Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Can a Garfield Band-Aid and Yo-Yo Fix it?

AJ had his 5 year old check up last Friday which included his Kindergarten shots.  He had to get two pokes in his thigh.  While he was super brave for the first one, the second one did him in.  His reaction came late… it was a full 8-10 seconds after the nurse was finished when he start crying.

He pulled it together quickly when the nurse gave him a Garfield band-aid and a yo-yo.

image5 Year Old Stats for AJ:
Height = 44.5 inches
Weight = 46.6 lbs
BMI = 16
Hearing = Good, although he did fail the first test
Vision = 20/20

Since the appt, he’s been running around and playing outside without another thought to his pokes…. that is… until it was time to clean his room.

Then all of a sudden, he produced a limp, held his shorts up (apparently the fabric was just too painful to the touch) and told me he leg was just too sore to clean.

Nice try, kid.

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