Monday, September 28, 2009

Week in Review...

Okay, this is more for me than anyone reading out there, but I'm going to recap last week.

Last Saturday, Marc took off for his annual week-long fishing trip up north with my cousins & gang. He had been SO looking forward to it and was practically giddy the morning he left. Shortly after he pulled out of the drive, I packed up the kids and drove to Ohio to visit my parents and cousins for the weekend. Those weekends are always relaxing. We eat good and do a whole lot of nothing.

My dad then followed us back home on Sunday. He spent the week with us in order to help me out while Marc was gone. Normally, I have no problem having Marc gone, but now that I am working, I needed someone to watch the boys a couple days a week and help out getting Andrew to and from school.

Papa was more than helpful... although we couldn't send him to the store without him bringing back something(s) that wasn't/weren't on the list. Things like.... chocolate donuts, Halloween candy, chocolate milk, a "Lunchable" for Andrew's school snack, etc... But the kids weren't the only spoiled ones... Papa made or bought us lunches & dinners while here, too. And as payment, my boys woke him up bright and early every morning at 6am just to show how excited they were he was here.

Monday, I worked, so Dad had the kids and took them to McD's for lunch & made us roast for dinner. Tuesday, I watched my other boys during the day. For dinner, we picked up Taco Bell and took it to the lake for a picnic.

Wednesday, I watched my other boys again. We had a quick dinner before Parents Night at AWANA. After going and watching what AWANA is all about (never did it as a kid), I'm very excited that the boys are in the program. AJ is like a memory-verse-sponge right now, learning his and Andrew's verses with no problems. We had a little mix up with Andrew and he accidentally got placed in the 1st grade class. No one knew he wasn't a first grader. Once we figured it out, we just decided to keep in him in that class anyway.

Thursday, I worked again. Marc was home at this point and all the boys got taken out to brunch after Andrew got out of school.

Friday, Dad took Andrew to school and visited his classroom before taking off for Ohio. I had the day off... no other boys and no work, so AJ and I ran errands and went grocery shopping in the morning for this coming busy week. After we picked Andrew up and ran home to put the food away, I took the boys to the Gardens. Now that our schedule has gotten busy, we hadn't been there in the while and I'm not sure when we will get there next. It's so nice there this time of year with all the color changes. Plus the Great Lakes were still open... bonus for the boys.

On Friday, Marc also picked up a bushel (64 ears) of corn from a local farmer's market for us to “put up” this year. So this whole weekend consisted shucking corn, cutting corn, measuring corn, cooking corn, bagging corn, freezing corn. LOTS.OF.CORN.

Saturday morning, I had a ladies brunch at church, we worked on the corn in the afternoon, and because some other plans fell through, we had a friend over for dinner & hit our Saturday night service at church (it's our preferred service).

Sunday, we slept in as long as the kids would let us, worked on corn more, worked around the house, celebrated a Vikings & Lions win, then had dinner over at some friend's house in the evening.

So it was a busy week and we were a'hopping. This week looks like more of the same.... minus Papa.

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