Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just in Time... I guess

Look what I got in the mail today... for free!

And just in the nick of time, apparently.  Andrew's school closed most of this week (Wed-Fri) due to so many flu-related absences.   He's healthy so far, but 'cmon... sounds like it's a'coming.

And tonight... after I took a very healthy AJ to AWANA, he came home with almost a 103 temp.   Yikes. (sorry fellow AWANA parents... I had no idea, I swear.) The kid that goes to the flu-infected school is just fine. The kid that stays home all day has the 103 temp. Go figure.

Of course, true to form, Marc is out of town when a kid is sick.  Anyway, I gave him some Tylenol and sent his chilly little sad self to bed.

When we got home from AWANA, there was a little package waiting on the doorstep for me.  This package was from Boiron full of homeopathy products for children including Quick Dissolving Pellets for flu-like symptoms, pellets for cold relief, and Chestal honey cough syrup.

Now, I haven't tried these products yet, but it looks like I may real soon.  Click to learn more about Boiron's Children's Products.  And wish us luck.  I guess tomorrow I disinfect all the light switches, door knobs, banisters, etc... again.

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