Monday, April 11, 2011

How to celebrate a 5th Birthday


The morning of AJ’s birthday, he was a little concerned because he didn’t FEEL like a five year old. 

His birthday fell on a Wednesday during Spring Break…which meant no school and no AWANA.   He was able to bring special treats to AWANA last week, and he will get tp celebrate his birthday at school the first day back.  But it meant that we didn’t really have much planned for his big day.

imageSo we did what we could to make it special.  It started out with Daddy taking him out for breakfast at their favorite place for chocolate chip pancakes and chocolate milk.

imageThen he got to come home for while and have extra time playing the Wii before he picked his choice of lunch. Macaroni and cheese and hot dogs (chopped up and mixed in).   We continued after lunch with birthday cake and gifts.  He requested a Mario cake this year.  imageSo I did my best.  It was actually a pretty frustrating cake to make, but I think it’s at least recognizable.   Then AJ got to open his gift…. Mario Kart for the Wii!!

After a little rest time, we headed out to Chuck E Cheese.  We really pondered how to celebrate because our area has so much to offer, however with it being spring break, we knew any of our choices would be imagebusy.   However, we had free tokens someone had given us and when we threw out the idea of Chuck E Cheese, AJ jumped all over it.  (And yes, it was very busy).

imageWhen we got home the boys played a little of their new Wii game before we headed over the Courthouse Athletic Center to visit daddy and shoot around a bit.  AJ really wanted homemade pizza for dinner, but by that time, it was just too late in the day to start it.  So we grabbed a Little Caesar's pizza on the way imagehome and ate it while watching “Hole in the Wall”.    After another piece of cake, brushing teeth and saying prayers, it was time to tuck the birthday boy into bed.

I think AJ feels the day ended up being pretty great.

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