Thursday, September 20, 2012

La, La, La.... I can't hear you!

This morning, Andrew and I were talking about his school schedule.  Today is gym day... his favorite.  But a close second is tomorrow when they have a community speaker come in for a Q&A time with all the third graders.

Last week, a doctor came a spoke to the group.  This doctor specialized in Asthma, so while he spoke of generally being a doctor, he also covered the topic of asthma.  Meaning, this week, I've been fielding questions left and right about asthma, a topic I know very little about.

This morning, during our discussion, Andrew volunteered,

"I hope it's not another doctor tomorrow, because I don't want to know about stuff like Asthma.  If I don't know about it, I won't worry about getting it".

Ah, ignorance is bliss.  I also thought this was kinda deep for an 8year old to piece together.

Is this the  same as me wanting to cover my ears and hum during the news?  Hmmm.

So, we talked about how "knowing" about an illness is MUCH different than having an illness.  And it's good to learn about the world around us and what other people experience.  Plus we never need to worry, especially about something we don't have, because God is in control and He will take care of us.  And asthma is very treatable and people live happy, active lives with asthma everyday.

We'll see "who" comes to visit tomorrow and what topic I get to bluff my way through discuss during next week's car rides.

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