Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Eat my Words... Major Praise Alert!

I am sorry about the last post. I was in a crummy mood when I wrote it. Yesterday was one of those day when nothing seems to go right, plus everything that we tried to forget about over the holidays came crashing back to the surface like unemployment, bills, insurance issues, etc... y'know life.

Also our car battery was dead. We knew it was dying, but hadn't had a chance to replace it with all the holiday traveling. Well, yesterday, Marc went to change it out and accidentally dropped the wrench connecting the positive and negative "terminals" (I have no idea was those are called.) Major sparks flew and the car was officially dead. We were told we probably fried our computer. ($$$). Thankfully we have AAA and had it towed. One.More.Thing.

We had no idea what to expect as far as cost, but minimum would be $90 just to have the repair shop look at it and that's after dropping $90 for the new battery. Marc shuttled everyone around today (Andrew and myself to and from school & work respectively) and we stopped at the repair shop to check the damages.

As Marc went in, the boys and I prayed in the car again for a good report. Marc came back out, hopped the car, and drove over to us. Apparently, when the repair men went to assess the problem, the car started right up! They didn't charge us anything!! Oh thank you Lord.

I have to confess how I needed this miracle. And not just for the sake of not paying money. God is good in spite of myself.

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