Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hello, May I speak to Aje Deeksteray please?

We did it.  We officially decided on a name for this baby.  FINALLY.   It is AJ Reed Dykstra.   No names associated with the A or the J and hence no periods after the letters.  Just AJ.   Here's hoping that he's not the trouble maker his name seems to imply.   We've liked the name for a long time (it was our second choice even when naming Andrew).  But we (ok, just me) hemmed and hawed over just having just initials for a name and should the initials stand for something like Adam Jay Reed etc...   But nothing really stuck out and Marc really likes just AJ, so finally Sunday night we just decided to decide and be done with it (sounds bad, I know)...So AJ Reed it is.    It's silly, but I was feeling guilty about not having a name yet.  Like this baby wasn't a real baby until we could call it something.  So, now I am trying to refer to him as AJ and not just baby #2.    (Now watch - all this fuss and the ultrasound be wrong)    I should run and knock on some wood quick!
But I have heard a theory that I am hoping it not just a wives tale.  You see, with Andrew, he started kicking at 19 weeks and never stopped.  Literally, it was like I was popping popcorn in my belly and I could constantly watch my shirt ride a roller coaster.   He was face up, which made for a rough (to put it mildly) labor.  Face up, would mean all his limbs would be face up too, thus all the movement.  Now AJ, is not that wiggly at all.  Granted, I feel him move enough not to be concerned, but it's more like he rolls enough to find a comfy position and heads back to sleep.  An occasional kick or punch is all I really feel.  So I am thinking.....maybe that means he is face down...LIKE HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE!   That would be great!  Like I said, it's a theory, but until I'm told otherwise, I am going to believe it.   That would (or should) make the labor much better....and faster, although I am not sure faster is a good thing.
Marc is hoping I deliver early on the 9th (I like the idea, too).  So that A) there is only one day to remember for the boys birthdays and B) we'd have a few weeks to 'recover' then he could still make it to Ohio for the end of April when the good fishing begins.  I like the idea of early, so that hopefully the baby will be just a tad bit smaller than Andrew.  Although I highly doubt early or that early will happen
Other than that our weekend was nice.  Andrew had a blast with his cousin and got spoiled as usual by the rest of the family (therefore his listening skills went down the drain....we are working on that).  But overall it was nice.  We are trying to get our house back in order now.  We came home and pretty much dropped everything from the weekend.  Then last night we met the Dresslers for Chili's and ran some errands to Wal-Mart and Sams.   Marc then headed over to his buddy's and I vegged and of course watched 24.
I am currently covering for something this afternoon and therefore don't have much to do but answer phones which don't seem to be ringing much...so the afternoon is going super slow.   Augh.   Well, I should sign off and find something to do.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Not only is it Friday...but it's Sunny, too!!

Wel, our laptop is back at Best Buy for the THIRD time!  Yes...THREE TIMES!  So we are back once again on a loaner laptop.  I can't tell you how frustrated this has all been with us...especailly Marc.  And let me tell you, they've mess up much much more than just a faulty laptop and much much more than I've written about here.   In fact, we have about $100 in gift cards from them from different things that they screwed up in the process of us trying to get this thing fixed.   Now, granted the gift cards are nice, but the headaches that came with them have been awful!  I actually think we are close to hitting their "lemon law".
Anyway, Andrew has been sleeping through the night much better lately.  It's still not uncommon for him to wake up a time or two... but he hasn't pulled the up-all-night bit for a couple nights now.   
This week hasn't been anything too exciting.  Just the usual and hence not much to post about.  A little cleaning here, a little grocery shopping there.  We did finish Season One of "24" last night.  "Wow" - is all I can say.    Although after this last marathon, Marc and I have decided that for Season Two we were going to set some ground rules such as only one episode a night instead of the three or four we were cramming in once Andrew went to bed.  Hopefully, then we will still be able to get things done AND we won't walk around in a stupor the next day from exhaustion.  Of course we say that...but when each episode ends in a cliff hanger and it's just a matter of pushing a button to start the next episode to see how it works out....well, the temptation is trully great.  But it's done now and I wouldn't even mind taking a little breather before we jump into the next one.
Last night and this morning, we've been packing up to head to Ohio this weekend.  This is dubbed as the last official travel before baby comes.   Not that I am not 'allowed', but for comfort reasons and sanity reasons (along with labor reasons the closer we get to April), we are pretty much home for the next few months.  Hopefully I will be able to chop away at my 'before baby projects" during that time. 

Well, I can almost guarantee I won't be writing this weekend, so have a great one!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Home Stretch

That's right, ladies and gentleman, I blinked and all of a sudden the third trimester is here.  i.e. the LAST trimester.   
How your baby's growing:  
By this week, your baby weighs a little over 2 pounds and measures about 14.8 inches from the top of his head to his heels. He can open his eyes - which now sport lashes - and he'll turn his head toward a continuous, bright light from the outside. His fat layers are beginning to form, too, as he gets ready for life outside the womb.  (from babycenter.com)
We need to come up with a name for this kid, quick!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Little Stinker is playing us.

Well, I believe we have a behavior issue on our hands.  You see, little man has been getting up crying in around 10:00 at night and will only stop once he is placed in our bed with us.  He's not sick, he's not in pain, he's clean and fed and yet he acts as if he is dying.  We even tried to have him cry it out last night (something we should NOT have to do with a toddler who is normally a good sleeper), but you could tell this was a matter of will since his little temper tantrums were involved.    And yes, after dealing with him for so long....we gave in.   Around midnight, we just brought him into our bed, where he is a happy little camper.   He did wake back up around 1:30 fussing a bit, but I was able to take him to his room, rock him a bit and get him to sleep in his own bed.  I hate the fact that he can throw a temper and get his way, but after so long...well, sometimes y'gotta do whatcha gotta do to get some rest.  I pray this is a short lived phase only and it's long gone before he moves into his big boy bed next month.  
Ok, what have we been up to?  Besides our "24-a-thon".   We had church Sunday morning, then went to my friend, Kari's house for a brunch to celebrate her birthday. (And of course see Baby Noah.)    We then came home long enough to catch quick naps, make some enchilada soup and beer bread to take to our small group that night.
Last night we were able to meet up with some friends at Chili's (thanks to a Christmas gift card!) for fajita night!  I LOVE their fajitas....their margaritas are pretty good, too, but alas....I passed being with child and all.   Marc and I used to frequent our local Chili's EVERY (and I mean EVERY) Monday for their fajita specials.  We had "our" waitress and got the know the staff.  It was a nice little weekly date night for us.  Now it's a rare treat, so I really get excited when we get a chance to go.  Plus, we totally splurged and got dessert too.   A HUGE piece of chocolate mocha pie that Andrew and I finished off.  We finished off the night with a few "24" episodes after Andrew went to bed (before the tantrums began).
This morning,  we had to be up early because I had my 28 weeks OB appt.  This was the icky one where I have to take the sugar test (drink gross orange drink and get poked), get tested for anemia (i.e. poke) and my RH shot (big ouchie poke).  So I was there for a while.    Believe or not, I called this afternoon to see when I would get my results since I failed these tests my last pregnancy and they had them already.   I passed my sugar test this time (which after my huge piece of chocolate mocha pie, I was a little iffy), but failed my anemia (no big surprise).  So I'll probably get put on iron supplements which make me feel crummy and nauseous.  Blah.    Oh well.  At least, I don't have to take the HUGE sugar test.
Well, nothing too exciting tonight, I have a lot on my "to do" list like laundry, cleaning, etc...   So well see how motivated I am when I get home.  Marc plays ball tonight, so we'll actually be taking a night off from "24" and I will probably actually get some stuff done once little man is in bed (hopefully for the night).   And my goal is to get to bed at a decent hour after last night and up early this morning...I am tired! 

Saturday, January 21, 2006

"We will have no naked pizza eating in this house."

“We have to put our clothes on before eating hot pizza.”

Yes, Andrew learned today how to remove his clothing. And we couldn’t keep them on him. I had to chase him down before dinner to get him dressed just in case some of his pizza wasn’t cool enough. Last thing I need is a burnt little boy from pizza sauce. But little man preferred his ‘nakedness’ to his jammies (that he was still in).

Today was a productive day. We got up around 9:30 (after staying up late to watch the first 4 episodes of the first season of ‘24’ that we rented from Blockbuster). I made some homemade bread and some banana bread while Andrew had breakfast and watched a little “Elmo’s World”. After cleaning up the kitchen, and pulling together and eating lunch it was time for Andrew’s nap, so Marc and I snuck two more ‘24’ episodes in before I headed to the grocery store. We finished cleaning, I made some egg brunch for tomorrow and pizza for dinner while Marc cleaned and vacuumed.

Currently we are watching the “Wedding Crashers”. It is so exciting that I am blogging during it. Yea, it stinks. Marc and I are thinking about just stopping it, but we keep saying – 10 more minutes.

Well, it’s time to put Andrew to bed…so then we’ll probably turn off this lousy movie and put in ‘24’. Yes, it is an addicting intense show and we are hooked!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Early Nesting?

Well, Andrew is feeling better - he slept through the night last night(still on cough meds but acting like his happy silly self). Things have been fine here. Wednesday evening we ran errands after work and got a few things checked off my "To do before baby comes" list.

Plus we bought Andrew mittens. This seems like a minor achievement, but I was very excited about it. You see, he got a pair of mittens early in the season, but our mitten clips from last year didn't hold up until this year....so needless to say, he lost one almost immediately. Well, apparently, once Thanksgiving comes, they take mittens off the shelves and start stocking swimwear or something. We hunted and hunted (even bought and returned a couple pair) for mittens and couldn't find ANY that fit him. Finally, after a little talking to from his teacher (about him not having mittens), I was determined to find him some AND mitten clips. So we ventured out to Burlington Coat factory (I had already tried Target, Kohl's, Meijer, Wal-Mart, etc...) And lo and behold there were mittens in his size and a good color AND they already were attached to each other with a long string to go through the coat! (I know you are thinking that she is totally pathetic to be so excited about it....but well, I was....so there). And Andrew got all the way home before ripping the mitten off the string. Yes, you read that right. "Mitten Bwoken?". Yes, child, you bwoke your brand new mitten. Fortunately, it wasn't anything a little sewing machine magic couldn't fix. And now, after a stern talking to about how to take off the mittens, the mittens are as good as new and he actually enjoys wearing them. Aaahhhh....life is good.

Last night we had one of Marc's buddies who was in town on business stay with us. Since we saved the cost of the hotel room, he got to take us out to a nice dinner at Lonestar. I was a little hesitant since our Lonestar is known for it's poor service, but we were pleasantly surprised and the food was great. We even have some for dinner tonight. Then the big boys were up super late playing, so gave the little boy a tub and called it an early night.

Not a lot is planned for tonight or this weekend for that matter. I am hoping to get more of my "before baby comes projects" done along with the usual home maintenance...laundry, cleaning, etc...

Have a great weekend.

Oh, I almost forgot....I got my baby sling in. I am VERY excited about this as well. I got one of these after much sling research which all pointed that these were the best for the money. I figure since I have a very busy toddler, something like this will probably come in very handy. I may have to take it this weekend to my friend's and try it out on her new baby. I thinking of selling my older (but practically new) baby carrier on ebay.

Ok, now you can have a good weekend.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What a night.

Well, our night was as expected...horrible.  LIttle man up often in tears and when he wasn't he was coughing and thrashing.  Of course, this morning, he's as happy as a jaybird and you can't tell a thing is wrong with him.  What in the world?   Needless to say, Marc and I are tired today. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

When will these kids learn to STOP SPREADING THEIR GERMS!

First of all, none of my readers must be Prince fans since I totally botched up the lyrics a few posts ago.  It's Little Red Corvette....not Raspberry Beret.    Apparently, I am not a huge Prince fan myself. 
This weekend was nice...  We had church Sunday morning, and then just kind of vegged/napped the rest of the day with a little housework mixed in.  I discovered a new treat that I LOVE but it gives me heartburn something fierce.   I put a little peanut butter, chocolate chips and butterscotch chips in a bag and nuke until soft and mixable.   Then I pipe over slices of banana.  Pop it all in the freezer for about 15 minutes....and wow - yummy!  I've been flying through my bananas (that I originally bought to make more banana bread). 
Also, Andrew seemed to have woke up Monday morning with a cold.  Man, I feel like every time he turns around he's got something.  It isn't anything severe...just a stuffed up drippy nose.  It really hasn't seemed to have slowed him down at all.   SO he was a little clingier yesterday, took a super long afternoon nap and seems to be feeling better already.   We put him in the tub last night and pulled out the tub crayons that he got for Christmas from one of my aunts....man, the kid LOVED them!  He would color all over the walls and floor of the tub for a minute, and then hand it back to me for a "dipperent color" (I would only give him one at a time).  I would ask him which color he wanted and it was always "Ye-wo"...even if he had yellow already in his hand.  And after the tub...they just wiped away, it was wonderful!  Although, I can already tell they will not last long. A) They will dissolve quickly and B) Andrew is hard on them
Last night, was just a regular night.  Leftover roast for dinner and a little working around the house.  Although, Marc and I have totally gotten sucked into the show "24".  It's on something like its fifth season and we've never seen in.  Then Sunday night was the 2 hour season premiere concluding with another 2 hours last night...and well...Marc and I were glued to our seats.  Man, it’s an intense show.  They had to put commercial breaks in just so we would remember to breathe.   So now, Marc wants to go to Blockbuster or the library and get the first 4 seasons to watch.
Today is a rainy rainy day....a good soup day.  I was going to take Andrew out and run some errands this morning, but decided against it due to the weather.  So instead we visited Baby Noah for a few minutes before work. 
Speaking of work.... I am not going to go into boring details, but a possible part-time, better paying, more exciting position has opened up here at the hospital.  It's a LONG shot in my eyes due to many many things need to fall in place for me to get it, but I put in my transfer application and we'll see where it leads.  Like I said, I am not holding my breath, I actually have mixed feelings since I would love to be home with my kids....but if I am going to be working after this baby comes, this is the position I would like.  If it works, it's a total God thing, and if it doesn't, no tears will be shed.

Ok, well I started this post at work and now it is 11:30 pm.  Little man is in bed next to be because he has been coughing non-stop since he went to bed and therefore waking himself up and well, is not a real happy kid.  So I might be in for a long night.  That being said….good night…or at least, ‘Night.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Better late than never...right?

Ok - I am not sure what happened to me. I went from being a picture taking fiend, to hardly grabbing my camera. So I know these are a little late. Sorry 'bout that.
I am also still on our loaner computer so I have no photo editing software to crop or get rid of redeye at the moment.

The Dykstra Family Christmas

My Dad's gift wrapping skill

Of Course the Box is the most fun.

Andrew got the hang of unwrapping real quick.

My Little Elf - he loved that hat

Andrew running back and forth (over and over - saying "ready, set, GO!") in his elf hat and "Biderman" slippers.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Marc's Seven In Seven

Ok, my hubby wanted to post his sevens, so here goes… This is his first historic involvement in the blog as he doesn’t even read it.

Seven things I want to do before I die:
  1. Travel to Europe

  2. Watch a Vikings game (winning of course) in person in the Viking’s stadium

  3. Make sure family all know Christ

  4. Retire  (yes, just retire)

  5. Coach my sons in basketball at any level

  6. Go on fishing trip with sons

  7. Go deep sea fishing (preferable while on a cruise)

Seven things I cannot do:
  1. Be organized

  2. Eat vegetables (other than corn)

  3. Dunk a basketball

  4. Cook

  5. Do mechanical car work

  6. Handle smelling puke

  7. Catch more fish than Keith.  (He cheats)

Seven things that attract me to my wife:
  1. She’s beautiful

  2. She’s funny

  3. She wishes good things for everyone

  4. She wants to grow spiritually

  5. Great with Andrew

  6. She takes care of me

  7. She’s perfect.

Seven things I say most often:
  1. Please?

  2. How about now?

  3. Now?

  4. Dang.

  5. Hey Monster (referring to Andrew)

  6. Vikings Suck, I’m picking a new team (but I never do)

  7. I have a plan

Seven favorite series/books/authors: (ok, only five.)
  1. Louis L’amour

  2. Bible

  3. USA Today

  4. In Fisherman

  5. Sports Illustrated

Seven movies I watch over and over:
  1. Matrix (I, II)

  2. Lord of the Rings (I, II, III)

  3. Batman Begins

  4. Happy Gilmore

  5. Nothing to Lose

  6. Tommy Boy

  7. You’ve Got Mail (don’t judge me).

What?! I'm having a baby?!

It’s Saturday night, I guess that makes it alright…..um…sorry. Raspberry Beret is in my head.  

So, it was a busy week after all.  Wednesday evening we went to the hospital and saw the new baby.  He is ADORABLE.  And I am not just saying that because you say that about babies.  He is truly a cutie and very “boy” looking.    All the way there, Andrew kept saying, “Baby Noah!” over and over and when we finally got to their floor, he just yelled it.   Well, I guess he announced we were coming.

Thursday morning we had Andrew’s 21mo. well baby appt.  (He’s 22 mos, but we are a month behind somehow).  Anyway, it went awful.  There were no shots involved and he was perfectly healthy, but last time he was there….only couple weeks ago…he had to get a full work up including a catheter.  (Yes, you read that right).   So needless to say, he was a happy little boy until they started checking him out.  Then you would have thought we were pulling his toe nails out one by one.  It was very heartbreaking.  I do not hear him cry that hard too often.   He recovered shortly after and was back to my happy boy soon, but man, it was NOT a fun visit.   So, for those who are interested…his stats are height – 36 ¾ inches (=36mo old) and weight – 30lbs & some odd oz. (=33mo old).    That night we worked around the house, I made a tag blanket for the new baby, & watched some TV.

And I must confess – I got a little hormonal and stressed out Thursday because after seeing my friends’ new baby yesterday, it really dawned on me that I am going to have a baby soon and I was more than just “pregnant” and all the things that I felt I needed to do yet hit me like a Mac truck and I started to freak out a bit.  Marc had compassion for me and took part of my share of our chores for me so I could relax a bit.

Friday, we didn’t do anything to exciting.  Both Marc and I had very stressful days.  Mine was physically challenging as it was super busy and I felt like I walked miles and miles (all this while carrying large charts and pregnant).  And Marc had to take many tests, so his was mentally challenged and we were both just totally drained.  I did manage to do a small amount of grocery shopping after work, which led to a gourmet dinner of pigs in a blanket & spinach salad.    Andrew was acting very “two” and with both of our patients being thin, the poor guy was in trouble every time he turned around.    Once he was in bed, I took my tea and nice warm bath and went to bed.

This morning we all slept in until 10:30.  Yes – 10:30.  Granted, Marc was up late with Andrew, I was up in the middle of night for a couple hours after getting up with Andrew (couldn’t sleep for some reason, got up, snacked, got online, etc….).    So we all seemed to need it.  Then we worked around the house most of the day.   I worked mostly in the kitchen, making pizza sauce and 2 pizzas, and homemade cinnamon rolls.  I also finished the grocery shopping and prepped some of that food for our freezer.  Marc did laundry and general working around the house.  Andrew was much more behaved today.

We then packed up one of the pizzas, a homemade macaroni and cheese dinner, and the cinnamon rolls and headed over to our friend’s to see the new baby.   Did I mention how cute he is?  Tonight, we ate the other pizza (Yes, we ate pizza again.  We eat it about once a week….get over it!)  Marc and I played a little Canasta once little man went to bed and now we are just vegging out in front of the TV.  (Man, we sound like an old couple).

Ok, this was more of any update post vs. anything real exciting to read.  But that is what we’ve been up to.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Seven In Seven

I was tagged by Dawn for this one. My answers are not necessarily in any order.

Seven things I want to do before I die:
  1. Raise my children to be strong Christian men (and women if a little girl should ever happen)

  2. Play with my Grandchildren

  3. Visit New York City

  4. Visit Baltimore, Maryland

  5. Learn how to play my guitar

  6. Own my own company (preferable something from home maybe online)

  7. Get my home truly organized and keep it that way

Seven things I cannot do:
  1. Watch scary movies

  2. Eat calamari where the tentacles are still attached

  3. Ignore my son when he says, “Big big hug?”

  4. Pay full price for most “Convenience Foods”

  5. Stay on top of my laundry

  6. Understand the phrase, “Believe you me”.

  7. (Sorry I am stealing this one) Keep plants alive.  Although I am tempted to try to grow some window sill herbs.

Seven things that attract me to my husband:
  1. His eyes

  2. His humor

  3. His sarcasm (yes, I sometimes I wonder why now…but it did attract me to him)

  4. His generosity (makes me feel like a scrooge sometimes)

  5. The way he really cares for me and others.

  6. His desire to continue to grow in Christ

  7. His happy dance (his son also does this)

  8. Bonus:  This didn’t attract me to him since he wasn’t a dad yet, but I wanted to add it too since it applies:  He’s a great dad and the kiddo LOVES him!

Seven things I say most often:
  1. Andrew, where are you?  (not that I have actually lost my child…but it’s a game in our house)

  2. Not for Andrew’s hands.

  3. Please help, Mama.  (This is asking Andrew to use his words vs. just whining for something)

  4. This house is a mess and I am tired.

  5. No fit!  Do you want to go to bed?  (Yes, he starting to be a terrible two)

  6. Andrew, How much do I love you?  (He spreads his arms and says, “Miss Must!” This Much)

  7. No Touch!  (Could apply to Marc or Andrew.)  ;)

Seven favorite series/books/authors:
  1. The Zion Chronicles by Bodie Thoene (Makes me grateful for everyday I have with my child!  I can’t recommend enough.  Stuck in my head forever.

  2. The Left Behind Series by Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins

  3. The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

  4. John Grisham Books

  5. All Dr. Seuss Books

  6. Becky Tirabassi

  7. You are Special by Max Lucado

Seven movies I watch over and over:
  1. Moulin Rouge

  2. Newsies

  3. Monsters Inc (not by choice – it’s my kid’s favorite movie)

  4. Nothing to Lose

  5. My Fair Lady

  6. Beautiful Mind

  7. Music Man

Seven people I tag to do this: I am on a loaner computer and don’t have my favorites with these links handy.  Couldn’t find them after a quick search either.  Will post soon, but you know who you are…  
  1. Sarah

  2. Jill

  3. Jen

  4. Kris

  5. Kelly

  6. Carol

  7. Ryan - DB9Someday  (Do you have a blog?  You have a profile…but I’ve never seen a blog…but I needed a 7th.)


OK, I know my last post stated we didn't have much going on this week....well....I must have been full of it, because it's been busy.  Monday we found out we were having an overnight guest on Tuesday, so we have to hustle in high gear to get our guest room presentable.  It's still needs a lot of work, but due to my sewing stuff, my scrapbook stuff, all the stuff that got moved in there when we redid the other room....it was a job past due.
Tuesday I got a call in the morning that my friend Kari was in the hospital working on having her baby!  So I was on the phone in the morning and poor kiddo just stuck (well, heaven for him) watching TV and eating animal crackers so mama could talk in peace.  Not one of my proudest parenting moments.  I cut out of work early then and went to the hospital to visit.  Still no baby and one busy toddler, so we didn't stay too long.  We went home, met Ryan who was staying with us, and waiting for THE phone call.  Of course, wouldn't you know....that is the night that our phone rang 1700 times!    Finally at 8-ish I called the hospital room to find out if we needed to let thier dog our (ok, an excuse to find out what was going on!!) and they had thier baby boy!!!   Noah.  It was too late to head over that night since Marc was going to play basketball and it was only 15 minutes before kiddos bedtime.  But I made some calls for them and ended up chatting most of the evening on the phone.
So, today (I can hardly wait) we are heading to the hospital after work to see the new baby.  Andrew and I did a little shopping this morning for him.  We got materials to make the baby his own tag blanket.  It was fun this morning, explaining to Andrew while we were shopping for material to make a tag blanket for Noah, how Noah needs a "B" just like Andrew does.  So Andrew was picking up that it was Noah's "B".   Then we hit Kohls and I used some Kohls money and got Noah a cute little outfit for next fall/winter and some undershirts for Andrew. 
Which means, tomorow, I will be doing all the things that I should have been doing this week so far....like laundry, pay bills, cleaning, etc...   This has turned into a busy week after all and it's only Wednesday.  Ok, just got more worked handed to me, so I gotta run with no proofing.

Monday, January 9, 2006

Where's the soap?

Well, I hope you had a nice weekend.  Ours was productive.   Saturday,  I ran some errands while Marc worked around the house.  We did some rearranging and finally did something with our abandoned room downstairs.   It was a big big job and have to give Marc all the credit because he worked hard on Saturday (and more on it yesterday).  It still needs work, but it's so much better.  Plus we got our Christmas decor down....which believe it or not, is nice to have the space back.  I really like how it's all looking.  Oh, but I have to tell you.  Andrew said his first naughty word this weekend, thanks to Marc.   Now, let me preface by stating that we are NOT a swearing family.  It takes quiet a bit to pull one out of us but we are human as well and well, "it" happens on occasion.  This was one of those occasions for Marc.   I was in the same room and I didn't even hear it (he was trying to get all the entertainment center wiring hooked back up).  However, apparently our son did and promptly repeated it.  Lovely.
Speaking of Andrew....he's taken on a second persona.   He has his sweet delicate little Andrew voice that asks for "More Milk Mama?"  and says, "Hi Dorothy" back to Elmo.  Then he has this deep growling voice that sounds like he should be the announcer at a Monster Truck Rally.  The guy who yells over the commercials for them and says, "Coming this Sunday! SUNDAY!".  This voice pops up quiet often and he makes the funniest face during it....his lips pucker out and his eyebrows furrow.    And then....lately, he's also been calling me "Mom".   Not Mama, not mommy, just Mom.   Kid!  You are not even two!  Stop sounding like your thirteen!   I AM MAMA to you!  I am not ready to be "mom".   Mom comes before things like, "I need $20" or "can I borrow the car?" or "can I bring my dirty laundry home?".   Nope, not ready to be "mom" yet!
But I have to tell you what he was doing today in school.  It looked like so much fun I wanted to stay and play.  The teachers took plastic little dinosaurs and put them in dixie cups, then poured plaster of paris over them and let them harden.   They got to "dig" out the dinosaurs today with popsicle stick chisels and plastic hammers.  What a creative fun idea!
Anyway, back to this weekend, Sunday was church in the morning, more working around the house, a nice roast dinner (not pizza!) and a naptime in the afternoon, then Community groups in the evening.    I don't think much is going on this week, which I am thankful for.  Hopefully I can knock out a few more things off my big catch-up-from-the-holidays to do list.

Friday, January 6, 2006

Gimme an X, Gimme a Y, Gimme a Z!

Yes, tea for me.  I've tried tea other times mostly because the flavors sound so appealing. Apple Cinnamon Spice, Warm Raspberry, etc...   But every time, it still taste like tea.  So I was very wary about trying this chamomile tea.  And y'know what?  It was pleasant.  Nice, even.  I even had 2 cups.  I sweetened it with a little honey, did my usual stretching before bed and slept like a baby with no heartburn.  My restless legs were even better (Not gone, but better).  Now, I am not stating the tea was sole reason, but since it wasn't horrible to drink, I will definitely be trying it again.
Funny thing is is that Andrew has learned to cover his ears when the tea pot is whistling.  It is so cute.   He will cover them until I take the water off, then put his arms down and say "Aw betta".  He also totally impressed me today when in the car he just started singing his ABC's and actually got through it.  It wasn't all clear, but you could definitely pick out points to know that we was making his way through the song.  I had him do it again, to be sure.  He especially emphasizes XYZ, practically screaming those.  My little genius.
The last couple nights haven't been anything too exciting.  Just slowing working on getting our house back in a livable state.  We made a decent dent yesterday, but it still has a LONG way to go.  We have the Dresslers coming over for pizza tonight, so not much will get done, so tomorrow will be a big day.  Hopefully we will get our Christmas decor down as well.  (Except for our village.   That is a "winter village" and therefore can stay up until April).    Have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 5, 2006

Tea for Me

I am going to try Chamomile Tea tonight.  My midwife recommended it for my restless legs, so I've been doing some research on the tea and wow...the internet makes it sound like the cure-all.  You name it, chamomile will cure it.  So I am hoping that I like it because if so, it could help relieve my legs, my heartburn and my trouble sleeping at night, plus a plethora of other healthful benefits.   I'm not a tea person, so here's hoping for the best.  I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Happy New Year

Ok, it's been a while. Last I posted was Friday when I actually had a moment at work to catch my breath. However, that soon ended because that day ended up being the busiest day since I've worked here. It was pure craziness!! I was practically running through the hospital halls and at one point had the rest of the team helping me. I just collapsed once I got on that shuttle bus back to my car.

We then packed up and headed to Ohio, where we had a nice, somewhat busy, weekend with my family. We also got spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. So thank you, thank you, thank you. Saturday morning, we got up and had our Christmas. However, since Andrew needed to help unwrap every gift and then we had to actually open every gift and play with every gift, this process took quiet a while. In fact, we broke for lunch and naptime and came back to it. That evening, we went to a New Years Eve party for a few hours, but came home to put Andrew to bed around 9-ish. Then we put in Batman Begins and I fell asleep. I did get woke up at the stroke of midnight and wished a Happy New Year, which I was able to mumble back before I drifted off again. Andrew slept terrible the first two nights. So he was in bed with me and Marc was on the couch. At one point the second night, Marc just put Shrek in the laptop at like 2 in the morning just to get him to stop crying. Not parenting advice I'd recommend on a regular basis, but sometimes ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. The third night, after wearing the poor kid down, he took a late nap and then still slept all night in his own bed until 10 AM! And then we still had to wake him up. Man, he was tired!

That's because Sunday was a busy one!! We played hooky from church in the morning, because we knew it was going to be a long one and wanted to make sure kiddo got his nap in so that he wasn't totally unbearable. Then we went to family Christmas get together for lunch in the afternoon. Andrew got this toy you sit on and make it go with your feet which he loves. But it has a button that sings, "Do you know the muffin man?". Oh my goodness, we are all SO TIRED of that song. We left there, and praise the Lord Andrew fell asleep in the car because we had to go back to my folks, unpack the SUV, repack it and head to another Christmas get together. Andrew slept the whole time...even well after we arrived there (which would be hard to do since this family has 5 rowdy boys/men plus some wives, kids, friends, etc...) It was fun but a crazy loud place. Well, we left there but not before receiving MATCHING sock monkey PJ pants. Yes, that is right folks. My mom, my dad, Marc, myself and Andrew all have matching light blue sock monkey PJ pants. It's funny.

Monday, we took it a little easier and just hung out most of the day with trip out to do a little bunk bed shopping (which we found one) and get lunch at the Kewpee. Of course we had to stay for the big OSU game that evening, so we didn't hit the road until 8-ish. Dad brought home pizza from work for dinner and shockingly Andrew would not eat any of it. Very bizarre, but I was very thankful because on the trip home.....he decided to pull a "Christmas Eve" on us and puked everywhere. So once again. We were pulled into a lot, using all our wipes to clean him up enough to get him out of the car seat, digging through the PACKED car finding spare clothes, blah, blah, blah, etc... yea, it was bad. Marc and I took turns taking swipes with the wipes then dry heaving. The aroma all the way home was lovely. So the car seat is in the garage after getting 'febreezed' again since I can't figure out how to remove the cover to wash it and we are using the old car seat for the time being.

Yesterday, was and OB appt, work, some laundry, bills and a few other odds and ends, but not much else. That's for tonight. This morning, we got our tags renewed, played at the mall, did a little grocery shopping all before work. Tonight, hopefully we will get some unpacking done (not that I know where I will put all of it.).

By the way, Marc is currently on his way to Best Buy again because as it turns out, our laptop is not fixed. We got it back the day before we left for OH and well, it's still not working properly. However, Marc was told that this time they would put a RUSH on it. Which means, "It will get done in half the time and they will do a better job". Yes, that is the quote. WHY DIDN'T THEY DO THAT BETTER JOB TO BEGIN WITH!!?? Needless to say, Marc is royally fed up with them. (I don't even think I posted about the whole fiasco with previous loaner laptop...but just know...it's wasn't pretty).

Ok, enough of my novel. If you've made it this far - have a great day!
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