Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break Camp

I missed a whole month.  I do great in spurts, then life happens and before I know it, I miss a whole month.  We had a birthday, a mini-vacation, family visits, and more in the month of March and I need to post on all of that… sometime.

We are in Spring Break right now.  But we are staying home and Marc and I are still working.  Since the boys are off, finding care for them was somewhat challenging to figure out.  Due to a playdate, a neighbor girl, a wonderful job that allows me to bring the boys in the office now and then, and the our local basketball Center, I think we got it all figure out.

Today was Andrew’s first day of basketball camp at the basketball center.  He’s had practice and even games before, but nothing like this.  A real camp, with real coaches (not just volunteer dads) and real conditioning and drills and that boy was really spent.  It’s an all day camp from 9am-3pm. They get an hour for lunch (where we hear most kids scarf down their food and shoot around until practice starts back up). Even the coach said he noticed a point where the younger ones, Andrew included, started wearing down.

Get this, because it was the first day and we weren’t sure exactly how things were going to play out for lunch, we packed him half a lunch, then sent money with him to buy pizza we knew would be available from the snack bar.  Turns out the boy ate most of what I packed, plus a piece of pizza, a Snickers bar, a Reese’s 2-pack, Skittles (he told me he didn’t eat all those) and a Gatorade for lunch.  Guess who is getting his WHOLE lunch packed and only a few Gatorade bucks tomorrow.

He’s also the youngest one there.  The camp is for 3rd through 6th grade.  He’s only a 2nd grader, and a young one at that… but due to his height and Marc’s “in” with the owners of the camp, we got him in (with a sweet friends-and-family discount).  I think it’s a little wake-up call for the golden boy who’s always been the team All Star so far.  There are a lot of good kids there.

It’s day one and he’s excited to go back, so we’ll see how he holds up come end of the week.

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