Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's Gone!

Today was a big day for my Andrew.  He's had a really wiggly tooth (well, he has two wiggly teeth, but one was Super Wiggly) for a while now.  In fact, you could already see the big tooth coming in behind it, yet it still hung on.  He wouldn't let us pull it and it got to the point where we had to cut up his food into bites because he "couldn't" bite into it.
Last night, I had a sense that it wouldn't be long, so I quick snapped a picture before bed of his mouth will all teeth in tact.

Today, however, on the way to lunch after a fun morning at the Gardens with Grandpa, Andrew yells out excitedly, "My tooth!".  Sure enough, he was messing with it and there in his hand was his tiny little tooth.

So he is very excited because now the The Tooth Fairy should come tonight.  He is all tucked away in bed, fast asleep... with his little tooth tucked under his pillow.   Now, the fun part comes for his mom.  We are assuming that the tooth fairy for this house is female... something like Tinkerbell, I believe was how it was explained. 

Therefore, whatever the Tooth Fairy leaves, should look girly. GIRLY IS SOMETHING THAT NEVER GETS DONE IN THIS HOUSE. So... I took advantage of the opportunity to make something girly. I didn't spend load of time on it, but still.... it's not just quarters in a ziploc.

How old before they recognize handwriting?


Keith & Taryn said...

HOLY COW...MAJOR INFLATION SINCE I LOST TEETH!! I used to only get 1 quarter!!! I think we're going to go broke when Gid's wiggler comes loose...!! Congrats Andrew!

Jill Corwin said...

How fun!

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