Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Green Smoothie

green-smoothie1Sunday afternoon, Daddy and Andrew were having an afternoon out so AJ and I were fending for lunch.  I made waffles (lots and lots of waffles.  Our freezer is stocked for while). 

I also asked AJ if wanted a smoothie.   On Pinterest lately, I’ve seen a lot about Green Smoothies.  Smoothies that claim to taste great and be full of nutrition, even if they look a little funny.  The green is caused by the handfuls of fresh spinach thrown into the blender along with frozen bananas, peanut butter and milk.  We always have spinach on hand as we supplement almost all our meals with a salad… even if the boys usually only eat 3-4 leaves each time.

So, I tried this on AJ, using soy milk and adding a squirt of chocolate syrup as well. Since I had never tried it myself, I erred on the side of sweet.  I blended until nice and smooth and tasted it before I gave it to him and I admit… it was really, really good.  Not sure just a tolerable way to “eat” spinach, but a really delightfully, rich treat.

imgresI made sure I gave it to him in an opaque cup, with lid and straw; hoping he wouldn’t notice the green until AFTER he tasted it.

AJ loved it!  LOVE IT!  Once he was half-way done, I showed him my cup and the ‘green-ness’ of what he was drinking, claiming it was a Shrek Smoothie.  He didn’t seem bothered one bit it was green, even thought it was a little funny that we had green tongues. 

Then he asked for seconds.

I think we have a winner here with the green smoothies.

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