Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year: Take II

What a downer of a post my last New Years one was, eh? We actually did have a quite a nice New Year's Eve & New Year's Day. In face the whole week and a half leading up to them was pretty awesome, too.

We headed down to Ohio before Christmas and stayed there through Sat. spending Christmas's with my parent's and both my mom's & dad's side of the families. We were spoiled. Thank you.

But then.... only Marc and I came back up. We left the kiddos in Ohio with Grandma & Papa. For a whole week! And while I really missed them (come Tuesday and I was ready to head back down to hug them), we had a really nice time just being a couple again for a while.

Sunday we hit Qdoba for a Buy One Get One lunch. We hit the cheap theater for a movie, then did Buy One Get One bowling. Just the two of us! We ended the evening picking back up where we left LOST: Season Four. (Using coupons and not paying a sitter makes for a cheap date!)

Monday we unpacked and cleaned up the whirlwind house from traveling. We met other friends at Chili's for Fajita Night and headed back to their place for cards.

Tuesday, I had to work, but we met up with friends later in the evening to hang out a bit.

Wednesday, I still watched my other boys, who did amazing considering their buddies were missing. We ran a few errands in the evening before the big splurge... sharing a meal at Red Lobster. (We saved money on the all the grocery shopping we didn't do this week, right?)

New Year's Day was a mostly free day... we ran a few more errands and worked around the house during the day. Some friends came over for appetizers in the evening before we all headed out for the night. We attempted to go bowling after our fun earlier in the week. But apparently NYE is a huge bowling night and we needed reservations. We got Chinese for dinner before heading downtown for the Rosa Parks New Year's Eve Party... complete with lighted ball drop.

Yes, it was cold, and yes it was crowded, and loud, and filled with teens, but it was a lot of fun! I think the guess was 30,000 people were there. I tried to get some pictures, but they really don't do it justice.

New Year's Day we slept in. I then packed up and headed back down to Ohio to get the boys. Marc was headed to MN with a buddy to watch the Vikings & Giant's play. I really should write a separate post about the game because Marc has not stopped talking about how a.w.e.s.o.m.e it was.

Anyway, I got to Ohio just in time to hug the boys and we all loaded up and head to a New Years Party with family friends. The boys got the most adorable outfit/costumes as gifts and we just had a nice visit. I'll try to get some pictures posted... they are so cute!

Saturday was pretty lazy and I liked it that way. Sunday, I packed up in the morning and brought the boys home.... to no power in the house. It was so cold! I used the few hours left of daylight to unpack and get as much stuff ready for the next day as possible.

When we were left to just candlelight I decided to pack the boys up and take them somewhere warm for dinner, figuring if the power was still out when we got back, we would move all fridge/freezer food to the back deck and start calling friends to see where we can crash for the night.

However, just as we were getting into the car to head to dinner, the power came back on, praise God. We still ran out and grabbed a Little Ceaser pizza since I had already told the boys we were going, but we just brought it back to eat it while watching Funniest Home Videos. (Which by the way is where Andrew wants to go on vacation.)

So, we really were blessed to have a very nice Christmas vacation. One where we were able to unwind, not think too much, de-stress, relax, enjoy family, friends, and remember the True Reason for Christmas.

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