Sometimes rants, sometimes raves, sometimes random, sometimes reflective, sometimes ridiculous....always me.

I'm Kelli.
  • This is my space to rant about things in life that I may not be able to control, but need to vent about a bit... like the weather or the price of avocados.
  • This is my space to rave about my children and husband and what an amazing family I have... or the great deal I just scored at the store!
  • This is my space to place my random thoughts that flutter through my mind on a regular basis, such as "Why do I seem to need to vacuum my kitchen mere minutes after vacuuming my kitchen"?
  • This is my space to reflect on my life and my God and who I am and how He made me.
  • And sometimes this is my space to be ridiculous.  Just plain ol'ridiculous....because I can.

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