Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lazy Weekend.

On Friday, while Andrew had school, AJ and myself did a little grocery shopping before hitting the gym. It's just a two court basketball gym that is free on Friday mornings for young kids to run around during the winter months. It was busy!, but I think AJ had a good time doing something fun just for AJ while Andrew got to go to school.

After school, lunch, and naps, we all packed up and met friends out on a hill for some sledding. It was SO much fun. Unfortunately the hills consisted of snow covered ice, so getting back UP the hills proved challenging and I think we all have bruises to show for our effort. But it was worth the work. The whole gang came back to our house for hot cocoa and dinner.

Saturday we did a whole lot of nothing. If it weren't for a little dinner party with friends in the evening, it might have had a jammie day. We just hung around at home.

This morning we made it to church, but snuck out a bit early to hit a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. The boys had a blast. Plus, a while ago we got hooked up with CEC tokens and tickets from some other friends, so the boys were able to get "prizes" beyond what they "earned" (still junk). But they played hard, danced with Chuck E., ate pizza, cupcakes and POP!, and it wore them out.

We came home and took late naps. In fact AJ is still sleeping here at 5:30. I need to wake him or he will be up all night. Marc is over at friend's watching football playoffs and I'm trying to justify reading my book over cleaning my messy house... although I do have muffins to make for tomorrow morning. It's been a while since I wrote a "here's what we did" post. (or maybe I should call it a "here what we didn't do"). Have a great week.

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