Friday, September 10, 2010

A Boatin’ we will Go

imageA few weekends ago, we were able to get away for weekend with some friends. It was no small feat pulling it off, but we were able to head north without the kids. 

With two other couples, we rented a lake house and pontoon boat on Indian River.  We then spend the days traveling Northern Michigan's Inland Waterway.

The Inland WaterwayDay one we went through the channels and Mullet Lake all the way to Lake Huron. Day two, we headed through Burt Lake  and channels over to Pickerel Lake.

We went through two locks, a drawbridge, and a swinging bridge.  The weather was surprisingly great. I say this because it threatened to rain the whole time, yet pretty much held off for us. Plenty warm, without frying us…. too bad.

The channels were very interesting to travel through and the lakes were huge. Of course, the men had to tube once we hit those huge lakes.   The weather was so calm, they even tubed on Lake Huron.  That’s not something you can do just everyday.

image image
The guys even got brave and attempted a few tricks on the tubes.  Some worked well… some… not so much. 

imageWe even saw an albino deer while traveling through one of the channels.  They were full of wildlife.  I think Marc was seriously kicking himself for not bringing at least one fishing pole.

We pretty much brought food and drinks on the boat and came in at the end of the day for a late dinner before heading to bed. 

It was a really great, super relaxing, and very memorable weekend.

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