Friday, April 15, 2011

Mama’s got New Kicks!


Last weekend, we were able to spend 4 days visiting our family in Iowa.  It was a really great visit and we were so thankful for the opportunity to go out and see everyone that we don’t get to see nearly enough.

However, on Saturday, Marc, somewhat joking, mentioned he was going to need a new pair of shoes pretty soon as his were ripping a bit.

imageNot to be outdone, I quickly whipped up my foot and showed him my tennis shoes.  The same tennis shoes that can’t even remember when I got, but I am thinking it was before I was married. 

I’ve been married over 10 years.

The last tennis shoes I had before these were my cheerleading shoes I wore in college.

imageMarc’s mom was going to take myself and the boys out to get a new pair school jeans for the boys and between Marc and her, they decided it was high time I got a new pair of shoes myself.

My previous pair were Avia.  And while they obviously were worth their value (mine lasted 10 years), I wasn’t exactly set on getting another Avia pair.  However, after trying many on and trying desperately imageto avoid pink tennis shoes (did you realize most of women’s tennis shoes have pink in them?), I found a pair I really liked and then realized they were once again Avia.

But then get this.  When I got them home, Andrew decided that he liked them too and put them on.  That’s when we realized that his feet are haimagerdly smaller than mine!  My seven’s year old’s feet are almost as big as mine! 

Just to see for sure, and since he had MY shoes on, I went and put HIS shoes on…. and I could wear them!!  Granted, they were a little snug, but I could put them on and lace ‘em up.

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