Thursday, June 30, 2005

Diligence is quite a virtue, working hard will never hurt you...

So, 8th day on the job....I totally overslept. It wasn't until our sitter knocked on the door and sent our dog in a tizzy, did I wake up running all the way downstairs in a robe yelling, "CRAP, CRAP, CRAP..." Fortunately, from the night before, I had all my clothes laid out, my bag & lunch packed, the coffee maker timer set, my shower taken, etc... So literally I just had to get dressed, slap my hair in a ponytail and threw my make-up in my bag. Yes, I was one of THOSE ladies yesterday, that was putting on eye liner at stop lights. But...I made it work on time.

So, I've been called Copy Girl twice in my 8 days on the job. Love it.

So, currently whenever you ask Andrew a "where is" question, he lifts his hand up and almost shurugs as he makes his voice raise "huh?" It's very cute. Right now he is brushing his teeth with his Elmo battery toothbrush. Well, more like sucking the water off the tip.

Well, I've clipped my pedometer on the last couple days since I walk, walk, walk, walk, walk at work to see what kind of progress I am really making. Yesterday, I walked a total of 8800 stops and some change. Today it's only 8pm and I'm at 8200. And both yesterday and today were light days. The day before yesterday, I bet I logged 10,000 in the afternoon alone. Supposedly, if you walk 10,000 steps a day, it's equal to a daily workout or approx. 5 miles. At least according to this site. So, now I won't have to feel guilty about not working out. :)

Ok, well, I need to start working around here. Have a nice night.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Mini Cooper is adorable!

I just found out that someone else's blog, the Mini Cooper, has my blog on their link list. Very cool!

the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Wow - it's been a while since I've updated this blog. I'm not even sure without looking when I posted last. This past weekend, Andrew and I went to my cousin's wedding in OH. It was beautiful and I was honored to be the matron of honor. It was a very busy weekend. And I was exhausted afterward. Oh, and I had to give a toast that kinda freaked me out at first, but I think I pulled something together that was really nice. In fact, I was kinda proud of it, then come to find out, nobody could hear me. Oh well, the bride heard it and that's all that mattered. So, other that we've been busy with the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The Good: My Job.
So far, I really like it. The people are great, the work really isn't bad and the day flies by. Everyone has been wonderful to me and treat me like the job I do is very important although almost anyone could be doing it. And beleive it or not, even though the job is simple, I am really enjoying it and feel like it's important and worth my time. Right now, I have been going downtown to either our "Towers" facility or our "Butterworth" campus in the mornings. Then I go to our "Blodgett" campus in the afternoon. So it makes the day go really fast. And I've been super busy trying to learn everything and getting myself set up on all the software, getting all of my contacts set up, etc... But I feel like at home it's just crazy. Both Marc and I are tired in the evenings and only what's absolutely necessary gets done. So things like laundry, vacuuming, grocery shopping, etc... is being put off. Andrew seems to be doing fine with a sitter all day. Although he's more cranky in the evenings and wants constant attention. (another reason it's hard to get anything done in the evenings).

The Bad: Automobiles.
Our Taurus needs some fixing up and will be getting worked on this Friday. It's nothing too bad or too expensive but needs to be done none-the-less. Well, this past weekend, Marc went down to his Uncle Arts and the Escort broke down and had to have a belt replaced. So fortunatly, Marc's uncle allowed him to take his truck back up here while the Escort was left at a body shop. Monday morning, the truck wouldn't start, so AAA came out and jumped Marc but told him the battery was dead-dead, so we had to replace his battery. Marc then went down to get the Escort and was told that the brakes and roters will need to be fixed real soon, too. YIKES!! All at once! Good thing I'm working, I guess. (Although after submitting my benefits worksheet, I'm pretty much working for benefits only). :)

The Ugly: Here

So tonight, Marc went out fishing, I just put little man to bed after a few chocolate chip cookies. I am updated this blog, paying bills, checking e-mail etc... Nothing too exciting. I still need to pack up for a busy work day tomorrow, get Andrew's gear together for the sitter and get the house picked up. But I think I'll wait until Marc gets home to start working too hard. Ok, have a nice night.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Short Hair = Plump Cheeks

So, my mop head little boy turned into a clean cut pudgy cheeked little man. Yes, my friends, Andrew got a hair cut today. I wish I had a before and after picture to show you, but this evening was so busy that his haircut was just another "thing" on my list and I didn't stop to grab my camera. See, last time we got his hair cut he didn't do well at all and wiggled so much his little ears got nicked and it took a long time and was just kinda miserable. So I put it off and put it off and put it off and it had grown and grown and grown. Well, now it's, obviously, summer and hot and his hair was EVERYWHERE and we have a wedding this weekend. So I sucked it up and hit our local walk-in haircut place since our normal girl who cuts it just had a baby. The hair lady did a GREAT JOB! Andrew did really well and they had him in and out in 20 minutes. She was great with him. He sat on my lap and ate graham crackers. If I had known it would go well, I would not have waited until his hair threatened to take over. But now his short little hair make his cheeks seem plumper.

Well, today was my first real day on the job and other than it being a full day, it was good. And being a full day wasn't even that bad (I came home for lunch), except for the fact that I had so much to do tonight. I had to run by the babysitter's home since Marc got home early and took her home, but I had her babysitting money. Then I got home, picked up Andrew and headed out for his haircut. We picked up a $5 pizza for dinner and headed home. After dinner, and with a super tired toddler, I packed up for this weekend. Then we got things together for tomorrow and got the place picked up for the sitter tomorrow. So, now I'm going to head to bed here shortly.

Tomorrow I am again at work all day which includes a staff meeting around noon so I will meet a lot of people (and get to re-live the lovely code of conduct video). Oh, by the way, for those of you who were interested....I 'shadowed' in my area for a half day today and only about a 1/3 of that was on my actual job of chart copies and um...I got it down already. Crazy, I know. I must be a quick learner. Anyway, back to tomorrow, after work, we will pack the car and Andrew and I will head to OH for the wedding where the whole weekend promises to be busy busy busy. So I probably won't write for a few days.

Well, I need to get to bed. 'Night.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Go Pistons!

How do/did you full time mom's do it? I even got home today at 4:30, and I still feel like I've been super busy getting dinner on, getting the house decent and laying everything out (clothes, food, etc...) for the babysitter, getting my own stuff put together for tomorrow, etc... Of course, I need playtime with Andrew I am tired. I think it's all done for tonight other than me jumping in the shower.

Andrew stayed with Kelly and Zach today. Poor little Zach found out today that he has the Croup. So here's hoping he feels better quickly and that Andrew doesn't get it. Although, Kelly did such a good job with sanitization that I highly doubt he will. Thanks again, Kell.

Today was more orientation classes, but more applicable for me....such as benefits, 403B (same as 401K), etc... I'm really not sure what I'll be doing tomorrow. I'm just showing up and we'll see.

Detriot is playing right now in TX and it's a win or go home game. GO PISTONS!!

Well, I don't feel like this is a very exciting blog tonight. Sorry if I bored you and if you expected to be online longer reading an exceptional entry, you can at least stay online a little bit longer playing here.

Monday, June 20, 2005

We survived.

I made it, Andrew made it, the babysitter made it, we all survived....but BOY AM I TIRED! It was a loooooonnnnngggg day of sitting through orientation hearing about the company, diversity, workplace violence, conduct code, patience privacy, HIPPA, safety, parking, yada, yada, yada. At least I get out tomorrow at 3:00.

So as soon I got home, I immediately changed and we played out in the pool for a while until Marc got home.

Tomorrow we have to get up SUPER early. Kelly has been wonderful and offered to watch him even though her little man isn't feeling too hot and neither is she. But she was our only THANK YOU, Kelly. We will have to leave our house around 6:45 AM. So I have to get up around 6:00 AM. Did you read that?! 6:00 AM!! I hope I sleep better than last night.

Man, even though I just sat there all day, all energy was totally sucked out of me. (Marc had a hard tiring day, too.) Fortunatly, I remembered to pull out a pan of enchalatas yesterday, so dinner was easy. Then we all took a short walk so that we didn't fall asleep at 8:00. I've pulled together everything for Andrew and myself for tomorrow. I just need to shower and fall into bed. (I know I sound like a MAJOR WUSS).

Ok, well, I need to go. Have a nice night.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

It's my Blog & I'll stomp if I want to.


I know that if I think about it logically and rationally that it will be totally fine and Andrew will be fine and the extra income will be great and (here's one I hate when I hear - insert nasally voice here), it will be goooood for me. I still don't want to go and it's my blog and I can throw a fit if I want.

All right, I'll be fine. I live with a big baby (sometimes two), what do you expect? So tomorrow is the big day. My first day of work. Would the Darth Vader Imperial March theme song be appropriate here? I have to be up tomorrow no later than 6:30 am. AAUUGH! Yes, I know that many of you reading this will not feel sorry for me because you have to be up at 6:30 everyday, but let me state again for the record....THIS IS MY BLOG!! Get your own blog and you can not feel sorry for me there. Fiesty, I am.

Ok, so back to tomorrow. The babysitter will be coming over early and I will be heading off to orientation. I think I am ready. I have my HUGE stack of paperwork filled out. And I have everything for Andrew laid out from clothes, to food, to sunscreen, to lists, etc... I pray he does ok for her, especially with the whole changing his sleep pattern and everything. If it goes well, he should sleep in for her a bit tomorrow (which means I won't see him before I leave...*sniff*). Anyway, I should be home around 5:30 tomorrow (my guess, I really have no clue). At least tomorrow is casual, I can wear jeans.

Well, today was Father's Day. We had a nice roast for lunch then Marc went fishing with Andy this afternoon. Andrew & I hung around at home and worked on his new nap schedule (went so-so) and got ready for tomorrow.

Also, the Pistons are on again tonight. Series is 2-2, this is Detroit's last home game. They need this and they are currently down by 5 with 3:28 left in the 3rd. GO PISTONS!!

Ok, I need to go to bed. Got an early one tomorrow. Pray for us. Thanks!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Date? What's that?

Guess what we did last night?! We had a date night! Yes, that is right. We shelled out the dough, got a babysitter, and stayed up WAY past our bedtime. It was kind of a last minute thing, so I am thankful our babysitter was available and willing (especially since she is going to be watching Andrew a LOT starting Monday). We went to the drive-in. The movies didn't start until 10:30 (had we known that I'm not sure if we would have gone since we were both tired before the 1st movie even started). We watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Star Wars III. Both were decent. Smith is a renter and Star Wars was cool seeing on the big screen. Definately the best of the new trilogy. However, they didn't get finished until 3 and we still had a good 45 minute drive home.

Then Marc decides that he is going to get Andrew and bring him into bed with us. But he needed a diaper change first which totally woke him up...then he thought our bed was a playground, then was terribly upset when we made him go back to his crib. He cried and I didn't sleep for another hour-ish. Thank goodness, he slept in today unti 9:30.

This morning, I made a bunch of waffles (mostly for the freezer) but some for our brunch today. I think Marc is going to head to Uncle Art's this afternoon for a little fishing and I have tons to do around the house....but I think I might sneek a nap first. (Although I was downing the coffee this morning, so I am not sure I'd be able to sleep even though I am tired).

We visited the day care center yesterday. It seemed nice. Not quite what I expected, but not bad either. I couple things might be issues for a little while, but I'm sure Andrew will be fine there. The majority of his time there each day is the center's nap time. That means we need to try now to get Andrew on their schedule which of course will now be up to our babysitters since I will be working full time the next couple weeks. We'll see how that goes. Another thing is, is they have the kiddo sleep on cots. I honestly can not image Andrew sleeping on a cot. A) why would he stay on a cot when he can get off it all by himself and there are toys and other kids in the room? B) If he does sleep, he is ALL OVER the place....he will hang or fall right off. I'm sure he'll adapt, but might be tricky for the workers for a little while. And finally, they don't use sippy cups there. They have small regular disposable cups they use. The day care was going to send some home with us to practice with, but we both forgot. I can send a couple sippy cups with him each day (they don't have hot enough water to legally wash dishes there or something like that), but it sounds like all the other kids just use these cups. Finally, since Andrew will be getting there each day right at nap time, the day care recommends that I get him there about 15 minutes earlier so that he can eat lunch with them too. This way he won't be showing up to this 'fun' place just to go to sleep. I can see their point on this one. However, I work in the same building and this means dropping him a 1/2 hour before my shift begins...what am I going to do during that time? Also, lunches cost an extra $1.25 p/day and now I am paying for the extra 15+ minutes of day care too...which adds up. So I'm not sure how we'll deal with that one. I totally see the day care's point and don't think they are just trying to squeeze and extra $40-ish out of us each month, but....that's $40-ish each month. Things that make you go Hmmmm.

Ok, well, I am going to sign off for now. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Woo Hoo

Ok, I think I think I've gotten over my "Security Blanket with Loops" issues for now. All I need to do now is contact them by the 29th and state that I will in fact "cease the manufacture, sale, advertising, marketing and distribution of the infringing blankets. This includes, but is not limited to, the removal of the items from the eBay website [] or from any other website." Did I mention that I e-mailed another E-bay seller of "like" blankets and mentioned the situation and she was never contacted by them. Ugh, I need to move on before I get mad again. was a very productive day. We got up this morning and I made banana muffins while Andrew ate breakfast during Sesame Street. Then we hit eye doctor to get my glasses fixed and then hit the post office. But we decided to go to the one in the mall rather than the one by our house. That way, little man could play in the play area. He found out he can now climb some steps that lead to a little slide and slide down on his tummy all by himself. So guess what he did....over and over and over and o.v.e.r. Then we hit Aldi's and did a full shopping trip. We got home and Andrew took a short nap, while I cleaned up, made 2 Egg Stratas and 3 Mac & Cheeses. We had 1 Mac & Cheese for dinner and everything else went into the freezer.

My goal is to have enough breakfasts, lunches, and dinners in the pantry/freezer before Monday, so that each day I can just pull out what we need. That will save the babysitter from having to rummage through my pantry to find little man breakfasts and lunches. And I can grab something easy for my breakfast and our dinner.

Anyway, later in the day, I went and got my TB test checked out. Good news, ladies and gentlemen...I am TB free!! We did NOT however, go to the day center tonight. Marc ended up working late so we rescheduled for tomorrow. It was a good thing actually, 'cause Andrew was down for his 2nd nap at that time and it was a long one. So tonight, we had Mac&Cheese for dinner, Marc mowed the lawn, little man got a much needed tub, some cookies were baked and eaten and now...once again....the PISTONS are on. And they are up 47-31!! Woo Hoo!

Speaking of Woo Hoo....have you see those Vontage commercials with the Woo Hoo song and the funny clips of "people do stupid things"? (If you want to hear the song click here, scroll down to "Listen to Samples" and click on number 5). Anyway, everytime Andrew hears that song or even if we start singing it, he starts dancing. It's SO funny! He bobs his head side to side and marches his little feet. Sometimes we'll even get a turn out of him. So cute!

Ok, not a real exciting post...but have a great night.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Why is everybody always picking on me??

OH - Get this!! I am on someone's blog's "Really Cool Blog" list! Yes, I am and didn't even know it. Check this out.... If Jack's Mom is reading this....HI!!!

So, I officially gave away my first "security blanket with loops" today because a good friend of ours had her baby. And the blanket didn't fall apart between our house and the hospital, so I am hoping for the best.

And now for the ongoing saga... If you are new, click here, here & here and especially here & you will be caught up.
You may have noticed the change in my "craft's" name. Well, I e-mailed the company mentioned in my previous blog and was pretty much told that I should have my lawyer ready should I continue to 'market' the item in question. I won't post the letter here, but it was serious business and their lawyer was copied also....... which is why I don't get this or this or this or this or this...and I could go on. WHY ARE THEY PICKING ON ME?????

But wait, there's more...when I google "Tag blanket" that company DOESN'T even come up until many pages down. AND if you do look at their website they stress that EACH TAG looks and feels different. NOT MINE! I offer two colors that feel EXACTLY the same!! Maybe my product was TOO good - y'right. I just don't get it.

Ok, enough ranting. On to the usual daily update. Today was a weird day. The weather went from super hot the last couple days to cold today and threatened to rain all day, then only did for a few minutes. No pool action for us today. So we hung around at home. Andrew was a doll and slept in for me today. It was heavenly. I pretty much worked around the house, made pancakes, baked oatmeal, mashed sweet potatoes and bourbon chicken for the freezer (we ate one of them tonight...Mmmmm). I also started to fill out the moutain of paperwork, but got bored once I finished the easy stuff that just required names and signatures. Then, like I mentioned above, we made a trip to the hospital to see a brand new baby boy names Harrison Phillip. He was a sweetheart.

Well, no new news regarding childcare. I think we have everything set up except for next Tuesday. So we're making progress, but still have work to do...please keep praying it all works out.

Tonight, after Andrew went to bed we made some cookies (we save the good stuff for after his bed time....isn't that was all parents do?) Then just vegged out. Marc is out jogging right now.

Tomorrow looks to be a somewhat busy one. The ongoing childcare issue, I have to get my TB test checked, and I need to hit Aldi's and the post office. I would like to get a few more things made for our freezer (plus to take some dinners over to the new baby's mom and dad). Of course there is the never ending pile of clean clothes just waiting to be folded and put away. I need a folding fairy. Then I think we are going to try to visit the day care center tomorrow when Marc gets home and check it out.

Ok, I've rambled enough. 'Night.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I can only take so much, right?

Portions of blog entry taken from e-mail sent today to blog reader…

I am itchy right now, since Marc just killed a spider. AUGH.

J’ever have one of those days where everything goes wrong? That is tonight and it made me literally want to cry. One of those nights where each minor occurrence alone wouldn’t make you bat an eye, but when one right after another happen over and over…well… I can only take so much. I won’t go into detail since, like I said, they are minor by themselves. But add them all up and boy or boy… I was ready to throw something. Anyway…

I was asked today…"Are you prepared to go back to work?"


I am thankful for the job and think I will be totally fine once I am part time and Andrew is in a set daycare situation. But I hate the idea of jumping back in for three weeks full time. There is no 'warm up' period. Plus, we still don't have Andrew's baby-sitting situation worked out yet and I start on MONDAY!! I just keep telling myself that it is temporary....but truthfully I am really dreading the next couple weeks. PLUS, I know that I am not the best housekeeper and remember what our home was like before when I worked full time without a child...I am not sure what to expect now. :) (But that is small beans and doesn't concern me much).

So.... to answer the question.... No, I am not prepared. I am hoping this week to make some dinners to stock the freezer (ha ha) before I start back to work, too. We'll see about that one. I went in today to get my health assesment, drug test, TB test, paperwork, etc...

We got in late last night (Andrew and I went to my Aunt’s this weekend since Marc had his Golfing trip). My aunt had emergency eye surgery last Friday, so we ended up staying an extra day on Monday to 'babysit' her and take her to Toledo for her doctor appt.

So today, I unpacked, got myself and the house cleaned up a bit, paid bills, played outside for just a little bit (it stormed for a while), and did a little grocery shopping. I am going to head off now and work on my tons of paperwork (new hire packet and Andrew’s daycare packet) or I might just veg for a while and call it a night.

So have a nice night.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Just Another Rainy Monday....Whoa Whoa

It's Monday and I am still in Ohio. We came down here to visit my family, but my Aunt ended up having emergency eye surgury Friday night, so I am babysitting her today. :) We will be driving to Toledo here shortly for her check-up appt.

It's been a good weekend. We got up here Saturday evening, and just hung out most of the night. But Sunday, we got a little swimming pool out and Gideon came over and the boys splashed around in the water for a good portion of the day (between rain). Our little man has the sneezes and a snotty nose. He's all plugged up too and sounds so sad when he's it trying to breathe while sleeping with a pacifier in his mouth. I think it just might be teething, but I really don't know.

Marc is currently golfing with his buddies. I haven't heard from him since Saturday (don't even think he knows I'm here), but I hope they didn't get rained out. Most of MI looks rainy on

Ok, this is short and not real exciting, but I don't have much to update one. Please continue to pray for our childcare situation. Thanks!!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Be Cool

Well, today started out rough. First of all, I was so stinking tired I could hardly move. I was up later than usual because I got home late, then Andrew went to bed late, which meant I had to stay up even later (because that is my time). Then I thought that since Marc was gone maybe I would try to have Andrew sleep in bed with me and snuggle him all night. So I got the bed all lined with pillows and snuck into his room and carried my limp (but wonderful) sleeping boy into my room. BIG MISTAKE! He never woke up, but boy, does he wiggle. I had feet in my side, draped over me, poking me, kicking I kept thinking, what if he does roll over the pillows. I did nod off here and there, but somewhere between 1 and 2 am, I carried him back to his own room.

THEN, I had one of those dreams about someone where you wake up the next morning MAD at that person. There is no way this person would do what I dreamed about, yet I was mad at them in the morning and almost called them just to hear that they were not the terrible person that I dreamt they were. So, when I did get up this morning, I had a TERRIBLE headache that lasted well into the afternoon.

Anyway, we got up and headed to a product testing this morning. It was another cracker test and only three samples. Since it was an easy product, we were outta there in like 15 minutes and got $20 in gift card money. Woo Hoo. Then I headed to Beaner's and used my free coffee card before hitting Aldi's for a few things. After Andrew's nap, we played in the pool for a while (it had rained earlier for about 5 minutes and felt like a rainforest outside). Andrew is getting a slight tan, so when it's tub time...he has a white's so cute. (The last sentence was totally something only a mom would say).

Tonight, Kari and Andy came over and we had Chinese takeout and watched Be Cool. It was a decent movie, but we stopped it like 10 times for different things so a 1:45 movie turned into 3 hours.

Tomorrow is a busy day, too. I will be going to my Aunts in the afternoon, so I need to pack us up (which can be a huge job itself), let Kari & Andy's dog out, hit a product testing, making brownies and prep veggies, and of outside in the pool with Andrew (my new favorite thing). So I might just leave the food until I get to my Aunts.

I just finished making two pans of rice krispy treats for Marc's golf outing this weekend and will be heading to bed soon. I probably won't write for a few days, so...have a great weekend!!

PS: Please continue to pray about temporary childcare for Andrew. Thanks!

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Oh, you SOOOO have to hear about this.

Ok, if you read any past posts you know that I posted a tag blanket on Ebay. Even made a website for them. I've Googled "tag blanket" before and found a couple sites you can get them, so I didn't think much of it. Well, my Ebay tag blanket was doing pretty good. It still had 2 days to go with 6 bids already and was up to $8.11. THEN.... I get an e-mail from Ebay saying:

We would like to let you know that we removed your listing:

8309731200 Tag Blanket - Soft & Soothing for Babies & Toddlers NEW

because the intellectual property rights owner notified us, under penalty of perjury, that your listing or the item itself infringes their copyright, trademark, or other rights. We have credited any associated fees to your account.

We have also notified the bidders that the listing(s) was removed, and that they are not obligated to complete the transaction .If you relist this or any other similar items on eBay, your account likely will be suspended.

If you believe your listing was ended in error, or have questions regarding the removal of this listing, please contact the intellectual property rights owner directly at:

Taggies, Inc.
e-mail address removed by

So, apparently, this Taggies place makes these blankets and NOBODY else can. What in the world? So my listing was pulled and I can never list it again. I think it's crap. Not even so much that I am out the $8.11 (or more), but that they went to Ebay to tattle on me for something I didn’t even know I was doing or even think is wrong (but what do I know?). I didn’t reference “taggies” in the ad, plus I totally claimed it was “homemade” and that “I wasn’t a professional seamstress”. In fact, there is STILL another listing by someone else on Ebay for their homemade tag blanket. However, this other person had 4 originally listed and now only one is listed…. so maybe “Taggies” got to her too. Even so, then why three of the four pulled? Makes no sense.

Who knows, maybe I should advertise my tag blankets as forbidden contraband and jack the price up? Can you tell I’m a bit irritated? It will pass soon, but I just happen to be logging on to blog, when I got the e-mail and Marc is out of town, so you get to hear (read) me gripe.

Anyway, on to a lighter note… Andrew turned 15 months today. And today was a busy day. We had our product testing this morning tasting crackers flavored as baked potatoes. They were pretty bad and we both like baked potatoes. Andrew wouldn’t eat them. Not sure why they would market that to toddlers anyway, but again…what do I know? Then my neighbor came over and gave me a facial and tried to hard sell me into becoming a Mary Kay rep. I looked great though!

When Andrew got up from his nap, we went outside and played in the pool for a while. Then we got somewhat cleaned up and hit four different day care centers. Oh, big praise… Andrew got in at the hospital day care center! Woo Hoo! The only thing is, they can’t get him in until the last week in July. So that means, we will be need childcare for 5 weeks (3 full time and 2 part time) until then. Anyway, we visit all the centers and go through the tours and get the packets, etc, etc, etc… THEN…Marc decides that he doesn’t want to put Andrew in a center and thinks that we can find care for him for those five weeks between all the people we know. AAUUGGHH. I love him, but what a MAJOR headache that would be. Prayer would be appreciated.

We get home and Andrew goes down for a late nap #2 and I get a few things done before Laura comes over to baby-sit and I head to a meeting at church. I got home around 9:30 and Andrew was wound tight! So we played outside with our neighbors for a bit before I put him to bed WAY past his bedtime.

So, now I am just hanging out, getting ready to go to bed. Marc went to Detroit and is watching Game 1 tonight with Ryan Sischo. (Current score as I type: 2:14 left in the 3rd, tied at 49). Go Pistons!!

Ok, despite my griping, today was really a nice day and not bad at all. You just caught me at a bad time. Try again tomorrow. Have a nice night!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

One Copy or Two?

It's Official. I am Copy Girl. Well, that's Miss Copy Girl to most of you and Queen Copy Girl to a few. I still have to call back tomorrow morning and accept the offer, but the plan is to say, "Yes, I will indeed be your new Copy Girl". I believe I will start the 20th of his month. So now the big question will be what to do with Andrew. Right now we are going to try to get him in at the hospital daycare. That would be the ideal situation...but there is a waiting list. So, I guess it is a wait and see thing. Your prayers would be appreciated.

Well, today we took one of Andrew's hard earned Meijer gift cards from product testing and actually spent it on him (that is besides the usual food and diapers). We bought a little swimming pool for our back deck and we spent some nice time out in the sun today in our swimsuits. He LOVED throwing Rocky at water (but not as much as Rocky loved getting water thrown on him) and would laugh and laugh. He looked so cute in his little swimmie diapers - like a baby speedo.

I got some banana bread made today too. Mmmmm. I also worked on my tag blanket website a bit....trying to figure out how to make it show up on search engines. Other than that, it was a regular ol' day. Marc worked on his boat for a while. He is spray painting it with Rustolium. He is not real brave and painted it "primer gray"...but it still looks better.

Tomorrow is looking like a busy one...sort of. We have a product testing from 9-10am, then a neighbor is coming over to give me a facial (she a new Mary Kay rep). Marc is heading to Detroit after work tomorrow to watch Game 1 with his friend Ryan. He'll crash there since it's a late game and head back early in the AM for work. I have a meeting at church tomorrow evening, but I may skip it just 'cause I don't really feel like making arrangements for Andrew. We'll see. Of course, we may just have to play in the water some more tomorrow, too. :)

Well, I need to shake a tower. (you'll get it)

Tuesday, June 7, 2005


Just a quick note here while Andrew eats lunch. Yes, it is almost 2 and he is just now eating lunch....why? Because he took a THREE HOUR nap today. And this is the second day in a row. And that's after sleeping a full 12.5 hours straight through last night. I guess he is making up for the first year of his life. I'm not compaining. He seems to be feeling fine and happy. So I got a lot done this morning. Cleaned, dishes, wash and hung a couple loads of laundry, organized our pantry, cleaned the oven and (drum roll please) even folded some clothes! Ta da!

Well, I think Andrew and will go play outside here shortly. I have a product test at 5 (just me without Andrew) then we are going over to some friends for dinner. Should be a nice night.

Have a great day!

Monday, June 6, 2005

Win or Go Home? WIN!!!


The Pistons won against the Heat tonight in a very exciting game! Woo Hoo!

Well, it's Monday....ok, almost Tuesday and we just finished watching Game 7. Now we're both planted on the couch watching the post game, more because neither of us want to get up. We were planning on having a little Pistons party tonight, but only Geoff showed up...and hour and half late. Kinda sad, but still a good night. I made homemade pizza, cookies and ice cream. Yes....that's right...HOMEMADE ICE CREAM! Mmmmmm!!

Today was another hot one. We actually turned the air on for a while (when we thought we might be having company), but turned it back off once the night air cooled a bit. I had another interview this morning for Copy Girl. This one was more like a real interview...more so than the last couple. I had a take a typing test, too. Come to find out I type 51 words per minute. I took 4 tests and was consistant at 50 and 51 each time. Not sure if that is good or not. The interview went fine. So we'll see and pray about it.

I stopped in this afternoon to my previous office with Charter Communications. It was really nice to stop in and see the ladies that I work with for so long. It had been too long since I stopped in and said HI.

Well, I think that is it for tonight. Go Pistons!

Sunday, June 5, 2005

Saturday, June 4, 2005

And I would walk 500 miles and I would, wait..I would only walk 1 CONE CITY, BABY!

Saturday...Could you use it in a sentence? On Saturday, I am going to the zoo.
Saturday...Could you give me the definition? The seventh day of the week
Saturday...Could you give me the origin? Latin
Ok, Saturday....S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y!


Ok, so did you hear about the national spelling bee championship? This kid, Anurag Kashyap, won by spelling "appoggiatura". What in the world? And he is only in 8th grade!! Turns out that appoggiatura is a musical term meaning "An embellishing note, usually one step above or below the note it precedes and indicated by a small note or special sign". That's one extra cirricular activity I am glad I did not participate in.

Today Marc got up early and headed down to Uncle Art's to fish. So Andrew and I hung out at home. We didn't do too much in the morning. But after Andrew woke up from his first nap and had lunch we walked down to Cone City and split a Jr. Cup of twist ice cream. (Which didn't seem like much after a mile walk in the hot sun and with still a mile walk home). So then we just played outside in the sprinkler with bubbles and a ball until Marc got home. It was time for Andrew's nap #2, so we all rested for a while until dinner time.

We had 1 leftover peice of chicken from last's night great dinner, so we had chicken salad in homemade tortilla bowls. (trust me...super easy - throw a tortilla between two bowls in the oven for a few minutes and cool). Anyway, it was really good. Got another big thumbs up from Mr. Picky. I was told to make it more often. Thanks once again, Kris.

Not much has happened tonight. The Pistons are on and it's a Win or Go Home scenerio for them, so we have our fingers crossed. (although so far they are doing pretty good). We got little man in the tub (he needed it desperately after peanut butter, sunscreen, and applesauce.) And we are sweltering. It's very hot and we haven't turned the air conditioning on yet.

Oh, and I officailly listed one of the tag blankets on Ebay. We'll see how it does. ;)

Friday, June 3, 2005

Like a Sticker on a Cat's Paw

It's Friday. And it was a beautiful one, t'boot. Andrew and I got up and headed out to run some errands shortly after breakfast this morning. We hit a grocery store that we normally do not shop, but they had milk on sale for $1.39 a gal./limit 2. So we went in and out twice and stocked up. Yes, we are milk drinkers. Then we hit the fabric store to get more ribbon for my project that I don't think I was meant to make. Then we hit Sam's for laundry detergent and do you know what? They got rid of thier 10lb bucket and went to two 50oz boxes. How crummy. I still bought it since I was there, but I'm thinking that's one more item I will start buying at Aldi's. Then home and Andrew went down for his nap while I did lots of dishes. (We were out of detergent for a day or two...yes, I know...people used to wash dishes long before dishwashers and dishwashing detergent were invented...blah, blah, blah.)

I pretty much just worked around the house the rest of the day and played with Andrew. I made some muffins for Marc. He is going to Uncle Art's tomorrow to go fishing for the day, so I wanted to pack him some food for the boat. We also had a great (and super-duper easy) dinner thanks to Kristin. She gave us a recipe for Bourbon Chicken without bourbon that was SO good. Even my super picky husband liked it enough to say that not only was it a "Keeper Recipe", but a "Company Recipe". Thanks, Kris!!

I also got my project done...actually four of them. I can tell you what they are now, since the person I am making it for and might check this blog is now officially on maternity leave and won't be checking (or if she does, she just won't be surprised). Anyway, I know of four babies to be born this summer. Two of them anyday now. So I am making tag blankets for them. Something like this or a picture of mine is posted below. My son LOVES his and I've heard other babies love theirs.

For a while I was thinking that I was NOT meant to make these blankets. As I mentioned a day or two ago, I got so frustrated with my first one that I threw it. Then I pulled myself together the next day to finish it and found out I was missing a totally went AWOL. Then, I realized that I only bought enough ribbon to make TWO of the four blankets. Hence my trip to the fabric store this morning. Then I finally had the hang of it, I put the last three blankets together quickly with no problem and finally started sewing when I ran out of thread in the middle of my first blanket. to Meijer I go. Anyway, low and behold, I have four Tag Blankets done. I know that two of the babies are supposed to be boys and two are unknown. I have two girl blankets and two boy blankets. So if the unknown are girls, I am all set...if not....I'll have to be busy with more blankets. (Although now that I have the hang of it, I don't feel I'll have to make them too far in advance anymore.)

After checking out the site listed above, maybe I should sell these puppies. Although professional seamstress I am NOT. But maybe once I get my new-to-me sewing machine, there will be some fancy stiches available that will help disquise my flaws.

Little Man Update: For the longest time, Marc has been trying to teach him "daddy" by first patting Andrew while saying "Andrew" (since he knows his own name) then patting himself while saying "Daddy". So now Andrew walks around patting HIMSELF saying Daddy (well, "dada"). We also are teaching him to show his muscles and moo like cow. Both of these are hit and miss, but when they happen it's SO cute! Today he also got his first band-aid from an owie other than shots. I'm not sure how he did it, but somehow he got a teeny cut on his finger from a cupboard he was playing in. Nothing major, but enough that he could have gotten A spot of blood on something. Since he was upset, I put a bandaid on it and got the BooBoo Bunny out. Well, once he had the bandaid on it, he was hilareous. He kept shaking his hand trying to shake it off. Then he would brush his hands together (We just taught him this last week so that he wouldn't come running to us everytime a blade of grass stuck to his hand). It was so funny. Kinda like sticking a sticker to a cat's paw. Needless to say, the bandaid didn't last long.

Anyway, little man is in bed after a super silly day which is everyday lately, Marc is in bliss since he borrowed Geoff's Playstation, and I am signing off for the night. Have a great weekend.

My "Security Blankets with Loops" Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Lotta Enchiladas

My neighbor is at it again...watering his lawn. Not with a sprinkler mind you. Just him and his hose. Everyday...watering, watering, watering. We wonder why he doesn't just invest in a sprinkler, instead of watering it all by hand. Silly guy.

Well, today was another hot day. It started when Jackie came over to watch Andrew and I went to a second interview at the hospital as a CopyGirl. It seemed to go well, so I am just waiting for a call (or I might have already got it, I am not sure and it's a long story). Anyway, so today, we have been doing math regarding childcare and income and is it worth it for me to work and what does childcare cost, etc... Things we probably should have done BEFORE I started interviewing.

Anyway, I got home and Andrew napped while I made 3 pans of enchiladas for the freezer. After lunch, Andrew and I went for a walk...WITHOUT the stroller. A real walk. And we got 2 houses away. He stopped non-stop for a crack in the sidewalk, to point to a tree, to walk in the other direction, to walk toward the street, to take off his shoes, to put on his shoes, to point at the airplane, etc... Believe it or not, it was a long walk for not getting anywhere. Then we came back and played in the sprinkler until we were nice and dripping.

He's also learning to give and blow kisses. It's kinda hit and miss, but when he does, it melts the heart. Especially being on the receiving end of the sloppy kiss.

Well, Marc is watching the Pistons at Geoffs and little man is in bed, where I will be soon. Have a great night.

Go PiSToNs!

Another Blog Anyone?

I've converted another one!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

She keeps going, and going, and going, and going...

Wow - we are home and things have been busy busy busy. Yesterday, we got up and as soon as we had breakfast and got ourselves presentable we went to Aldi's, Meijer, the gas station, the bank and the fabric store. Then, I came home, put Andrew to bed and picked up since our house (LITERALLY) looked ranshacked. Then I spoiled my hubby and made him Gramma O's sugar cookie dough...and lots of it. (Today I had to make me chocolate chip cookie dough). Then I prepared a roast for dinner complete with carrots and pototoes. I then made a dozen hambergers for the freezer and divided up lunch meat and pork tenderloins for the freezer as well. Then of course came the laundry...I got two loads washed and hung dry (they are still not folded, but I am guessing that doesn't surprise you). And more cleaning....(which right now you wouldn't even know I cleaned).

Then last night, I started to work on a project for someone who might be read this blog so I won't go into details other than I got so frustrated with it, that I threw it across the room. (another peek into who I am). Maybe I will try to work on it again tonight and maybe I won't, although I needs to be done REAL soon.

Well, today was also busy. I got some done around the house (cleaned, mopped, etc...) and made some more food (enchalata meat mix and bean stuff). Today was just hot outside and it is just as hot in here. Which truthfully makes fuses short. And Andrew decided he was going to get into EVERYTHING today. He's learned how to crawl onto our couch now, so nothing is safe now. We took a nice long walk this evening and let him run and wore out Rocky. Although I don't think Andrew is feeling 100% today (neither is his Daddy). He has really icky diapers and took two LONG naps today. Even though he is refusing to go to bed now.

Well, we need to at least get our main floor picked up before bed since the babysitter is coming over early to watch Andrew (I have an interview). Ok, I've bored you long enough. Have a nice cool night.

Us girls at the Grand Hotel. It was thanks to Cheryl. :) Posted by Hello

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