Sunday, February 8, 2009

Spoiled, and it's not even my birthday.

My friend, Becky's birthday is this week. To celebrate, her hubby sent her and myself out last Friday for the ultimate girls get-away. It was amazing.

We started at noon by eating lunch at Qdoba, our favorite. We then hit the spa for an "Executive Pedicure". I had a gift card from my birthday of 2007 (yes, two birthdays ago), that needed used, so the services were "free".

With our toes painted, we wore our pedicure flip-flops to the theater and caught a matinee. We watched, "Paul Blart: Mall Cop". The storyline was a little iffy (aimed toward young audiences, I believe), but it definitely had it's funny moments. And Kevin James is just funny (everyone tells Marc he looks like Kevin James.)

After the movie and making a trip back to the spa to recover my shoes I accidentally left there, we were off the the Amway Grand Plaza. Her hubby booked us a package deal (ok, I'll confess.. the package was called the "Romance Package", but it was perfect for us and we were able to get two queen beds.)

We settled into our room, changed into warm clothes, hit the concierge room for afternoon appetizers, then walked downtown to do a little ice skating. Becky brought her own skates, so that should tell you something about her ability on the ice. I, however, hadn't ice skated in who knows how long and only a handful of times in my life. And unfortunately, I wasn't as good as I thought I might be (and I had extremely low expectations for my ability). But I managed around the rink the first time... then around again and finally, I was quick enough not to make a complete fool of myself. And it was really fun even if my face didn't portray it often.

Skating was unfortunately cut short due to a health emergency by the fellow skater, but by then my ankles and skins were threatening the cramp anyway.

Walking back to the hotel, we noticed a sign for Free Carriage Rides. We stopped to read it and was approached by a local news anchor who told us that this particular company was offering free rides to promote his business. While we waited for the carriage to return the newsman talked to us quite a bit and finally asked if we would like to be a part of the story. When the carriage returned, there was a camera-man following it. So, of course, while we were taking our free carriage ride, we had to call our hubby's and have them record the news for us.

We then had time to change out of our warm clothes and hit the concierge room again for appetizers & drinks before heading down to the hot tub. We soaked (my ankles and shins were rejoicing) until the pool closed. We headed back into the room to change, grab the room service menu, and hit the conceirge room again. There was no food or drinks at this point, but it was just a nice room with a fireplace and a gorgeous view to relax in.
We discussed our dinner options (a dinner credit came with the package) when we realized it was 11pm. We practically ran back to our room to catch the news! (Too funny.... here we are on a little Mommy Vacation, and we are running to watch the news.) Sure enough, we were on it and we even said a few things. Granted... I sounded like an idiot, but oh well. How often are you on the news?? There was even an online article.

After the news we ordered an amazing dinner. Seafood cakes with jam-gravy and grass (ok, it really was mango chutney and puree basil, we think.... it was really good), two personal pizzas, cobbler and creme brulee. We lingered over dinner for a long while just chatting, however around 1:30pm, we decided to hit the piano bar across the street before it closed at 2pm. We only had 15 minutes there, but we didn't have pay a cover or order anything at that point, and we could just sit and enjoy the music. We ended the evening chatting again up the concierge room and finishing off our cobbler before going to bed the latest I have in a really-really long time.

We really packed a lot into one night and the whole thing was so much fun!! So thank you, Becky, for having a birthday and for having a hubby who is willing to spoil me, too.

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