Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Day Two

We are day two into this “stay-at-home-mother-of-two” thing.  And so far so good.  Yesterday, I was able to get some laundry, dishes and shower done in the morning.  Once AJ got up from his first nap we did some major grocery shopping since we haven’t really done so all month.  Once home, we had lunch and both boys took naps, I was able to tackle the house a bit, make dinner, and unload groceries.  Because yesterday was SO beautiful and warm (and might be the last one of the season) we took a nice long walk down to the soccer field with the soccer ball.   Andrew and I got to kick around a while before heading back the long way and chatting with neighbors. At one point while playing soccer, Andrew as running so fast, he fell hard and I literally had to pick dirt and grass out of his teeth.  Once home and AJ was down for nap 3, Andrew and I worked on our lesson.  We colored some cows, learned that cows give us milk, learned a baby cow is a calf, and read a cute book about two cows who steal the farmers tractor.  

Side note:  Andrew discovered markers yesterday while coloring a picture of a cow and now he LOVES markers.  He wants to color all the time, now.  (And he wants every picture to go on his learning poster).  

Today we had Andrew and AJ’s fall party daycare where Andrew was Superman and AJ was a Viking football player. (yes, I know – they lost last night).  Andrew got snacks and we all walked in a parade around the hospital and got to sing songs.  It was a little crazy, but fun.  Andrew and AJ got to see their friends and teachers and I popped in on my ex-coworkers.   We hit the bank, came home, had lunch, and made cookie dough for later today. Now both boys are napping, I need to make baby food from the sweet potatoes, and do some more laundry.  Later today we are working on learning a square by cutting out squares from cutting dough and baking them, then picking up a Jumperoo for $30 (a steal that I am so exciting about)  Tonight, we are going trick or treating tonight with some friends to a few houses before just handing out candy.  

We’ve been busy.  We’re defiantly not home, lounging around, eating bon-bons.  Trick or treat candy, maybe…but not bon-bons.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Oh, thats perfect!

“Oh, that’s perfect.”   That’s Andrew’s latest phrase of the week.

And it was pretty much a perfect weekend.  Friday night, we just hung out at home.  Which was nice since we’ve been gone so much lately.  Saturday, we got up and worked around the house a bit in the morning before Laura came over the watch the boys and Marc and I had a date!  We ran few errands, had a nice lunch, test drove a car and stopped in on some friends.  Once home, we picked up the boys and hit the pumpkin patch where Andrew picked out one for him and one for AJ.    His is the “big” one (still pretty small) and AJ’s isn’t much bigger than an apple.  We then did a little early Christmas shopping for us and bought a DVD player for the car (to make our holiday travels a bit more bearable).

This morning was an amazing church service, leftover pizza for lunch since the roast wasn’t done and (you guessed it) roast for dinner.  Along with some more housework and lots, and I mean lots, of football.  Then tonight, after the boys were in bed, Marc and I made a triple batch of sugar cookie dough.  We baked off a few tonight for dessert.

And… we’ve been working with AJ to get him to sleep better (by actually having Andrew sleep in our bed for the last couple days).  Anyway, tonight, they are both back in there own beds and so far so good.  

Ok, I am tired. The boys seem to have sailed through the time change (granted, we started adjusting their schedule a week in advance), but I am struggling.  I feel like this post has been all over the bored.  ‘Night – have a great week.

Friday, October 27, 2006

We're Baaa-aaack

Finally! Not that we weren’t gone off doing fun things... but for a while at least, we are home. Now the next big, and I mean big, challenge is getting our home back into a state of blessing instead of a state of chaos. And since we've been gone all this month... this will in fact be a big job... but I mentioned that already.

We got home Wednesday night from being with my folks. Andrew got spoiled and AJ got catered to and I didn't fair too bad either. We had Bible Study yesterday morning (where Andrew's separation anxiety was in full force) which was unbelievable (Fiery Furnace Story in Daniel) and incredibly timely - like the lesson foreshadowed what was, unbeknown to me, to come later in my day – my own mini furnace. God is good and grace was given. Anyway – later we hit the library so Andrew could play with the train set and I could find cow books for next week when we start Andrew’s home lessons. Week One’s Theme – Cows.

Marc got home last night from his Chicago trip and was greeted at the front door by a dog. A dumb adorable golden retriever. This stupid dog got loose from its owners (still was dragging it's chain). I win it over so I can read its tags since it is obviously someone’s pet (well cared for, friendly, obedient, etc..) What do you know... he (or she) has no tags. And now it won't leave our front step. Darn it. Still there as we were getting ready to go to bed last night, so we at least gave him an old Rocky pillow to help keep him (or her) a bit warmer. And that dumb dog was STILL there this morning!! Augh! I don't want to be responsible for this dog. Just GO HOME! I don't even have anything to feed it.

Well, now today I am home and not working (out of the home). I know this is technically my 5th day of not working(out of the home), but since we’ve been gone and yesterday was busy, today is the first one that feels like it. Well, not really… it just feels like a Saturday. I bet it will hit me more next week.

Well, I know that I haven’t posted much and you all are just thirsting for exciting quips about our extremely interesting lives, but I must keep this short. Both boys are currently sleeping (insert angelic music here) and I have a giant to-do list. And you never know how long this blissfulness will last. I will try to do better posting. Have a great Friday (I know how important those Friday’s are to you working folk).

Monday, October 23, 2006

Update From Ohio

This will be short because I am posting from the S.L.O.W.E.S.T. internet connect E.V.E.R. That and my baby woke up too soon and is getting impatient with me.

My final day at work went really well. Both myself and the kids did just fine. Both the boys took in giant cookies to thier classes and I took scotcheroos to work (plus others brought in treats, so I was ready to roll home). We got home, did a mad dash of loading up and left for Ohio. Just the boys and myself since Marc was gone all weekend and a good portion of this week. And praise God, the 4+ hour drive went well. The kiddos did really great and I am so thankful.

Now we are in Ohio getting spoiled. Both my folks are at work right now.. Andrew is sleeping and AJ is supposed to be, but is not. So I will sign off. I don't have the patience to wait for thier connection to log back on, so I will not be posting again until I am back home. Take care.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Big Boys Don't Cry.

This may seem petty to some, but I have a big praise. Andrew has been going through separation anxiety for a few weeks and each day seems to get worse. He used to be like, "See ya, mom." and take off without looking back. Now I can barely leave the room. I've talked to his daycare teachers and his doctor about it and everything seems to point to it just being a normal phase. But it's been a very challenging phase.

Well, this week it's gotten worse to where he bawls when I drop him off at daycare. Not like a behavioral naughty cry, but a truly sad heartbroken cry that breaks his mom's heart too. So I was really nervous about today's Bible Study. If he acts that way at daycare... a completely familiar place, how much worse would he be at Bible Study, a fairly new environment? I was picturing it going worse than last week (and last week was rough) and thinking that he may just have to sit with me during the study (which I knew wouldn't go well - you try to keep a 2.5yr old boy quiet and still). So I had really been praying about this specific drop off.

This morning came and we talked about it all morning. We were going to the house and Mommy was going to be upstairs and Andrew and AJ would get to play downstairs. Mommy would give Andrew two big-big hugs, then Andrew would go play like a big boy with no crying. We went over that scenario over and over. I even asked Marc if I should try bribing him if necessary. I packed along our Larry Boy (his favorite) tape as back up.

We got to Bible Study, I took him downstairs, and we went over the scenario one more time and you wouldn’t believe how good he did. He was amazing, thank you Lord! He didn’t cry or latch on to me. He didn’t rip my heart out by leaving him. He was an excellent little man. So, of course, all afternoon, we’ve been talking about what a GREAT job he did and how there were no tears and how proud Mommy was of him.

I am praying for one more day like to today for tomorrow – his LAST drop off at daycare.

(You got the "Big Girls Don't Cry" song stuck in your head now, right?)

Yes Sir (Part II)

Today, while on the way to Bible Study, I was making conversation with Andrew and asked him how old he was.

Andrew: "Two. How old are you, mom?"
Me: "28."
Andrew: "Why?"
Me: "Just because I am."
Andrew: "We don't say I am, we say Yes Sir."

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Yes Sir!

Lately when we ask Andrew to do something, like “Andrew come here, please”, quite often he responds in a very teenage tone, “I am coming.”  

To which we respond, “You don’t say, ‘I am’, you say, ‘Yes, sir (or ma’am)’”.  

So twice today, in regular everyday conversation the words “I am” came out of my mouth.  Once when Andrew asked me if I was holding onto my bag, which I answered, “Yes, I am.”  Both times Andrew promptly told me that “we don’t say ‘I am’, we say ‘Yes, sir!’”.

...but somebody's got to do it.

Marc has it so rough.  For work today, he has to go salmon fishing with a client and coworker.  Poor guy.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Adam who?

Today was another busy one.  We started this morning getting ourselves ready and out of the door to head to Adam’s doctor appointment.  By the way, Adam is our baby, AJ.  See, I was thinking that I should be sprinkling in his real name now and again because if all of a sudden he goes to kindergarten and finds out from a stranger named “Teacher” that his name is not, in fact, AJ, but rather Adam Jay… well, that like having the cashier tell you you’re adopted or the mailman breaking it to you that there is no Santa.  Plus the doctor’s office refers to him as Adam and his mother has to do an audio double take when she hears it.

Anyway, AJ had a good appointment.  He is 27 inches long (75th percentile) and 16lbs, 15ozs (little under 50th percentile).  He got the green light for solids, even though cereal is just now becoming somewhat tolerable.  But the poor thing had to have 3 shots and 1 oral vaccine.  Then, since we were all there, they decided that we might as well give Andrew his flu shot.  Surprise!  But he did really well and we talked a lot about how AJ had his flu shot today and Andrew had his flu shot today and Mommy will have her flu shot today.  

Once the appt was over we hit the store quick for a few items before heading home really just long enough to dump the diaper bag, pack the work/daycare bag and head out.  And Andrew had a good day today as far as letting me leave.  I know I mentioned this, but he is really going through separation anxiety right now… and it’s been SO challenging lately.  I even brought it up to his doctor today and she didn’t seem surprised or concerned by it, but advised to just keep encouraging him and explaining that we will be back soon.  Work was fine… not as crazy as yesterday.  Yesterday, we hit an all time record of 32 requests in one day.  I was beat.  Anyway, since today was slower, I left work a bit early, so I could pick the boys and head to the other campus before 5pm to get my own flu shot… which, by the way, hurt!  

Tonight, we had a quick dinner of BBQ chicken quesadillas, before Marc headed off to Bible Study and I started to work around the house.  Both boys are now in bed.  Sidetrack moment: Here’s something to pray about if you think about it.  We are struggling with the boys sharing a room.  Seems every night we end up putting AJ in our room because either he or Andrew will keep the other one up.  Ok, back on track.  So now, I have daycare thank yous to finish, unpacking and laundry to do, along with a mountain of paperwork, 2 days worth of Bible study lessons and some cleaning.   I am off.

Monday, October 16, 2006

You want it when?

I told you the busier I get and the more I have to post, the less time I have to actually post and therefore I sum mass amounts of info into general boring statements...like...
Boring: This weekend was nice. 
Instead of expounding into all the fun little details of: Andrew and AJ got to dress up as Superman and a Vikings football player respectively and go trick or treating at the campground.  Or how Andrew is turning into a master negotiator.  Or how AJ is just the sweetest baby ever.  How Marc got bit and is on meds to prevent Lymes Disease or that I have a mere 3 days left of work after today. 
Boring:  We are SO busy
Instead of expounding on: We need to unpack, do laundry, pull items together for daycare and work for my last week, hit a doctor appointment for AJ, try to squeeze in my flu shot, get our Bible study lessons done and go to Bible study.  We need to get our dish installed, get our car fixed and pack because we are all gone next week.
Sorry there has been nothing exciting or creative to read lately.  All my creative juices have been spent trying to negotiate our time effectively lately.  It will get better.  And until then, bear with me and have a great week.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Snot Nose

I deent I am detting a dolde.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It's not everyday you get to wear swimmies.

Since it was ZapZone night for Marc (well, the whole family was invited but it's not real condusive for us all - so just Marc went), the boys and I were just going to stay home and work on getting things done. That is.. until we got invited to go SWIMMING!! Our friend Ryan was in town for business staying at a hotel but going to ZapZone with Marc. So he gave us his extra key so we could use the pool... with... a... mini water park. They had a perfect kiddy section that only went up to 8 inches deep or so and had water slides in it. Andrew was a tad hesistant in the beginning, but eventually loved it and didn't want to leave. Even AJ got to wear swimmies and splash around a bit. Needless to say, bedtime was pushed back a bit tonight and nothing got done on my monster to-do list. But hey, we had fun.

A letter? What's that?

In this day and age, communication is something done instantly.  E-mail, cell phone, text messaging.  Gone are the days of a good ol' fashioned letter.  And yet, that is just what I receieved the other day.  It wasn't invitation or a request.  It wasn't selling me something or asking anything of me.  Just a nice letter.   I can not tell you the last time I got a letter out of the blue.  So to you who sent it to me... thank you.  It was just a nice surprise and I really did appreciate it.

The Paradox of Blogging.

It's like when nothing it going on worth blogging about, I have all the time in the world to post. But when there are things happening, I have no time at all to blog.

October is an absolute crazy month for us. First of all, we are gone every weekend. That in and of itself is enough to drive us batty. With the two kids… leaving for a weekend means starting to pack the Wednesday before and not fully unpacking/recovering until the next Tuesday. Now do that 3-4 times in a row. Add to the fact that that I am quitting my job and feel like I need to pull things together for all the boys teachers and bring something for my department. Plus there are several doctors and dentists appts this month. Plus we are both in a Bible Study and have work to do with those. Then there are the random things that pop up (Like a night at ZapZone tonight) or getting our direct TV installed (a 4hr process) that we are squeezing in. We have something every night it seems. I haven’t even mentioned the regular items like grocery shopping, making dinner, cleaning, laundry, etc… I will look like this come November.

Too Fast!

My back seat driving son, Andrew was encouraging me to accelerate after being stopped at a red light by saying, "Go faster and faster and faster".  
To which I responded.... "I can go faster, but not too fast."   
His literal mind kicked in and told me, "Then just one fast, Mom.  Not too fast, just one fast."

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Friday, October 6, 2006

AJ, AJ, A Jumpin' J

Today my baby turns 6 months old! SIX MONTH'S OLD! Here is the lowdown on my boy.

He is such a happy baby and loves to smile. But his eyes smile bigger than his mouth does. He LOVES looking at his daddy and just stares at him if he's in the room whether Marc is looking or not. He also is really starting to interact with Andrew and loves it when Andrew runs around...especially when Andrew runs toward him. He has one bottom tooth. He rolls well and can almost sit up by himself (he's a little tipsy, yet.) He still has his defined bald spot on the back of his head. He is wearing 6-12 mo. clothes. His favorite activity is jumping... either on your lap or on his saucer or especially the Jumperoo at daycare. We even have an AJ Jumping song we sing. He hates cereal still. He puts himself to sleep fairly well, but still wakes up frequently at night. He’s a hair puller and a spitter. He has full out laughed on occasion, but those are still rare as he favors big smiles and squeals. And recently found his low guttural voice in addition to his squeals. He’s my darling AJ and I can not believe he is six months already.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

I Choose Joy

Slow Down: Rant Ahead

Thursdays are not a good day for me. It should be, but it is not.

See, I have Bible Study in the morning from 9:30-11:30. So I have to get out of the house earlier, plus pack stuff for the boys during Bible Study along with all my usual gear (lunch, bottles, pumping equipment, planner, purse, extra clothes, diapers, etc...) for work/daycare. Not an easy thing to do. And it's a women's Bible Study, so we don't start on time, which normally I would have NO problem with whatsoever. But, I need to have the boys to daycare by 11:30, so I have to sneak out of the study early (since we start late, I miss almost 1/2). I hate leaving early, since it's a really good study. Then I have to race to get the boys ready to leave and get to daycare... Usually during this 'race', AJ is hungry and tired since he missed both his usual nap and feeding since he's in childcare during the study, so he is crying as well. This is where I get frustrated because I didn't want to leave, I am rushed, AJ's crying and I am short with Andrew for no good reason. I have to try to find a parking spot (they are rare) since I don't have time to ride the shuttle. I get Andrew dropped off and have to find a spot to feed AJ before I head to work. There really is not good place to feed AJ where he isn't distracted, so it takes a while. Side Note: Andrew he is seriously going through separation anxiety lately and drop offs at the study, at church, at daycare, etc... have been a real challenge. Then I have to rush to work because it's 'team meeting day' and the only day of the week where it would be an issue if I were to show up late. So by the time I get to work, I am so frazzled and on edge and it's only noon. I know I only have 2 more Thursdays to deal with... but I really am not looking forward to them. This is sad. I guess these crazy Thursday's make Fridays that much sweeter.

Plus another redeeming factor is that the Office and ER are one tonight! Woo Hoo!

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

*of or pertaining to a state governor or the office of state governor

Just the other day, while rocking AJ to sleep, I was thinking about how I don’t feel old enough to be the mother of two. How I still feel like I am just pretending to be a grown-up in this adult world.

Then, last night, Marc and I actually were “sshh-ing” Andrew so we could watch the first gubernatorial* debate.
I’ve never felt older.
(Ryan, you would have been proud)

Christmas in October

Last night Marc came home with a surprise for Andrew...

...a Brand New Soccer Ball!!

Of course they had to immediately test it out.
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