin' him in and out of the car and in and out of the carts and up and down the aisles.   We hit Aldis, then Sam's where we had a variety of samples they were giving away.   And..get this...we bought diapers and I SWEAR they lowered their prices?  Who does that?!  Not that I am complaining one bit...I am very impressed.  They have been out of their diapers for the last couple times we've been there, so I've gotten another cheep brand (but still more expensive)...but they had them again...and WOWSERS!  Boy was I excited!  kinda sad I get so excited about diapers, huh.
Then we hit Taco Bell, where my son thoroughly dissected a soft taco - no lettuce.  He did manage to eat most of it and probably would have finished it if we had two more hours to kill.  He was in a good mood and was just being so silly.    Anyway, we then headed to Meijer to finish up our grocery shopping.  I told myself at one time that I would NOT be on of those parents that give in to their child seeing something and begging until they get it.  Well....  I was that parent today.   And the sad thing is, Andrew didn't even beg or put up a fuss.  You see, this is what happened.   Andrew had a battery operated Elmo toothbrush that he really liked and this weekend it broke.   So I was shopping for a new toothbrush for him and I wanted to stick with battery operated.  Well, there is brand A on sale that I am looking at and pondering when all of a sudden Andrew spots his Elmo toothbrush.  It was just standing there all bright and shiny in it's new plastic wrap.   All I hear is "Elmo?  Elmo?  Elmo?"  (everything Andrew says currently ends with a ?)  Anyway, I give in.  It was a couple bucks more but I've rationalized it this way....
  1. I didn't like that the sale toothbrush's head was a little bigger than I thought would be good for Andrew
  2. It WAS almost 7:30 which means I had been dragging Andrew around for 3.5 hours and pretty much taken up his whole evening with bedtime an hour away.
  3. Obviously, I want him to like his toothbrush and like brushing teeth (although the sale brand was a whale and cool looking too)
  4. And here is the kicker... on the Elmo toothbrush was a sticker that said inside was a toll free number you could call and talk to Elmo (which we've already done a couple times)
Ok, lets just call it like we see it - I'm a sucker.    We checked out, Andrew got a quick ride on the penny horse and we headed home.   By then I was tired.  I got the cold groceries put away, played with Andrew a bit and that's about it for the night.   

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It's Pizza Day!! Cheese Pizza Day!!

Well, all the hard work I put in yesterday morning went down the drain when I decided that I didn't want to do much of anything last night.  Well, I shouldn't say that...I paid bills which always puts me a great mood.   And Andrew, Rocky and myself went on a walk.  And I made a nice dinner (which also made a nice mess in the kitchen).  So, this morning, was just working getting back to where I started instead of making additional headway.  Oh well.  Plus little man was a little clingy this morning.  He wanted to sit on my lap and watch Sesame Street.  I kept trying to get up and work, but he would just come and get me and pull me back to the couch and crawl on my lap.  I mean...what could I do?   Dishes or snuggle?  Hmmm...   Not a hard one in my book.  Although my little stinker will gladly say "Elmo", but not "Mama". 
Anyway, he later played and I got the kitchen straightened up and we headed off to 'school' where it was pizza day.  This is very exciting day and Andrew and I talked about it all morning.  Even when I walked into the class a little girl told me right away that today is pizza day.  It's only one day every three weeks and today was the day.  Lucky them.  I was stuck eating Raman Noodle between phone calls.  I bet Andrew takes another nice nap (he did yesterday, too) for them today...he's been getting up pretty early lately for around 7:30.  So he practically falls asleep in the car on the way.
Well, tonight, is my run errands night.  I brought a pair of jeans to change into here at work and once I pick up little man, we are heading to Sam's, Aldi's and Meijer.  Marc is gone tonight, I think, so it's just us and we may just splurge and hit TacoBell or something while out.   We'll see.  It's raining here now, which we really need, but I am hoping it stops so that I am not trying to haul a boy and groceries to and from a car in the rain.  Or, we might just get wet.    Ok, I feel like this post isn't real exciting or full of thrilling content, so I am going to wrap it up.  Have a great afternoon.

What a morning.

Written yesterday but forgot to post
It's Monday and it's back to reality.   We had a really nice weekend.   Like I mentioned before, we went down to my Aunt's and the guys went fishing and us girls and kiddos had a rough time of talking walks, hanging out, eating and napping.  What hard way to spend the weekend.   Although Andrew's sleep schedule got WAY off.  He was staying up late, way past bedtime, then waking up ready to go SUPER early.  We are talking 10 minutes 'till 6 early.  AUGH!   But we survived by giving him two naps and all was well.   However, last night, on the way home he crashed hard at 7:30...didn't even stir when we moved him from carseat to bed.   Then slept this morning until about 8.  Good boy.
This week, I am back on my normal 12-4 schedule.  And already it's been so nice.  I got a lot done this morning.  Laundry, dishes, grocery list, had time to sit and drink my coffee, play with Andrew, etc..  I didn't feel rushed at all.  That is...until it was time for us to leave and I realized that we never switched the car seat between the cars last night and it was in Marc's car with Marc at work downtown.   AUGH!  So I call Marc, he talks to his boss and calls me back and heads home, and I call daycare as I start to make Andrew a grilled cheese since he is going to now miss lunch.  They are so sweet and offered to save some lunch for him.   Marc got home, we did a quick switcheroo and headed to work.  I cheated and parked onsite today and we got Andrew there only 15 minutes late.  He didn't even really cry when I left - although wasn't too pleased either.    It was just one of those morning that when you finally get to work it's like.....Ahhhh...I can relax a bit. 

Friday, August 12, 2005

And we're off...

Well, it's Friday and we have a fun weekend in store.  We are heading down my aunt's and meeting up with my folks tonight.  This always makes for a relaxing weekend.  They live on a lake kinda in the woods and it's kinda remote and we don't watch TV and we just sit around and take walks and eat and nap and play with the kids.  Plus, the extra hands are always nice to have when dealing with a busy toddler.   Marc gets to fish with my uncle and dad and cousin.  It's really a perfect little get-away.  And, it's close enough (and cheap enough) that we get to do it about once a month or so.  So that's where we are planning to head tonight. 
Tomorrow evening we are all going out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary at some seafood restaurant.  It should be nice.
Let's see - what has happened lately.  Not much.  I worked a bunch this week which means that by the time I get home, I am tired and don't want to do anything, and Andrew is clingy and the house takes over to goes to pot...but hey it will all be there when I get back, so I am not going to worry about it now. :)  Although we did get out a bit last Wednesday and met up with the Uelands at Reed's Lake for just a bit.  It was really nice & the weather was beautiful.   We got some rain yesterday and today which we needed badly.  
Yep, that's about it.  Nothing exciting to report. I am counting down the minutes when I am done working (121 left), get to pick up my boy (just might be the best part of my day) and head home, so we can head out.  I hope you have great weekend!

Gimme Five!

It's Our Five Year Anniversary!

Five years ago right now, I think we were getting pictures taken in our dresses and tuxes and counting down until the wedding ceremony started. It would have been only 2.5 hours to go! How fun!!

Just think, in the last five years, we've rented an apartment, started six new jobs between us, bought a house, got a dog, took four vacations, had a kid, and that's just off the top of my head. Overall, it's been a good five years. Doesn't hurt that the man I married is a wonderfully fun man who helped make those years so good. Here's looking at five more (and then some)! Love ya, Babe!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Quick Update

Well, Andrew slept through the night last night even though he went down at 7:45pm.  He did wake up on his own this morning around 7-ish.  Which is fine, since we had to leave at 7:25.   And he seemed fine this morning.  So I don't know what last night was about.   I told daycare about it and packed him Tylenol.  One of teachers thought maybe it was allergies since he didn't have a cold to go along with it and no real history of ear infections.  Thought maybe he had that itch...y'know what I mean...the one in the throat and ear that drives you crazy.  Still doesn't explain why he went to bed to early.   Who knows.   
Where is my instruction manual for this kid?!

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

To Top it Off This Night

I officially sent my letter to Taggies and accidentally forgot to turn off my signature which has a link to this blog. Nice.

Kum-Bi-Ya, My Lord, Kum-Bi-Ya

Andrew's campfire he made last week during 'Camping Week" at daycare.

And to think...I was thinking about starting a small garden.

Where do I begin? First of all, Marc is out on the boat with the guys tonight, so it's just me and little man. So we pick up and $5 pizza for dinner 'cause there is no way I am heating up the house for just the two of us. (Plus when it's just the two of us, the $5 pizza goes a lot farther...I got me some lunch for tomorrow).

We get home and eat dinner and Andrew seems fussy...not terribly, but not my little angel either. But it progressively gets worse and he starts tugging on his left ear. Pretty soon, he is vigorously rubbing his ear non-stop and flat out crying. Not the "I'm tired" or "I'm hungry" or "I'm mad" or "I just need attention" cry. This is a "Help me, Momma, I'm hurting" cry. Of course, we have no baby meds in the house. (I knew this, but did I remember to pick some up when I went shopping last time? Noooooo....)

So I pack up my man, complete with pacifier and blankie and tears and we drive to Walgreens. I felt so bad as he just keep alternating between whimpering and all out crying and rubbing his poor little ear. He didn't seem to have a cold at all, so I am not sure whether his ear hurt him, itched really bad (you know that itch that is in your throat), whether he fell and hit it today or what? Walgreens is pretty close and with traffic and stupid Michigan lefts takes about 10 minutes to get there. I pull into the lot, grab my purse and realize that I don't have my wallet. I have no cash, no credit cards, nothing on me. I carry my purse in a backpack while at work and when I picked up the pizza I must have missed the purse when I threw my wallet in my backpack. I wanted to cry. I start the car back up and we head home. About halfway home, Andrew really starts getting upset. Normally, his crying doesn't get to me, but this was a different cry and for the moment I couldn't do a darn thing to help him.... so it got to me...and I started crying. So here we are driving down 44th street both bawling. It was lovely.

I get home; run in grab my wallet and head BACK to Walgreens. Well, to wrap it up, we get to Walgreens have trouble finding the children's Tylenol while holding a crying child, pay and get home. I give it to him and just try to comfort him for the next 45 minutes. We tried to rock and read and we tried to watch Sesame Street, finally I lay down with him in our bed. He wiggled and squirmed and whimpered for about 20 minutes, then was out cold. It was only 7:45pm.

I wait a while then sneak out from under him and head down stairs to start working on the house. I decide that I am going to make some zucchini bread with some zucchini someone gave out at church. I got the oven preheated and all the ingredients together and mixed and I'm getting ready to shred the zucchini. I cut it in half to find out that it's a CUCUMBER! AAUUGGHH!!

Fortunately, I had a little bit of another zucchini in the fridge was able to use that. But truthfully, I am not in the mood to clean anymore. Nope, that window has passed. In fact, if I had some I would say a margarita would sound good about now.

Ok, I am going to go. Please pray that whatever was going on with Andrew tonight was a tonight-only thing and I won't have to think about the 'sick' daycare tomorrow morning. (I am covering for someone all day tomorrow and Friday, so taking the day off is out of the question.)

Little Squirt

It was SO hard to come into work today.  I dropped Andrew off at daycare and since we were there early (I had to be at work early today), they were outside playing....IN A SPRINKLER!  They were all in just their diapers, just soaked and laughing!  They were so cute!   It was the type of sprinkler that was made to be played in.  It sprayed water out around the edge of a circle, then all of a sudden (you didn't know when) the circle water would stop and it would spray right up the middle and catch you by surprise.   They also had a water table set up too, with boats and other water toys.   So we show up and strip Andrew and he starts right in at the water table...wasn't quite sure about the sprinkler yet.  All the kiddos were laughing...I wanted to stay and play!!   Andrew still had his minute tears when I left, but was done before I got totally inside.   I wish I could have stayed and watched.   All these cute little babies running around soaked in their diapers. It looked just too fun!
Anyway, I am covering today for a staff meeting.  Which means EVERYONE is gone and it's extra long and I have to go the restroom badly and counting the minutes until someone returns to cover for me.   The phones have been too busy to try to sneak away.  So that is why I am sitting here crossed legged writing this post...helping the time go by quickly.  (Of course, I had to start the post by writing about water....)
Not much has happen in the last day or so.  Last night we ran some errands and hit Kohls.  Marc needed a few work shirts so I sacraficed my $10 Kohls money for him.  (That's love).  Then we hit Gazelle sports.  I've been pricing out these shoes I want.  They are what all the nurses wear and they are by far the most comfortable shoes I've ever stepped kidding.  I'd be tempted to wear them to bed.   But they are pricy.   So I've been shopping around for them.  I've got my fingers crossed that maybe they'll be listed on Ebay sometime soon for much less.  Here's hoping.
Well, I don't want to ramble on just for the sake of rambling on and it might be too late already.  So, I'll wrap this up for now.

Sunday, August 7, 2005

Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?

Not a whole lot to post about, just wanted to check in. Today was a nice, but hot day. Really too hot to play outside until about 9 tonight. We went to church this morning, which again was really good, but I must confess, I had trouble staying focused today. My mind kept wandering all over the place. Then we came home and hung out a bit. I made breakfast burritos that turned out ok....they are not my favorite meal. We then headed out to run some errands. We hit the pet food place so that poor Rocky (I'm still mad at him) won't starve since we were scraping the bottom of his food barrel for his breakfast. Then we hit Walmart since we didn't have enough diapers in the house to make it through the day. We picked up a few other odds and ends that were needed and headed home. Oh, but not before we hit Gander Mountain for Marc. He didn't get anything, but got to drool over some fishing rods.

Other than that, not a whole lot happened. I got to take a nap again today. Love that! We picked up the house a tiny bit and now I'm just getting my stuff ready for tomorrow. It's going to be an early one since I need to be downtown by 8 and have Andrew dropped off at DC by 7:30. Ugh! Getting myself ready and getting little man ready to head out the door that early is not an easy task. Especially since I'm NOT a morning person and will not have had my coffee yet. The good thing is that Andrew gets breakfast at DC so that's one less thing I will have to worry about.

Speaking of daycare, this week's theme is Rhymes. So Andrew gets to bring in a rhyming book. Now, if you know me at all....ALL of our books are rhyming books since I am a HUGE Dr. Seuss fan. However, I am picking one of my lesser favorites, simply because the book is simple, there are not a lot of made up words (something that tends to show up in Dr. Seuss books and maybe not the easiest for kiddos who are trying to learn new words), and Andrew seems to have taken a liking to it. So he's taking Hop on Pop to school tomorrow. My personal Dr.Seuss favorites are in no particular order (I tried to order these, but just couldn't) 1. One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish 2. Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? and 3. The ABC Book. Oh wait, add number 4. Fox in Sox. But I really truly love them all...thanks to my mom who read them to me when I was but a wee tike.

Ok, ok...for not much to post, I wrote a hefty post. Pray for us this week, as I am working a lot. The working part is fine, but it just makes the time at home craziness. Thanks and have a great week.

Saturday, August 6, 2005

One Dog for Sale

After Andrew and I get home from garage sale-ing.....I wanted to cry.
Look what my lovely canine did...

And it wasn't just used paper towels, it was leftover chinese rice, dumped sweet and sour sauce, melted ice cream, flour with an open packet of soy sauce mixed in, and plenty of coffee grounds, along with the regular run of the mill garbage. So I got the oppertunity to clean it all up, vacuum over and over, spot clean the carpet and mop the floors when we got home. Fortunatly, Andrew was ready for a nap and went down easily so I didn't have to worry about him along with all this. What a way to spend my Saturday afternoon.

Six Degree of Seperation

1. Me

2. My Hubby

3. His Boss

4. His Wife

5. Her Sister

6. Her Husband is "Zack Morris"!

Friday, August 5, 2005

Gimme an F, Gimme an R, Gimme an I, Gimme an D, Gimme an A, Gimme an Y. Gooooo FRIDAY!!!!

Today has been a busy.  This morning after I pull myself out of bed (which was much harder to do today than usual), I was able to get a lot done.  Dishes unload and reload, pizza dough made and cooked, vacuumed, etc...  Then we did the store real quick, but it still put a little behind getting Andrew to daycare on time.  Lunch had already started.  There they were.  All the little kiddos all sitting around the table in their little chairs eating so nicely.  It was so cute.  Andrew did well, too.  He still had his minute-tears, but they quickly passed when he gobbled (no exaggerating) down a peice of cheese that was offered him.    I will still in the room and he was fine.  Yea.
Work was fine today.  It was a nice pace.  Busy enough to allow the time to pass at a good rate, but not swamped where I am practically running from floor to floor.  I am thankful for this as I did NOT where good shoes today.   (they were the only ones that went with my outfit).  :)
Well, tonight the Dresslers are coming over and were have.....can you guess?....PiZZA!   I think I am going to Meijer on the way home with Drewbee-Do-Be-Do first.  We'll probably just hang out tonight, probably play card and possibly watch a movie.  Nothing too exciting, but nice. 
We really don't have big plans this week.  I'll probably do some cooking for the freezer, since next week promises to be CRAZY and I won't want to think about dinner then.  And of course, there are projects around the house that I would like done.   That doesn't mean much, unfortunately.   And, I think I mights....just might....go garage sailing tomorrow...I haven't really been all summer.
Well, have a great night.

Thursday, August 4, 2005

Click off and on and off and on and off...

I am in a mood. Not a completely bad mood, but not in a good mood. I am just tired & have a slight headache and it's affecting everything. Fortunately, the kiddo isn't in one of HIS moods tonight, or it would be bad news bears right now. Currently he is sitting on our couch in just a diaper, clicking a pen on and off and on and off and on and off and on and off.

Ok, we just moved outside. He is playing in his pool right now. The joy of wireless.

Well, I never replied to the whole “Taggies” letter and got a 2nd legal notice today. I have calmed down now, but was fuming for a while. So tempting just to shoot a ‘nasty gram’ right back at ‘em. But I did not. Guess I should reply to this one. Not sure what I am going to say. “Sorry I wasn’t selling your product. I won’t do it again.”

Anyway, I found out today that next week is going to be a BUSY one for me. I am working all day on Mon, Wed., Thurs., & Fri. And an extra hour on Tuesday. Which means I’ll get NOTHING done next week, since the mornings are gone and I’m guessing Andrew will need extra attention in the evenings. I guess it’s a good thing. I mean, more hours mean more $$. Maybe I’ll net enough on that check to hit the DQ.

On a good note, Andrew is in a pretty good mood tonight, which is a good thing. He is a pretty funny kiddo. And, it’s actually nice outside. I can sit out here for longer than 3 minutes without my skin melting. It looks like it will storm soon. Has that feel and smell. It would be a good thing since we really need rain. However, it is still hot enough for Andrew to totally soak himself in his pool.

Last night was nice. Kari and Andy dropped in and hung out with us. We even got Chinese and watched “So you think you can Dance”….my guilty pleasure this summer.

Well, not a whole lot to report. I’m just thankful tomorrow is Friday. Have a great night.

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Stifle that laugh

Today seemed like a crazy day. I got a call this morning about 10 asking if I could work downtown this afternoon rather than in my regular location. This doesn't seem like a big deal but.... it means that I need to drop off Andrew a tad early but need to pick him up about an hour late since I'll be working until 4:30 rather than 4 plus a 1/2hr. drive. This gives daycare a next to nothing notice. And to top it off, there was a conference in town where some-thousands and thousands were going to attend, so traffic was expected to be craziness. When I got the call, Andrew and I were on our way out to Sam's. So now, we were really pressed for time if we still go...which we did. On a good note, it really didn't go that bad, just kinda made it hectic, especially since working downtown is already really busy. (Did that paragraph make sense...I felt like I was rambling).

So, Marc got to go to this conference along with half the state, I think. I would have like to go. It was a Get Motivated conference with a lot of big names. Rudolph Giulliani, Tom Izzo, Zig Zigler, George from The Apprentice, Suze Orman, Jerry Lewis and more. He said it was good.

So lately, in the evenings, Andrew is going through this thing where he is super fussy. But not like not-feeling-good-fussy, but more like, deliberate fussy if-you-even-think-about-not-giving-me-100%-of-your-attention-I-will fall-down-on-the ground-and-produce-real-tears. It's very frustrating. And it's only in the evenings. In the mornings, or when we play outside, he is happy happy happy and self content if I am playing with him, or he is playing by himself. But come out. However, today, Marc asked him if he wanted a time out and he shook his head yes. We both had to cover our faces while we tried to stifle a laugh...then promptly gave him his time out, which he took tear free.

Anyway, like I mentioned, we do have a magical fix to Andrew's fussiness and it is spelled O.U.T.S.I.D.E. Just mention the word and he repeats it over and over (in a way you would only understand because you just said it yourself) and runs to the door. So, we played outside for a while in the pool. It was nice out and we visited with some neighbors for a while. AND...a police car was driving by so we were all waving vigorously and they flashed their lights and hit their sirens for a quick seconds for us. Very exciting.

Well, we haven't been motivate to do much around the house today, so the place is looking pretty bad...put that on my list of things to do tomorrow. Well, I think that's it for today.

Monday, August 1, 2005

He ate what?

Chili? My son ate chili for lunch? And not just a taste or so...they said he gobbled it up AND they said it was a little too spicy today, too. Who IS this kid? He eats spicy chili, but he wouldn't eat a plain bagel for a snack. Quirky kid. Of course, what did I lay out for dinner tonight? Enchiladas. Poor kid. Or maybe I should say poor mommy for having to change those diapers. J

Also, apparently, the drinking out of a cup isn’t coming along quite yet, since I’ve had to restock his spare clothes EVERYDAY. But overall, he had a good day today. This week’s theme is camping. So he got to bring in a flashlight (which I was told he wouldn’t share) and got to play in a tent (which I was told he really enjoyed). Of course, he still wanted to bolt as SOON as I walked in the door. I’ve talked to other parents and they said eventually they cry when you pick them up and not when you drop them off. Looking forward to that day…maybe.

Today was craziness at work. In fact, I had 9, 500 steps before I even got home from work today. Wowsers. Good thing I wore comfy shoes today.

Well, tonight after dinner, I think we are going to play in the pool a bit. (I forgot about the hose being on and it totally overflowed – good thing it’s a small pool). While he’s playing I am hoping Marc and I (more Marc so I can keep an eye on the kiddo…aka…play) can clean out and vacuum the cars. Marc is getting a movie from Blockbuster right now while running some errands, so after little man goes down (or maybe earlier) we are going to put in a movie and fold our mountain of clean clothes in the basement. I know it sounds like an all too exciting night. J Contain your jealousy.

Well, that’s all for now. Have a nice night.
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