Thursday, February 5, 2009

Marc had to call to me tell me this... still laughing.

Marc took Andrew out today for a little one on one time. They hit the gym where they shot hoops and kicked around a soccer ball for a while before stopping at McDonalds for lunch. They went to the place where Marc frequently plays pick-up ball. Andrew had never been there and was asking all kinds of questions about it.

Marc was explaining that it was about four times bigger than the gym Andrew was used to going to (the one we occasionally hit on Fridays). Andrew didn't really understand the "four times bigger" concept, so Marc stated that he could put four of Andrew's gyms inside one of daddy's gyms.

This seemed to make sense to Andrew... for a while.

However, a few minutes later he told Marc that he wouldn't be able to put his gyms into daddy's gyms because the doors were too small.

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