Monday, May 17, 2010

FROG Soccer

We have found a gem in our city called FROG Soccer.  It's a FREE soccer camp/practice/lessons for kids ages 4 through 7.  Free! 

FROG stands for FRiends Of Gary. Gary and his Friends run the practice in a local park once a week during the spring. I guess it's been going on for years, but we just discovered it last month.FROG Soccer 2

Each week, both boys get to practice, rotating through several drills & games that teach soccer skills (along with listening & following directions even though you are so-excited-you-can-hardly-stand-it-skills).

Then there is a scrimmage at the end of each session.  They even keep the age groups separate so I don't have a monster 7 year old mowing down my AJ.

Side note: AJ’s buddy, Noah, is in his group. We’re not sure if it’s good thing for those boys to be together or not when the atmosphere is structured.  We are praying for their preschool teacher this fall, already.FROG Soccer 1

Back to FROG Soccer: It's pretty well organized and parents take turns bringing in snacks and drinks for the kiddos at the end of the session.  Today is my turn... I'm totally bringing in the Fruit Roll-ups and Capri Sun, I scored from Meijer not too long ago.

Thank you Gary and Friends, for giving me a free excuse to be outside in the evenings and good outlet for my boy’s energy.

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