Friday, October 2, 2009


Thursday was Goofy Glasses Day school. 
This, my friends, is why kindergarten is SO FREAKIN' AWESOME!  Goofy Glasses Day!  Could it get any better?  Seriously.
It's like they know how to hook these five year olds into loving school, or something.
Also, now that Marc is unemployed, he's been hitting the courts nearly everyday (he's lost over 50lbs....which I think warrants it's very own post, but he would never go for that... so I'm hiding it in the middle of this post).  The gym he goes to had a 6-week basketball camp for 5-9 year olds that started yesterday. 

For several days they've asked Marc if he was going to bring Andrew to the camp.  But the price of the camp was too much for us right now.  However, yesterday, they gym owners asked Marc if would be willing to work the camp in exchange for Andrew being able to attend for free.
So yesterday, Marc came home, got Andrew ready and they turned around and headed back to camp.  This camp was more "intense" than the basketball class Andrew took through our parks & recs the last couple years.  Marc was excited for a coaching opportunity and Andrew was thrilled to go to big kid basketball camp.
Finally....(and no one feel obligated at all...please!) Andrew's school is selling Entertainment Books.  I normally wouldn't even ask... but some people really like these and might be looking for one. If so, let me know.


Keith & Taryn said...

what are entertainment books?

Kelli said...

It's this big, fat book of great coupons. The book costs $20, but you make that up by only using 1-3 of the tons of coupons.

(And that's taking off my salesman hat... and putting on my frugal hat - the only reason I would even promote it on my blog it because I really believe it's a good deal.)

However, there are no books available for your area, so it wouldn't work for you to purchase one. Bummer.

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