Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Addition: SharkBite

AJ has been asking for a gold fish for quite a while now.  Quiet a while.  So for Christmas this year, we bought him fish food, blue rocks, and chlorine drops.  You should have seen his awfully confused look when he opened the box of goods.  The fish food wasn't labeled well and he had NO idea what he was opening.

Anyway, after a minute or two we told him it meant that we would head out in the next week and let him pick out a fish.  We also talked him into a beta fish as they are prettier and seem a little more hardy that a gold fish.  This excited him!

AJ chose to name him SharkBite.  Which can hardly ever be said without also adding the "hoo ha ha" from Finding Nemo.  So we have a new centerpeice on our table right now.  I don't think that will be his permanent home, but right now he's new and exciting and get's lots of attention.

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