Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Can't Get Away"

Ladies and Gentlemen, after many, many weeks.... a new favorite song has been chosen on the Dykstra Boys Favorite Song list.

Move over "You Never Let Go" (Oh No Song) by Matt Redman:

And their new Number One Song is.......... "Can't Get Away" by Rush of Fools.

I think those Dykstra Boys have great taste!
( I just need to learn the lyrics now, because they always want to sing it in the car and I only know a few lines).


Rebecca H. said...

That is a great song...they have good taste in music! I'd say it probably has something to do with the good influence they get from their parents!

Keith & Taryn said...

My kids love those too! I love to hear their little voices praising even if they don't know anything deeper than the words themselves! Don't you! Good stuff!! :)

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