Friday, January 16, 2009

Layers, Layers, and more Layers.

It's been a while. On Monday, Marc took a last minute trip to Iowa with his buddy, who needed to attend a funeral. It was a nice chance for Marc to visit his family and friends a bit. And while we missed him at home for a couple days, I'm glad he took the opportunity to go.

We. on the other hand, didn't do too much. Andrew continued to have school and I continued to watch my boys along the my "other" boys and we really just tried to stay warm. It's been freezing here lately with negative temperatures.

Yesterday, Andrew didn't have school and I wasn't babysitting, so we hit an appointment downtown and then decided to skip naps and hit the Gardens. We obviously couldn't do any of the outside portion, but the Railway Garden, two rooms with a large train set up and two trolleys going, was still set up from the holidays. So we stopped in for about an hour or so before heading home. We cleaned the house and made snickerdoodles to surprise Marc when he got home yesterday evening.

This morning, was school and a few errands. I am just working around the house and making cinnamon rolls. Tonight we have a sitter coming over while Marc and I attend a little dinner party. Should be nice, although curling up with a warm blanket and my book sounds just as appealing. Stay warm.

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