Friday, October 28, 2005

No Way!!

Well, Marc and I got home last night and barely beat his buddies who came over to help him paint.  We ordered pizza and they put the first coat on the walls.   It looks nice.  And fortunately, the fumes weren't that bad (of course they had the heat off and the slider open, so we froze...but at least the new baby shouldn't have 11 toes).    And we didn't mess around when we ordered pizza either...we ordered the good stuff, Pizza Hut  (After all, we had free painting help).  Which means, I got spoiled twice yesterday.  Since I was working downtown and my hubby works downtown and kiddo was in daycare.  We had a nice lunch date at Quiznos.  (I LOVE QUIZNO's!)  Just the two of us.  A rare treat.
Anyway, then Thursday nights are supposed to be a good TV night, so I was disappointed when 2 of my 3 shows were re-runs already only like a month into the new season.  However, one show came through.  The Apprentice!   Wow - what an ending.  It dropped my jaw, and warranted a call from my mother (another Apprentice watcher) immediately after the words "You're Fired" came out of Trump's mouth.  I can't wait to see next week and watch the rest of the team's reaction.  T'will be exciting.
This weekend we don't have much planned and for that I am excited.   I am hoping to catch up on sleep, although little man doesn't know the difference between weekends and weekdays, yet.  And hopefully, my nose will recover (man, is it sore).  But I am hoping that besides some work on the house, it should be a nice, relaxing couple days.

Sorry you have to read about this....again!

This (again) has got to stop.  Once again, Andrew was up last night.   After rocking both upstairs and downstairs and laying back down, he once again finally ended up in our bed.  I tried to just let him cry after my first attempt at putting him back down, but when he still wasn't asleep after an hour and had worked himself up pretty good, I finally elbowed Marc and he went to retrieved the boy.  


But, at this point, he had worked himself into a little fit, so when Marc laid him in our bed, he threw himself back - head first, right into my nose.   It was excruciating.  I sat up immediately and tears were just a'flowing.   Marc saw it and was convinced that he broke my nose.   He didn't, but it still hurts pretty good this morning.  I was half expected two black eyes when I woke up.


SO - the kid is having a frustrating week.   Ok, I can deal with that.  But THIS week of ALL weeks?  C'mon!   We are exhausted!  I know the kid is, too.   Since he's been losing a couple of hours a night, then going strong (and I mean strong - his daycare teacher said he put in 20 miles yesterday pushing a dump truck) from 7:30 until at least 5 when I pick him from daycare....with no slowing down in site until bedtime.  I can tell in the way he is acting the evenings that he needs more rest.   So...what's the deal.   And each night, I am more and more convinced that he is feeling fine - he just wants company.   Hence the reason I'm trying to let him cry - but we don't sleep that way either, so might as well have him in bed, where we sleep at least (poorly - but still sleep).   AUGH!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sleeping Note

Andrew did much better last night.  We gave him some Tylenol before bed as a preventative measure (plus his cheeks were bright and rosy red).   He fussed for a while around midnight, so when Marc came to bed, he just brought him in with us.  I was thinking, "What?!" but had already been sleeping and was too tired to respond with anything more than a grunt.  Well, only a hour later, Andrew was sleeping like baby but burying into his dad no matter how many time Marc moved him over by me, so he took him back to his bed and there he slept until I had to wake him up this morning.  It's a step in the right direction.

Boys and Toys

Well, it's Thursday and I am almost done with this crazy week.  And crazy it's been.   Last night after work, Andrew and I went and got his haircut - he did so good.  Then came home had dinner, gave Andrew a tub (see post below) and worked around the house.   We are having friends of ours come over tonight to help Marc paint, so we had to clean and move furniture and tape etc...    Marc was a doll and came home early and already had a good jump on things before we even got home.  Yet we still were working until 9:30-10 last night.
Oh and before we could tape, Marc had to run to the store and by painter's tape.  Well, it's 8:15pm (only 15 minutes before Andrew's bedtime) and I joke about him taking kiddo along not thinking in a million years that he'd agree.   And he did.  So I bundled Andrew up and he went with Daddy to the store, while I actually got about 45 minutes to myself.  Granted I work on the house that time, but it was nice to crank the radio and actually get 45 minutes worth of work done instead of the usual 5 minutes worth. 
Now the reason it took them 45 minutes when the store is only 5 minutes away, is because somehow they got lost in the toy department (which is nowhere near the paint department).   And somehow, Andrew came home with a brand new fire truck with a ladder that raises and a button that make a siren and sings a fire hero song.   So of course, even though they got home past Andrew's bedtime, he can't go straight to bed because, well, there is this brand new toy that both boys are dying to get out of the package. 
The thing is, Andrew hasn't quite figured out how to push the button the make it sing/siren.  It's different button, almost like a switch that you have to push down, but looks like you have to push in, so he hasn't quite got the hang of it.   But he wants the music going all the time.  So, one of us will push it, he will take off with the truck, pushing it all over the floor until the music stops.  Then he picks it up and brings it back to us to push again.  And the song/siren isn't that long.    I will be thankful when he learns to do it himself....I think.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fishing for...

Since Andrew got a haircut this evening (which by the way, he did so good and sat there like a big boy even though you could tell he wasn’t fond of it), I made sure he got a tub tonight.    So he’s in the tub.  We’ve already washed him all up; he’s just playing now.   The tub is one of his favorite places to be and he could be in there until the water turns cold if I let him.   Well, all of a sudden, only a little while after we finished washing him, he stands up and says, “All done”.   I am sitting on a stool next to the tub, so I can see him, but not necessarily into the water.  I question him because he never is voluntarily “All Done”.   But he shakes his head, yes; he is, in fact, “All Done”.  I grab his towel and stand to get him and finally see why he is “All Done”.    He’s POOPED in the tub.  

So I call Marc to come get the boy, dry him, change him, etc…  while I go fishing.  

Are you kidding me?!

I am not sure if God is trying to prepare me for a newborn already (besides the getting up to use the restroom in the middle of the night) or what.  But for the last 5 nights, Andrew has woken up in the middle of the night crying.  And 4 of the 5 nights, he's ended up in our bed after rocking, diaper changing, etc...., hasn't worked.  Which we all know means that niether Marc or I sleep well at all.   Now, I have two schools of thought on this:
A) Since he's been sleeping well through the night for a while now, when he wakes up, I tend to think that something is wrong
B) He just wants a little TLC from us in the middle of the night and hey, if he ends up in mom and dad's bed...even better.
The first couple nights, I was definatly leaning toward A.   I had to reason to think otherwise.  However, after 5 nights of this, I am leaning toward B.   I even let him cry (not full fledge cry...more on and off fuss) for over an hour the last two nights before giving in and getting up.  And even then, I tried putting him back in his bed after rocking, changing, etc... to no avail.   But, my friends...this has got to stop.
This already is a very busy week and as of last night (merely the 2nd day into the work week), Marc and I were already exhausted.  I went to bed early.  So, this loss of sleep (a couple hours worth last night) is just not cutting it. 


Well, crisis diverted. 
At least for me.  Some shuffling was done, I am back at my regular campus.  Granted I am doing two jobs today.   But these two jobs are less stressful than that one other job and MUCH less stressful than all three as I thought I might be tackling. :)   I do feel bad for the person they called in to work downtown.  She is ill and only works when called in for reasons like this.  But we (the team) are trying to call her less and less as it really takes a toll on her and is getting harder and harder for her to do.   Plus, when I have to leave this desk to do my regular job, I will have to fwd the phones to extra work for her.   I just hope that it ends up being a light day at both campuses for her sake (and mine).   However, since I am over here, I still get out at the same time, but I am right here at daycare and so much closer to home, that it's like getting out a 1/2 hour early.    Yea!

I need a raise!

There are three of us to do three people's job, however, I am covering for someone who is on vacation this week downtown (crazy-busy all by itself).  And the third person has to do her job and my job.   BUT SHE CALLED IN SICK TODAY!     
So the supervisors are scrambling... I have no idea what's going to happen...but crazy-busy...just got busier!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Coo Bu - WhiTe Bu

We survived our weekend. It was good, but it was busy. We had our little get together Friday evening. It was really nice. Lots of pizza and laughs. Almost all the guys worked together at one time a while a go, so much of the evening was them rehashing stories that they've told a hundred times already, then laughing all over again as if it were the first time they heard it. We never did get around the carving the pumpkins, so we have 4 of them on our front step that we don't know what to do with.

One of the couples spent the night, so we were up late (Marc was up REALLY late due to a friend to play video games with). Saturday morning, we just kinda hung out in the morning, then us girls did a little shopping where I bought Andrew's Halloween costume. It's too big (they didn't have his size), but too great to pass up. So I bought big, and he can wear it from now until next year, since it's really just a decorated pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt. He will be.....


He already has some superman jammies that are so stinkin' adorable. But they are shorts and a t-shirt. Much too cold to wear to his fall party at daycare next week. (plus getting a little small). PLUS, with his dark features and fearless leaping nerves of steel ...he just looks like a little superman. It even had a cape! So I need to somehow take the pants up a bit before then.

Saturday night, we really didn't do much of anything. Worked around the house a bit, but pretty much just vegged. Sunday was church in the morning, then we had the Dressler's over for a nice roast lunch. We played a little cards before they left and the girls won!! (We get teased all day long by them about how the babies are sucking our brain cells - which sometime I think is true - and yet we beat them!) They left and I caught a quick nap before our sitter came over and we went to our community groups for church.

All this week, except for today, I am working all day downtown. Now, you need to understand, that not only is it a much longer day, but the downtown office is crazy busy. Like where you don't have time to use the restroom or even return a call. And it's like that from 8-4:30. So, by the time I leave there, I am wiped out. A day here or there is ok, when someone calls in sick or something is ok. But this will be full week (Since I am there next Monday, too). I'm not a big fan.'s extra cash on the check, so I'll grin and bear it.

This morning, we had a doctors appt for Andrew, I am at work now (covering for someone who went home sick - so I will get home late), then I get to dash home hopefully in time to meet our sitter at the door, drop off Andrew and get to Spanish class. I am assuming we will have Taco Bell for a late dinner, since that seems to be the way Tuesdays go.

One thing I have learn over this weekend, is to be careful how I correct my child. On the way to work, we see many buses. City buses, school buses, and white buses (many are shuttles or handicap assessable, etc...) For a long while, (well, still is) Andrew is infatuated with school buses. He can identify them as "coo bu" But then, every bus became a "coo bu". So, I would gently correct him by saying, "White bus". So most of the ride is him saying "Coo Bu!" and me responding either, "Yes!" or "White Bus". On Friday, for the first time he actually corrected himself after identifying a white bus as a "coo bu" and even emphasized the "t" in white. "WhiTe Bu". I went crazy...clapping and cheering for him. So now...every bus we see is "Coo bu - whiTe bu"

Friday, October 21, 2005

The Great Pumpkin

It's Friday!!  And our weekend looks nice.   Little man is on his first field trip right now to the pumpkin patch.  They left this morning at 9:30 and will be back around 1.  They even got sack lunches to eat there.  It was very exciting when I dropped him off this morning.
It was kinda nice, because I had to drop him off early, but didn't have to be at work until 11:45, so I got run errands all by myself.  Sam's, the library, the bank and the scrapbook store (I am making baby shower invites...and I must say, they are cute....better than I expected).   Then I still had time to run home, grab a bite, & change before leaving for work.
Tonight we are having 3 couple & kids come over (1 couple +kids could be spending the night) for pizza.  I picked up pumpkins at Sam's 'cause Marc thought it would be fun for us all to carve them tonight....sounds like a big mess to me...but fun, too.
Sat (pending whether we have overnight guests or not), I just have projects I want to get done.  Some cooking to stock the freezer, making snacks for our Comm. Group on Sun, finish the invites, sort Andrew's too small clothes, etc...  Then Sunday is church in the AM and Community Groups in the PM.  We are in charge of snacks for like 30-40 people, so I think I am going to do Taco Dip and Rice Krispy Treats (& pop).
Well, this isn't a very exciting post.  But that's what our weekend looks like for now.  I can hardly wait to hear how Andrew's trip went.  Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Deep & Wide

It’s been a busy couple of days.   And you can tell.  Marc and I are like walking zombies, both needing a really good nights sleep.   Last night, for some reason, Andrew woke up a couple times and wouldn’t get back to sleep even after rocking him and changing him, etc….  Not sure if it was a bad dream or what.  So, into our bed he went.  Which means not good sleep for us.

Tonight we had Spanish, which always makes for a hectic evening.   We run home, try to get the place presentable for a sitter and grab ourselves a quick bite before leaving.   I feel as if our sitter thinks I am totally scatter brained since that seems to be how she always sees me.   Rambling instructions to her as I am trying to get myself ready and out the door.

Andrew seemed to have a good night.  The sitter said he ate a good dinner of mac & cheese and leftover chicken.  Then, we grabbed Taco Bell on the way home and he ate a whole taco before bed.  His tummy should be nice and full and I sure hope he sleeps tonight.  

Well, this is short, but like I said, I am tired.  I’m not even sure this post is making sense.   I got a cute video a little earlier tonight of Andrew singing “Deep and Wide” with arm motions while eating his taco.   Not sure how clear the picture is, but it was really cute.  I may see if I can post it here a little later.  We’ll see.   Have a good night.
Sorry - you can also hear the TV and Marc talking on the phone in the background. But his singing is really cute!!

Upload Video at

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Go, Dog, Go...I Mean It!

Ok, Andrew has really fallen in love with books in the last couple weeks. This is something I dreamed of ever since I found out I was pregnant. I still have most of my childhood books and had them all aligned nice and neat in his room long before he was born. I would even sit in the rocker, resting the books on my big belly re-reading many of them for the first time in years.

I have many fond memories of sitting in the rocker with my mom while she read me Dr. Seuss after Dr. Seuss until we both had them memorize (and still do). I couldn't wait for that day with my baby.

That day is here.

But it took a while. At first, I was a little disappointed because Andrew really wasn't interested in books. When other kids his age loved to get read to and look at books, he could care less. Books meant holding still and that was out of the question for my busy little man.

But now...he can't get enough. Everyday, every book is pulled off his shelf. But the thing is... he's found a favorite. There were always a handful that he favored over the others, but now...there is one that is distinctly number one. “Go, Dog, Go” by P.D. Eastman.

Both Marc and I have read it at least 4-5 times each just today. (And it’s not a quick short book, either). We are tired of it. He will bring it to us, “Bu-ah, Bu-ah” (That’s Andrew for Book). We’ve gotten to the point that we try to pawn him off on the other spouse….”um….go find Daddy.” Then we were finally begging him, “Andrew, go find your monkey book (‘Hand, Hand, Finger, Thumb’) or your ‘Foot Book’, Mommy will read those!” This wasn’t working either. Then it went to ‘speed reading’ where I would read every 5th page or so…this seemed to work a bit.

At one time, Andrew actually went upstairs to find a new book at my request and found Hooper Humperdink. Alleluia!! Yes, I was excited. Yes, I will read that to you!…. Hop on up here!… I’ll even read every page!…. With voices! (I had to reward the choice for variety.

I got about 5 pages into the book before Andrew closed the book, said “All Done” and went and brought me his Go, Dog, Go book.

Be careful what you wish for…

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Daddy & Me & Popcorn & Football

....a perfect Saturday afternoon.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I live with friendly monsters

Well, Andrew got to go back to his regular class today and since I haven't received a call from them, I am guessing he is still there (I still had his spot reserved at Rainy Day - just in case).   And I'm glad.  It was a bummer of a week for him to miss since this week's theme was "friendly monsters" and they made Elmos and Cookie Monsters out of paper plates.   I may have to see how they did it, because they really looked good and if you know nothing about my son, know that he loves Elmo.  But his daycare really has some fun things planned the rest of this month.   They are going on a field trip to a pumpkin field.  And they are having a fall party, where they get to dress up and go trick or treating around the daycare before parading through the first floor of the hospital.   (I SO want to go to that, but already committed to work full-time all week downtown that week...HUGE BUMMER!  Maybe Marc can go instead.)  But overall, Andrew is doing much better and feeling much better and even slept through the night last night in his own bed.
Well, it's just kiddo and myself tonight.  Marc and 2 other buddies of his all have painting that needs to get done around their houses.  So today, Friday, and Saturday, they are house hopping and painting for each other.  So, the next three nights will be shot, but at least we should get our painting done.  I'll just have to figure out what kiddo and I are going to do when it's our night in our house, since I probably shouldn't be around the fumes (and with Andrew's cough....him either).
Ok, my day is almost over here at work (last 1/2 hour was slow).   Have a great evening.  (It's good TV night!)

I love all his 2000 body parts

Andrew, Where are your cheeks?

Andrew, Where is your nose?
To see more adorable pictures - Click Here

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

And we are suppose to teach him, "Just Say No".

Well, Andrew seems to be feeling better and so far (it’s only 10pm), he is sleeping soundly.  Of course, this is how last night started as well…but that was before the coughing came.  The horrible, endless, coughing that kept us all awake a good portion of the night.   It kept waking him up, which I think would remind him that his ears hurt.  So sleeping alone in his crib was out of the question as far as he was concerned and he worked himself into a little tizzy until only when we let him come downstairs and watch Elmo, did he relax a bit.   Then I decided to let him sleep in our bed with me for a while until Marc came to bed.  However, Sir. Wiggles-A-Lot didn’t sleep and just made me frustrated, so he got to come back downstairs with daddy until about 1 am. When…. somehow, he ended up BACK in our bed…. and coughing now more than ever right into our ears.     After much debate (felt like hours worth), I made an executive mommy decision that said it was ok to have Tylenol, Amoxicillin and cough medicine in the system all at once and went running to find the syrup.  After the drugs and some more rocking, I finally got him to stay in his crib for the rest of the night, which was much too short.   On a side note, I did call the pediatrician this morning, to find out if, in fact, those three drugs could mix and got the thumbs up.  Poor little man…. add the antibiotic ointment that we are using on his surgical site and you have a 19mo. walking pharmacy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Whatcha Gonna Do?

Ok, well, we've officially moved on to a double ear infection and have another drug in the home.  Although, Andrew seems to be feeling a world better tonight.  Which makes me feel a world better...much better than last night when I thought his little brain was being toasted.  He will still go to "Rainy Day" daycare tomorrow for sure, but maybe; just maybe he can be back with his friends on Thursday.... hopefully Friday for sure.
Ok, besides the update with Andrew, I really haven't posted much as if there was nothing else going on in our lives but caring for a sick little boy.   And there wasn't.   No, I'm kidding.  Despite Andrew being under the weather, our weekend was nice.   For the most part, we did just stay home and monitor our child.  However, my mom was up for the weekend, we did get to do a little shopping where I got some dressier maternity clothes that I think I am going to have to wear sooner than I would like too.  
Sunday evening, mom watched a cranky Andrew while Marc and I went to our Community Group for church.    Then after the scare last night, we actually had some guys over for Monday Night Football.
Today was a busy one as I had my 2nd OB appointment this morning.  I am 12-ish weeks, gained 4 lbs and we heard a busy little heartbeat. Other than that, it was an in & out appointment.  I worked, then left early to take Andrew to see his doctor.  I then dropped off his prescription, dropped him off at home and grabbed a quick bowl of cereal for dinner, before leaving for Spanish class.  I went by myself tonight, so Marc could watch Andrew.   (We didn’t want to inflict a babysitter with an unpredictable kid).  

But of course, he was a silly little boy and happy as could be, but what are ya gonna do.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Stop Chillin'!

Just another quick update and request for prayers.  Since Andrew's surgery, he's been sick off and on with a fever. Sick meaning lethargy, lack of appetite, fever, etc.... He has his moments where is a happy and fine, but tonight.... his fever spiked to 104+ with chills. So we put him in the shower which he hated, pushed fluids which he refused, and kept a cool rag on his forehead and I called the on-call doctor at his pediatrician's office. We were ready to pack up and take him into the ER. But, after talking to her, we are riding it out, trying to make him comfortable and keeping a close eye on him. We will see what tomorrow will bring. The thing this just because of a cold that we were told would come out since he was put under during the surgery.... or is this because of a possible infection. I know I have asked this before, but I will ask it again. Where is this kid's instruction book?!


So today, due to my kiddo playing with the buttons in the car while I loaded it up for work and daycare....after I got Andrew into his carseat and all buckled in, I shut the door to head over to the driver's side to find that I am LOCKED out of the car. Oh, and I am locked out of the house, too. And Andrew is inside the car....buckled up. It was a lovely feeling,...that totally sinking in the gut, the mind racing with a trillion scenerios. I didn't even have a credit card to try to break into house. I didn't have my cell phone to call Marc....because EVERYTHING including my beloved child was LOCKED in the car. Well, after about 5 L.O.N.G. minutes, I remembered that I didn't lock our back slider door and sprinted back there and got into the house, got the spare keys and the little old lady got to work on time.

Saturday, October 8, 2005

He got well soon.

Just a quick update on Andrew. This will be short, but I know many of your were thinking of us and we truly appreciate that.

Everything went fine. All my anxieties were about pre-surgury and were complete ok with no issues what-so-ever. He wasn't fond of getting weighed and having his heartbeat checked or his blood pressure taken, etc.. But in between those things, they had him set up in playroom after playroom and he was in heaven. Afterward (the part that didn't even cross my mind) was a little rough. He had trouble shaking off the anethestic, so he would go from completely asleep, to thrashing about, to complete asleep again within seconds. It was kinda rough...then he had a negative reaction to the anethestic, so we went through 3 pairs of hospital jammies and many towels and blankets until they gave him some more meds. So we were there FOREVER! Finally, we got to come home where he took a super nice long nap. However, since he seems to sleep it all off, he's been 98% fine. Really, I've been surprised. And today we didn't even give him any pain meds because he acted like it silly little self, perfectly happy. You would have never known that he was miserable just yesterday.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for your thoughts and prayers. And praise the Lord, he answered.

Thursday, October 6, 2005

My weekend starts in 37 minutes!

It's Thursday....but around here at's like it Friday!   Not only am I taking tomorrow off, but we had a dessert potluck.  Wowsers.  I am going to be rolling home.   The bummer thing is that I made a homemade pecan pound cake that nobody touched.   Nobody even cut into it at the meeting where they were served.  So I finally took one peice, just so people could see the inside and realize that what it was...and my lone peice is the only one missing yet.   And it's not even like I want to take it home... my recipe makes two, so I have another one waiting at home for me already.  Ah well.   There are indeed worse things in life.
So this week, we had Spanish Tuesday night were we learned commands and yesterday we just worked around the house.  Of course, I took a break to watch the "So You Think You Can Dance" finale.  It was good and the I was pleased with the winner.  Tonight is of course good TV night with Joey, Apprentice and ER.  And my mom is coming up tonight for the weekend.  Yea!
Well, tomorrow is Andrew's surgury.  And without going into too many details, if you think of it tomorrow morning, please pray for us.  I am dreading it.  I keep praying that everything will be fine and I know it's out of our hands and yet, I can't seem to just give it up.   So, by this time tomorrow it will all over and we will be home and hopefully have a happy (albeit sleepy) kiddo.
Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Big Boy Bed?!

Well, yesterday afternoon, we get a call telling us that some good friends of ours are coming into town and can they stay with us?   By the way, they will be there around 5:30.  AUGH!  WHAT?!   My house was in no state to entertain was no state to keep our shades open, let alone have OVERNIGHT guests...the kind that see things that you normally just close the door to.    But we were excited to see them, so we did some massive scrambling, some nice piling, and some more hiding and made it presentable in time.   It was actually a blessing in disguise, as it might have taken us all week to get that much done, left to our own will.  Then we had a nice time.   They came with their little guy who is about Andrew's age and they took us out to dinner at an Italian restaurant (I wasn't going to capitalize my I....but I watched Apprentice, and thought better of it).  Then we just hung out.   Another guy came over and they all watched football, while us girls put the kiddos to bed and chatted for a while.  I was the bad hostess and went to bed before everyone else....but I had a good excuse.  ;)
This morning was busy busy.  I got up and made pancakes and got Andrew and I ready so we could say our goodbye and scootch out the door for 9:30 dr. appt.  Of course, downtown was all chewed up and due to detours both ways, what should have taken an hour took much longer.   But we had time to come home, get ready for work/school, and say 'bye' once again to our guests who were still there.
Get this... the other day, Marc went in to get Andrew out of his crib to find him in mid-attempt of climbing out.   Now, my understanding was that he wasn't real close to succeeding yet when Marc caught him.  However, it just re-affirms that we indeed need to consider a big boy bed maybe sooner than we thought.  And we were already thinking here soon since we will be needing the crib come April.

Sunday, October 2, 2005

He Ate Broccoli!

First of all, I am not sure what got into my son today, but he’s was a good eater! He is usually a good eater, I should say, but not a healthy eater.  But today was great. And I am very excited!   First of all, for lunch, I attempted to make cheese/broccoli/mushroom mini quiches.   My first batch (a really small batch) came out ok, and little man scarfed them down and was even asking for more “yummy”.  Imagine….they even had broccoli and mushrooms in them!   I have to admit, they were pretty good.   Then I of course, I tried to make the rest of the batch and they bombed….totally bombed…not edible.   So that was a HUGE bummer.  Wasted ingredients and time….but there is hope!   I got my guy to eat some veggies!!   Then for dinner he ate two helpings of applesauce AND some turkey lunchmeat!     We then treated ourselves to some popcorn while snuggling up to Monster’s Inc.   And before his bedtime, he got his glass of milk and one Oreo to wrap up a nice day.

It’s been a nice weekend so far.    I didn’t get my Quizno’s yet, but we’ve eaten pretty nice.  Probably too nice.  One of Kari and my ex-roommates and hubby were in town for the weekend.   So, Friday evening, we spent the evening at the Dressler’s who were babysitting our ex-roommate’s kiddo.   We ordered Chinese and played some cards once the kiddos went to bed.  

Saturday, I got up and went garage sale-ing a bit with the ex-roommates.   I only bought some baby monitors for $3 but eyed a nice rocking chair and a double stroller.   Andrew and I came home and napped while Marc went back over to the Dresslers to watch the HUGE and very exciting Michigan/Michigan State game.  When we came home, we went back out to look at the chair and stroller and ended up picking them up for some good prices.  Not sure if we will keep the stroller for ourselves (I doubt it) or give it away (most likely).  But it was too good to pass up and we have enough people we know who do or will have two or more kiddos close in age.  But Marc is super excited about the rocker.  It’s just your basic heavy wooden rocker.  It’s definitely used, but for the price we paid…we like it.

Then we all met back up with yet another set of roommates for dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s.  The food was great, but Andrew was so squirmy and distractive, that it really wasn’t very enjoyable for Marc and myself.   A bummer as normally he is pretty good.   He really wasn’t bad per se…just very attention needing.

Today, as I mentioned already, was nice.  Marc took off this afternoon to his friend’s on the other side of the state to watch football (and the Vikings crumble).  So it was just Andrew and myself.  He took a nice long nap, I got cleaning done, we went for a walk and just hung out.  

The next week is promising to be busy busy, so if you don’t hear from me much…that is why.  Have a great week!

Saturday, October 1, 2005

Fool me once...shame on you....

Fool me a dozen times....

Well.....WHEN WILL I LEARN?!?!?! I must have the thickest skull out there. I mean, I did well in high school and even graduated college with honors, so I must have learned a thing or two here and there AND retained and applied it. Advanced things like Physics and Calculus and International Marketing....and yet....

....AND YET......

I can not seem to get it through my head that I must *MUST MUST MUST* always put shorts on my child before he goes to bed. Not MOST of the time.... not 95% of the time.... but 100% of the time. One Hundred Percent Of The Time.

Once again, I had to change the sheets after wiping down a wet crib and yes, picking up a nice little pile of poop. It was lovely.

When will I learn?
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