Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pregnant Tuesday

So, it's Fat Tuesday and for lunch today I had a nice custard filled donut.  (I would try to spell out their official name, but I have NO idea how to spell it).   I rationalize that yesterday for lunch I had a great big salad of romaine, apple, pear, fresh parmesan and cashews, plus a burrito with green peppers.    Maybe I should have found an apple filled donut.   That would count as a fruit serving, right?
So what's been going on lately?  Well, we did get some things done this weekend.  The "winter" village didn't get down, but the bunk beds did get put up.  Andrew does seem to like them, that is, when he remembers that he can't jump on the bottom bunk.  He has a few knots on his head to remind him already.  This morning, we hung his sheet from the top bunk to make a tent.  It was very exciting.  I got our Federal & state taxes done as well.   Woo Hoo!  Still need to complete city yet, but the bulk of the work is done already.  Oh, and I thought I lost my credit card so we canceled them, only to find mine the next day in the dryer.  We also worked around our house and got laundry done.  It's not folded or put away yet, but sitting on a pile on our couch.  I refuse to simply put it in a basket, where it will just be dug through and never taken care of.  This way it's an annoyance and must be dealt with.  We had a couple over for pizza Saturday night, and Sunday night we had small group for church.   And that pretty much was our weekend.
Oh and Sunday night, I got a scratchy throat which makes it sound like I took up smoking immediately after giving up the pacifier.   This scratchy throat has since turned into a nice sore throat and cough.   Now the sore throat and cough during the day isn't exactly fun, but it's more annoying than anything.  It's the lack of sleep I get from keeping myself up at night coughing that is the kicker.   For two nights, I've slept on the couch trying to remain in the somewhat upright position in order to sleep.  But remember, I am pregnant, so sleeping comfortably is tricky anyway.   So, needless to say, I've been tired.  I went ahead and called my midwife today to find out what I could take OTC, so hopefully I can pick up some cough medicine this evening and get some rest tonight.    You are all probably so tired of hearing me whine about either being pregnant or sick.  Doesn't it seem like I've been under the weather quite a bit lately?   Seems I catch one thing then another back to back.  This kid in me is like sucking my immune system. Probably doesn't help having another kid in daycare.  He seems fine, but must pass everything along to me.   Or me working in a hospital for that matter, may not be helping.  Germ-fest.  Must.Wash.Hands!
The Apprentice started again last night, which I am excited about.  I am not sure how I feel about the Monday time slot.   I kinda liked it on Thursdays, since there were other shows I would watch, too.  It was only a one night TV commitment, now I have to remember about Monday's as well.   This is when TiVo would be nice.
I dropped off Andrew at daycare this morning and he was the only kid scheduled for his room today.   I felt bad that his teacher had to come in just for him.  But she said that later in the day he would be paired up with another class and get double gym time.   Gym Time = Andrew heaven!  Plus, he will get all the chicken nuggets he wants for lunch.  
OK, need to go.   Have a great Fat Tuesday!

Sunday, February 26, 2006


A monster sized homemade brownie warmed in the microwave for 20 seconds, topped with Breyers vanilla ice cream, topped with melted creamy peanut butter.

I will pay for it tonight with heartburn, but for now... it's pure bliss!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Resorting to Saturday morning Cartoons

It’s 8:30 Saturday morning. The kiddo, who we allowed to stayed up until 9 last night in the hopes of him sleeping in a bit today, was up at 6:30. Of course, I did not go to bed at 9, so I am tired. So, I am cheating. I am on the couch, Andrew is in his highchair watching cartoons and eating a breakfast of rice pudding (kid loves rice!). I did splurge and make myself some coffee this morning. But am trying to “fancy” it up a bit with frothy milk to make my more-milk-than-coffee drink more satisfying… Plus, then I can spread my 1 cup limit over two cups. I am even drinking it out of my nice clear fancy coffee glasses.

Side note: Ever since Andrew started sleeping with a pillow, his hair sticks up everywhere in the morning. It’s really funny. However, when I checked on him last night, he was totally laying sideways about halfway down the bed. But he hasn’t fallen out yet… that we know of.

Once I get up and going and drag Marc out of bed (he was supposed to get up and play racquetball this morning, but called early to cancel – I have a sneaky suspicion he was up late…. since I was up late and he was still up), I have high expectations for today. We need to get our winter village down (yes, it’s a winter village, NOT a Christmas village, so we are still justified in it being up…. it did snow this week). But I would like it down regardless. I think I would also like to get the top bunk up…. maybe. I am still debating this one. On one hand, maybe we should wait and not change things in Andrew’s room, again so soon. But, it would be nice to not store the pieces and instead be able to store other stuff on the top bunk since his room is pretty packed. I would also like to finish our taxes and of course there is the never ending laundry, cleaning, vacuuming, etc… Oh, and I should hit the market. But, then again, it is Saturday…so who knows how much of all this will really get done.

Of course, a nap will be top priority!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Has to be a boy thing...

This morning, while I was awake but still in bed, Andrew was up and Marc was in the shower. Andrew crawled up in bed with me, purposefully found my arm and proceeded to wipe his nose across it. Now, it wasn't horribly disgusting, but it wasn't a dry nose either.

Then he promptly responded with an "Ewwwwwweeeeee!"

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

No sugar coating here.

Ok, it hit me this week and I am going to rant a bit.   I am starting to feel pregnant.   Yes, I feel big as a house and everything that goes along with it.  I'm tired, achy and cranky.   I have 8 weeks to go as of today.   Which probably means more like 9 weeks.    And this kid is riding high.  Holy cow.   My lungs and stomach have to be the size of raisins, my esophagus is like the eternal flame and my stomach muscles are just shot completely.  I have to stretch just to get air.
Then there's the kid.  Who, for really the first time, decided to become a two year old terrorist and completely meltdown in the library last night several times when we had to leave the cool train set they had set up.  We are talking the full throw-body-to-the-ground-screaming-limp-tantrum in a nice quiet but crowded library.  And not once, but s.e.v.e.r.a.l. times.  Of course, I had books I was waiting to check out and books are not something you can swing over your arm to free up a hand.  You let one slip, they all go.     So, I had to keep finding a spot to put my books down and pick up my kid.  I literally had to juggle him in one hand and my books in another out of the place all the way to car with him wailing.  Oh, did I mention that I am pregnant and he is freaking heavy when limp or fighting me.   I am proud of myself that I totally kept my composure the entire time we were there, but man, once I got in the car....my tears were a'flowin'.  And we live like 2 minutes from home, so they were still going when we walked in the door.  Needless to say, he got a good talking to from his father.  Now, my kid is normally a good kid and this was a real first for me.   And now that I've written this, I almost feel bad about posting something so negative about him on my blog.   But then again, this blog is about what we go through, not sugar coated Andrew praises only.  You know that I love him with all my heart and within minutes after got home, all was forgiven.   Plus, I may have been a tad emotional anyway (not that I am making excuses for him what-so-ever, no-siree, Bob), since I had worked all day downtown in what I consider a crazy busy day.   Oh, and I'm pregnant.  'nuff said.
As excited as I was about the new train set at the library... thinking that this would be a fun place for us to come play....we may think twice about heading back there in the near future.  As least, not without back-up.

Oh, Mr. Moon!

This morning, as we were pulling out of our driveway at some un-reasonable hour, Andrew saw the moon.  And I tell you what....his day was made.   All the way to school, as long as the moon was visable, I heard:
"The moon, Mama, the moon!"
"I see the moon, Mama!"
"I pound (found) the moon!"
However, whenever we made a left turn or drove by some high trees:
"Where'd moon go, Mama?"
"The moon is bwoken"
"Mama, pix (fix) the moon."
And it wasn't like he would make one comment and let it drop.  He talked about the moon all the way to daycare, repeating these phrases over and over and over.   However, during the final stretch of road, the moon was behind us and I knew we wouldn't be turning right again, so I told him that the moon went bye-bye so the sun could come out.  However, right as we were getting ready to walk into daycare, he heard an airplane so he looked up and lo and behold, "I pound the moon, Mama!!"   It was a very exciting morning for my little man.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Lookin' Good...

I am hesitant to post this...or at least, I should knock on wood when I am finished, but I am going to give you an update on how the transition went from crib to big boy bed.

It went Grrrreeeaattt!

The first night (Saturday Night) he got up once right away and went to the gate, no crying or fussing, just because he could. We put him back in bed and he lasted another 15-20 minutes before he was at the gate again. No crying or fussing, just because. We put him back in bed and he stayed there the rest of the night. And he didn’t fall out at all either without any bedrails. (We had the floor nicely padded, just in case). However, he did decide at 6 AM, he would get up for the day. Lovely. I guess I can’t complain considering some of the things I’ve read about making this transition. He took a great nap Sunday in his bed and then went right down Sunday night as well. He slept all night, but still woke up a good hour and a half earlier than his usual time. So…so far so good. He went down just fine tonight without a peep so far.

Now excuse me while I go knock on wood.

Today was a super busy day at work. I feel like I walked 5 miles (which I am pretty sure I did since I used to wear a pedometer) while carrying 50 extra pounds. Not all of those are baby…a good portion were hospital charts. Then, I got home and spent a good portion of the evening working on taxes. They are not done, but started at least. Then I got a pay bills. And now, we are watching Season 2 of 24 while I post here. Let me just tell you….I am tired.

But we had a really nice weekend. My mom came up…spoiled Andrew thoroughly. Spoiled me too. It was nice for Andrew to have a ‘playmate’ and give me a little downtime. Other than the bed, we didn’t do too much other than hang out, visit my friends’ baby, and run a few errands. She left this morning, when we left for work/daycare.

Tomorrow and Wednesday I work downtown all day. Not super excited about it, but at least it’s not during a Monday or a Friday. Those days are craziness down there. So that being said, I am going go. I am tired and since I am watching 24 while typing this, I am not sure that this post is making much sense anyway. Have a great week.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Better than expected... so far.

Andrew seemed excited about his new bed. He even helped put it together.

He was showing off his new Superman sheets.
Well, so far so good. We have a baby gate up and he only got up and went to it twice. Both times, he got put back in and tucked in. So, now he's been down for a good hour and a half and we have our fingers crossed. I do know that he does wake up at times during the night, but puts himself back to sleep. So I am hoping he will do the same in his new bed.

I snuck in and took this picture. Here's praying for a nice quiet night.

We did it.

We made the big move today. We took down the crib and put up a big boy bed. It was supposed to be bunk beds, but we found out we were missing peices and therefore it's just a twin bed at the moment. Here are some before and after shots.







Friday, February 17, 2006

Wish us luck

It's Friday and other than Marc feeling a bit under the weather still with a sore throat, I think for the most part we have a healthy household again.   It's funny how just when you think you have everything planned out how you would like it (ie: a ton of things to do and a hubby with a week off work), BAM....we both got knocked out pretty much the whole week.   I was still feeling pretty crummy last night  with more and stronger contractions than I was really comfortable with.  I think still due to dehydration since I still hadn't eaten until dinner last night, but am feeling pretty good today.
So tomorrow is a big day in our home.  My mom is coming up with bunk beds and we are making the BIG move from crib to big boy bed.  Your prayers would be appreciated.  I am hoping that since the kiddo already sleeps on a cot successfully at daycare that sleeping on a twin bed will be not problem.  However, just when I think that, I walk into his room at night and see that he's slept laps around his crib.  So who knows. 
Marc also starts his new job on Monday and we are excited about that.  Even with him being sick, I think he is getting antsy to get out of the house.  I'm antsy to get the first paycheck.  (he he)  Other than that, not a whole lot is going on.  We will probably just hang out with mom this weekend...I'll put her to work helping me get my little nest ready for AJ, and she'll spoil Andrew.  I can guarantee it!  Have a grand weekend!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I've seen better days...

Well, it felt like death crawled in bed with me last night. Sometime in the middle of the night, it started. Trips to the bathroom every five minutes while trying to determine which "end" was going to win the coveted seat that time. It was an evil evil prank my gastrointestinal tract played on me. And it didn't let up until about 2 hours ago. Oh and Marc got a dose of it as well, though not quiet as severe. Needless to say, I called in today. But not after much debate since I was supposed to cover for someone today and knew I would be putting everyone in a bind. But considering, I couldn't even imagine making the drive in to work, let alone working...I finally made the call. So, now, I am trying to slowly replenish fluids (since they were ALL lost and then some) since dehydration-ville is a bad-bad place for pregnant folk to spend time. Food is still out of the question, but I'm trying a little water.

Praise God, Andrew has not been affected! I can't imagine the both of us, barely able to crawl out of bed, taking care of an ill child as well. So we still packed him up and Marc took him into daycare today. We figured the less time he spent with us the better and at least this way, he will get some real attention and play vs. the moaning and grunting from his own parents. But he is home now and happy as ever and seems to be feeling fine. I took yet another nap while Marc went to pick him up, so now Marc is upstairs in bed and kiddo and I are on the couch watching Veggie Tales. It may not be the best parenting skills ever, but we may have children's movies in most of the night tonight.

Again, chalk another day off to getting my Honey Do Lists done. Fortunately, Marc is still off work tomorrow, and my AM meeting got canceled, so I don't need to be in to work until my usual 11:30-12:00 time and only work 4 hours. So that still gives us some recovery time.

On a side note: I am totally blaming this on the stomach flu and not the viral flu. Both Marc and I ate Arby's last night and kiddo did not other than a few fries. And of course, the number one rule my midwife has for her pregnant ladies is, "NO FAST FOOD" due to food poisoning.

Another side note: While typing this I mentioned that we are watching Veggie Tales. Well, it's the "Are you my Neighbor?" And I've had to rewind the Silly Song with Larry, "Oh, Where is my Hairbrush" 5 times for my son. As soon as it gets over, he starts requesting the "TB Buttons?" for "More Singing?"

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

You know you have a toddler when...

You get to work to find peanut butter fingerprints on your ID badge.
Well, Happy Valentine's Day.   I really don't think we are doing much to celebrate.  Andrew has his party today at daycare and got to take in cookies and Cookie Monster valentines.  Very exciting.  He will be a sugared up crazy kid tonight. 
It's Marc turn to be under the weather.  He got a touch of what I am guessing is the flu Sunday night and has been pretty miserable since.  Fortunately, it happened this week and not next when he is supposed to start his new job.  Although my giant Honey-Do list isn't getting done as I had hoped.  But, the compassionate wife I must try to be. 
Confession Time: Because it's Valentine's Day, vendors have bombarded our office with sweets.   So much that it's ridiculous!  And what I have done?  Eaten all day.  Yep, my healthy homemade split pea soup is still in the fridge because I've filled up on junk food.   Maybe I'll be a sugared up crazy mom tonight, too!   Look out Marc... you are going to have two hoodlums on your hands. 
Just what every recovering sicky wants to face. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Andrew got heart-shaped cinnamon toast for breakfast today.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


It's Sunday afternoon, and it's been another lazy day. We even skipped church this morning. Now before you judge...let me just share with you a glimpse into the joys of parenting. Kiddo woke up 3 different times last night after totally puking on everything (including myself one of the times). Yes, that is 3 times in the middle of the night of totally changing clothes, stripping sheets, finding new blankets, holding back our my own puke, etc... Now, that was just the 3 times he was up puking...it doesn't count the times he was just up because I am guessing he didn't feel good. So we decided that church was out this morning. We've been naping off and on to catch up from last night. Little guy seems to be feeling better in that he hasn't puked since then, but is still awfully clinging and whining and doesn't really have an appetite. We have small group tonight and as of now we are still planning on going. We will just allow the sitter to put in a movie and hope that keeps little man happy enough. Here's hoping.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Man, this week wore me out.

It's Saturday morning. We just finished watching Rack, Shack & Benny and Andrew is joyfully using his fingers to scrap and eat the peanut butter off his toast. Marc is still in bed, but on his behalf, he got up at 6:00 and played racquetball early this morning and was home and back in bed before we even got up. And who knows how late he was up last night? At least midnight, 'cause I was still up then. Why? Because we started the second season of '24' last night. It was somewhat of a busy week, and neither Marc or myself were feeling real great last night, so we decided to stay in....and just veg in front of the tube, once kiddo went down for the night. We got through 4 episodes between 8:30 and midnight.

Ok, I mentioned it’s been a busy week. So what have we been up to since my emotional-hormonal Monday? First of all, I mentioned that on Monday night we were working on something ‘top secret’. Well, Marc was fine with his job and not looking for a new one at all, when out of the blue another job called and said they got his resume sent to him and would like to interview him. Marc mentioned that he did not send out his resume at all…in fact his resume was not even updated and that he really wasn’t looking for a job. They said, if they could offer $$ more than he was making now, would he be willing to listen to them? Well….sure…what can hurt listening? Well, long story short…literally within 2 weeks, he had 3 interviews, took a test and got an offer. An offer than he would be silly to refuse. Plus there are other perks since this is a large company just as phone, laptop, tuition reimbursement, and supposed “world class” benefits (they don’t start until 30 days after start date). So even though he had a good job, on Tuesday, he went and gave his two week notice at his current job. He was actually kind of bummed about it since he really liked his boss, too. So, anyway, my hubby is currently unemployed and will be starting his new job on the 20th.

On a side note: Andrew used to do product testing all the time and literally was the breadwinner for a while in our home. These tests have totally faded and we haven’t been called for one in months and months. Then on Tuesday, the same day my hubby loses his job/quits…my son gets called for a test. Nice! So we are heading out to that a little later this afternoon.

Ok back to our week. Tuesday, we double booked our evening when we scheduled dinner and haircuts with one couple and yet, said yes to another out of town couple to come stay with us. So after some scrambling, we took a rain check on dinner, but Andrew and I snuck over to get his haircut quick after work (it needed it badly!). Then we beat our overnight guests home by mere seconds. They have 2 kiddos, too, so it was busy here. We went out to dinner with them (interesting…4 adults, 3 kids) and got home in time for the big boys to go play their usual Tuesday basketball. Us girls put the kids to bed and chatted a bit before calling it a night. (Of course, when we have a houseful, that is the night Andrew slept TERRIBLE! Figures.)

Wednesday, our guests were still here until about dinner time. Then Marc and I ran errands to the grocery store, returned movies, hit Wal-Mart, etc… I was tired by the time we got home. Thursday, we hit Best Buy and returned our computer for the 4th time. I won’t write to much about it, because I believe my hubby actually wants to post on my blog about that whole mess. But in a nut shell, we were there forever (difficult with a busy toddler), were not pleased with the outcomes, but have a new laptop (that we are not even guaranteed that we will get to keep (but had to pay a good amount of $$ for to cover it). Very crappy. Then of course, it was a decent TV night (not great anymore, but ok).

And well, I already told you about last night and that brings us to now. I should probably get myself and the boy out of our pjs and get some stuff done today. (Another side note: Marc has done a great job working around the house since he’s been home.) Tonight we are doing dinner at some friends house. Then tomorrow is church in the AM and church community groups in the PM.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Oh, oh, it’s magic!

Ok, I’ve heard the raves of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, but never actually broke down and bought one.  That is…until today.  My little Picasso tends to be a fervent artist and therefore must color only while in his highchair.  Needless to say, even with his ‘washable’ crayons, there are marks all over his tray that I have been unable to remove with scrubbing.    I put the Magic Eraser to the test and worked beautifully!  With barely any muscle behind it at all.  I rarely am a product praiser, but with the good price and impressive performance… this one gets five stars!

Heard while he was “organizing” his tackle box.

Marc: Wow, these are some nice worms!
Marc:  (when I asked how long 15.5 inches since that is how long my AJ is), “Well, he’s about 2.5 worms” (while holding up two squiggly gross worms end to end)

What I have to look forward to.

What I've Learned About Men (and myself) by Raising Boys
By Dana Loesch

There's a quote by an actress who said that she learned so much more about men by having sons. I am a woman who grew up the only child of a tidy, overly-effeminate mother who swears by Clinique. I used to wear dresses with black patent-leather Mary Janes and red bows in my hair.

My boy cousins were messy, farted way too much, ate constantly, ran everywhere and climbed on everything. They were totally alien to me, and that pretty much concluded what I knew of boys. So when Chris and I discovered that we were expecting, I just assumed that we would have a girl. However, nature thought it would be super hilarious to give me not one, but two little boys.

Not that I don't love my little boys, I adore my sons, I am STUPID in love with them. It was just that I'm a girl. I know all about girl things, like how all little girls love tiaras and tutus. I knew nothing about boys.

Five years later I find myself completely surrounded by men. I am the minority in my household, the only woman. As a result, I've learned a lot. I've learned that farts, apparently, are unbelievably hysterical. I was taught to be embarrassed if my body betrayed me vocally in public, not to hoot about it and yell "Did you hear how loud that was? DID YOU HEAR THAT? Yeah, that was me!" High five!

I've learned that it is completely acceptable in the male world to brag about the size of whatever you deposited into the toilet, as well as walk out of the bathroom and beg for people to come see it, as the little boys do in my house. More high fives! It took one time for me to fall backwards into the toilet at 3 a.m. before I began to look and make sure the seat was down first.

I've learned that two-thirds of the household majority will pass by a dropped object on the floor 4,399,221 times BEFORE stopping to ask what it's doing there instead of picking it up. The one-third stops only because he thinks that it's something to eat and will hurriedly shove it in his mouth before anyone sees him.

I've learned that anything can be made into a gun or a lightsaber. This goes for wooden spoons, clothes hangers, toothbrushes and the tampon from my purse as I was loading groceries onto the conveyor belt. I've learned that boys do not come programmed with fear or a sense for boundaries for the sole purpose of balancing out their mothers' fear for them.

I've learned that you can never have too many Matchbox cars.

I don't think twice anymore about covering my cut finger or scratched arm with a Spider-Man Band-Aid, because they were the ones Chris and Liam thought were the coolest. I've learned that rites of passage are completely different for boys than they are for girls. Standing up to go to the bathroom for the first time is a huge deal.

I've learned that I cannot sit in the floor without being tackled and wrestled to the ground. The floor is the red zone and by sitting on it you are non-verbally consenting to WWE.

I've learned that little boys love to climb, be it the couch, the chair, the bookcase, their beds, the toilets, or into the refrigerator. I've heard that little girls are born with PMS; I've learned that little boys are born with a predilection to throw things and run full-speed down steep hills. I've learned that when a little boy gets a cool toy for a present, the dad is just as excited to play with it as the boy.

I've learned that these characteristics never really go away, even with age, and that having sons gives a dad a chance to relive some of his childhood. Raising sons has caused me to forget how I used to want a daughter. I've learned that boys follow their daddies' examples. Liam regularly tells me, in his spastic munchkin voice, that I "look like a princess" whenever I get ready to go anywhere. He didn't just figure out how to give compliments like that by himself.

I love how he opens doors (or will try) for me and other women. I love how when our entire household tears through the house playing and rough-housing, Liam designates himself as my official protector. "I'LL SAVE YOU MOM!" he'll yell, while throwing his little body in front of mine and pretending to shoot Chris (the designate Bad Alien) with a "laser beam gun." I love playing in dirt now.

Another thing I love, a lesson learned, is that I've made amends with men (and my history with them) by having sons. I've learned what it is to be a woman. And not to ignore the daddies, because they're just as valuable -- does it ever take a strong woman to raise a man.

Monday, February 6, 2006

Can you say "Heartburn?"

Look at all that hair on my Andrew!
(Isn't he adorable!)
By the way this pregnancy is going....Baby AJ will just as hairy.
...if not more.

Is PMS while Pregnant possible?

J’ever have one of those days.  Y’know…the kind where you just might burst out it tears if someone so much as looks at you funny.   For some reason, that was today.  And nothing was really wrong.  I mean, I worked all day downtown and it was a super busy crazy busy day, nothing I couldn’t handle, but for some reason I felt on the verge of tears all day.   And when I am this way the worse people I can talk to are Marc or my mom.  I can hold it together for everyone but them.  I avoided my mom, well not really avoided because I was too busy to call her anyway, but man, I had to hang up the phone quickly at work with Marc and blink back the swelling eyes.   What in the world?  And since there truly isn’t really anything wrong, I am blaming it on hormones and this AJ kid growing inside me.  

Well, then I get home and Marc has flowers for me.   It it weren’t for the fact that Ryan was here, too….I probably would have lost it.   So sweet that hubby of mine is.  

The good news is that we pretty much have nothing going on tonight.  I need to pay bills and get some stuff off our laptop before it gets taken in for service (yes, a FOURTH TIME), but other than that, “24” is the only thing on our list.  Y’know why….’cause our house is clean!   We busted our rumps yesterday and it’s so nice to come home too!  I love it.  But I am also tired… very tired.  That might have led to my moodiness today, too.  Marc and were up late last night working on a top-secret computer project that wasn’t going to hot.  By the time we were done… it was at least midnight.  

So anyway, I am feeling better now.  It helps that we got a big answer to prayer tonight and that’s exciting.  (it’s part of the top-secret computer project – will share more later….got to be careful since this blog IS available to the general public).  I know, I know…I’ve left you with a huge teaser.  Stay tuned.

Sunday, February 5, 2006

Party Hardy....or not

This is what happens when we reach the stage in our lives when we all have (or will be having soon) small children.  By 9:00 tonight, only the 3rd quarter of a good Superbowl game, Marc and I are the only ones left at our Superbowl party.   Not that I am really complaining, because frankly, I am tired.  We worked our tails off today around the house and were pooped before the shin-dig ever got started.  But of our original total of 10 adults and 5 kids (9 kids including the unborn), 2 couples (& 3 kids) bailed before they even got here.  So that left 6 adults and 2 kids (6 kids including the unborn) here for the party.  

But it was really nice.  Of course we had TONS o’ food.  Marc and I will be eating leftover pizza, dessert and pop for the next week.  We all got chatty (at least us girls) and I don’t know how much of the actual game anyone watched.  I can’t even say I watched that many commercials (my real reason for watching).  

But alas, kids bedtimes came and tomorrow is an early morning for many, including myself, and well, we aren’t 20 anymore.   So here Marc and I sit, Andrew’s in bed and we are watching the game.  We still need to clean up the kitchen, and I still need to pull everything together for tomorrow morning, but it won’t be too long before I hit the sack.  

Aren’t we the partiers!

Are you ready for some football?

It’s Superbowl Sunday and we’ve spent the last couple days getting our place ready for a Superbowl party. As of now, it looks like a guest list of 10 adults and 5 kids (9 kids if you count the unborn). Doesn’t sound like much, but our house isn’t THAT big. But it should be fun and I’m looking forward to it.

Of course, I’m sure it will be a late night, and normally would not be an issue except that I am working all day downtown tomorrow, so it’s an early squirrelly morning for us on Monday. I worked downtown last Friday, too. Have I mentioned it’s crazy busy down there…especially on Mondays and Fridays.

So, speaking of Friday. An accident report was filed for my kiddo at daycare. According to the report written by his teacher:
We were getting ready to go to the gym and Andrew came behind me gagging. He was trying to get something green out of his mouth. He started to vomit and was able to get a short ½ of a plastic egg out of his mouth. I cleaned his face and hands and put clean clothes on him.

By the time I picked him up, and hour had passed since the incident; they were in the gym (his favorite place) and was playing like nothing even happened. But his teacher felt horrible about it and was very apologetic (though she did nothing wrong and everything right). She said she was ready to do the Heimlich and fortunately didn’t need to. And well, frankly, the ER is like right there. I was just thankful that I found out about it AFTER the fact that he was fine….it made it easier to accept. So needless to say, he got a tub immediately after we got home.

Last night we were able to get together with the Dresslers and some of the old roomie gang for dinner. However, we now have 3 kids between us (5 kids if you count the unborn – is there something in the air here?) And of course we decided that on a Saturday evening we wanted to go out to dinner. Ha! What were we thinking? Everywhere in our city, the city with a street listed as the record holder for most restaurants per mile, is packed on the weekends. So trying to get a table for essentially 9 (for the highchairs) and no wait (you try to wait in a crowded restaurant lobby with 2 toddlers and an infant), was pretty much impossible. Yea, we ended up at Steak and Shake. Not any of our first choices, or second or even third (I could go one), but after driving the caravan of vehicles around (since we all had car seats and couldn’t ride together) we needed to stop and that was the best option at the time. And it really wasn’t too bad either. Plus we all did get some great milkshakes….so I can’t complain.

May your day be filled with good food and good football.

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Thursday, February 2, 2006

Sesame Street or SNL?

Yesterday, on Sesame Street, they had a special guest, Donald Grump, who of course is a grouch.  And Mr. Grump, who had quite a combed up hair-do, was trying to find a suitable helper…. but of course after each task had to fire someone with his signature hand gesture and the words, “SCRAM!, YOU’RE FIRED!”  Even lovable Elmo got fired.  But mostly because he was lovable and well, a lovable character can't work for a grouch.   It was amusing.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Scrub a Dub Dub, two boys in the tub and who do you think they'd be?

Here's some footage from this past weekend. Andrew and his cousin Gideon (4 mo. older) taking a tub with the Grandma's supervising (or just mopping up after them). Don't worry, other than their little toushees in the beginning, nothing else is 'seen'.

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He's discovered pockets.  Yes, yesterday he went from me to Marc pointing to our pockets.   "Mama's pocket, Andrew's pocket and Dada's pocket!"  Back and forth.  Then, we put an empty Pez dispenser in his pocket and the excitement started all over again.  In and out of mama's pocket, Andrew's pocket and dada's pocket.
Also, we bought Andrew a little toilet seat that fits on the big toilet seat.  Well, I don't think he's anywhere near ready to potty train and I'm not going to start pushing it for a while, yet.  However, we've let him carry around his new "Andrew's potty" and check it out and last night while Marc was in the bathroom, he casually asked Andrew if he wanted to sit on the big boy potty.  And he said he did.   So Marc undressed him and sat him down.  He immediately wanted down, but was calm about it and Marc got him to stay up there a bit by giving him high fives.   It only lasted about 20 seconds and of course he didn't "go", but he still got 2 animal crackers afterwards.  I still don't think he's near ready to begin working on training, but hey, if he's willing to sit, I'm willing to put him on there.
Well, the job I was interested at work has changed status from "accepting applications" to "interviewing" today.  And so far, I have not received a call.   Not sure how to feel about it, other than it is what it is.
Nothing much planned for tonight.  Hoping again to work some more around the house...I got quite a bit done this morning, but from the looks of it you can't tell.   It was more 'behind the scenes' things like laundry and loading/unloading the dishwasher, etc...  The last two nights, despite my best efforts, just haven't been real productive.  Marc has been gone and I have been tired.   So maybe if we tag team it, we can make a dent on our to do lists.  Here's to being half-way through the week!
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