Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lloyd to Legendary!

So.... not too long ago, my hubby took Andrew to a local cheap hair cut place.   I don't know what to call them, since they are clearly not salons and yet not barbershops either.  But you know the places I'm talking about.

In walked Andrew.


Out walked Lloyd Christmas.

image  image

It's a good thing he is so cute (Andrew, not Jim Carey) because the haircut was hideous!!  And since we didn't have a chance to "fix" for a couple days, we had to do SOMETHING.

Enter Got 2B.


With a little help from Daddy, a spray bottle of water, and got2be Spiking Putty, Andrew went from Lloyd to Legendary! (well ok, maybe not, but I couldn't come up with another L word).

image image  image  image

And AJ wanted in on it.

image image

It at least got2be bought us more time until Daddy was able to buzz Andrew's hair.

I am involved with BzzAgent and received both the Got 2B In Play Spiking Putty and Got 2B in Play Sculpting Paste as part of the campaign. However, the opinions of the products are all my own. Affiliate links included in post.

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