Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So early?

So, I am making dinner the other day -which by the way ended up being a total bomb, so much that we ended up eating chicken nuggets and rice - when Andrew runs into the kitchen.

"Mom! I lost my tooth!" I immediately stop what I am doing, "WHAT?!" He repeats and points to his mouth. I clean my hands and start searching his mouth a little frantically not believing that my baby is ready to lose a tooth. None have even been wiggly... I know, I help him brush every night. (I know he wouldn't have knocked it out, he would have been crying.)

I don't see any tooth missing and sure enough he starts laughing. "Mom, I am just joking."

Are four year olds old enough to understand humor and joking? I mean, his father is like a constant clown, but is it possible for his offspring to pick up on that so early?

Of course, Andrew thought he was hilarious and the rest of the night I heard all sorts of "things" he lost.... just waiting for me to question him so he could tell me he was just joking. That kid lives for attention.

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