Saturday, May 16, 2009

May he chirp in peace.

Last Thursday morning, as we were walking out to the car to leave, we found a deceased bird on the driveway. From the looks of the evidence, the bird flew into the passenger side window too hard.

Now Andrew seemed okay with the concept of the dead bird. It was dead. The end.

AJ, however, could not grasp the poor bird's state. I told the boys that when Daddy got home (I knew he was coming home for lunch), he would take care of the bird. I'm sure the words, "take care" didn't help. AJ was convinced that Daddy could fix the bird.

I continued to explain all morning that Daddy would probably simply put the bird in a bag and throw the bag away. AJ did not like this idea because if Daddy put the bird in the bag, then the bird would die. This is where Andrew would very uncompassionately state that the bird was already dead.

Even later in the afternoon... after they actually watched Marc put the bird in the bag and throw it away... AJ and I had this conversation:

AJ: Where's Daddy?

Me: At work.

AJ: Working on the bird?

Me: No, the bird died. Daddy can't fix it.

AJ: He could take it to the doctor to fix it.

Me: No, the bird can't be fixed anymore. He's all gone.

AJ: But God can fix the bird.

Me: Yes, God could fix the bird.

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