Tuesday, July 31, 2007

God: the Artist

Last night as Marc was tucking in Andrew and saying their prayers, Marc thanked God for making us. Andrew then asked Marc how God made us. Marc replied that God just spoke and we were there.

Andrew they says, "Then, God didn't paint us."

Zoo Days - Part II

Ok, now I feel bad that I never posted about our trip to the Toledo Zoo. And now it's too far removed to write much about it.... but at least I can post a few pictures. .I do now remember that AJ was starting to not feel good (the start of his last double ear infection), so maybe that's why he wasn't as 'in' to the zoo as this past visit. I also remember that I didn't know that we would be going to the zoo, so I didn't pack up a stroller. We went on a busy Saturday - and there were no strollers to rent. So I carried around AJ all day in my sling. By the end of the day, I was tired... but I can't imagine how the day would have been like had I not had it. I love my sling.

Overall, we had a really nice day with really nice weather. Man, three zoo's this summer already - it just might worth a zoo membership next year.

Zoo Days - Part I

This past Friday, while Kristin was still around, we packed up the kids a went to the Binder Park Zoo. It was pretty cool! Very natural and less 'cage-y' that most zoos. They 'specialize' in African safari type animals. I think the kids really enjoyed it. I know the adults did.
There was a huge difference in AJ between this trip the zoo and the trip to the Toledo Zoo (that I don't even think I got around to posting about) that we took a few weeks ago. I think he enjoyed himself at the Toledo Zoo, but at this zoo, it's like he had a whole new realization that there were actually live living animals that we were looking at. He would get so excited at each exhibit, once he located the animal, pointing and saying "dadadada!" (his excited word, not the same one he uses for his father).
Aunt Kristin and Andrew with a pretend elephant.

Happy Birthday, Babe!

Yesterday, Marc turned 31. I think he had a nice day. After work, he opened gifts and ate cake with the kids. Then after the kids bedtimes, we had a sitter come over and went to dinner and a movie.

Here's the sad looking, but good tasting "Grandma B's" cake that I made for him. The blob in the middle says "31" and the blob after Marc is a 'star'. I'm no Ace of Cakes.

And just because it's his birthday, I'll post this picture again, as a gift to him.

I love you, hon -Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

He's feeling better...

Which means we're all feeling better!

On a side note:

A big praise as the Sischo's have bought an amazing house that was in forclosure - so they got a great deal! I say this not because it will be nice to have some extra space, but because I am really happy for them (I really like the new house). They will still be with us until the end of August before they move in. I think it will be really hard on our older boys when they move out. Andrew and CJ are very best friends and seem to miss each other even when they have to be apart for a snippit (like us driving to the library in seperate cars).

Grand Haven

Kristin and Josh are in the area and we are so happy to have them around! They are vacationing/camping this week at Uncle Art's Cabin about an hour or so from us. So Marc's been down there fishing a bit with Josh and getting them set up since Marc is VERY familiar with the place. And last night we and the Sischos took them to Grand Haven for dinner and ice cream. We walked the pier out the lighthouse and watched some of the Musical Fountain show at 10pm. Yes, it was a very late night for all the kiddos, but they did really well.

They slept in this morning and we barely made it to Library Laptime this morning. We ran much needed errands afterward for a while before lunch. Marc and I have been sharing a car for the last week or so, as we are trying to sell his car. But Marc's birthday is coming up and since I had a car today, I had to take advantage of getting a little shopping done. This afternoon will just be working around the house and getting some things done because of the rest of the week is busy (not really any busier that any other day because I really feel that it's crazy busy this whole summer). Tomorrow Kristin and Josh are coming up and Josh, Marc, Ryan and Al are going golfing, while us girls and kids hit the splash park, I think. Then Friday, I think we are spending a good portion of the day down at the cabin also. I'm not totally sure yet.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

He's making sure our flex medical account is not wasted.

Well, our little man seems to have the perfect storm once again. This weekend we headed to Ohio where on Saturday, he started showing signs of a cold and even though he did ok, he was just was grumpier than usual and not quiet himself.
Then Monday comes and I notice he has a top molar tooth coming through and he's running a pretty good fever and again, just cranky as can be. Great - teething on top of cold.

Wednesday comes, and now it's been 5 days of a little man who does not want held, does not want to be put down, does not want to eat, does not want his skin touching him, etc... So back to the doctor we go... the fourth time in 6 weeks.

Sure enough, he's got a double ear infection. (Which at least, we know something is wrong and hopefully will have our happy boy back soon). The doctor said he had a 'pretty good' infection in both ears, too, even though she told us that we did the right thing by waiting 48 hours from start of the fever. So we went straight to the strong meds since the regular ones didn't work last time... a mere 6 weeks ago. And we go back for a Tympanogram in August.

Today he is still somewhat cranky, but already much much better with just three doses of the meds in him (beside his diet of infant Tylenol). But both Marc and I noticed he is clumsy today. Probably from his equilibrium being off. He might have been clumsy the past 4 days had he let us put him down to find out. So we praying that he will be completely healed and better real soon.

Back atcha, Mom.

Often times with an inquisitive three year old, we hear the question "why" literally hundreds of times a day (no exaggeration). We do our best to answer each question however, sometimes we resort to the simple end-all be-all answer, "Because God made it/us that way."

Yesterday, on the way to Target, we were listening to the radio when "Days of Elijah" (by Twila Paris) came on. I start singing at the top of my lungs, arms in the air (yet still being a cautious driver), giving it all I got. Andrew then asks me to stop singing. Somewhat hurt, I ask why? He doesn't really give an answer, just again asked me to stop singing. I explain that I am praising Jesus and that I like to sing. Then I ask again, "So why do you want me to stop singing?"

I just get a serious look and, "Because that's the way God made us."

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Big Fish

The Fish of a Lifetime...

7 Pound, 24 Inch Bass

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

TGI Freedom! (with working slideshow and journaling)

We had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa Dykstra while they were up over the holiday weekend.

We got them up early on the Fourth of July to hit the parade. It was a pretty good one, with lots of firetrucks and sirens, etc...

That night, we let the kiddos stay up late. We hit the local carnival and fireworks. The kids loved the pony rides and games and all of them (even AJ) were captivated by the fireworks. Ryan practiced "Ooh-ing and Ahh-ing" with the kiddos beforehand. However, Andrew didn't quiet catch on and just kept saying a quick "Ooh-Ahh" over and over so he sounded like monkey.

Thursday, Grandma and Grandpa took the boys for a long walk, to the playground and to McDonald's for lunch so I could get some things done around the house. After naps, we all went to G&G's hotel to swim in the pool and eat pizza. My boys are fearless in the water.
Friday, we all went down to Uncle Art's cabin and hung out with them for the day. It was a really nice visit and we took a pontoon ride on the river. G&G headed back to Iowa that evening and we spent the night. Andrew was sick that night, but seemed fine the morning. We took another boat ride and then went out for brunch before heading home. It was a really nice weekend.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Happy 15 months, kid!

Your First Shiner! (after a run-in with the toy box)

And the pictures don't seem to do it justice...

This past month you've really been changing. You seem to be making that transformation from baby to little boy just within the last couple weeks. You starting talking quite a bit also. You've almost got the local gibberish dialect down, complete with inflection, pauses, and punctuation. You're favorite 'word' is "doobah". You've become a master at climbing up and down stairs. In fact, you love climbing anything and everything you can and sport a look of overwhelming pride after you scaled your latest feat.

You have absolutely no problem letting us know what you what or don't want. You still love to snuggle. You are trying to learn to jump and the results are a little spasmic jolt that is totally charming. You adore your big brother (and he loves you). You are finally coming to accept these other people who are living in your house and breathing your air and are becoming a happier little guy because of it. You could live off bananas, yogurt and peanut butter and be completely satisfied. Occasionally you'll eat cheese to humor us and throw us off kilter. You are a sippy cup thief.

You are growing so fast.

Here are your stats.
Height: 31.25 inches (50th %) Same as usual
Weight: 22lbs 12oz (25th %) Huge jump from the 7th % 3 months ago
You had to get two pokes today also. Your doctor was a tad concerned about your lack of words so far, but your brother talked late (and hasn't stopped since)... so we all decided to wait another 6 months before we let it bother us.
Overall , Adam Jay, you are a healthy little boy and cute as can be... black eye and all.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Back from the U.P., eh.

We had a really nice time up north this past weekend. Marc had the great fishing, Andrew loved playing hard with Gideon and Jacob, AJ did amazingly well both during the daytime and nighttime, and I loved spending time with my family. We took one trip to a lighthouse, where we (even the boys) made it all the way to the top. And another trip to see a bear 'farm'. We got back in town Saturday evening.

AJ loving the ride

At the top of the lighthouse

Goodness Gracious Me! What a gang ready for bedtime storytime.

Wow - is he a handsome kid or what?!

Our family with a baby bear.

Sunday we went to church in the morning and napped in the afternoon. Then Marc and Ryan took Andrew fishing. That boy has been bitten by the fishing bug hard! He was practically glowing when they finally brought him home (at 9:30pm!).

Today has been more unpacking, laundry, getting back in to the swing of things, etc... Sorry, nothing too exciting to post, even though it's been an exciting week. I'll post more pictures to make up for it.

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