Friday, October 29, 2010

Coach Marc


imageAs I mentioned before, Marc coached AJ’s flag football team this season with help from his lovely assistant, Kelli.  And we had so much fun with this group of kids.  We found ourselves looking forward to practices and super excited for game days.

At first, especially after watching how four year olds play T-Ball, we thought we would be lucky if the boys ran in the right general direction.  However, before the season was over, Marc had them running and completing pass plays.  

And even though no “score” was kept at the games, I’m proud to say we were undefeated!


We even kept stats on these boys… just for fun of course, that way at the practice we could pass out awards during our pizza party.   And I admit, we were sad to see the season end.



imageOf course, we can’t forget that these are only four and five year olds.  We had trouble getting a game restarted once when one of the boys found a worm in the middle of the field.  And there were tears here and there when a kid was hit a little to hard.  And boys running off for potty breaks.  And trying to keep boys focused when we told them we had donuts for the team after the game.

Can’t wait until next year.

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