Saturday, January 29, 2005

Never so happy to see spit

Ok, little man is still not well...not even close, but he is better than he was, if that makes any sense. He still has a fever, but not nearly as high as it was. And he is still whimpering and whiny, but he is moving around a bit more and eating a bit more and he managed to blow rasberries for a good 5 minutes. You should have seen Marc and I beaming at each other when he started spitting. There's our little boy!

So, right now he is sleeping and he has been for about 20 minutes, which is currently a record for the day. We are praying that he sleeps better than last night, 'cause both of us are wiped out even though we were able to take turns watching him and sneek naps today. I confess that I am still in my jammies from last night. :) What can I say... it's been a rough one.

So, anyway, I just made me pudding to give me my chocolate fix for the day. And I am going to curl up with the book, Indwelling. My shower and clean house will have to wait until tomorrow.

Quick Update

This is just a quick note to tell you about our evening, night and morning. Andrew had been whiny all day...especially yesterday evening. So we decided on an early bedtime...but when I went to put him down, he felt really warm. So we took his armpit temp and it was a little over 101..or 102 once you add the .9. So we gave him some Tylenol and put him down. Well, he was up many times before we even went to bed last night. Then around 11:30 he woke up and wouldn't sleep for more than 15 minutes the rest of the night and that was only with one of us rocking him. He was burning up all night. I thought around 4 his fever was breaking, but then again this morning it hovered around the 102. Then later this morning it his close to 103, so I put him in a lukewarm bath and Marc called the 24hr nurses line. Meanwhile, he has been SO lethargic and whimpering. It truly was so pathetic and sad. You would pick him up and he would lay limp on you with his head on your shoulder. Needless to say, he did NOT like the bath at all. And of course, we are not going to the Cornerstone game today. Marc picked up some more Tylenol and some Pedialyte this morning. So now it is 2:00 and even though he is still plenty warm, he seems to be feeling a little bit better. He is still whimpering a bit, but he moving around a little...walking here and there. And I got him to eat a bit, too.

So anyway...that's what's going on here...please pray little man feels better soon or holds out at least until Monday when his Doctor's office opens.

For now...ta ta.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Andrew with his Christmas police car from Aunt Kristin and Uncle Josh. Posted by Hello

Peaceful. Posted by Hello

I love Little People! Posted by Hello

My sleepy boy with my tired hubby Posted by Hello

Watching Daddy shovel snow and laughing the whole time. Posted by Hello

I think it's the haircut...

My son keeps feeding my dog!! We are sitting here having breakfast and Andrew is driving me crazy by either standing in his high chair repeatedly or by grabbing handfuls of baked oatmeal and holding it out for Rocky to eat. He is a little stinker. I tell ya, I think this haircut has made him ornery. His head shaking has become his full time job. And it's not a little shake's the get-the-whole-shoulders-into-it-until-you-lose-your-balance-and-fall-over. He's also finding out what fun it can be to "run" (I use that term loosely) from Mom and Dad when we come get him. If he's climbing the stairs (Man, he LOVES climbing stairs) for example and he sees that we are coming to get him....he just starts laughing hysterically and tries to climb faster. It has to be the haircut....I mean, not all little boys are silly like this, are they? ;)

But he is tons of fun. He is walking's his main form of mobility. He really only crawls when he really wants to get somewhere fast (like 'running' from us), or to get somewhere where he can pull himself up to a stand. I also think he has learned the what "more" means. He gets very excited every time I say and do the sign. He has yet to do the sign himself (well, one time he did, but I think it might have been a fluke 'cause he hasn't done it since). I think he is understanding quite a bit...for instance, I asked him to bring me something the other day and he did. He didn't let go of the object, but he did bring it to me. He also knows, "Uh Oh". Doesn't really use it correctly...but knows how to say it. He amazes me everyday with stuff he figures out. (although we are still working on using a straw properly).

So anyway, I didn't do much of anything yesterday, other than some general pickup of the house. I was lazy. I felt like the day before was so crazy, that I kinda took yesterday off. And I got a phone call from my best friend from HS! I hadn't really talked to her much since HS which is sad. It was really nice to catch up and come to find out they only live an hour away from us now. We had Kari and Andy come over in the evening & we just hung out...the guys watched basketball and us girls watched the Apprentice (they didn't make Danny out to be the fiasco he was the week before) and ER. I am getting old...ER is on too late at night. I might have to start taping it and watching it the next day. :)

Today, since we took yesterday off per se, we have a lot to do...laundry, cleaning, etc... I don't think much is going on tonight, so that is nice. Tomorrow we are heading to the Cornerstone game with the Uelands and Dresslers (at least Kari)...Probably be the oldest crowd there other than the players parents. :) We probably hit one game year and that's plenty for me.

So, that's all for now, I should probably get busy and take advantage of little man happily playing by himself. (Mom, I will REALLY work on getting a few pics posted's on my to do list!).

PS: if you know my's her birthday tomorrow. Feel free to leave her a birthday msg in this comment section and I'll make sure she gets it (if you are not a "blogspot" blogger, make sure you leave you're name after the msg, too).

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Look What I've Found!

Ok, I was at our friend's house last night and her son was watch a movie from Agapeland and I started thinking back to all my favorite tapes from my childhood...

  • Ants Hillvania
  • Nathaiel the Grublet
  • Music Machine
  • Psalty Praise

And look at the website I found!
Agapeland Music

This excites me. :)


Well, plans have changed. And we are disappointed about it. Marc was supposed to head to NY on Monday for his new job. He was really looking forward to and was really excited to get started. And as much as we would miss him, Andrew and I were going to head to OH to spend time with my folks. Well, he heard from his boss today and he will not be heading to NY until the 16th of Feb. So he was bummed, and I was a little bummed and of course, my folks were bummed. We still get to do it all, just a couple weeks later. The good news is, is that he still starts work this Monday and now he won't have to spend Super Bowl Sunday alone in some hotel room.

Let's see, I wrote last Saturday. Sunday we didn't do too much, just church in the morning. We really struggled to get there in the morning, but pushed ourselves and made it. Then we just hung out the rest of the day.

Monday - we had our handyman friend over and got our sump pump pipes fixed. Which is good, since we found out our neighbor had 3 inches in his basement. We had to get it done before the thaw. We just worked around the house mostly that day and squeezed in a trip to Sam's. Then we had some friends over for dinner. We made homemade pizza. They have a little boy who's almost two. He is so much fun. Fun to see what Andrew will be doing here shortly.

Tuesday flew by. We decided to run some errands after Andrew got up from his first nap. So we went to the mall so Marc could take Andrew to play in the play area, while I went to the Secretary of State and get replacement tags (for the life of us, we can't find the ones we just got). Well, I get there and of course find out I don't have the necessary paper work needed. So I find Marc and Andrew and we head home to get the right paperwork and our Kohl's gift cards from Christmas. We head BACK to the mall and I was able to get replacement tags, then we went to Kohl's, where Marc got a couple new dress shirts and ties for work. Later, we went over to the same's friend's house and got haircuts for the boys. Marc got cleaned up and Andrew got a trim as well. He did NOT like it this time. I felt bad for Beth (our friend cutting his hair). He kept ducking and pushing her hand away from his head. But it's all trimmed up now and he looks adorable. (makes him look a little ornery too). :)

Today I had church in the morning, which is always fun even if it is rough getting out of the door in the morning. Then I came home and put Andrew down for a nap (he had already crashed in the car). I started bread dough in the breadmaker, grabbed a quick lunch and headed out to go grocery shopping. The rest of the afternoon was craziness. We were having the Ueland's and Dressler's over for....none other than....homemade pizza. So I had to make and cook 2 batches of dough. Our breadmaker makes 2 large pizzas at a time. With 6 adults, 1 batch wasn't enough and 2 was MORE than enough. We usually have homemade sauce and toppings in the freezer, so just have to pull them out before we make pizza. Well, we ran out of sauce and bacon on Monday. So I had to make a big batch of sauce today and Marc cooked 4 pounds of bacon. Then I also told Kari I would make her a special birthday dessert, so I had to pull that together, too. All the while, we had to clean our house and get ready ourselves with a little boy (who was a little extra fussy today) underfoot. I was exhausted before our guests even arrived. I am thankful we don't have much going on tomorrow. Anyway, the evening was really nice and we had a good time just sitting around, eating and talking. Like I mentioned, we had TONS of pizza, so we sent some home with our guests, we are freezing a whole pizza, and STILL have a whole bag in our fridge. Guess what we are having for lunch the next couple days. Man, an easy way to fly through a 5lb bag of motzerella cheese in 3 days.

Ok, I am tired and would like to read a bit tonight. I'm on Assassins, now. Night y'all.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Laughing at Daddy in the Snow

Wow - we got some snow out here. Lots and lots of snow. It's very pretty... We woke up to over a foot of snow and it was blowing this morning. Marc was supposed to play raquetteball this morning and they cancelled it. It's after 10 pm now and the plow STILL hasn't come through our road and we don't live out in the boondocks. Marc went out to shovel and our neighbor, bless his soul, let Marc borrow his snowblower. It was SO NICE! Andrew is just tall enough to hold onto the window ledge and peek out. So he watch his dad throw snow all over and just laughed and laughed. It was really cute! Not sure what was so funny, but he was enjoying himself.

Speaking of Andrew...I had to do the baby Hiemliech on him today. And I never want to have to do it again. He was eating baked oatmeal, his usual, for breakfast and he grabbed a large piece and put it in his mouth. It's not uncommon for him to make a gagging sound...It happens frequently even if nothing is in his mouth. But this time...well, I can't really describe the sound, but it was scary and his face turned red and his eyes watered. I grabbed him and yelled "Marc!" and turned him upside down over my thigh and pounded on his back. I stopped every few pounds to listen and eventually his oatmeal came out on the carpet. Augh, I am tearing up just writing about it. But actually, I remained suprisingly calm during the whole thing. Of course afterward, I was definitely saying prayers of thanks. Andrew was fine as could be within minutes and went right back to eating oatmeal. I am not completely convinced that he wouldn't have worked the oatmeal out himself eventually 'cause it really looked like he was trying...but I wasn't going to wait and find out. I am thankful that I didn't have him strapped into his high chair. We haven't been strapping him in for a while now, but have been thinking about starting it again, since he often turns and stands in it or even tries crawling on his tray if we aren't quick to catch him. Anyway, Thank you, Lord, for keeping his safe!!!

So anyway, other than that....the Dressler's came over (today was Kari's birthday) and we watched "Without a Paddle". It was funny...not the best movie ever, but gave us a good chuckle. Then we all headed out to meet the Vanderground's (it is also Jen's birthday) for dinner. We went to One Trick Pony. It was very good. Andrew did ok, not great, not bad. Then we headed back the Vanderground's for a while until it was time for Andrew to go the bed.

Well, we have church tomorrow morning, but I don't think we have much more planned for the weekend. Kinda nice being practically snowed in. :)

Have a great night.

Friday, January 21, 2005

IT'S FRIDAY... big deal :)

It's Friday! It's Friday! And do you know what? To a stay at home mom....that means NOTHING! Not that I am complaining, but I just know that even though tomorrow is Saturday, a weekend day, it will be pretty much the same as today. Andrew will still get up about the same time and nap around the same time, I will still have to do some cleaning and cooking, etc... But, y'know...I like it that way. :)

Well, last night was the season premier of the Apprentice. My favorite show. And it was sandwiched between my two other favorite shows...Joey and ER. Thursday evenings are great!! Anyway, I won't expound much on the Apprentice as to not bore those who don't watch except for one comment...Danny's got to GO!! Anyway, Andrew went down around 8 so I got to watch my shows uninterrupted. Yea, little man!! And he was down until around 6 this morning, then went back down until about 8:30. He ROCKS!!

Well, when Andrew wakes up from his nap (which is going on an hour and a half), I'll get some lunch in him and we'll be off to the grocery stores. Always, fun and exciting. I don't think we have much planned for tonight, although we still have the movie "Without a Paddle" rented that we need to watch.

Tomorrow night we are heading out to dinner with a couple of my roomies who share a birthday and hubbies. Then we might come back here for dessert and games. Should be fun!!

Well, I took advantage of Andrew's nap so far and worked my tail off. I think I am going to read a little for the rest of his nap, however long that may be. If I don't post here soon....have a great weekend.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Take this job and...

Well, it's cold and snowy here. In fact, church was cancelled this morning. AND get this.... Andrew slept from 8:30 pm until 8:30 am without waking us up!! THAT IS HIS BEST NIGHT EVER!! He didn't nap real well today, but hey, I can't complain! He went down around 8 tonight, a little earlier than normal, so we'll see how tonight goes.

Well, I know many who read this might now understand...but Marc quit his job today and it went really well. He gave his (now ex) boss his resignation letter and he seemed to understand and seemed happy for him. See, Marc has found another job that seems much better. He is really excited about it. Not only that, but it is better pay, better commission, better territory, better benifits, better training, etc... It was something he really couldn't pass up. So he starts at the end of this month by going to NY for 10 days training. (*sniff*). Yea, Marc!

So, once again, Marc is home with me for a little while. However, we were able to be somewhat productive today. Got the house picked up, outside shoveled, dinner made, and even ran to Target. (Marc had a gift card burning a hold in his pocket and it was a good excuse to get us all out of the house a bit). We also bought a coat for Andrew. We've just been using the top half of a wind outfit and a blanket in the car. But it is getting too small....especially over sweatshirts and such. Then we stopped at Blockbuster (another gift card), got a few movies and came home. We just finished watching "The Whole Ten Yards" (and missed American Idol). Not really that great of a movie and super confusing. I wasn't real impressed. We also got "Without a Paddle". It looks funny, but we probably won't get to that one until tomorrow.

Ok, I am going to get going...I am starting the fifth book in the Left Behind Series, Apollyon, and I am looking forward to getting my PJ's on and heading to bed with it. So I leave with that and have a great night.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I'm dreaming of the late Christmas...

Wow, I jumped on here and realized it's been a full week since I updated last. My, where has the time gone. Let's see what's been going on since I last posted??

Well, we saw Kari and Andy last Wednesday for a little bit in the evening. Then Thursday, Andrew tested some juice and we packed up and headed to IA. We left a little earlier than usual, but it went ok. We didn't hit any major Chicago traffic and Andrew did really well. We arrived in IA around 2 AM.

Friday was pretty lazy just hanging around Mom and Dad Dykstra's house. Eric and Kelly and kids got in later that morning as well, so we all just played and lounged around...oh, and of course, we ate. We waited until Kristin and Josh got down there to have Christmas. But they had there own little issues ranging from a battery that wouldn't start to running over a flyaway mattress on thier way down. Did I mention it was well below 0 degrees? Yikes!

So anything, understandably, they got there late. We gave Andrew a late nap, but but he totally could have been down for the night. We woke him up to have Christmas, which might have been a mistake. He wasn't real happy about it, but eventually got in an ok mood. It was the Christmas of Little People by Fisher Price. He got the zoo earlier, then this weekend, he got the zoo train and Noah's Ark. So Little People are invading our living room. He really likes to play with them. Wel, bang the animals together and such, but play none-the-less. Marc and I also got some wonderful gifts as well....thank you VERY much!!

Saturday, the other Kelly Dykstra's family headed home and we just kinda hung out again. It was really nice. We packed up and headed back out that evening. Again, earlier than normal, but it was nice to be home around 2 am rather than 4 am and Andrew did just fine. Actually, he slept the entire time waking up happy just minutes from home.

However, when we got home we found out our sump pump pipes were frozen. No water in the basement, but still not a good thing. So, we dinked with that for another hour before going to bed (still not fixed). Needless to say, we did not make it to church the next morning, even though we had every intention of going. So we lounged around Sunday, made homemade pizza, picked up a bit and unpacked.

Yesterday, Andrew and I ran errands during the day and worked around the house. I'm in a group who is reading the Bible in a year and had to play catch-up from the weekend. (still not totally caught up). Thing is, without this group, I probably wouldn't have cared that I was behind. Then last night, we used my Chili's gift card from my birthday (thanks again, Mom and Dad Dykstra) with Kari and Andy. I LOVE Chili's!! I've missed it! Then we came back and watched the Bachelorette. Andrew got to stay up WAY past his bedtime, since he seemed so happy and awake and I didn't want to take him up during the show. (Bad Mommy). But on my behalf, he did nap really well yesterday.

So, that being us to today. We have to run a quick errand today when Andrew wakes up from his first nap. Ok, I know this posted is pretty dry...I'll stop now.

Take care.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Four Minutes of Snow

Little man seems to be feeling much bettter today. But not after giving me a horrid night last night. was like having an infant again. But I am thankful that he was back to his happy ol' self today.

Today, after sending Marc off to work, we did the breakfast thing and got ourselves ready. Then we headed out and ran a couple quick errands before heading to Andrew's dessert testing. Man, what a rough way to earn a little $$$. :)

We got home and had some lunch and just worked around the house/played. When Andrew went down for his nap, I tried to too, since I was exhausted after last night...but didn't have any luck falling asleep. (early to bed for me tonight).

We played in the snow a bit today. A wee bit. Like 4 minutes. Took MUCH longer just to get him prepared to play in the snow. Minute one was ok and he seemed to enjoy it. Minute two he kicked his shoe off, but was still doing ok. Minute 3, he wasn't sure if he liked it or not and by minute four his little sock was wet enough that he wanted to come in and wanted him out of the snow. :)

Well, I sent him to bed a little early (8:15pm) tonight since he didn't nap much today and well, it's 9:24 and he's up again already. Sheesh...when will he learn?!

I don't have a lot to report on today, so I hope all is well with you.

Are we done yet? Posted by Hello

Hmmm....I'm not too sure about this. I think I liked snow better just watching Rocky play in it. Posted by Hello

Monday, January 10, 2005

Silly Little Tweedle Beetle of a Boy

So, my little man has a cold. Poor little guy. He was fussy most of the day and his little nose would run and he would rub his eyes and he took extra naps. I feel so bad for him like this. There weren't too many smiles coming from him today and that's just not like him at all. (although his did manage to find Rocky's water today and splash around in it a bit, before I could get there and stop him...little stinker).

Well, today I feel like I didn't get too much done since I was holding Andrew quite a bit. But I did get my Christmas presents finished....FINALLY! I know, I's January. But we are having the Iowa Christmas this coming weekend so I have a little extra time. And did I use it. But they are done now! Woo hoo! Not wrapped yet and I need to add a little quick touch to them, but in my mind, they are done.

I also made a chicken today. Yes, not made chicken, but made A chicken. A whole chicken. Might have been one of the grossest thing I've ever done and don't think I'll ever do it again. But I must say, it tasted pretty good. I roasted it after doing research on the web and a phone call to my dad. And....are you ready for this....I made gravy. And it turned out pretty good. (not great, but good). If you aren't new to my blog you know I've stuggled with gravy in the past. So we had a nice meal of roast chicken, homemade bread, gravy and corn (with rice for my dear darling hubby of mind). And we had Andy over for dinner and still have plenty of leftovers. Nice.

Well, I am now just starting the 4th book in the Left Behind Series, Soul Harvest. So I might go read a bit before I go to bed. (I just have a feeling Andrew will be up soon, too. He's been sleeping now for about 3 hours and never stays down real long when he's not feeling well).

I threw some cute picture below of my little joy. My silly little tweedle beetle of a boy. Enjoy and have a great night.

Found a Peanut, found a peanut, found a peanut just now....Oh no!! Caught by Mom! Posted by Hello

Silly Andrew Faces. The first one wasn't a fluke camera shot...he actually makes this face quite often. Posted by Hello

Mmmm...I love Meatballs with sketti sauce on them!! More, Mama! Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 9, 2005

Funny Little Bugger

My son is a funny little bugger. He's 10 months old today and he's quirky. I'm not sure where that comes from but regardless he makes us laugh. He now knows how to shake his head. When he sees us say "no" and shake our head, he will just smile and shake his head too. So today we've noticed, that he will shake his head BEFORE he's about to do something he knows he should not, like play with the receiver buttons. How can we get mad at that?! He's also got this weird little thing about trying to put as many things in one hand as possible. Funny little boy. Today he's been blowing 'rasberries' and make a 'motor boat' noise with his lips all day long. (except he now knows how to get saliva behind them....eewwweee...). And he is just walking up a storm now. It's so little drunk sailor.

Let's see, what's going been going on here since I last posted.

We had a nice time in Ohio earlier this past week. The rest of the week was pretty tame. Although we got invited out two different nights this week for dinner. Thursday night we visited the Jessee and had steak and homemade mac & cheese. Saturday night we visited the Tolsmas with the Uelands and had fahitas. I LOVE FAHITAS. But we were out too late and this morning was REALLY hard to get out of bed and get to church. We visited the new church again this morning. It was only out second time at this church and they dropped a bomb on the congregation telling them that they had asked one of the pastors to leave and elders came up and talked to the crowd and people were crying and stuff. I really felt for the church and it was a little awkward since we didn't know hardly anyone and it didn't seem to affect us at all. Maybe just keep the church in your prayers.

Today we haven't been doing much. And our house shows it. It's amazing how after ONE day of not keeping on top of things and it looks like a tornado came through. I've just been reading a bit. I'm almost finished with Nicolae. I made some oatmeal and some snack crackers. And we are watching the Vikings.

It's playoffs and if you know me at all, you know my husband is a die hard Vikings Fans. Well, they made it into the playoffs, but are very much the underdog. They are playing Green Bay right now and have already lost to them twice this season. Well, right now, as I type, the Vikings are up 24 to 10 with 3:27 left in the 3rd. This evening will either be wonderful or terrible. Sometimes I think my hubby feels like the Vikings are playing for him and him alone. :)

This week Andrew has 3 testing sessions, so he is going to be pulling in $55 bucks. How nice is that?! Marc will be gone one night this week as he has training across the state and will be spending the night with a buddy and his wife who live near there. Then sometime toward the end of the week, we will be heading to IA for our Christmas with that side of the family. I really need to cracking and finish up those gifts. :)

Thursday, January 6, 2005

I got my Digital Camera Back!!!

CAUGHT!! What in the world are you doing sitting on the coffee table! I turn my back for one little minute and sheesh! :) Posted by Hello

Playing with a new Christmas Toy...the Little People Zoo.  Posted by Hello

Yes, he is playing with a can of tuna. Who needs toys? Posted by Hello

Touchdown Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Wake up and Play with me

It is noon and I am sitting in the hotel room in the dark while little man is sleeping and I have a feeling I don't think I've had before. I want him to wake up! I want to go swimming. I am sitting her in my swimsuit just waiting. Wouldn't you know this would be the time he takes a nice long nap. I want to get going cause we still have to come back here, get cleaned up, eat lunch, get packed up and load the car, all before 2:00. And he just snoozes on.

It's been a nice little get-away. We spent the night Sunday night with Keith and Taryn, spend part of the day with my Aunt yesterday and just hung out at the hotel. Then last night, K&T and Gid the Kid along with Mom and Mindy came up and we ate pizza and went swimming. It was fun. We ran into a little snafu yesterday morning, when our car wouldn't start. But we called AAA and bought new battery and we are up and running again.

So this morning, after breakfast, we dropped Marc off at the office and I pulled things together a bit in the room before little man went down for his nap. I've already finished my book, checked my e-mail and message board, and now I am updated the blog. I'm just sitting the my damp swimming suit....smelling like chlorine...waiting for my my little boy to wake up and play with me.

Saturday, January 1, 2005

Things that quickly come to mind I learned in '04

1. Baby + Lasanga = Immediate Bath
2. Pack more than one "good" diaper, 'cause it never fails he'll "go" as soon as you put it on him.
3. If you have a new baby...try, try, try NOT to get in the habit of "bouncing" him to sleep.
4. Never leave a child alone with a telephone..unless you would like to speak to emergency personnel
5. Baby giggles melt the heart

Ok, I am sure I've learned more than that... I KNOW I have...gosh, I probably learned more this year than any other...but this is all I can ariculate right now without boring you with the learned to change a diaper, make baby food, etc...

So, I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve and New Years Day. Ours was nice. Nothing too exciting or wild. We were pretty lazy Friday, but did go out with friends that night. However, we were home around 11:45. In time to see the ball drop. Today's been pretty lazy, too. I picked up, did some laundry and paid some bills, but other than that...not much.

Tomorrow is church (we are planning on trying out some friend's church), some errands (we really need diapers), clean a bit, pack, and head to Ohio. Marc has training for work Mon & Tues., so we will be down there until Tueseday eve. Staying with family Sunday night and at a hotel Monday night. It has a pool and should be fun.

I feel like I have little to "report" and I am itching to go read a bit (I'm on Tribulation Force) now that little man is sleeping.

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