Friday, January 20, 2012

The downside of Upwards

upwardball The downside of Upward is making itself known fairly early.  The boys did not get the same practice night.  In all of the sporting activities we’ve done, this is a first, really.  So, with games on Saturdays, we have 3 days of the week where we are heading to the gym.

Plus, the Saturday games aren’t at the same time or even back to back.  So we could have a couple hours between games on Saturday with either a little or a lot of time to kill.  Again, fortunately, we live near the gym and can go home if time allows.

Throw AWANA (and any other social events) in this mix and it means the next couple months will equal crazy meal schedules, rushing homework, late bedtimes, messy rooms, and generally trying to stay one step ahead of things.

We’ve only finished one full week of our schedule with 7 more weeks to go. Our first games tomorrow.  Those will be interesting and I’m looking forward to it, and of course the boys are super excited to play on a real team with real games.  We’ll see how we survive the next couple months.

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