Friday, July 10, 2009

Still in Post Vacation Recovery...

We are still here... slowly emerging from a mountain of laundry. But at least that laundry is clean... and that's something isn't it!! Please give me kudos for that, because the rest of the house is atrocious.

It's been a busy week. I babysat 3 days this week as well as try to unpack and catch-up from vacation. Phone calls, paperwork, laundry, etc... The evenings have been full as well. Marc has softball practice Mondays, there were a couple nights out on the boat fishing, and I had a girls night out and a girls night in.

I also didn't have a car (in the shop) until Thursday morning. By then we were in dire need of groceries. So I ran the boys around most of the morning from store to store restocking our fridge, freezer, & pantry.

That afternoon, I just couldn't make them "go play while Mommy works" anymore. We decided to hit the city pool. It was a great decision!!! It was $3 for us all and so kid friendly, that it was no problem going alone with the two boys. Andrew was even big enough to manage the big slide all by himself. I got AJ down it once... then he was done.

Tonight is our first evening at home... and by that I mean Marc worked on the garage with his buddy and I folded lots of laundry. We are having a BBQ here tomorrow evening, so we are trying to get this atrocious house in "company shape" pronto.

But it's Friday night and we at least had homemade pizza. Something has to be normal, right? Truly hoping to get back into the posting routine soon. I miss it.

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