Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Day Two


Well, we weren’t really expecting two in a row, but last week that’s what we got.  Since I was home those two days anyway, it was nice to have the boys home.

Because the city wasn’t completely snowed in by the second day, we even had our friends over to play with.

Part of the day was spent shoveling.  Even Andrew and AJ helped out Daddy in between trips down our little hill on their sleds.  There was a LOT of snow to move. 

image image

We also needed to build a bigger and better fort than the day before.  See… there are times when full baskets of unfolded laundry come in handy. 

image image image


And each boy then got to make their very own lunch.  They each got a chunk of homemade pizza dough to shape into whatever they wanted.  Snowmen, teddy bears, swirls, a sunshine, and even initials were created.

We sprinkled them with cheese before baking them.  Then we dipped our designs in pizza sauce along with a side of baby carrots and apple slices. 



1 comment:

jenni blodgett said...

great fort! (and lunch idea too) - what a cool mom you are!

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