Friday, December 30, 2005

I never claimed I had this parenting thing down...

Well, yesterday, Andrew still felt icky and slept until about 6pm.  Then his fever broke, and he slowly started to come alive.  He ate a little dinner and acted more and more like himself as the night went on.   So, who in the world knows what that was all about.   Too weird.  Most of the time I waver for quite awhile before calling the doctor and then it's something that needs addressed.  This time I was SURE that he needed attention and didn't hestitate to call....and what do you's a 36 hour bug of the day.   :)  Just bummed he had to go through it all for nothing.  His fever stayed gone and he slept all night (after being up for only 3 hours).  However, he still had to go the "Rainy Day" Day Care today since his fever was in the last 24 hours.  Rainy Day is a wonderful place with wonderful people, but he's not fond of it.   Both the place and people are unfamilair to him.  They are not his regular teachers, friends, or classroom.   So he was very hestitant to let go of me this morning.  It didn't help that it was 7:20am and he was still sleepy and clingy anyway.  However, once the teacher put "Little People" on the tv, he was fine.  He sat on the couch with his paci and "B" and didn't even notice when I left.  Hopefully, Marc will be able to pick him up early today.  I am also hoping to get out of here early today, too...but I am not holding my breath.  :)
We are mostly packed up and ready to head to Ohio after work save a few things that we couldn't pack until today.  I am really looking forward to it, and so thankful little man is better.  I was dreading traveling with him in the state that he was in.    
Today has been CRAZINESS at work.  This was busier than a regular busy day, plus I am covering for I've been hopping.   Pair that with the last couple nights of little sleep and I just may nap on the way to Ohio. 
Well, I probably won't post again until after the holiday.  So have a safe and wonderful New Years!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Where's my happy boy??

Well, these few days home between travels promised to be busy. Funny how none of those things that were so important to get done matter when you have a sick little boy. Yes, our kiddo is sick and it's heartbreaking. Yesterday morning he was his happy silly self, but since 4:30 yesterday, he's been running a fever between 103-104 and has been in our bed pretty much since then sleeping off and on. More off and on, due to whimpers/crys/thrashing. It is very sad. Marc is home with him today and will be taking into the drs at 1:45. He was so pathetic. He acts like he's I am wondering if it's his ears again. Needless to say, Marc and I didn't not sleep well. One of us wanted to stay with him since he woke up frequently crying, so the other slept on the couch. And beleive it or not, the couch was the coveted place, since there was no sleeping in the bed with the kid. The funny thing is, is that even though he was so miserable...everytime we gave him a drink of water, in this patheric little voice we would hear a "Thank you, Mama" or "Thank you, Dada". So sweet!

Then I was called in to the downtown hospital this afternoon...which is not really a big deal, but just not routine. It was the hardest thing in the world for me to walk out the door this morning. Phew.

So I called Marc called me a few minutes ago and said that the kiddo did eat a little, but wasn't feeling any better and was actually sleeping (Finally). But we had no power. What in the world?

On a good note, during Marc's shift in the bed yesterday evening, I got laundry done, made a meatloaf for today (NO PIZZA! Whoever you are.) and it won't take much more to get our house in decent shape, so pretty much we are just packing up tonight to leave tomorrow after work. I do need to run an errand after work, but we'll see how that goes depending on how kiddo & Marc are doing. So, here's hoping that the doctors office can get little man all fixed up and better before this weekend, 'cause rumor has it that Santa dropped off some goodies for him there.

Update: Marc took him to the doctor and after checking him out throughly, he has your pick of the day virusm which mean tylenol and wait it out. Blah.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

It's Wednesday Already?

Well, despite our crazy Christmas Eve, our Christmas weekend was really really nice.  Our family all met at a hotel and had suites, went swimming, played games and just had a really fun time.  Also, despite the fact that Andrew was usually quite sleep deprived due to getting up early, staying up late, taking short little naps, the time change, etc....He behaved very well.   We were impressed.  Of course, Andrew got loaded with presents from his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  He got a tank with buttons and lights, a remote control car, a truck puzzle, books, and a train set.  (He got a few more things, but I can't think of them off the top of my head).  During the whole Christmas commotion, he was pretty calm and mild, more like he was taking it all in.  But man, once we got back to our room with just Marc and him and myself and started pulling the gifts back out....his face lit up and big "OH BOY!"s came out of his mouth.   He even does the same little happy dance that his daddy does.  (ssshhh, Ryan and Paul...don't tell MarcI blogged that he does a happy dance!)  :)
And of course, he LOVED the pool.   I heard "wimmin?"  all weekend.  The kids was fearless.  He would jump off the side into our arms and go under and had no problems going down the steps into the water, regardless if anyone was with him or not (yes, we had to keep a good eye on him).   Although, I think the big boys had just as much fun.  They made up a 'homerun derby' type of game and had to go back down to the pool at midnight the last night to play it some more.   Three hours and 3 9-inning games later, they came up to go to bed.   Yes, Marc was tired yesterday.
We got home yesterday around 5:30, which was really nice.  Although other than some minor unpacking, we really didn't do much but veg and read the paper.  This morning, I got laundry started and a little more done before work.  We turn around and leave for OH right after work on Friday and I work a full day that day.  So we pretty much have to be packed up tomorrow evening.  Which leaves tonight, to completely unpack, laundry, clean, Christmas shop (yes, I still have some to do), etc....    Good thing we have homemade pizza in the freezer.....looks like a pizza dinner week.  :)
Well, that's all for now.  Got to run.  Not sure if I will have much time in the next few days to post...  Hope your Christmas was wonderful!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

In the last 21 months, I've cleaned up some horribly gross stuff, but nothing (and I mean NOTHING) compares to today

It’s been an adventure that’s for sure.   I am not even sure where to begin.   Let’s start at the very beginning….a very good place to start.  When you read you begin with ABC when you sing you begin with Do Re Mi….

Um…sorry about that.

Ok, we got up early early today, however not as early as we thought be might, since we forgot about the time change until late last night.  That gave us an extra hour of sleep and we only had to get up at 5:30 this morning.   We got everything pack up and got Andrew in the car and headed off to Chicago.  So far so good.  Andrew of course woke up and didn’t go back to sleep, but that’s minor.  He had his full sippy of milk and was happy.  Marc napped and I drove to Garth, Shakira and Jars of Clay (there’s an eclectic mix for ya).   We were making good time and were right on schedule to arrive at IKEA right when there doors opened for breakfast.   However, little man was really getting hungry and so was mommy and it was 10am our time, so I pulled out a breakfast bar for him.   He ate only half of it and gave the rest back, with an “I don’t want it”, which is bizarre since he loves them.  

Crisis #1
Well, about 8 minutes from IKEA we hear Andrew cough, we look back and he had puked all over himself.  Not spit up puke…um….more like he just ate 5 course meal puke.   There was a ton of it and it was everywhere and it was disgusting.  No, disgusting is not even a word that touches the surface of the level of grossness this was.  And the smell….Oh My Gosh.     We pulled into a gas station right away and got out…. It took 15 minutes of wiping him down with wet wipes, to even be able to get him out of his car seat.  Let me remind you that it is freezing out, wet wipes are cold, and this is the epitome of all things that are evil.   I am convinced that along with the Lake of Fire, there will be section for cleaning up vomit of this caliber.  So, we get to the point where we can at least get Andrew out of his seat.  I take him into the restroom to strip and change him while Marc takes over clean-up duty.  But of course, it’s not like it was in a nice little pile on the floor we could mop up.  It was all in the intricate workings of the carseat's multiple buckles.   I come back out and we switch off duties again since one can only stand outside in the cold, hovering over rancidness for so long.   I even got out our q-tips trying to clean all the crevices.   On a side note, Andrew seemed to feel a whole lot better once he got it out of his system.  After what seemed like FOREVER, a whole bag full of gross items tied up tightly (it got his clothes, his blankets, his B’s, his paci & clip, etc…) and one sour smelling car later, we were off to IKEA.

IKEA was nice, we had breakfast there (Andrew acted like he was starving but we were hesitant to give him too much), just browsed (got a couple inexpensive kitchen rugs), and were on our way to Kenosha.

Crisis #2
Around 12:30 we arrived at our hotel to find out that there pool was down.  The pool is a MAJOR reason we decided to do a hotel for Christmas to begin with.  Well, Marc went in to talk to the lady (who had already given his parents, who had already checked in, a 10% discount to compensate) who was HORRIBLE to him.  Told him, that since he was a man he should understand that parts need to be ordered and that takes time and 10% off of their standard rate of $115 was the best they could do.   Whoa..wait a minute.  I just called two days ago to confirm that our rate was set at $85.   So, she and Marc, um….had a go a’round and he ended up walking out.   So I decided we would all go back in (Andrew and I had been waiting in the car).   We walked back in and she told us that since he walked out…she canceled our rooms.    So, I started talking to her calmly, and I don’t know whether she needed to see that we were just a family on Christmas Eve or talk to another female or what….but she changed immediately.   Like from Jekyll to Hyde (or maybe it’s the other way around).  She calmed down, found our reservation & reserved rate (which she knew we had to begin with…not sure why she messed with Marc), and actually became quite friendly and almost apologetic while wishing us Merry Christmas several times.   And we check in with our 10% discount.   However, there was still no pool.  So, we tried to talk her into helping get into another of their ‘chain’ hotels just to use their pool during the day and she refused due to “management” issues, so we then went hotel shopping…on Christmas Eve.   Totally by the hand of God, the lady behind the desk herself, told us about another hotel down the road that was also suites that we could try and if we liked it, we could cancel there with no problem.  So we went down there and by a miracle, this other hotel had 3 suites available and gave us a rate of $90 a night (much much lower than their standard rate…but Marc was a good negotiator).  Only $5 more per night and a working pool.   We booked them for the entire family (they weren’t there yet, so didn’t know we did this...) and went to unload.  Crisis Number 2 over.  On a side note, this hotel is lovely and MUCH better than the one we were booked at originally.  

We find his folks, get them up to speed and moved to the new hotel (they gave us a big thumbs up), canceled the other reservations, unpacked, did much needed laundry, took naps and just relaxed for the couple hours before dinner.   We went out to Red Lobster for dinner and it was really good.   Busy, since it was like the only place open, but great none-the-less.    Throughout dinner, Andrew drank too full cups of water, so by the end of the dinner, needed a diaper change.

Crisis #3.
I take Andrew back to the restroom and get his very full diaper off and thrown away and start to look for a new diaper, when I realize that I had used the last diaper (from the diaper bag) before we left.  (I had a whole box back at the hotel, but none with me).   I just stood there in front of my little half naked boy clueless as to what to do.  There is no way I could put this other diaper back on him…it was already full and in the trash.    So, finally I took a big stack of paper towels and the one maxi pad I had stashed in a diaper bag pocket, and tried to concoct something that would get us home.   Fortunately we were done dinner and just had to pay the bill at this point.  I take Andrew back out and state that we need to leave NOW.   Well, they were just waiting for the bill and our server who had been absolutely great up until that point…went AWOL.    And well, my concoction lasted mere minutes before Andrew was soaked.    So, back to restroom we went and this time, I only had his changing pad….so stuffed into his already wet pants they went.   The poor kid.   I still feel bad about it.   What kind of mom goes out with a toddler and no diapers?   We pay the bill and head back to the hotel (thinking that the car seat itself can’t get much worse at this point).   By the time we get back to our room….Andrew was completely soaked.    We changed him, cleaned in up, put dry pants on him and he was happy again.  

Ok, so we just hung out the rest of the night, snacked on a bunch of homemade goodies, Andrew charmed Grandpa and Grandma all evening.   Now little man is zonked in his pack and play and I am heading to bed.  It’s 11:20 here, but 12:20 in Michigan. So it’s officially CHRISTMAS!!   Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus

It's the Friday before Christmas and my true love gave to me.....  Um....well, he's picking up my son from daycare early.
It's Friday, a short staff day here at work and I am here all day (even came in early) expecting a crazy busy day.  And so far it's been relatively quiet.  (knock on wood)  I just hope the day doesn't go slow.  I am already anxious to get out of here and it's only 9:30am. 
I ended up working downtown yesterday afternoon, so I got home a little later than usual.  But it meant kiddo got to play in the gym extra long at daycare, so he couldn't have been happier.  We had gourmet dinner of leftovers, then it was busy busy as we cleaned, did laundry, did some baking, got ready for today since it was an early morning, pulled stuff out for dinner tonight (pizza), etc..   Kiddo even got to watch Ice Age to help us get a little more done. 
Tonight is packing packing packing.  Marc is going to try to pick up kiddo from daycare early and if early enough possibly take him to lunch.  I probably won't get out of here until 4-4:30.  We are hoping to leave our house by 5:30 am tomorrow morning, so we need to have everything packed and in the car tonight.  Guess who gets to drive the early shift.  Yours truly.  But I really don't mind.  I probably wouldn't be able to go back to sleep and Marc drives during the night so often when we usually travel.  Give me my coffee (will have mix a little caffeinated in with my usual decaf that early) and some music, and I'll be set.  Here's hoping kiddo will go back to sleep.  Or even better, not wake up to begin with.  Fat Chance.  I am fully expecting him to wake up and then be up until naptime (which if that is the case, should be a LONG one).
Ok, I am totally rambling and this post is really boring to read so I will end it now.  Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!  Or as my son will says, "Happy Birthday Baby Jesus".   (It is oh so adorable!)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

It had to get better.

OK, my day ended up going a LOT better once I got to work.  And overall, yesterday wasn't that bad.  Work was fine, we ran to Sam's last night for some necessities like diapers, wipes, and cheese (pretty much the only thing we use our Sam's card for, but those along make the membership worth it), but of course I took Marc along, so we also got Poptarts & Animal Crackers (although it didn't take a whole lot to talk me into the animal crackers...especially with our traveling coming up) and had to look at all the eletronics.  So after Sam's, we ate dinner from the crockpot, got the kiddo in the shower and cleaned the house (well, the part the people see).  Then I assembled 10 goody bags to pass out today to daycare workers, bus drivers, and co-workers.  I was pooped by the time I crawled into bed.  And I called my dr. yesterday to ask if I could take a Benedryl before bed and got a thumbs up, so I slept good last night!  And I am even feeling a little better.  Just a little, but I'll take it.
This morning was early since I had an 8:00 meeting at my house with someone from our church.  It went well and only last about an hour.  Then I cooked some chicken for dinner tonight and got kiddo and I ready for the day.  By the way, normally after Sesame Street the TV gets turned off.  Well, I was little slow getting to it today and Thomas the Train came on afterward.  The kid was in a trans.  And if you have ever watched's not fun to watch.  Sesame Street at least, I can sit and watch if necessary.   But not this...  But it had trains and well....Andrew was hooked.
Anyway, we got to work/school early today since it was Andrew's Christmas party and we had to drop off his gift (they were having a board book exchange today) and the goody bags. 
Tonight I have an exciting evening planned of grocery shopping and laundry, so that tomorrow evening, I can pack pack pack.   Sorry not a fun or exciting post.  But I wanted to let you know that my day didn't end yesterday as bad as it started.  :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Who says December is stressful?

Warning:  More Whining to Follow:
Let me tell you about my morning.  No wait, let me first tell you about my night.  You may be thinking, "But, Kelli, you already told us about your night and how crummy it was" and to that I can say...."But wait, there's more." 
While waiting for Marc to get home, shortly after I posted my last post, I decided to finish a tag blanket that I am making.  I should have went to bed, but it was 90% finished, I just had to zip around the sides with the sewing machine.  4 short sides, 4 short stiches....5 minutes tops and then off my brain and checked off my list, right?  WRONG!  45 minutes, 4 seams ripped out, and a few unkind words later, I was finished.  And I must say, it is not my finest work.  
Marc finally gets home around 11pm last night and he's understandably not a happy camper.   He gets online with the 'new' computer to find out that there is NO word processing or spreadsheet programs.  Obviously no Microsoft Word or Excel, but not even the generic Works program...nothing he can open his work files with.   And the geek from the "Geek Squad" specifically stated (before he held Marc hostage for 1.5 hours longer than planned) that there would be a free 60 days trial on the laptop with Microsoft Office.   Now it's 11:30-ish, and Marc has a important meeting today that can NOT be rescheduled since the lady only works on Tuesdays (must be nice) and he would like to get this sale in for the month of Dec.  Fortunatly, we do have our moody desktop downstairs, so not all is lost, he can e-mail his files downthere and work, but he really SHOULD be in the office to finish them.  Anyway, the whole thing put us over the edge, and Best Buy will be seeing again him/us today and obtaining an earful!!   I am just thankful that Marc decided to run Andrew and I home in that little break....or we would have all been waiting with him until 11pm with the promise of just 10 more minutes.
Then, it's midnight and we finially get to bed, but can I sleep?  NO!!!   I find out that Sudafed (the only cold med. I can take being pregnant) to me is the equivalent of 11 shots of espresso.  My body is tired, and I am tired but hours (yes, hours) later, I am still awake.  Very frustrating.  Needless to say, 6am rolled around SUPER early this morning.  And I still feel crummy from this darn cold.  Andrew was NOT ready to face the world and need to bring his pacifier and both B's with us to school today.  I tried to get him to leave them in his crib, but everytime I tried to take them away, he would hold them up by his face, cock his head and this little sweet voice would ask, "I hold it?". 
We get to our bus lot with plenty of time to spare and fortunatly there is a bus already in the lot waiting.  Woo Hoo.  So I pull into my spot, get ready to pull little man out and the but leaves.   CRAP!  So, now we have to wait for the second bus.  Well, I am not about to get Andrew out of the car in 12 degree weather, so we sit in the car and wait.  A good 5 or so five minutes later, when the bus comes, I run out of the car to flag him down and he zooms right by.  So I am practically yanking Andrew out of his car seat (with his B's and paci), grabbing my two bags and running (yes, I know bad idea in snowy weather) carrying all of this, yelling at the bus to wait as he makes his loop.   I figure he'll stop at the other side of the loop...which he does...long enough for me to get just behind the bus....AND HE LEAVES!!!!   So, now I am far from my car, I've just ran with kiddo and bags all the way across this lot.   You are kidding me!!  I go over to the security speaker and call them and tell them that I have been left TWICE now, I am pregnant, I am have my toddler outside in 12 degree weather and I need a bus there now (this is inbetween grasps for air after the running and while holding back tears).  They were very apologetic and sent a bus right away (who was a different driver and also very apologetic).  We are now 10 minutes late for Andrew to eat breakfast at school - fortunatly they were kind and still made a plate for him AND I realized that in my mad dash to get everything out of the car, I left my coffee.  My fresh full hot cup of coffee.  Did I mention that I don't feel good and I am exhausted on top of all this?
So I splurged and stopped at the hospital coffee shop and got a nice decaf hazelnut latte before heading to my office.  Augh - only 7 more hours until I can go home and crash.   If you made it this far in the post, thanks for listening to my vent.  Hope your day is going better.

Monday, December 19, 2005

"Best Buy?" about "So-So Buy."

What an evening. Today started out fine. I felt crummy, but I called in sick, Andrew slept in, we took it easy, got in naps and everything was fine (that is except I felt crummy). Until about 5, when we decided that yes in fact it was time to take our defective laptop back to Best Buy to get it fixed. We've needed to for a while, but finding the right time to give up something that is used so much everyday is not that easy. But it was getting worse and worse and it's time had come.

So I worked on burning important files onto a CD (especially for Marc's job since this is also his work computer). After an hour of working, many failed attempts and no burnt was high. Plus we were supposed to be at our friends for 6:20 haircuts for the boys (who look adorable by the way). No idea why the I couldn't get the files to burn...who knows. Anyway, we left our friends and went to Best Buy....and an hour or so later we were all set to walk out with our 'important' data backed up and a loaner (a.k.a. they charge your card then refund it when your computer gets back in) laptop. However, they had to 're-format' the loaner since it was a floor model. It should only take 30-40 minutes. This was at 8:00. Well, we really hadn't had dinner, it was close to Andrew's bedtime, I was exhausted and again feeling pretty crummy, so Marc decided to run us home and he would come back for the laptop. I just called him (at 10:00pm) and he is STILL waiting for the laptop. He's been told 10 more minutes multiple times.

Now, I have mixed feelings about Best Buy. On one hand, when you buy their service aggreement, they do for the most part take pretty good care of you. We've had to use the service aggreement on other Best Buy items before like my digital camera. However, why do their products keep going bad so that we have the buy the stinking agreement to begin with? So, anyway, I am sure Best Buy is getting an earful from my normally mildly mannered hubby, since he was frustrated with them BEFORE he went back to pick it up. Poor guy.

So, I am at home, trying to get everything ready for tomorrow since I have to drop off kiddo at daycare at 7:30am. I am SO not looking forward to tomorrow. It should be a light day, but it's still all day and I think that if I weren't covering for someone, I would call in sick again. I hate colds. They sounds so minor, but can really take it out of you. (Oh yea...I'm pregnant and can take practically nothing to relieve the symptoms).

Ok, enough of me whining for one night. Here's hoping hubby gets home soon without ringing anyone's neck.

My son now knows how and when to say "Bless You!"

Well, just a quick note to say that I am home today. After much debate in my own mind, I called both me and kiddo in sick. I really felt bad about it, too. Not that they can't get along without me at work, but well, I still feel guilty, liike I am putting them out. And beleive it or not, me calling in was more for thier sake than my own. Yes, I could have gone into work, and yes Andrew could have gone into daycare (he's actually pretty fine - just a slight cough that they are used to there). But I knew I would be sneezing and coughing all day and well, that is just not pleasant to be around. And the furthur the day goes, I am so glad I did. Colds just plain suck and I feel crummy. Plus I work a full day tomorrow and Friday and have a trillion things going on the rest of the week. It's a busy one.

Ok, this is short, little man slept in until 10:30 (yea...he was up a good portion of the night). So he is eating his cinnamon toast and watching Sesame Street while I steel a minute away to write this.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

He is his Father's Son.

It’s Saturday evening and both the kiddo and I are under the weather. Nothing major, but he’s got the coughs that normally don’t bother or slow him down one bit, until he lays down, then he coughs himself awake. He was up many times last night and slept in bed with us a good portion of the night. Currently, he is in bed with dada right now watching the Pistons. Well, dada is watching the Pistons and Andrew is supposed to be sleeping. But the kid gets very excited and says “Pitons” and loves it when he hears the “Detroit Basketball” chant. He is his father’s son through and through. I myself have a sore throat, and a sneezy nose and just kinda feel crummy. Church might be iffy tomorrow. If it were just Marc and I, it probably wouldn’t be a problem. But I hate putting Andrew in a nursery with a bunch of other kiddo if he is sick. Which again… I am not sure he is, he just has this cough that creeps in when he is trying to sleep. (Which he wouldn’t be doing at church). So we’ll see.

Anyway, last night we had a nice dinner of Rio Grande leftovers, then Geoff came over, I played some more Sudoku and we watch Signs once kiddo went to bed. It was pretty good, but I struggle with any even remotely scary movie.

Today, we worked around the house most of the day…. wrapping presents, cleaning, laundry, etc…. Then we got all ready to run some errands when we found out that the Taurus had a flat. Really flat. So, Marc went to Meijer and got an air compressor so we could get to Discount Tire where they told us that it was not patch-able and we had to buy a new tire. So well, $100 and an hour later, we were on the way to run our errands. We returned a few items to a few places, took back our first Christmas present to Andrew and bought a different one (plus it was $15 less). If you promise not to tell him, I tell you what we got. We took back his mini trampoline (it was too big for him not to totally love it). So we instead got him a little table to hold a train set or blocks or whatever. It has a little drawer in it. Ok, well, I guess you don’t have to be super secretive about it since it’s sitting right in the middle of our living room in it’s box.

Then we went to a furniture store to look at bunk beds, but weren’t impressed with what we saw. So we came home, made some popcorn and now you are up to speed. I am watching the Sound of Music right now and will be heading to bed here real soon.

Well, if you are reading this and you were at the Steiner Family Christmas – sorry we weren’t there and I hope it was a great time. And mom, you were right… the party was today at 5:00 at your house. I had to go back and check to invite to make sure you weren’t crazy, because I was convinced I was right.

Ok, I am heading to bed. G’night. (Only 8 more days until Christmas).

Friday, December 16, 2005

110 mph

Well, I had a nice birthday.  We did dinner last night and have enough leftoevers to have another nice dinner tonight at home. I'll need to provide some sort of side, but the meat, we got.   Marc has a least a 1/2 rack of ribs and I have a nice size steak left.  We met the Dressler's there for dinner.  Kari knitted me a scarf herself.  I am totally impressed!! 
Andrew's Iowa grandparents are getting Andrew a little wooden train set for Christmas.  I have to tell you how excited I think Andrew will be over this gift.  We had 4 of our train cars on the table due to some techinal difficulties.  And he sat in a regular kitchen chair at the table this morning, playing with these 4 cars for such a long time.  He was gentle with them and lined them up in a row, then in a stack, then back in a row again and was so content playing with the choo choo all by himself, just talking to himself.  This is the kid that does NOTHING quietly or gently!  This is the rambunscious little boy who lives at 110 mph.  I had to just stop and watch so many times.  It was adorable.  I finally had to pull him away when we had to leave for work/school.  He will LOVE the gift!!
Ok, well, apperently, I've hook another on   I've even been practically challenged to a sudoku-off.  
All right, my thoughts on the Apprentice Finale.   I have no thoughts.  I really liked both canidates and would have been ok if Trump would have choosen either one.   However, I have mixed feelings about Randall turning down the oppertunity for Rebecca to be hired as well.   I can see both sides of this coin, too and I guess I agree with Randall over all that there should only be one Apprentice, but I feel bad for Rebecca because she was really great as well.    Ok, that's my two cents.
We really don't have much planned for this weekend which I am glad about 'cause it's looking like we could be snowed in.  We need to just work around the house, wrap gifts, etc...   Nothing too exciting, but I'm looking forward to it anyway.  Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Approx. 10,440 days ago...

Well, today is my birthday and I am not nearly reflective about this year as I was last year.  Yes, I am another year older and yes, it's fun day where I get my way pretty much the whole that is good.  But other than's another day.  I did make Scotcheroos last night to bring into work today.  Well, 'cause I LOVE them, but unless I have an excuse to make them and take them somewhere, I will eat the whole pan by myself until my teeth hurt.  And I splurged and bought mint chocolate chip ice cream at the store last night for dessert tonight.   That is, if there is room for dessert.  Marc and I always celebrate our birthdays at a steak restaurant Rio Grande that gives you a free dinner on your birthday (has to be on the actual day).  We couldn't afford this place otherwise.  It's really good and you're practically full before the main course ever shows up.  So we usually will get a lunch out of the leftovers, too.
And (something I get excited about that you will probably think I am nuts) today is grilled cheese and tomato soup day at work.  Yes, in the cafeteria.  Yes, I am excited about cafeteria food.  I usually don't buy my lunch at work at all...except on grilled cheese and tomato soup day.  It's like they knew it was my birthday or something.   :)
Last night, after work I had an eye appt.  I am desperately low on contacts, but wasn't allowed to order more until I got a check-up.  An apparently there is a reason for vision insurance.  $109 for an eye check-up.  Wowzers.  I will be ordering the contacts online like usual, so that will save me a little.  Then, since Marc had the boy (they went out to Burger King for dinner then did a little birthday shopping), I went grocery shopping.  So, none of us really got home until around 7:30 last night.   Just in time to make bake some spritz for the boys (yes, it's become a nightly thing with them ready to bake in the freezer) before Andrew's bedtime.
Have any of your played Sudoku?  It's a number puzzle that I have become addicted to.  You can find it many places online, but I prefer  I just discovered the game 2 days ago.  I print them off and keep them in my bag with a pencil and during down time (or anytime I can sneak a few minutes), I play.  I can't seem to stop. 
Oh, and I can't seem to stop eating these Scotcheroos!!    But, I'm's my birthday!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My big fat lip.

So right now I am nursing a big fat bloody lip thanks to my son.   I was lying in bed upstairs watching the Apprentice since I missed it on Thursday and Andrew came up and crawled on the bed to visit me.   He took the remote and I asked for it back and he threw (not maliciously, but just because everything he does lately is rough) and it slammed into my lips and teeth.   Yea, he got in the trouble for that one.  But I actually felt bad for him, ‘cause I start bleeding and I tear-ed up instantly and dada started scolding him and well, the poor kid didn’t really mean to be “mean”.  And I think he knew he made mama sad and felt bad.   But man, did it hurt and my lip is cut up pretty nice.   He got a time-out (and later a swat when he wouldn’t stay in time-out) but lots of hugs later so he knew I still loved him.   So, I’ve been icing it and trying to come up with some incredible war story to tell at work tomorrow when I show up with my big fat lip.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Would you risk your life for a $10 pair of Elmo shoes?

Ok, it’s been a while since I’ve really updated this…. but I have a good excuse.  I’VE BEEN STINKIN’ BUSY!!    Oh My Goodness…it’s been craziness.

But before I start off what I’ve been up to, I just HAVE to tell you what I did this morning.   Ok, I put Andrew’s boots on him and grabbed his tennis shoes and we left to get all buckled in the car seat and go to work/school.   As soon as I pulled out onto Kalamazoo (a pretty busy road, to put it mildly), I hear a THUMP THUMP!   And I actually think, man, I must have had a couple of big clumps of snow just fall off the car.   And didn’t think twice about it.  About halfway to work, I realize that I put Andrew shoes on top of the car while buckling Andrew in.   AAUUGGHH!!!   Those were the THUMPS!!    So I turn around the drive back slowing down dramatically once I get to the area where I heard the thumps praying the whole way that I would A) be able to find the shoes, B) be able to get to the shoes on this busy road and C) the shoes wouldn’t be a total loss.   Well, I saw one shoe right away in the middle of a lane rolling around as cars rushed over it.  I pulled off into a side street, waited FOREVER for traffic to clear as I watched my poor baby’s shoe get run over repeatedly before I could retrieve it.   After I got that shoe, I walked up and down the sidewalk a bit trying to find the other shoe.  The other shoes that is small and white, by the way, amidst snow piles that are big and white.   I don’t see it, so I get back in the car and drive slowly up and down and even all the way back to our driveway, scouring the street for this little lost shoe to no avail.  Finally I give up, I am running really late and conceded to the fact that Andrew’s Elmo shoes were gone and he was going to have to go without shoes today at daycare.  I start to head back to work and way further up the road, in a snow bank, I spot it.   The shoe!   I pull off and trudge through the snow bank to recover the shoe.  And I must tell you…. for being a $10 pair of Wal-Mart shoes…they held up nicely.  I had no problem putting them on Andrew when we got to school.  They were a little dirtier (which they were dirty to begin with), but really just fine.    It’s like they were made of Rubbermaid.   Anyway…. When it was all said and done and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  

Ok, what has been up with us?   Last week was so busy.  Every night we had something going on.  Tuesday as you know we went out and got me new shoes (which I still love).  Wednesday evening we did some Christmas shopping and ended up buying Andrew a new car seat while we were out (much needed).   Not sure that I love it, but I guess it’s better than what we had.  Thursday was a crazy day.   I did some grocery shopping before work, then work, then found out I had a church meeting that evening, plus I had a ton to do at home to get ready for Friday.  So I decided to tape my good TV shoes.   But when I was finally done with everything…I went to check on the tape, and it didn’t record.   It was the final Apprentice and a really good ER.   I just cried.   And cried.   Um…and I hate to admit it, but cried some more.   I am blaming it on being pregnant and stressed and well that just broke the camels back.  Fortunately, after the tears where gone, I remember I can still watch Apprentice tomorrow.  But ER is gone (so if you saw it…I need an update).

Friday, we got a lovely snowstorm that closed ALL the schools and that was the day I had to be downtown at 7:00 for a meeting.  After the meeting, I met Marc and Andrew in the parking lot to trade off the boy and we headed back home for just a few minutes before dropping kiddo off at daycare and I headed to a dentist appt.  (No cavities!!)   Then I went to work and covered for a co-worker the rest of the day.  That evening, Marc picked up Little Caesar’s and I got Andrew, the house, and myself ready for a sitter and Marc and I took off for his work Christmas party.  I was a little hesitant since I would know no one, but it was actually pretty fun and we might even hang out with a couple of the couples some time.  

Saturday was another busy day of Christmas shopping, errands, etc…. and we hung out and had the Dressler’s over for dinner and cards.

Sunday was church in the morning, then a sitter once again in the afternoon while Marc and I went with our church to watch the Narnia movie (I highly recommend it).   Afterward, both Marc and I felt like we should take advantage of having a sitter and do something fun or at least have dinner.  But we weren’t hungry and we finally confessed that we really just missed our boy.   This week was so busy that it seems that when we were with him, it was him in a car seat or us popping in a movie to help keep in occupied (not the best parenting, but necessary once in a while).  We felt that we really hadn’t ‘seen’ him in a while.   So we went home.  

And get this, Mom Dykstra…I made spritz last night.  I thought I would give it a try since I had a cookie press that I have never used.  At first I couldn’t figure out how to get it work (I didn’t swear, though).  But once I got the hang of it, it was surprisingly pretty easy.   I only cooked 1 cookie sheets worth last night but “pressed” all the dough and froze them unbaked.    So I had a cake pan in my freezer full of prepressed spritz just ready to be baked.  (Although with your son around…half the pan is now gone.  Granted, one pan bakes like 20 cookies since they are so small.)  But you would be proud and I am getting great kudos from my hubby for being such a great wife.  (Although he still said that your cutout/frosted Christmas cookies were still his all time favorite – I don’t do cutout cookies, he’ll have to be happy with spritz from me).

Ok, Marc is gone with the guys for the evening for Monday night football, Andrew is in bed, and I am going to be working on some projects here in a bit before bed.   Sorry so long.  Hope you had a great weekend.

Friday, December 9, 2005

Now I'm right.

Ok - TODAY, my son turns 21 months old.  Happy 21mo's kid!

Tuesday, December 6, 2005


I LOVE my new shoes.  I had to pick an outfit today just so I could wear them.  Although they are black, so it wasn't that hard.  And it's funny.   The day I finally get to wear the shoes I've been eyeing forever and it's the slowest day at work I think I've ever had.  Yesterday, when I wore uncomfortable shoes....was one of the busiest and hence spurred the purchase.  And now that I have's S.L.O.W.    But I still love my shoes.
I had my 20 wk OB appt today.  All is well.  Tummy is measuring 22 inches....on the large side of normal.  (Hmm...makes me a little nervous).   Found out my ultrasound put my due date at the 18th, but my midwife is keeping my date at the 21st since it's only 3 days off.  And I've gained 14 lbs already.  Which I thought seemed high, but she said it was good.   However, I have teeny friend who is preggo with her first, is 3 months more pregnant that I am and only gained 12.   Blah.
Well, this whole Friday morning meeting is turning into a giant headache.  And the thing is...I really don't have to go.  I got the ok from my boss to skip it, but believe it or not, I really would like to go.  It's a holiday/staff meeting and I don't get to see these ladies too often and well, despite the early squirrelly time, I would like to be there.  But daycare called today and said they couldn't take Andrew at 6:30am.  So I talked to Marc and he can take him in at 8.  So I currently having daycare check to see if they can take him at 8 (although it didn't sound good since they are short staffed that morning).  So, now Marc and I are thinking that since he works near where my meeting is, he will bring Andrew to that office and we'll just switch cars in the parking lot.  I'll then take Andrew and he'll go to work.  But then that leaves Andrew and I only 1:15 before he needs to be at daycare for his scheduled time.  Almost too short to go home, but too long to go hang around.   If this is the scenario that plays out, I think I just might cancel my dentist appt and then we can just go home and not head back to daycare until 11:30.     The poor scheduler at daycare is going to hate me by the time we get this one figured out. 
Tonight is a little grocery shopping (small but necessary list, ie: milk, garbage bags), pay bills, some laundry, etc...  Nothing too exciting.  I'm sure there will be some Choo Choo train watching as well.  Yes, that boy loves the train.  He will just walk over to you, say "Hand, Hand" until you give him your hand, then he'll walk you back over to the tree, tell you to sit, then sit in your lap and watch the train.   It really is cute.  As it goes 'away' around the tree he'll say, "Bye Bye Choo Choo" and as it reappears on the other side a mere second (if that) later, he'll say, "Here comes!".  Adorable.

A few holiday pictures...

Grandma was teaching Andrew how to be Baby Mozart.

Apparently he played better with no shirt. What can I say, musicians are quirky.

Andrew with his elf ears playing with Rocky. He loves that hat.
You wouldn't beleive how often this happens since we got our "Choo Choo Train" up.

The pizza that Rocky found last night.

Monday, December 5, 2005

Rants and Raves

Ok, we are starting this post off with a rant. You see, for Christmas Andrew got a little money from his Great Grandma and Grandpa from Iowa. So we used that money to buy him a new winter coat/snow pants combo and some gloves. The thing is we really debated the size. Should we get a 3T? It will be too big, but a 2T may not make it through the winter, etc, etc, blah, blah. Anyway, he's been wearing the coat, which fits him find. A little big but fine. But today after a bunch of snow fell; I decided it was time to put on the snow pants and THEY BARELY FIT HIM. There is no way the will fit him all winter. And these two pieces came as a set! And why, in general, is there such a gap between 2T and 3T pants anyway? 2T fit, but just fit, but 3T seem huge on him. Ok, done with this rant, and if you don’t have kids that probably seemed especially boring.

Ok, another rant (it’s my blog, y’know). Today I found out we have a 7am meeting downtown on Friday. This normally wouldn’t be a big deal except that it’s a Friday, so Marc has to be in the office early and won’t be able to watch Andrew. So I will have to take him to daycare at 6:30 am. Then, I have a dentist appt later that morning and working for a co-worker in the PM. So Andrew will be daycare from 6:30-4:30. Long day, but do-able. But, we have Marc’s Christmas party that night, so we will get home, be super busy trying to get ready ourselves, get Andrew fed, etc, then Andrew gets watched by a sitter the rest of the night. Poor guy. I thought about canceling my dentist appt and picking him for the few hours between my meeting and when I have to be back at work. but it really doesn’t make sense to do that. And I might as well, get in my dentist appt while I know he has care. Will just make for a LONG day for both of us (besides the fact that Friday’s are usually exceptionally busy anyway).

Ok, now onto a rave. My flex daycare missed paying me a check from late October. For some reason that I can’t possibly figure out, I didn’t miss this check. And it’s a decent sized check. Well, anyway, I realized it this weekend, and after checking into it today, and re-faxing some paperwork, we will be getting this check later this week. Now, we were due this money to begin with, but it feels like bonus money since I missed it first time around.

Another rave. Tonight Marc took me out and got me my Christmas present early. You see, I’ve been eyeing a type of shoe for a while since I took this job where I walk a lot. But they are very expensive. Well, now that I am pregnant, this whole walking (and carrying probably more that I should at work) takes a toll of me. So, Marc was going to get me gift certificate for the shoe place since I would never actually go out and buy these shoes myself. (I mean, I buy my shoes at Kohl’s and Payless). But after whining about my feet again tonight. Marc packed us up and didn’t take no for an answer, told me Merry Christmas and I got new shoes. AND they were on sales $35 off!! And want to know something else? We even ordered another pair in brown (since I wear brown 80% of the time anyway. I get a discount working at the hospital. We didn’t have to pay for those today. They just order them, and they we can decide when they come in whether we want them or not, so we went ahead and did that.

Like father like daughter. Tonight, shortly after just pulling off a pan that I cooked hamburger in, I grabbed the burner that the pan was on. And yes, I burned my hand. Now, not as bad as my dad did when he decided to “see” if a burner was hot my touching it and left burner rings burnt into his hand. Mine is not nearly that severe, but it doesn’t feel good either. As soon as Marc found out about it, he said, “Good one, Paul”. (Paul is my dad).

Then later tonight, after we ate our dinner of homemade pizza (with hamburger), Marc was to bring the laundry up from the dryer and put the leftover pizza away, while I give Andrew a bath. Well, I was upstairs with Andrew and Marc was downstairs with the laundry and our dog was in the kitchen, licking off the toppings of our whole other pizza that was on our counter. Marc came back up to find one guilty dog and one naked pizza crust. If it weren’t funny, I would be really bummed about the loss (it was a whole pizza - lots of lunches for this week were lost!) Marc didn’t find it very funny and Rocky did get in mighty trouble.

Well, Andrew was a grumpy pants tonight, very clingy and whiny. I didn’t help that he didn’t take a long nap at daycare or that due to our errand we didn’t eat dinner until 7:30. Way past when his little tummy told him he was hungry. He kept saying, “high chair, high chair”. Which means, “Feed me! Feed me!”.
We had a nice Sunday. We had church in the AM, and then just stayed home the rest of the day. I did a lot more baking and got quite a bit done and checked off my to do list. This week looks like a busy one too. Tomorrow, I have an OB appt in the morning before work. Thursday, I have to be a work early for a holiday luncheon thing and well, you already know about Friday. Plus, I would like to try to get most of the rest of the Christmas shopping done this week, but then again it might have to wait until next week. No big deal. Well, I practically wrote a novel, so I am done for tonight.

Saturday, December 3, 2005

I am wiped out!

Today was a super busy day.  We just stayed home all day, but man, we worked hard.   Harder than any usual workday.   And I am pooped.  It started early this morning, when I took the easy road and gave Andrew a cup a cereal to watch during Sesame Street (which to him is edible gold).    Then I made some chocolate peppermint bark, started split pea soup and made 4 mini loaves from banana bread.   Oh, and I did the dishes and made myself a bagel.    

This was my first attempt at making split pea soup and let me tell you.  It’s practically an all day affair.   It took 5+ hours from start to finish.  I was a little leery as I was making it since I don’t remember ever having it before and thought it would stink if I put all this effort into it and didn’t like it.   Turns out, that it really is good soup.  A little thinner than I expected, but still really good.  Which is good, since I have enough to last me until next year when I acquire my next ham bone.  I took me a while to figure out what to do with it all and how to divide it up for my freezer.  But I now have seven 2-cup portions of soup ready for quick lunches.  (Plus one 2-cup portion in the fridge that I’ll have Monday).

Then, while Andrew napped, Marc and I cleaned the main floor, did some laundry, went through Andrew’s toys and paired them down a bit and moved some furniture items around to make room for our Christmas tree.   For anyone who is interested, we do NOT need any toys for this new baby.   We have more toys than we know what to do with now.  (Of course, I know that I am talking to the wind as I say this right before Christmas).  

Then, back with toddler in tow, Marc and I put up our Christmas tree (yea!) and lights in the window.   Our tree is still pretty naked.  Just lights and garland right now…but it’s still pretty.    Finally, we finished our Christmas decorating for the day, by putting up the train around the tree.   Man, Andrew was fixated.   “Choo-Choo” was all we heard over and over.  It took every fiber in his little body to obey us and not touch it.  (Unfortunately, it is a delicate train, not a play train.   It was bought our first Christmas together before we ever gave a thought to childproofing and tiny fingers and toddler curiosity.)    

So we get all this done just in time for Geoff to come over with his two (yes, two) puppies for the evening to play with Marc.  I had bourbon chicken thawed in the fridge that really needed to be cooked today, so for dinner, I made us all a nice dinner of chicken, buttered noodles, salad & cornbread.  (Homemade cornbread – not a mix…I’m proud of that one).  For dessert…some no bake cookies.   Man, after a day like today…. slap an apron on me and call me Betty.

Now Andrew is in bed (he had a rough night…. the two puppies freaked him out a bit, so he got to watch Monsters Inc. for a little while in the dining area with the puppies blocked by baby gates).  Marc and Geoff are playing video games, and I am getting ready to head up to bed.  I may read or watch TV a bit before knocking off for the night, but either way, I am relaxing the rest of the evening.    Have a great night

You’re Truly,

Ms. Crocker.

Friday, December 2, 2005

I can hear my own thoughts??

Last night, after I get home from grocery shopping with tike in tow, Marc announces that he taking the boy out to dinner and then going shopping.  WHAT?!  The house to myself?   How will I handle myself?  What will I do?  How will I cope?   And, get this....he is shopping for me!  I must pinch myself to confirm that it is not a dream but in fact reality.
So, Marc and Andrew got to eat dinner at Burger King and Andrew got to eat french fries.   I made myself a nice baked potato (which was actually kinda nice to just serve myself and have a nice little dinner ready in five minutes).  Then I did some holiday baking and put groceries away.  I paid bills.  (DOWNER).    I also did a little cleaning before my good TV started.   However, my first show was a rerun and not even a good one at that.   Andrew and Marc got home around Andrew's bedtime (so he got to stay up a little later last night) and eventually, I went up to the bedroom with a peice of pumpkin pie with cool-whip and watched Apprentice & ER.  Both of which were good. 
Side note on Apprentice:  It seems like this season they almost know who they wanted to be in the top two and therefore, just fired anyone who aren't those two.   Granted, I like the top two probably the best, but it just seems more maniplated this season than in the past.
Ok, back on track.  Tonight we are meeting up with the Uelands and are taking our boys (they have a 1yr. old) swimming at a school.   I think Andrew is going to LOVE it.  He is such a little fish.  I'm still debating on whether I'll get in the water...but I do have a maternity suit now, should I want to.  I think we are hanging out with them a bit afterward, maybe for cards and dessert (or at least that is the rumor).
Then this weekend....we WILL put putting up the Christmas tree!     Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, December 1, 2005

My house will reek with silliness.

My son is a genius.  The other day as I was trying to get Andrew and myself out the door and off to work and daycare, Andrew started adamantly pointing in the direction of the kitchen saying "Eese" over and over again.   I kept asking him what he wanted, thinking cheese or please...but I couldn't figure it out.  Finally, I tried to distract him and state that we had to go bye bye and lets go outside.  But he wouldn't give up the pointing and the "Ease!  Ease!".   Finally, he walked over to our little key rack by the fridge and pointed up to it, "Eese!  Ease!" meant Keys!!   He knew we were leaving and therefore were riding in the car and therefore Mama needed her keys and therefore she must get them from the key rack.   Talk about some comprehension.   This was above and beyond merely identifying what a key is.   And the funny thing is, is that we don't talk about the keys and I actually hardly use the key rack since I clip my keys to my bag.  And in this instance, I had already started the car to warm it up and didn't need my 'ease' anyway.  Maybe, it's just because he is my son, but I was impressed.
Another thing that tickles me is his memory.  When we drive to work, there is one little hill we must drive down on the way.  And once, a long time ago, as we went down it, I said, "Whee!".   And now...everyday, regardless of what we are doing, as soon as we hit the hill, Andrew will say, "Whee!".  I never remember, myself, but he always knows when we get to it.  
Can you keep a secret?   I sold my first tag blanket over the internet this week?  I officially mailed it out yesterday.  It was black fleece with footballs on it and black tags.  I would say that I am open for business, but since I haven't been keeping up with my "unofficial" website, not one person has visited it in like months.   I bet you couldn't even find the site if you were looking for it.  Oh well, at least I can say my handiwork will make a nice Christmas present somewhere in Philadelphia this year.
Well, our Christmas tree is not up yet.   This weekend is my self imposed Tree Due Date, but I was hoping to get it up earlier this week.  Unfortunately, we been busy each night, just keeping up with our own house after being gone, that we haven't been up for additional work, such as the tree.  And I highly doubt that tonight will be the night, either.  I think I am going grocery shopping after work, then I have Bourbon Chicken thawing the fridge.  I have a long to do list (not Christmas tree related) to do and of's good TV night.   So, I'm pretty much writing off the tree for tonight.
And, in case you are of the observant nature and noticed that my little baby ticker up top has changed, I should make it official.   The ticker colors have changed from rainbow to blue for a reason.   Yes, that is right.  Andrew is having a baby brother.   I will be totally outnumbered.   The energy my son emits is already astronomical.  I can't imagine what it will be like in our home, once baby #2 is his age and he is almost 4.   My house will reek with silliness and I will love every minute!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

We're Baaaaack...

So - a lot has happened since I updated this thing last time.   We loaded up our car and headed west on the busiest travel day of the year right through Chicago at rush hour.  HUGE mistake.  Our only saving grace is that we were fortunate enough to have stopped right before we hit the traffic for food, potty break, diaper change, etc...   That and our laptop which plays DVD's and the movie "Monster's Inc".   Yes, 26 miles in 2.5 hours.   That is almost but not quite 10.5 mph.  It's was lovely.  :)  However, our child was mesmerized by Scully and Mike Wazowski (he watched it twice) and therefore, we survived.  Needless to say, we bought a new movie while there, lest we endure the Monster's yet another time (and granted, I love the movie....but 5 times in 3 days....yea, too much).   So, Nemo has entered his little world.   And, I must say....this was another good movie, I thought, until I watched it through a toddler's eyes.  It can be downright scary!  And it's non-stop, too.   One bad thing after another happens and they all involve tense music with sharks, whales or other fish with large scary teeth.  We truly didn't think Andrew understood or knew the story line, but there are definitely parts where he gets sad or scared and wants to 'hide' but 'peak' in one of our arms.  We may not be watching it too often until he is a little older.  Or until we really need him to sit mesmerized by the TV for a little while.   (like maybe tonight while we try to rearrange furniture in order to find room for our Christmas Tree).
Anyway, we made it to Iowa safe and sound.   And Andrew got a long great with Grandma and Papa as if he sees them everyday.  And Grandma introduced him to the piano.   He would walk over to her, grab her hand, pull her to the piano while saying "deep and wide?" over and over (the only song he knows).  She would sit and play and he would sit next to her hitting keys, just swaying and shrugging his shoulders as if the sound was purely coming from his own little fingers.
Iowa was nice.  We ate a lot, hung out, did a little shopping, ate some more, play UNO Attacks, took naps and just had a good relaxing time.
Of course Andrew got spoiled, too.  Between Aunt Kristin's M&M's and a truck from Papa and McDonald's, etc....  The boy was in heaven.    And he did really well, too, considering that we screwed up his schedule royally.  I mean, we couldn't have knocked it further out of whack if Casey were at bat.   When we finally got home Sunday morning, he took a 3+ hour nap in the afternoon, then slept 12+ hours that night.  I think we have him back on track now.
Last night, we met up with the Dressler's for dinner at Chili's for fajitas.  I had a couple gift cards that I had been dying to use.  (I love Chili's fajitas).  Then they came back and we played a little cards before calling it a night.  Tonight, as I mentioned above, is rearrange furniture night in order to make room for Christmas decorations.  I need pay bills and do some laundry, too.  It'll be a good night for some homemade mac and cheese that is all ready and just needs cooked in the oven.  Marc may even have it in before I get home (I am working all day downtown today). 
Well, I will try to do a better job posting, as I have been slacking here lately.  Hope all is well and that all who read (and even those who don't) had a great Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I'm Thankful....

Well, this past weekend was a nice one. Friday we made homemade pizza when we got home and just hung out. Marc had the guys over in the evening to watch the Pistons game. Andrew did manage to take a tumble down our stairs that evening. Wahich is surprising since he manuevers those stairs like he invented them. The tumble wasn't so bad, but his truck at the bottom of the stairs did him a number. He woke up the next morning with a nice shiner on his right eye.

Saturday was a busy one. I got up and about and out early in order to get to a friends house by 9:00 to set up for a 10:00 baby shower brunch. It was for friend Kari, and all of us ex-roommates put in on for her. It was so nice to see them all again and hang out, but by the time I left at 2pm, I was exhausted. Tired, achey, felt like I overdid it a bit. I came home and napped until 4:30. Andrew got to spend the day with daddy. They hit a couple sporting good stored in the morning, then Burger King for lunch. We met up with the Uelands for dinner at Panera, then called it a night. Both Kelly (who was also at the shower this morning and is also pregnant) and I were exhausted.

By the way, on Saturday, my parents arrived in Myrtle Beach to spend the week. J.E.A.L.O.U.S.

Sunday morning was church, then we just hung out the rest of the day and did some cleaning, baking, read the paper, etc...

Last night, we had ham for dinner. Good ham! Once a year, when they go on sale, I buy one of those spiral hams. Marc cuts it all up, we fill the crock pot, pour the glaze over it all and let it simmer for a while. After we eat dinner, we package up the leftovers and get about 3+ more dinners out of it. (+ = leftovers the next day). Oh, it is so good!! So we had that last night with noodles and oranges. Andy was over for dinner too. Then later in the evening, Marc had the guys over for Monday Night Football. Vikings vs.. Packers. VIKINGS WON! But one of the guys windows wouldn't go up on his car when he got here, so the first half of the game was spent in the cold dark driveway with flashlights, tools, and coat hangers practically taking apart door to get the window up.

Well, we are getting ready to leave for Iowa tomorrow for Thanksgiving. And I must say I am looking forward to it. Not the drive, but just being there. Of couse, I feel like I have a trillion billion things that I have to do before I can go that doesn't even include work. Tomorrow is super busy because we have an appt in the morning, then work, then an errand, finish packing the car and hit the road. So that means we have to pretty much have EVERYTHING ready to go and do tonight. 'Twill be a crazy one.

But overall things are going good. Andrew is doing well and is as silly as ever. He talks not stop and has become a little parrot repeating whatever comes out of our mouths. Yes, we must be careful. You can actually somewhat carry a conversation with him now. Usually about airplanes up in the sky, or how "Jiffy" the squirrel is sleeping or went bye bye or something like that - that is important in his little world.

Well, not sure if I will get a chance to update again until we get back from our trip (not that I've been great about updating lately anyway). So until the next time...Have a GREAT THANKSGIVING!!

Friday, November 18, 2005


No more Spanish.   We haven't received our grades yet to find out how we did.   I am actually considering taking Spanish II in January.  Not set on it, but considering it.   Marc will pass on that one.  :)  Although I am proud of him for sticking this class out.
We are fine.  Andrew is 100% pure silliness from the moment he wakes up until he goes to sleep.  There is no other word to describe it, but just plain silly.  It's so funny, that we laugh at/with him all the time (which is what he wants). 
It's snowing here.   Pretty good snowfall, too.  Which is good and bad.   Good because it's pretty and get me the Holiday Spirit.  Bad, because it's cold and messy.  Like for instance, when I went to get Andrew bundled up in the car.   First, we can't find his hat anywhere.  ANYWHERE.  Still can't find it and I know we had it when he came home the night before.  Then as I open the door the dog about runs us over to get outside after telling him "no" multiple times.   Then Andrew can't possibly walk in the sidewalk but right into the snow so that snow is halfway up his pants (the whole while I am yelling at Rocky to get back inside).   Which means I have to follow him into the snow to remove him (his listening ears were not in an obeying mood when there is fresh snow on the ground).  Did I mention it's freezing outside, and Andrew is not wearing gloves and is now unhappy because his hands have snow on them.  Then I finally get Andrew shaken off and in the carseat but hit my head on the way out which knocked off my own hat and pulled out my bobby pins....of course, it hurt as well and now my hair has to be redone.   I actually swore.   And loud enough that my son heard.  Which then made me feel horrible even more.   I had allowed myself to go from a happy mommy to a downright angery women in a matter of minutes.  I run back inside, grab a blanket to put over Andrew until the car warms up and we head on our way.   By the time I actually got to my desk, after all that plus unloading him from the shuttle (which he slipped by the way and got his pants soaked), got him all undressed and set in daycare and got up to my office....I was exhausted!
Marc got his very first commission check this week (which you know burns a hole in his pocket), so we got to go out for dinner.  We have a new restaurant "UNO's".  It's an itialian pizzaria type place.  It was very good.  Plus plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day.
The snow is coming down again pretty good.  Andrew LOVES it.  He would run from window to window yelling, "Look, Noing!"  or  "What is noing?"   That's is his new favorite phrase... "What is....?"  Sometimes he finishes the sentence and it makes sense and sometime not.  :)
Did you know that the Jelly Belly plant is in Kenosha (where we are spending the Christmas holiday) and they have FACTORY TOURS!   Forget the tours, but bring on the Jelly Belly's!!  Mmmmmm!!!
Well, we got all our grocery shopping done last night (3 stores) and I even came home and made 4 mini loaves of orange/cranberry bread.  Then proceeded to eat half of one.  (Purely for testing sake, I assure you.) was SO good, I ate the other half this morning for breakfast.  I am going to have to be careful or this whole bread baking thing might turn into "Three for gifts, one for me".   That would be bad news.    Then again, I could count it at a fruit, protien, & grain serving for the baby and blame it on pregnancy.  :)  This morning, I went ahead and pulled together the dry ingredients for three more batches and put them in ziplock sandwich bags.   I figured...I know I am going to make more, I might as well measure all at once and get everything out and dirty fewer times.   So I should be able to whip up more batches fairly quickly.   (But I am already craving more - I LOVE THAT BREAD!).  :)
I am starting to feel the baby kick.   Not too often, more like when I am still...watching TV or trying to sleep.  Yesterday I even felt it on the outside against my hand.  Baby must have liked the cranberry/orange bread!
Ok, it's Friday and I took the easy way out of a post.   Tonight I think we are having the guys over for the Pistons game.  So just cleaning and getting things ready for a baby shower for my friend tomorrow.   Have a great weekend! 

Monday, November 14, 2005

Beep Beep

Well, we had a really nice weekend in Ohio.  Andrew got more attention than he could even have hoped for from his Grandma & Papa and cousin Gideon.  He didn’t sleep the greatest, but all things considered, he did really well.  His cousins went to see Sesame Street Live and brought him back a giant Elmo balloon and a souvenir cup, which Andrew thought was very cool.

Of course, he stayed up later, got up earlier, napped less and played hard.  So when we left for MI last night, he was zonked within 15 minutes (a full hour and half before bedtime) and didn’t even flinch the rest of the night.

So today, was back to usual and it was a super busy day.  Busy before we even got to daycare/work and then super busy at work today.   As we were leaving daycare, there was a semi truck parked in the lot that Andrew got very excited about.  “Dig Druck!  Dig Druck!”  So as we passed it, this big burly ‘truck driver’ of a man, opened the door and asked if Andrew wanted to honk the truck’s horn.   I lifted Andrew and walked over and had to stare straight up to see the guy (who seemed really nice, but reeked like smoke).   I held Andrew in one arm and stepped up with the other (by the way, we are in the hospital lot with security and people all around before you start gasping that I crawled into a truck cab with my baby) so that I am standing outside the cab.   Andrew gets a little spooked by the guy so he doesn’t want to pull the horn anymore.   So I did it for him.  And HOLY COW it was SO loud, that all three of us jumped!  And we knew it was coming.  So, now I can say that I’ve honked a semi’s horn.   But Andrew enjoyed it overall and even thanked “Gus” the truck driver.   And we were on our way.

Tonight, we haven’t done much despite how much needs to be done.  And I am getting ready to head to bed.

Friday, November 11, 2005

His Future's So Bright...

It's Friday and it's a big day.  I finally made the leap and put on maternity pants this morning.  But that is only after trying on about 5 other pairs of pants and deciding that they just weren't going to cut it anymore.  I am glad I made the decision.  I am not wearing a maternity top, but a nice comfy sweater, so really, I don't look TOO preggo yet, but I can breathe without a rubber band pulling across my tummy.  It's nice. 
Tonight we are heading to Ohio to visit the family.  We hoping to leave early, as I am hoping to get out early today (I came in early to better my chances).  I even cleaned and packed (for the most part) last night.  I did this while sending the boys to go buy a gift for Andrew's cousin who will be turning 2 this month since we are celebrating his birthday this Sunday.  And well, the lesson I learned (and should have known) is that I can not send my hubby and my son to the toy dept of a store without supervision.  Yes, they did fulfill their duty and find a nice gift for Andrew's cousin.  However, they also found yet another truck for Andrew.  And man, I must admit, if I were with Marc and saw how excited Andrew got when he saw this truck, I don't know if I could have said, "no" either.   He just stood there with big eyes, waiting, dancing his feet back and forth the entire time it took Marc to free the truck from the 100 point security packaging that took 2 different screwdrivers to tackle.  Again...Spoiled!!  Maybe it's a good thing this new kiddo will be coming along and stealing a little of the spotlight from the golden child.
Well, I am getting a little nervous.  Friday's are my super busy days and I came in early hoping to get a jump on the work and maybe, just maybe, leave early.   The whole team knows this and they have been requested to get their work into my early today.   The thing is, I have like hardly any work to do.  Being a Friday, this just doesn't make sense.   So either, it will be a really light day and I will get out nice and early, OR everyone will hit me with their requests at 3 and I will be swamped.  Could go either way, I guess. Here's hoping.
Ok, have a great weekend and Happy Veteran's Day, Dad!

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

What kind of mother am I?

For the last month, I swear I’ve been telling people that my son is 20 months old.  And today I told the entire Internet world that he turned 21 months today.  I even told another daycare dad that he was 21 months old today.    He is only 20 months old today!  Sheesh….   Since I would never consider myself as sometime who would try to make her son grow up faster than he is, I will simply blame this on pregnancy brain, and repost my 21 month old entry again in December.   Now, there’s something to look forward to.

Aw Betta

OK, I just got good news and I am hoping my mother-in-law doesn't log on to this blog, before she writes me back, because I am dying to tell her that..... I GOT THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING OFF and we can now go spend it with family in Iowa instead of staying at home eating Captian Crunch and cheese sandwiches.     This, I am very excited about.   It's weird.  Never has taking time off before been an issue.   So now that I work at a hospital that DOESN'T close, it became a huge wait and see game to see if I would have to stay.   And...not only that, but I also got my other holiday day off, Dec. 27th.   Woo Hoo!  
Ok, I'll calm down a bit.   Last night we had our Spanish final, which I must say, wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.   She could have taken the same material and made a test that would have been one hum-dinger.   But it really wasn't too terrible.  I know I didn't Ace it, but I didn't fail it either.   We then had a little feista afterward where I brought in taco dip and got to try some really yummy authentic mexican food (not sure how 'authentic' my taco dip was.)
What else is new.  Andrew turned 21 months today.   ACK!  I keep thinking that my baby is still a baby and yet I am having another baby....but then I think 21 months is not a baby at all.  He is big boy and shows and tells us each day how he is growing so fast.  He is talking up a storm more than I could even try to list and mimicks just about everything you say.   His thing the last couple days has been to get something (a toy, his arm, some food) under something so he can say, "Stuck!  Stuck!"  (whcih sound more like "duck") Then when you get it out for him (or convince him that he can get it out himself), he'll say, "aw betta".  (All better).  It's cute.  And there is tons of other stuff like that all day.  Of course, he still has his little Andrew languange that he starts rambling in...sentence after sentence, each getting more animated and detailed and yet, I have no idea what he's saying.  Some day.
This morning, there were construction crews working on our road on the manholes right in front of our house.  So there were big trucks and bobcats and jackhammers and cones and well, it was just too exciting.  My kid and dog were glued to the front window all morning.
I also had my regular baby checkup yesterday and everything seems A-Ok so far.  Heard the heartbeat, gained the "appropriate" weight.  We even scheduled our official ultrasound for later this morning, to find out whether Andrew will have a little brother or sister.  Either way, my heartburn is already starting, so it will be a hairy little critter.  I'll just have to stock up on the tums and then I will feel "Aw Betta".
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