Friday, September 30, 2005

Q is for CUT IT OUT!

I have to rant here for a's my blog after all.  
You see...except for Marc's lunches out (which I HIGHLY discourage), we don't eat out much.  Maybe once a month, and that's usually when we are getting together with friends for something special or something.  If you know us at all, we LOVE to eat out.   It's much more than food, since we are very social and we truly enjoy it.  Anyway, one of my favorite restuarants (and I'm not even talking a nice sit-down restaurant...I'm talking fast food) is Quiznos Subs.   They have a sandwich (smoked turkey on rosemary/parmesan with red pepper sauce) that is pure heaven.  Anyway, I love it.   But, well, there is a Quiznos next to Marc's office and often when they all go out as a office (which is more often than I'd like), they go there.    So...when the RARE time comes up that I am actually willing to splurge on dinner (I say rare, 'cause it seems Marc is the one who has to usually talk me into it)...I want Quiznos.   But does he ever want it?   (And granted, he loves the place, too)  NO!   Now, I do I have to give him credit as he always goes online and prints off a coupon before he goes there....but still!  I WANT QUIZNOS!!  Maybe it's just a craving I'm having...because lately, I've been more in-tune with their commercials, but when I just called Marc just now and he was crunching chips and I asked in where he was...well...I just had to rant! 
Ok, I am done.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I need two one-of-a-kinds.

Well, Andrew seemed to be feeling fine this morning and was his usual silly self this morning.  Maybe even a bit extra silliness to make up for the last day or two.  Although I did still take meds in for him at daycare so they could be used if necessary.   It was a little hesitant about me leaving him today, but eventually went to his teacher just fine.  And I haven't received any calls with an hour to go, so I am guessing all is well. 
Although I learned a lesson yesterday.   I forgot his "B" (his blanket) at daycare last night.  Normally, as soon as I pick him up, he starts repeating "B?, B?, B?" over and over and is a great little reminder for me to grab it since often it ends up in his sleep bucket with his sheet and not in his take home bucket.  Well, it was in his sleep bucket yesterday and Andrew was on the playground when I got him, so needless to say I forgot it.  I've forgotten a few times before, but those were early days of daycare and well, he knows and understands so much more now, that he won't just let it go like it did the first time or two.  So, I go to put him down for a nap and all I hear is a whimpering, "B? B? B? B?"  over and over.  Needless to say, he didn't nap.  We left for Spanish and wished the sitter the best.  Well, after Spanish (which is held at my work), as we are getting into the car, Marc gets the GREAT idea of seeing if we can get into the daycare to recover the "B".  It was after hours and closed, but I did have my keycard with me after all.   And lo and behold, I could and his classroom wasn't locked.  We had a VERY excited little boy on our hands when we walked back through our door holding his "B".   And we got a decent night sleep after all.  Now, I just need to figure out where to get that exact same material to make another one, then wash it about 100 times, to give it the ratty look and the super soft feel.  Any ideas?
Well, tonight we are having leftover roast and biscuits which I am already looking forward too.  Then the rest of the day is pretty much cleaning the house, but taking a small break to watch, "So you think you can dance".

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fussy gus

Well, little man is a tad under the weather. He's been coughing at night and fussy enough that we have him on Tylenol during the day. They even took his temperature at daycare today. He didn't have a fever, but they said he was just keeping to himself and not playing. He coughed all through his nap, so they propped up his cot a bit. So again, we talked about 'Rainy Day' (the side of daycare for ill children) and said we would see how tonight goes. He has been extra fussy all day and I will be giving him more cough medicine before I head to bed tonight. I know I say this all the time...but maybe he's teething. The Number 1 all time reason for children to be sick according to first time moms.

Tonight we had our spanish class and it went MUCH better and we really enjoyed it. We learned numbers 1-31, the days of the week, the months and the seasons. Andrew seemed to do ok with his sitter, although he didn't nap for her and he still had his paci when we got home. Poor girl. (the sitter....I didn't just accidently call my son a girl). Now, Marc is watching "Sahara" and I am heading to bed. G'night.

Cranky Pants

Well, it's back to the same ol' same ol' today. I say that today, Tuesday, instead of yesterday since I worked downtown yesterday and it was a nice change of pace. Although I don't feel nearly as comfortable in that position.

Andrew was a little fussy pants today. He went to bed an hour later last night since we went out to dinner (but we rationalized that he took a nice long evening nap). However, he woke up his usual early self. So by 10:30, he was cranky!!! Like, "I am going to cry unless you are holding me" cranky. It didn't help that his daddy had a nearby appointment and stopped in only to leave again without him. That was just about the end of the world. I am hoping he takes a nice nap at daycare today. Today was cheese pizza day....a very exciting day to be a toddler at daycare!

Tonight we have our 2nd Spanish class, and truthfully we really haven't even looked at the material since last class. We'll have to do some craming before we head out. Well, not much to report. Have a great week.

Monday, September 26, 2005

I haven't posted since when?

I totally didn't realize that it's been almost a week since I updated this blog. I try to catch up without boring you.

Last Tuesday we had our first Spanish class. The first part was VERY frustrating since they overbooked the room, but it ended be pretty cool. We learned the ABC's and some basic conversation phrases. We have it again tomorrow night.

Wednesday night, we vegged and Thursday we watched all the Thursday premiere shows and packed up for Ohio. Friday we went down to Ohio to spend the weekend with my folk. It was really nice. Of course, Andrew got super spoiled. He gave Papa 'bumps' all weekend and got brand new Elmo Tennis Shoes from Grandma which he loves. Saturday, we just hung out in the morning, had Kewpee for lunch and went to a family reunion in the evening. It was at the park, so Andrew got to play on the big wood castle with tunnels and slides and swings and lots of puddles. It rained a good portion of the evening, so he got to play in the rain with his dump truck for a bit, too.

Sunday, we played hooky from church. The guys went fishing and us girls hung out and napped. I was really tired and wasn't feeling too great, but ok. We left in the evening to drive home in the rain. It really wasn't a great trip, because Andrew wasn't feeling great and was up coughing a good portion of the ride home. And I had to have Marc pull over on the side of the highway so I could get sick in the rain. It was lovely. But we made it home safe and sound.

Today I worked downtown in the afternoon and we met some friends of our that we hardly ever see at Chili's for fahitas. Soooo Good! Now Marc is over at his friends for Monday Night Football and little man is sleeping and I am chilling a big before bed (although he is still coughing when he sleeps, so I may head up here shortly and sneak him some cough medicine).

Ok, nothing too exciting I know. I'll try to do better. And I am ready to go to bed, so forgive if I just post and don't proofread.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

It's not even October, but I think I need some Apple Pie

It Tuesday and it's been a good one so far. Little man and I did a lot of playing this morning and it was just fun. He is so silly and I find myself truly just laughing with him. We read for a while, then squirted each other with the spray bottle. We talked on the phone for a bit and went for a walk and played with a ball and just had fun. Plus Marc called this morning and had a nice sale, so he was pretty pumped too.

Last night was a nice night. We got home and made homemade pizza (which was great by the way) and cleaned a bit. Then Marc had some friends over in the evening to play some basketball and watch Monday Night Football. So after getting Andrew in the tub and to bed, I worked on a project, cleaned up a bit since we are having a babysitter tonight and went to bed myself and read (Armageddon). I only had to go down to "sshh" the boys once.

And get this. Oh, to be in daycare again. This week they are learning about apples which Andrew already knows and can identify and say pretty clearly since he is the smartest kid ever. Anyway, yesterday they made an apple pie in class. Oh my goodness....his classroom smelled like heaven when I walked in there. And they said that he loved turning the crank on the apple peeler-slicer-corer contraption. It definitely made me want apple pie. Y'hear that mom...when you come up in Oct, I may have a "project" for you.

Well, tonight we have our first Spanish class. The thing is, is that I am covering for my co-worker so I don't get done until 4:30. The class starts at 5:30 right here in the office next to me, however, I have to pick Andrew up, get him home, meet the sitter and explain the works to her, grab dinner (I packed up some lunchmeat sandwiches this morning), and race back here to meet Marc in time for class. But the class should be interesting and except for the cost of the sitter, it is free for the both of us. The perks of working for a hospital.

Oh, and another perk of working at a hospital. The benefits. I had heard and confirmed today for sure that my ENTIRE COST of pregnancy and birth...ENTIRE COST will be $60. That done be it. AND AND AND, my son will have having minor outpatient surgery next month (he is fine I promise) and after making a couple calls back and forth today between insurance and doctors office and back again....the surgery is C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E.L.Y. covered. Can I get a what-what!!

Ok, I should probably get back to work...oh wait, I have no work. When I cover the phones..and the phones don't ring, I just sit and they are quiet today. (Might be a long last hour).

Tenga una gran tarde

Monday, September 19, 2005

It Does a Body Good

If you know my kid at all, you know he is a drinker.   He just sucks it down..."it" being water and milk and the occasional sip of pop here and there when we are feeling generous.  But milk is his favorite and he can fly through it.  We are thinking of investing in a cow.  "More Mil-ah? More Mil-ah?".  He can't quiet get the 'k' sound out at the end, yet.   Same for book.   "Boo-ah".  Now that I think about it, he doesn't really finished many words.   He gets very excited when he sees the Bus.  "Are you buu?" (translation: Where are you bus?).  And I go, "Sssssssssssss".  Which he thinks is tons of fun.
Ok, I am off track, back to the mil-ah.   You see, his teachers at daycare have brought it up to me more than a couple times that, 'Boy, he sure does love his milk' or 'He really can put that milk away", etc..  I've even gotton notes sent home telling me things such as "Andrew wouldn't eat anything for lunch, but had 3 cups of milk".  So, now...because of my kiddo, none of the kids get thier milk with thier meals right away.  They all have to wait a few minutes, so that Andrew will eat some food, because once that milk comes - that's all he's interested. 
And you thought I was joking about that cow, right?

Sunday, September 18, 2005

I need to follow my own rules...

It's been a nice weekend. Friday night we didn't do much. We hit Blockbuster and the playground in the evening after dinner. Then when little man went down for the night, Marc and I watched Guess Who. It was ok. Better than I expected. Obviously, Marc ended up not going to his uncles to go fishing.

However, Saturday he did get up and out super early and went fishing with a buddy here in town. So Andrew and I got up and picked up Kari and we went to the ballpark. Once a year they have a HUGE garage sale where people 'rent' parking spaces. It's huge. Which means it was also SUPER crowded. I was hoping to find some winter clothes for the kiddo and maybe some maternity clothes for me, but we totally struck out. We didn't get there until 11 and I guess people show up around 7. Plus, with it being so crowded and with a stroller, unless something caught our eye from the aisle, we really didn't go in and out of each lot. Plus there were a lot of 'vendors' there. I put a quote around the word 'cause I'm not sure it's the right word to use, since they weren't stores, but more like people who buy and sell thier own products and not really 'garage sale' stuff. Lot's of crafty items and flea market items and the like. AND, most of the kid clothes we did see were pink. You wouldn't believe the pink to blue ratio. All of the early comers must have been shopping for boys too.

Well, Saturday afternoon, Andrew and I took a LONG nap. It was nice. We cleaned the house a bit and then we met back up with the Dresslers for dinner and cards. The boys made fun of us all night for this and that and saying that pregnancy had sucked away our brains and whatnot.....AND YET....THE GIRLS WON! Best out of three in Euchre.

Then last night, I go to check on Andrew around 11:00 before I head to bed and remembered that I broke one of the most important rules of parenting a toddler. ALWAYS PUT SHORTS ON THE KID BEFORE HE GOES TO BED! I learned that this day. And I forgot to that night. So, I check on him and found his diaper half off and his little heiny sticking out. And well, as a mother, this is just too cute. So I have to call his father up to look at his little hieny, too. After we chuckle a bit at his little hieny, I go to refasten his diaper and realize that he is S.O.A.K.E.D. His shirt, his sheets, it's all soaked. Fortunatly, his "B" (his tag blanket which is his lovey) isn't. But we have to flip on the lights, strip him, strip the bed, wipe him down with cold wet wipes, change the mattress pad and sheets, put new clothes AND SHORTS on him, the whole nine yards. He wasn't a huge fan of this at first, but by the time it was done, he was wide awake (I mean after all, he just had a nice 3 hour nap) and ready to go. So Marc took him back downstairs with him and let him watch Elmo for a bit, then he got to lay in bed with us for a while (have I mentioned he thinks our bed is a jungle gym?) Yes, our child would not go back to sleep that night until 12:30...and even then I am not sure he slept, but that is when I put him back in his crib with the attitude of "sleep or not, you are staying in here". He didn't fuss I slept.

Today, we hit church in the morning and had a guest speaker who spoke from Habakkuk and was awesome and really made you think about the whole Katrina deal. Read it and then you'll see. Then, Marc headed to a sports bar for lunch so he could watch the Viking's play (they don't show them here) and ended up coming home at halftime since they stunk so bad. Andrew and I, once again, took a nice afternoon nap. (One the joys of guilt naps).

This evening, we packed up Andrew in the wagon and took him and Rocky to a field by our house to let them both run off some energy. We ended up having the Jessee's track us down there, so it was really nice to visit with them for the a while. We got around to telling them we were pregnant and they told us they were too and we are only about 3 weeks apart. Very exciting....except I can't borrow her maternity clothes like I did last time. :)

Well, I need to finish making a grocery list and work on the house a bit, since we are having some guys over tomorrow for pizza and football. Have a great week.

Friday, September 16, 2005


Well, little man surprised me this morning by sleeping until 9:00 and he went to bed right at his usual 8:30, too.  Marc must have wore him out last night.  They were playing "pootball" which is also Andrew's new favorite word that we hear all the time.  "pootball? pootball? pootball?"  So last night, Marc would tell Andrew to "go long" and Andrew would run toward the kitchen and Marc would throw the football to him (actually to his side since Andrew was never looking).  Andrew would pick it up and run it back to Marc where they would both yell "Touchdown" their arms would go up and then they would high five and 'bump'.  Yes, Marc taught Andrew to 'bump', where they both bump their closed fists together.  This went on for quiet a while. It was really cute. 
There was some excitement at work today.   As Andrew and I are on the shuttle bus getting driven in from the parking lot, we find out there is currently a real bomb threat going on.  I say real, since we were actually supposed to have a disaster drill' today, but that got pushed to the wayside, when this real threat was called in.   I was able to drop Andrew off at daycare (a separate building) but was unable to enter the hospital.  Of course, this has to be cold, wet rainy day for the employees to be standing outside.   Now, logic says that really how often does a bomb threat turn out to be more than a threat....almost never.  But now, well, my kiddo is in the vicinity.   So before I dropped him off I told him out much I loved him and we prayed that Jesus would keep us both safe.  Then when I still couldn't get into the hospital, I went back and played in his classroom for a little while after calling my office to tell them where I was.
Anyway, within 20 minutes or so, the all clear came and we heard they had someone in custody.  I gave Marc a call since it was all over the news.  And now things seem to be settling down a bit over here.  Although it is going to be a BUSY one for me.  I am covering phones now, so there is not much I can do when the phones aren't ringing.  But the work is piling up and as soon I'm done here, I will be running around like it's nobody's business. 
Not a whole lot going on tonight.  I think Marc is going to his Uncle's to go fishing, so it's just Andrew and myself tonight.  I need to work on some projects and we need to get milk after work.  Other than that....that's about it.   Have a great weekend.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Me Sleepy

I am at work right now, and tomorrow is Friday already!  Woo Hoo!  This week has flown.  Yesterday I worked all day, so was tired by the time I got home.  Little man was a little extra clingy but not too bad.  .  We had dinner of a crockpot roast, then we all went for a short walk last night and he was zoning out in his wagon.  He wouldn't take his evening nap or even rest, so by 8:00 he was tired.  It was a really nice night last night.  Cool enough that we had to put on sweatshirts and socks for our walk.  But it was nice to have the A/C off and the windows open again, which made sleeping great!    Last night was my 'dance' show that I've gotten completely sucked into.  So I watched that, then we cleaned our house.   It still needs work, but is a world better than it was earlier that day.
This morning, I could not wake up.  Marc brought Andrew into to bed with me (which he thinks our bed is a jungle gym) and I couldn't even keep my eyes open.  The room was nice and cool from the evening with the windows open and I was all warm and cozy in bed.  I slept well too, but I was just so tired.  Finally, when little man could take it no more, we got up and headed downstairs to breakfast and Sesame Street (it's looking much better now that it's been a few days since the hurricane...but they are still rebuilding Big Bird's nest).  We cheated and had cheerios for breakfast and after I finished my bowl, I laid down on the couch with some blankets and nodded back off.  I just could NOT get motivate this morning.    If I were drinking coffee (have had no desire for it since prego), it would have been a perfect day for a nice comfy warm robe, a steaming cup of hazelnut coffee and a girly movie.
None-the-less, a siesta on the couch can only last mere minutes with Mr. Destructo running around, so I finally got up and we got ourselves ready for the day.  I even managed to unload the dishwasher, pack my lunch and make some homemade biscuits this morning for lunch and for dinner tonight.  
Ok, I really feel like this was a scattered post so I'll wrap it up.  For those of you who are curious...I am 9 weeks along and due in April. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Oddities in my life:

I am currently sleeping with a bar of soap between my mattress and my sheets down by my feet. I have restless leg syndrome and my aunt heard this trick helps, so I am conducting an experiment.

Whenever I work at the kitchen counter, I must stand with my legs apart and 3 feet back from the counter so my toddler can walk under them, and around and under and around and under and around.

For the past week, we have had all our bed's decorative pillows and our body pillows at the bottom of our stairs for our son when he decides to take a flying leap.

And oh yea...I'm pregnant.

What we do while eating breakfast...

Yesterday on Sesame Street, everyone on Sesame Street was preparing for a hurricane was was coming. The wind was blowing and howling and they were boarding up windows and getting Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird all packed up and inside for the night. This essentially, scattered with little clips of songs and the number of the day and the letter of the day and Elmo's World, was the entire show. And it was believable, too. Now, I am a fan of Sesame Street anyway, since it I think it educational, Andrew loves to watch it and it has enough adult humor that I don't mind watching it either...for the 20th or 30th time. But this episode was really good. They didn't sugar coat the storm and made you really think there was one coming. And get this...this was an old episode. The characters were much younger than they are now in current episodes. They didn't just make it in light of the current situation. Anyway, they ended the show with the hurricane starting and the electrically going out and everyone getting out their flashlights and Big Bird (keep in mind, who is 6 years old) looking out a taped up window being concerned about "his nest, his home" and the show ended. I was a little upset that they ended it this way. What happened to Sesame Street...did it survive the storm??

Well, low and behold, I turn it on this morning and it's a hurricane episode, part two...the next morning. Everyone emerges from their homes to find Sesame Street a wreck. Literally. They did a good job trashing their set. And then Big Bird walks over to his nest and finds it in shambles. It is completely gone and the entire area is trashed. And all he can say over and over is, "My Nest, My Home". You really felt sad for Big Bird. Ok, this sounds silly, but they did such a good job with these two episodes explaining hurricanes and their power and destruction. And put it in a way for kids to understand, but not get totally freaked out about. Of course, it's Sesame Street, so everyone was pitching in to help put Big Bird's home back together, but they had to stress to him that he wouldn't be back in his home that night, but for a while yet and that he would have to take his naps, and eat his snacks and sing his ABC's somewhere else for a while.

OK, by now you think I am totally pathetic and that I need to get a life....but Sesame Street...I applaud you. I just got on line and found out that this entire week is Hurricane on Sesame Street. And I have work early tomorrow. I may have to tape it.

To help the real 6 year olds (and others) who lost "thier nest and thier home", click here.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

With age come skill

My son just figured out how to let my dog out of his cage.

I Won't Forget

I promise...

My little Kenivel

I totally forgot to mention that last Friday, the 9th...Andrew turned a big 18 months. That's a 1 1/2 years old! He's getting SO big! And so funny. Today (and lately in general), he's been reckless. He thinks he is superman. He climbs up on something and flings himself off with no regard to how or what he is going to land on. He'll jump from his chair to the couch, from one of the bottom two steps to the ground, off a step stool to wherever, and today he squatted on his chair (not his highchair, he has a little lazyboy type chair) and totally did a belly flop onto the ground. On purpose. When finished I don't think he thought it was the best plan and I would be surprise (well, maybe not) if he did it again. I just watched like, "He is NOT going to do what I think he is going to do....yep, he just did".

Today has been a lazy day. We went to church this morning. Then Marc headed to the Flint area to watch football with a buddy of his that he hardly ever sees. So Andrew and I came home and had a snack before going down for a nice long nap. However, he didn't go to sleep for a while in his crib and wasn't until I brought him into the bed with me, that he zonked out. However, when he sleeps with me, he has to sleep practically on top of me which means I can't move. But that's ok, we still napped for 2 hours. :) LOVE IT!

We have Sesame Street on right now for a bit, and I just finished making Magic Milkshakes after a lunch of leftovers for me and an scrambled eggs for Andrew. When I finish up here, I need to clean up this floor and the kitchen and then maybe we'll go for a walk. I need to run an errand, too, so we may do that a bit later and then again...maybe not. We'll see.

Magic Milkshakes

Andrew and I tried this today since I really wanted something sweet and was pleasantly surprised.

Friday, September 9, 2005

Artwork to and from Daycare

Mama, Dada & Elmo

Not much has happened lately to post about.  We've just pretty much been in recovery mode since our weekend of traveling.  Catching up on bills, cleaning, sleep, grocery shopping, etc...  Although we were able to get together last night with the Dresslers for dinner.  We made chicken soft tacos and looked at their ultrasound pics and celebrated the gender (I won't say here in case someone is reading that they would like to tell themselves).  We played a little cards and of course watched the opening night of football. 
Later, I did a load of laundry and made a scrapbook page for Andrew to take to school.  They have a wall where they can put pictures of their family and show them off.  His teacher has been encouraging me to bring some in for Andrew for a little while now.  So I made a page for him with a picture of Marc and me, and Marc and Andrew, and Andrew and Me, and Andrew and his cousin Gideon, and one of Rocky.  I had a little extra room, so I found a few pictures of a dump truck, Elmo, a train ("choo choo") and a basketball.  Y'know - that little stinker pointed out Elmo first thing?  Before Dada or Mama, even.    Anyway, he got to take it to school today and show it to his friends and teachers.
Well, I expected today to be SUPER BUSY at work.  First of all, Friday by their very nature are more busy than the rest of the days.   But yesterday was a slow day...which usually means that the next day will be SWAMPED.  I even came in early and wore my semi-tennis shoes expecting to be running all over the place.  But no, it's been a fairly slow day.  Surprising.
Well, I think this is a quiet weekend.  Not much going on tonight or tomorrow.  Sunday is church and I think Marc is heading across the state to visit a friend in the afternoon.  Sorry, nothing more exciting.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

What's more exciting?

Gosh where do I start? I not blog for 4 days and where do I begin?

Well, Thursdays I worked early so I could get out early and pick up Andrew early...of course, it was the one day he takes a nice long nap at daycare and was still zonked when I went to pick him up. He was so cute. He sleeps often with his hands behind his head...not a care in the world. He wasn't real fond of me waking him up. We came home, packed up and headed to MN. We hit Chicago too early for dinner we decided to wait until we got through it. Well, it took longer that expect due to traffic, so by the time we got out and found a McDonald's, Andrew was crying he was so hungry. Marc and I actually felt pity on the kid. We got him his cheeseburger that he CHOWED down before we even got our food. Then he continued to eat half of my burger and half of Marc's and some fries. He was STARVING!!

We got to MN around 2 AM and crashed. The rest of the weekend was naps, movies, Marc fishing, a nice family get together, a SEVERE storm with hail that we thought was going to break out the windows and kept us all up most of the night, church, and Elmo dvd's. It was nice, but it was nice to head back. We thought we would try the ferry across Lake Michigan on the way back. It was ok, but we probably won't do it again. Not worth the money.

But we are home safe and sound and was back to work today. Our house is trashed, but it can wait until tomorrow. Today was recovery. cousin and wife had thier BABY this evening! A rare little girl for our family. Woo Hoo! Very exciting!

Oh, and almost (but not quite as exciting), my mom found my a big waffle maker at a garage sale.

Have a nice night.

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Sorry - Peter, Paul & Mary

Well, my bags are packed,
I'm ready to go....
On a 10 hour drive
Right through Chicago.
I hate to see the gas prices rising.

One more time,
Check our pack list
Load up the car
You drive, I'll assist
Andrew won't sleep, Elmo save the day!

'Cause we're leavin' for Minnesota.
Couldn't family please live closer.
Leavin' for Minnesota
Please, family, move a little closer

Oh, babe, it's time to go.
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