Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother’s day 2011

imageI know it’s a week late, but here a little of how we celebrated Mother’s Day. 

I have a couple beautiful Gerber Daisy on my table.  Many wonderful homemade gifts made at school.  And flowers for my lovely flowerpots.  (and I bought myself a new dress from Marshall's the weekend before….we are counting that, too!)

We also went to Olive Garden for a nice Mother’s Day lunch with some great friends.


My boys!


The promise was from Andrew to “Mow the Lawn”.  He might be a bit young for that promise…. but I’m sure I’ll hold it to him someday.

 image image

Andrew made me this ‘growing’ flower.  I realized the picture didn’t catch all the text.
It states, “Thanks for helping me grow!”


AJ’s decorated cup from church, and both boy’s preschool planter with flowers.

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