Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cheap Fix

With a few bucks worth of fabric and a staple gun, I was able to take our tired, ripped bar stools that we got used 10 years ago and make them look fresh and updated again.

image image

The second picture really doesn’t do much for the color of the fabric, but it’s a deep chocolate brown similar to the color of the first picture’s leather.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Mama’s got New Kicks!


Last weekend, we were able to spend 4 days visiting our family in Iowa.  It was a really great visit and we were so thankful for the opportunity to go out and see everyone that we don’t get to see nearly enough.

However, on Saturday, Marc, somewhat joking, mentioned he was going to need a new pair of shoes pretty soon as his were ripping a bit.

imageNot to be outdone, I quickly whipped up my foot and showed him my tennis shoes.  The same tennis shoes that can’t even remember when I got, but I am thinking it was before I was married. 

I’ve been married over 10 years.

The last tennis shoes I had before these were my cheerleading shoes I wore in college.

imageMarc’s mom was going to take myself and the boys out to get a new pair school jeans for the boys and between Marc and her, they decided it was high time I got a new pair of shoes myself.

My previous pair were Avia.  And while they obviously were worth their value (mine lasted 10 years), I wasn’t exactly set on getting another Avia pair.  However, after trying many on and trying desperately imageto avoid pink tennis shoes (did you realize most of women’s tennis shoes have pink in them?), I found a pair I really liked and then realized they were once again Avia.

But then get this.  When I got them home, Andrew decided that he liked them too and put them on.  That’s when we realized that his feet are haimagerdly smaller than mine!  My seven’s year old’s feet are almost as big as mine! 

Just to see for sure, and since he had MY shoes on, I went and put HIS shoes on…. and I could wear them!!  Granted, they were a little snug, but I could put them on and lace ‘em up.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Words from Andrew

Andrew: Dad, do you like baseball?
Marc: No, not really.
Andrew: Then why do you have a Yankee Candle in your bedroom?

imageAndrew: Johnny* got in trouble at school today for saying the “S” word.
Kelli (shocked): The “S” word!! Do YOU know what the “S” word is?!
Andrew (getting sheepish): yes
Kelli (calming down, but hesitating): okay… what is the “S'” word?
Andrew: no answer
Kelli: It’s okay, you can tell me
Andrew (very quietly he whispers): Stupid.
Oh Phew!

*name has been changed to protect the guilty

Monday, April 11, 2011

How to celebrate a 5th Birthday


The morning of AJ’s birthday, he was a little concerned because he didn’t FEEL like a five year old. 

His birthday fell on a Wednesday during Spring Break…which meant no school and no AWANA.   He was able to bring special treats to AWANA last week, and he will get tp celebrate his birthday at school the first day back.  But it meant that we didn’t really have much planned for his big day.

imageSo we did what we could to make it special.  It started out with Daddy taking him out for breakfast at their favorite place for chocolate chip pancakes and chocolate milk.

imageThen he got to come home for while and have extra time playing the Wii before he picked his choice of lunch. Macaroni and cheese and hot dogs (chopped up and mixed in).   We continued after lunch with birthday cake and gifts.  He requested a Mario cake this year.  imageSo I did my best.  It was actually a pretty frustrating cake to make, but I think it’s at least recognizable.   Then AJ got to open his gift…. Mario Kart for the Wii!!

After a little rest time, we headed out to Chuck E Cheese.  We really pondered how to celebrate because our area has so much to offer, however with it being spring break, we knew any of our choices would be imagebusy.   However, we had free tokens someone had given us and when we threw out the idea of Chuck E Cheese, AJ jumped all over it.  (And yes, it was very busy).

imageWhen we got home the boys played a little of their new Wii game before we headed over the Courthouse Athletic Center to visit daddy and shoot around a bit.  AJ really wanted homemade pizza for dinner, but by that time, it was just too late in the day to start it.  So we grabbed a Little Caesar's pizza on the way imagehome and ate it while watching “Hole in the Wall”.    After another piece of cake, brushing teeth and saying prayers, it was time to tuck the birthday boy into bed.

I think AJ feels the day ended up being pretty great.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chuck E Cheese – 04.06.11

Guess how we celebrated AJ’s birthday?





Thursday, April 7, 2011

AJ: My Five Year Old



AJ, yesterday you turned FIVE years old!  Five seems like you are no longer a little boy, but almost a Kindergartener.   It’s so hard to believe how fast the last five years have flown by. 

You are one funny child, kiddo.  You are always doing whatever you can to get us to laugh. Making funny faces, or goofy sounds, or an “AJ” joke… you’re always getting us smiling.

imageYou are in preschool right now and you really enjoy it.  Although I’m still not convinced that you wouldn’t rather just stay home everyday in your PJ’s.  You’ve always been our homebody.  But you are doing great in school, you are learning a lot, and making friends.  We got the official green light from your teacher that you are ready for kindergarten next fall and you are already always trying to do Andrew’s first grade math.

imageYou’re very best friend in the whole wide world is Noah.  You are guys are inseparable and you miss him terribly whenever we don’t see him for a few days.

Even at five, you are still very cuddly and snuggly.  You don’t mind just snuggling up on the couch and we frequently find you in our bed in the morning.  You still ask if we can just go upstairs and snuggle.

imageOn the opposite note, with your fifth birthday came a shot of testosterone!  Wrestling and karate chopping have become the norm around here from you.  Fortunately you have a daddy that puts up with it and wrestles right back.

You are also very giving.  I am starting to think that maybe Gifts is one of your love languages.  You make us pictures, offer bites of your food, give us things even if they were given to you.  It’s very sweet.

You still love peanut butter and pizza.  You could have those two foods (not together) for every meal and be perfectly satisfied.  You are also my fruit eater, which is helpful, but I still struggle getting veggies into you.

imageYou learned all 66 books of the Bible this year along with Psalms 23.  Because you listen when we review Andrew’s Bible verses, by the time you hit Sparky’s you will be all set. Your prayers are adorable, thanking God for our food no matter what time of the day we are praying.

AJ, I love you and I’m so thankful that God gave you to our family five years ago.  I pray that this coming year you will continue to grow strong, learn much and seek Jesus.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Poem by Andrew (First Grade)

Ninjas, Ninjas, Ninjas
Lego Ninjas, Awesome Ninjas
Red, Green, Blue Ninjas

Fat Ninjas, Skinny Ninjas,
Those are just a few.

Little Ninjas, Big Ninjas,
Big, Yellow, Orange Ninjas.

Last of all, best of all
We like Old Ninjas!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

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