Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I got some sweet gifts this Mother's Day (even though we celebrated early since we were going to be out of town.).

I got the card to the left from Andrew. He made it at school, along with the basket of flowers. And each flower is a little something he wrote for me.

I will cleen up.

I will giv you a hug.

I will trie to made you a cake.

I will kleen up

Then he insisted on making me a cake all by himself.  Fortunately, we had a single 9-in round cake already baked in the freezer, so all he had to do was frost it.   I set out all the ingredients, premeasuring some, but letting him measure others.  I gave him access to my beloved Kitchen-Aid and let him loose.

My cake complete with dolphin, elephant, lion, and gorilla sprinkles. It was a crunchy cake.

These are the gifts from Marc. I needed to new headphones for running and I've been wanting a new spreader.  I'm so glad God gave me the privilege to be the mom in this family!

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