Monday, September 15, 2008

We made it!

It's official. I am the mother of a preschooler. Today was the big day. Andrew picked his (practically too small) football shirt to wear. He very excitedly ripped off the last link of his countdown chart and got ready.
I dropped him off and he was practically gone. His teacher insisted he come back and give me a hug before I go. During school, it was kind of nice to have a little AJ time. We hit CVS before attending Library Laptime.
When we picked up Andrew, they were just coming in from playground time. He was bouncing ready to show us what he made, a picture of circles and lines, and a crayon crown like the one his buddy Gabe is wearing below in front of their cubbies.
AJ got to tell Andrew about our surprise lunch for him at McDonald's! Andrew talked straight from the time I picked him up until we were home from McD's. From the best that I can gather, since 4yr olds don't talk in chronological order, his day looked a little something like this with his own commentary:
  • Free play time for a bit where Andrew played with tools and his buddy played with pretend breakfast.
  • Potty break where he went all by himself and even locked the door behind him and washed his hands and didn't touch the floor because bathroom floors are dirty.
  • Circle Time where they each stood up and told the class their name, age, favorite food, something they like to do, and favorite color.
  • Stations, or according to Andrew, Four Play Times. I know what two of the four stations were. One making the crayon crown and the other drawing the picture. I couldn't gather the other two stations other than Andrew playing with a blue car.
  • Snack time with Teddy Grahams and apple juice (probably straight up). Andrew told me he kept biting the toes off and telling his friends in a "bear" voice, "Hey look at me, I don't have any toes."
  • Story time about a mouse's first day of school
  • God time. He said he heard a story about God, but couldn't remember it. They also sang the 'hammer song'. I do know this one because he also sings the 'hammer' song in church. It's "The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock".
  • Playground time. He told me he and his friend were playing on the slides pretending to hide from the bad guys.
  • Final circle time that ended with prayer. Teacher dismissed them one at a time.

He is very excited to go back.

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