Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentines are Not enough anymore


We had a nice Valentine’s Day.  I made heart shaped cookies.  I tried to make them look super cute like What Megan’s Making, but this is the best we got. 

I’m not a huge sugar cooking lover, but I was told they were imagegood.  Thanks Better Homes and Garden Cookbook!  

Both boys had parties at school and you would think it was Halloween!  Man, the loot in their bags was almost obscene. Especially since I only sent them to school with little paper valentines we picked out last year after Valentine’s Day when they were 50% off.   Apparently, the thing to do is give candy with your valentine.  News to us.  The boys are not complaining.


AJ even asked if I could make him a heart peanut butter sandwich for lunch. Sure, I can handle that.  I love when he is so easy to please. 

Marc and I celebrated the day with class.  Qdoba was having a BOGO sale if you smooched in line.  Yummy food that I didn’t cook?  Great gift if you ask me.  Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

By the way – we already went and got next year’s Valentines to pass out….at 50% off.  Woot!

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