Wednesday, July 22, 2009


It's Wednesday and I know I've been awol from the blog a bit. A week ago today Marc was let go from his job. Very heartbreaking. There are too many stinky circumstances to go into here, but the news was upsetting... evoking fear, anger, & frustration. I think Marc and I walked around just staring at each other the first couple days.
But Praise God, we are coping. Neither of us have stayed in that funk too long and not usually at the same time; which for me alone that is nothing short of a miracle right there. We are clinging to Psalm 13:5-6.
But I trust in your unfailing love. I will rejoice because you have rescued me. I will sing to the LORD because he has been so good to me.
We are trying to stay busy also (maybe to a fault). Last Wednesday and Thursday sucked. Period. I slept a lot. Marc went a little nutty cleaning the garage. But Friday evening we got together with friends and had a nice evening away.
Saturday was pretty lazy until the afternoon. The boys had a birthday party in the neighborhood for a Hispanic family. I went with them. While I was grateful for the invite and Andrew seemed to have fun, it was one of the most awkward parties I'd ever been to. I can't speak Spanish and no one else really spoke English. We left there to come back home to have dinner with some friends we haven't seen a really long time.
Sunday, we went to church and napped in the afternoon. We hit the lake in the evening for a little boat ride & fishing & learned that fishing with sour gummy worms is not productive. Monday, I babysat and Marc had softball practice in the evening. Tuesday, we hit the playground for a lunch date with friends. In the evening, I got to go out for a impromtu girls evening at a concert at a local park.
I am babysitting today and tomorrow. Tonight Marc is volunteering downtown and tomorrow I think I get yet another girls evening out. We really are so blessed.
Oh, and when we don't have something going on, Marc and I are watching Lost: Season 1. And I'm totally into it.
So, obviously, please pray for an job opportunity to present itself to Marc in the near future, but also pray that we would keep our hope in the Lord and not let our circumstances affect our joy. And of course, that Marc and I don't kill each other both being home so much.
Funny little side story about how much my 5 year old "gets" things already: Last Wednesday evening we were having a late dinner. Marc had received the job news around 4pm and it's took us awhile to pull ourselves around to fashion any kind of meal. Anyway, in his most upbeat voice Marc started talking to the boys.
Marc: Guess what guys!! Daddy doesn't have a job anymore, so I get to stay at home and spend a whole bunch of time with your guys!
Andrew (very seriously): Uh Oh.


Keith & Taryn said...

We are praying for you guys...and....Lost rocks :)

Amie said...

Aw, Kelli that really stinks. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Jill Corwin said...

Oh Kelli~I am not sure what to say, but I am sorry about the stressful time right now :( We will be praying that God gives Marc a great job, soon :) It is so funny how Andrew responded to the news :) Kids are great. I miss you!

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