Sunday, August 23, 2009

LOST: My Excuse

I know why I've been such a bad blogger lately!!! Marc and I have been sucked into the TV show, "LOST!"
Do you watch it? Oh my goodness! We never got into it while it was regularly broadcast, but about a month or so ago, we decided to get Season 1 through Netflix to see what all the fuss was about.
Again, Oh My Goodness!! We are addicted. We are almost finished with Season 2... And now that I've watched it, I don't know how people waited a full week between episodes. I can hardly wait until the kids are bed the next evening!
And intense. I find myself squeezing Marc's hand, covering my eyes, yelling at the TV, and even crying. And you should see our excitement when we find others (ha! "others") who watch.
So, yes, LOST is what has been taking up our free time lately... and until we are caught up, I don't expect it to change much. Who else out there watches? (And remember we are behind.... so no spoilers, please!!)

Friday, August 21, 2009

It's Friday already?

Here it is, Friday again... and I am just now posting. Such is life. I think the fact that we are nearing the end of our summer and therefore our fairly free schedule is almost over is kicking in. I think I'm missing it a bit before it's even gone, but Andrew is counting down. He has an "Andrew's Kindergarten Countdown" calendar hanging up and he gets to cross off a day each morning. Trust me, his tone is completely different than mine when he says, "Only 18 more days until kindergarten."

We had our kindergarten new family picnic/meeting this week. It's a whole new world, let me tell you.... with detailed pick-up/drop off instructions, PTO, fundraisers, lists, calendars, sign-ups, etc... I'm not trying to complain, because I'm really thankful for Andrew's school as I think it's going to be really a great one. It's just a lot of "new" thrown at us.

Other than that, this week we've had small group, a softball game, & a couple dinners with friends. I've babysat 3 days this week (and wiped more drippy noses that I can count). Marc was able to go out on Lake Michigan for salmon fishing last Friday... yum.... we grilled it up for dinner on Tuesday.

I feel like I should update something with AJ since there has been all the kindergarten talk with Andrew. AJ is still working on potty training with good days and not as good days. He's been very funny lately... making up jokes and trying to make us laugh.

Okay, sorry this is so random. I'm trying to sneak this in while Andrew is off playing basketball with daddy (they were going to go fishing this morning, but got rained out), the littlest one is sleeping and the two 3yr. olds are hilariously playing "I Spy" while "sleeping" on the stairs.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun Friday (and past week)

It's been a busy week here... It's 10pm on Friday evening and I'm exhausted.

This past weekend was quiet for us other than church and small group on Sunday. However, at our small group meeting we had a real English Tea complete with Cream & Tea. Homemade scones with homemade whipped cream & jam. Oh my. Even the tea was great and I'm not a tea drinker. Think a light tea taste with a creamy mouth-feel (weird phrase) like coffee. Very nice.

Monday, I watched all four boys and Marc had softball practice in the P.M. My boys and I decided to stick the cooked roast in the fridge, packed a picnic, and we went to the park to play and watch Daddy.

Tuesday, I ran errands and grocery shopped (without the kids... do you realize how much easier it is???) Marc fixed our dryer hose in the afternoon and I am loving how quickly my clothes are drying today. I've been line drying them mostly, but still need the dryer on rainy days or if I have more than one load per day.

Tuesday evening, we all packed a picnic and hit the free concert at the Gardens. The music wasn't all that grand, but the atmosphere was sweet.

I had my 'other' boys Wednesday & Thursday. Wednesday evening was also our 9th anniversary & we are heading over to some friends house for dinner. It was a really nice visit and they blessed us with an amazing amount meat for our freezer. Truly a gift and a surprise.

Thursday, we finally ate the roast that had been sitting in the fridge since Monday evening, then headed to the hospital to visit some friends who just had a sweet baby boy.

Today, whew.... today we met some friends at the Gardens (Garden's twice in one week!). It was hot and beautiful and it wore us out. We came home in the afternoon and I let the kids veg in front of Looney Tunes for bit in lieu of naptime with the intention of having an early bedtime for the boys. However, Marc was heading out fishing on Lake Michigan and the boys & me got an invite to the beach. So we packed up and went. The boys got in bed past bedtime, but they crashed immediately. Maybe, just maybe, that means they'll sleep in tomorrow? I can wish, right?

Next week is filling up quickly, too, but other than keeping busy, we are fine. Taking unemployment & bills one day at a time. And only by the grace of God, we haven't seemed to fall into 'total freak out' mode too often. Or at least not at the same time... truly a miracle, I believe.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nine Years Ago Today...

....we said, "I do!"

And boy, am I ever glad we did!!

Love ya, Babe!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Naughty Boys

So last Wednesday... after repeatedly telling my 3-year olds to be quiet and keep their heads on their pillows during nap time, they finally got quiet. Umm... too quiet. Or maybe not quiet enough. I'm not sure. I thought they had finally conked off when I hear the oh-so-slightest giggle.

So I sneak into their room and see two little camouflaged boys peak their heads out behind the rocking chair. Apparently, rather than napping, they gave their interior design skills a whirl.

The good news is the marker came off the walls beautifully!

Way to go RoseArt Washable Markers!! The bad news is the marker did not came off the boys!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

AJ's Whistle

Last weekend, we went to a festival and Andrew was running ahead a little further than I would have liked for the size of the crowd. My mom and I mentioned that we needed a whistle. AJ immediatly proceeded to "whistle" at Andrew for us and has been whistling around the house ever since. The funny thing is, is that he really thinks he's whistling and is dead serious when he does it.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Still Here

We haven't gone anywhere. We'll actually we did. Marc and I were able to drop the kids off with my parents and spend a little time down at his uncle's cabin. It was a nice much needed get away. Other than that we are still alive and kickin. Sorry I haven't written much. I'm not giving up on the blog, but things just might be quiet for a while.
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